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Does anyone know how can I change my Kuler - user ID?

Several years ago, I made a Kuler subscription, as part of the Adobe Creative cloud community. Since then, a user ID under which I would change appears.

Thanks in advance.



Please send an e-mail to [email protected].  Don't forget to include your user name, e-mail address and the user name you want to put in place.

Thank you.

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  • "Off topic", how can I change my userid/community profile name


    For different reasons, I would change my userid/community profile name. I find that in the profile settings or in aid of the community etc...

    You are welcome.

  • How can blackBerry smartphones, I change Email userid

    When I created my e-mail account on my 8220, the default Userid to khocking but my domain host requires my full email address as my user name.  The settings under settings, e-mail settings, I cannot change the user name.  Is it possible to change that because I can't find?

    Thank you

    The answer (non-written) Rogers is to delete the account I had already put in place, and then re-create the account.  However in the first screen, do not set a password, but go to the next screen.  Therefore, you choose the option to manually configure the account, and finally, you have the option to put your username and password.

    Hope this might help someone else in my position.

  • UserID changed by XP?

    My PC has been recently very low on hard disk space.  So low that when I clicked on the Joe user on the Welcome screen as it pulled up to a user called Joepcname with limited capabilities. Now, the PC has a lot of hard drive space, but I can't click on Joe to launch the user Joe, it always gives me Joepcname.  How can I fix it?  Thank you. Joe

    I have not seen this problem, but "Joepcname" is something that Windows is often the case if it detects a corrupt user profile.  On the chance that this is your problem, perhaps one of the following items can help you recover:

    "How to recover damaged Windows XP user profile"
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    "Windows XP problems if your profile is corrupted"
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    "How to copy data from a corrupted to a new profile in Windows XP user profile"
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  • How to change the username on IPad?

    How can I change the Userid on IPAD?

    Change it where?

    For iCloud, you go into settings > iCloud.

  • How can I remove a Userid stored on a MAC?

    I use an IMAC and accidentally typed my password in the user name box. Now when I click on the username box, my password is displayed. I can't delete or clear its contents. I tried to add many other possible 'userID' on the page and now they're all show so my password is not so obvious, but I would like to delete them all and start from scratch. Is there another solution Besides changing my password itself? Thank you!

    Follow these steps to delete the recorded data (form) in a drop-down list:

    1. Click on the (empty) input field on the web page to open the drop-down list
    2. Select an entry in the drop-down list
    3. Press the DELETE key (on a Mac: shift + delete) to remove it.
  • my new tab page and the home page to change to a different site even after reset default

    my new home page tab keep changing to a site page, I changed to default and disabled all my Add ons but it keeps changing back. & DPID = QuickObrw & Co = GB & userid = 87fae384-8771-4d51-9257-9b561ff07ca3 & Searchtypes = HP & installDate = 16/09/2013

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  • Satellite L555-10T: BT mouse stoped working after account change Win7

    You just bought a Satellite L555-10 t.
    Installed win 7 (64) default, entered a userid (my own name) during installation, installed a mouse bluetooth (5000 ms). Everything works fine.

    When I went into the menu accounts to add several user accounts, I saw that the precedent set account with my own name was an administrator account.
    So I changed it to a standard account type and created another administrator account.
    The system gave a warning about revoked certificates, but it was a not quite clear what would touch so I proceeded to change.
    From that moment the bleutooth mouse stops working.

    Removed the mouse bt and tried to reinstall it. When scanning for bluetooth (mouse/gsm) devices the system finds them, but is not able to communicate with them. Reverse my mobile phone does not even have the laptop.

    Anyone ideas how to solve this problem?
    Thanks, hans

    This seems odd. Could check you if your Bluetooth security settings are always in the Standard configuration?
    -Mouse-right click on the Bluetooth system tray icon-> Options-> Security. Set to default level

  • change a user settings an administrator setup for windows vista windows

    in windows Vista, how to change a user settings an administrator setup for windows vista windows. In the CMD window, I tried running the disturbance of disk of my user ID, he comes back and says it must be run by an administrator. When I log on as an administrator id, it works well. There must be a way to reset my UserID on the admin id. When I try to go into the type of user account modification from standard user to user adminstative. It won't let me., it always defaults to the standard user even when I change ID admin ann.
    Also, when you use the Defragmenter GUI disc on any id and change the time or date, it will show the new race date, but when you click OK and return to annex it always says the next execution date is 'never '.
    Thank you


    I suggest you to follow the steps from the links and check out.

