change the size of the icon screen '100% ' disappeared. How can I get that back.

I had my computer fixed recently.  No, I have to change the size of the content on the screen to go when I'm on the internet?  I use 100% by the icon at the bottom of my screen and it has now disappeared.  How can I get that back?  Why have I to change the size of the Web page after my computer has been repaired?

I guess you're talking about Internet Explorer...
He could reappear if you turn on the status bar.  To enable it, start Internet Explorer, and then
View-> toolbars-> and make sure that there is a check in front of the "status bar".
If you do not have a menu 'View' then press the 'Alt' key once.

Also, you should be able to go to 100% by pressing the 'Ctrl' key while pressing "0" (zero).

You can also zoom in and out by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and turning the mouse wheel.


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