    Change the type of user account

    Why use a standard account instead of an administrator account?

  • On Vista Home Edition, Parental control management is unable to make any changes

    Management of parental controls in Vista to work well.  I have 2 installation before accounts with web filtering and time limits.  Recently, it stopped working.  I can't set a new STANDARD user account to turn on Parental controls.  It makes Flash the admin for a fraction of a second screen, then a Pop box appears "unable to make changes. If the problem persists, please contact an administrator "."  I AM an administrator.  I also activated the hidden administrator account, use it and always save the message.  I looked at the Regedit settings and everything looks ok.

    The first 2 accounts that configure before I can still change some characteristics, even if the pop box will appear with the same error message.  The changes take effect.  I only seem to change for web filtering and time restrictions only now.  Restriction of program does not work.


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Yes, a number of new programs over time. I don't know when the issue of PC started then has no way for me to go back unless I have remove all the programs that I installed, which is a lot.

    Yes, I tried PC without my AntiVirus running. Then I tried to stop every non-essential service, 1 by 1, until only the essential services remained running.  None of these permits.

    I tried to run mode without failure. Integrated also in Safe Mode with the administrator account. The two did not work.

    I tried to create 2 new users, 1 admin, 1 standard. Add the PC later to the standard.  Did not work.

    All of these suggestions I've tried. I search the Web and found that this is a very common problem with no sound resolution. I was able to get mine to work again. It won't work that if there is already a standard account EXISTING with control Parental already setup on it (before the bug has started to happen).  These are the steps I did to solve:

    -Use Regedit, look for new & existing userid & note the KeyIDs
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList]
    -KeyID for existing user is [S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1003]
    -Now go to the registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Parental Controls\Users]
    -On existing KeyID, right-click > export > select the location for the file such as c:\temp\Existing.reg .reg
    -Edit c:\temp\Existing.reg & change the KeyID to that for the new user you add to Parental control.
    In my case, I did a 'replace' to:
    S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1003--< the="" existing="" uid="">
    and "replace all" with the KeyID of the new user
    S-1-5-21-692013207-3584402868-2609430525-1009--< the="" new="" uid="">
    -Run the command to import the registry file [regedit c:\temp\Existing.reg]
    -Click OK at the prompt to import the new registry key

    I could now GET IN to Parental control to fine tune the new user.  When I change, I always get the pop box saying "unable blah blah", but when I return to the user, the changes are effective.

  • BlackBerry 10 functions and features can not turn off my Blackberry Protect z10 after changing the password ID.

    My wife's phone was last updated the operating system more recent 10.3.2. I then tried to access a service and found when he asked for the Blackberry ID, we had forgotten the issue of password and user. Then I deleted the ID and set up a new. I can connect to the new identification, but he cannot confirm on the z10. Then I thought to wipe the z10 back to factory setting. However; the z10 shows that BB Protect is enabled and we cannot turn it off using the passwords that we try.

    I have logged on to the site of BB Protect and found there is no device associated with this Userid. Also, I find the screen for the current user ID name using our existing email address differs from the one showing on the screen z10 Blackberry ID. name I tried to change the screen name and password on the ID to be similar to the z10 site but it will not accept it.

    So now I'm unable to wipe the z10, or change the ID info to make it usable when required. I also noticed, online, there are instructions for the new OS 10.3.2 informing us that no wiping ability to Protect is disabled. There is no instructions on how to so that when a problem arises like mine.

    Help, please.

    I searched for a solution and I finally found one that works. It was posted by asokhay about a week ago and is as follows:

    "I found the solution!

    I connected my passport for Blackberry link and clicked on "back up and restore" in the left navigation tab. Then I clicked on Factory Reset. He asked me to unplug the unit and when I did the wipe of security has started to happen. "

    This works, however when I wipe the phone it took about 30 minutes. By reading this forum I found that some wipes can take several hours to complete depending on the amount of material is on the cell phone.  As I could not ' t register anything before this wipe I have to start over from the beginning. " Fortunately my wife added very little to the phone, such as applications or photos.

  • change the text in the STANDARD 'New Account Information' notification


    When a user is created in the IOM, a notification is sent to the user with the userlogin and password information.

    New account information

    An account has been created for you with the following details. You need to change your password at the next login.

    UserID: xxxx

    Password: xxxxx

    For any question, please contact [admin email or telephone] _ *

    Now, I need to change the content of the model to include such number and IOM admin email. In what model I need to change the content?

    Could you suggest how can I do this?

    Thank you

    You can manually define and test!

    If your requirement is to get some admin email id Dynamics / phone (stored in a list of choices), then you must set the value in a variable using custom event notification.

    If its simple static condition, you can proceed to a hard coded value.


    ~ J

  • PeopleSoft Application change log

    I am an IT Auditor, and I'm relatively new to PeopleSoft.  I have more experience with SAP.  In the SAP, there is a way to get a log of changes to the code application deployed in the production environment.  Is there a way to get a list of similar claim PeopleSoft code changes?  If so, how to generate this list?

    Thank you!

    Not really stored procedures. I understand your question.

    All PeopleTools managed objects (for example, PeopleCode, definitions, field definitions, definitions of Page files, etc.) are stored in the database directly. For example: PSRECDEFN and PSRECFIELD are examples of tables of metadata associated with the record definitions.

    There is therefore no compiling of code or executable files as such when it comes to PeopleTools Managed Objects (i.e. objects that can be created or modified using PeopleTools App Designer).

    That said, there are a few unique cases programs commands such as Cobols and SQR, java classes, etc. residing on the servers of application/process scheduler. If you really want to audit these "external files" (as they are called) you may have to write scripts that check the last updated timestamp and Userid on the file itself (perhaps by isolating the directories where they reside).

    Note: Cobols even if you need compilation are barely changed. Yes - there are circumstances where there is a need to change a cobol for exceptions, but I would consider that as a rare fact. Even with java classes, usually it is never necessary to update the java classes (jar files) sent by PeopleSoft. Certainly there are many use cases where we may have to place pots customized app/process Planner servers to manage situations where PeopleCode itself cannot do the work or provide as much flexibility.

    In regards to the SQR, yet once we usually don't directly customize the delivered files. Rather, we create a copy personalized of the SQR in a special folder (custom) on the servers of process scheduler that has a priority higher for the delivered versions.

    Hope that gives you some ideas to work with.

  • IOM API: Unable to change roles with a t3 VIP

    Hi all

    We are facing a problem where we cannot change a user to Admin-> user via a t3 connection, which is defined on a F5 load balancer.

    I was wondering if t3 passes session information in the application that we use AuthenticatedSelfService API calls to achieve this use case without having to log in again. Global trust has been activated among servers.

    Architecture: 3 - IOM Cluster node

    Version of IOM:

    Use case:

    (1) connection with 1 user with administrator privileges

    2) change of user 2 user admin role

    (3) Logout and now connect with user 2

    (4) try to change 1 user to Admin-> user, receive following error:

    < WARNING > < oracle.iam.platform.authopss.impl > < BEA-000000 > < 26 user does not have permission for deleteAdmin to the scope: 4 AdminRoleMembership = AdminRoleMembership [roleMembershipId = 34, userId = 46, customer = OrclOIMUserAdmin, scopeId = 4]>

    This issue occur if we close 2 on 3 nodes. We already tried-

    env.put (weblogic.jndi.WLContext.ENABLE_SERVER_AFFINITY, "true");  by

    to ensure that requests are served up to the server managed by IOM even since looks like this Native T3 load balancing is not really load balancing of API calls after that Initial context has been set by

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    have you tried to activate t3 tunneling over http?

  • Schedule 7 - How can I change the proxy ldap user?


    Because we have to replace our old Calendar Server, I have prepared a new server virtual calendar (vcalendar7).
    As we already have a Calendar Server virtual used to test new versions of calendar7 (precalendar7), I created a clone
    of it, changed its name, the network settings... and I run init-config.

    It seems to work, but when I listed config I see no new proxy user who binds the directory server
    has been created. The user is the user created on the test server.

    I would like one for the new server.
    How can I force the creation during the init-config process?

    I tried to change the value of the base.ldapinfo.ugldap.binddn:

    davadmin config change o base.ldapinfo.ugldap.binddn - v "cal-admin - - 20140419144243Z,...» »

    After a reboot I run init-config

    No ldap changes has been generated...

    at the end of the initial value reappears: cal-admin - - 20121219144243Z...

    Can you help me?


    Check the file /opt/sun/comms/davserver/lib/config-templates/ for the cal.enduser.admin.userid of entry. It can still have the old value.

    Either change the file to get the correct value or rename/detected file and then restart init-config.


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