Changing the default browser and e-mail settings do not stick

When I put a program as a default value, that it would not work as default. This occurs when I set my default browser and my default e-mail program. The element that is not set as default take overs.


When I put a program as a default value, that it would not work as default. This occurs when I set my default browser and my default e-mail program. The element that is not set as default take overs.

How do you set a default program? Specifically the browser and e-mail program?

Start > default programs > Set Your Default programs > click the program that you want to be default...
If it sayd "this program has all its flaws", you're done with this one.
If not, click on the last option > check mark on each item in the list > save


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  • How can I change the default browser for preview?

    As a developer, I have installed all the major browsers. Chrome is my default browser in my OS (Win8.1).

    However, when I chose an excerpt in Captivate he launched it in Firefox. I don't mind that normally, but because some functions does not seem to be compatible with FF, I get an error message every time and I have to copy the url and paste it into Chrome... Is there a way to solve this annoying problem?

    According to me, that I miss a lot of things in Captivate, so my guess is that I missed a dialogue of properties of parameters/completely!



    In order to change the default browser on the Windows 8.1 operating system, please follow the steps below: -.

    1 - Open Control Panel.

    2 - go to programs.

    3 - click Default Programs.

    4 set your default programs and choose Google Chrome.

    Once you select Google Chrome, you must click Choose defaults for this program and select all the extensions you want this program to open by default, and click Save. and also to set this program as default as well.

    Then try to preview in the web browser to Captivate and it will open Chrome.

    Kind regards

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    It's impossible, you can't change the default browser on an iOS device. What makes you think that Chrome has become the default?

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    When I go to mail options and change the default settings, it doesn't change the actual consists of the parameters, I must change each email I write individually.  I have the settings and 'apply' and 'ok '.  Help

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  • I can't change the default browser on iMac.

    I am running Yosemite on my iMac.  I want to change it the default browser to Chrome, Safari, but in preferences, no navigation software is displayed.

    I don't know how Chrome has set as the default, but it's a pain to wait for it to load when I click on a url (by mail, for example).

    Although the problem is not the same, please follow the instructions in this article to support to reset the launch Services database.

    Instead type the command as shown in the article, I suggest that you copy and paste the web page in the Terminal window. Make sure you only select the whole line before copying. One way to do that is to triple - click anywhere in the line.

    If you do not already have a current backup, back up all data before proceeding. You should perhaps log out or restart to see a change.

  • How to change the default browser

    Default protocols

    I want to change my protocols FTP, HTTP and HTTPS from IE to Chrome. But when I click on the change agenda, the box has only Firefox and IE. There is no arrow down to view other programs, as it is with file extensions, and there is no browse button so I can manually choose. How can I find Google Chrome to make the change?

    original title: cannot change the default protocol settings

    Here's how Google says to do.

  • If Firefox is set as the default browser and any application tries to open a new window, it doesn't work and I get the error "Firefox is already in running... »

    Here's what I'm running:
    Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1, fully updated to 04/10/2012
    New installation of Firefox 11. No add-on enabled following troubleshooting.
    I am a user has administrator rights
    SAMU is disabled.

    For starters, this has happened since Firefox 10 or more. A couple of months now.

    I am able to open Firefox. My modules worked (ABP, Flashblock, ABP Element Hiding Helper, IETAB2, Downthemall, Greasemonkey, extension of 4chan) had no problem. Firefox is defined and has been fixed for the past two years as my default browser.

    But since about 10 or so, maybe Firefox before, if I opened a session of Firefox and any other application attempts to open a session in a new window, I get the Firefox is already running but not responding do not error. »

    I tried to follow the advice of already posted troubleshooting (glance to parent.lock files left [no date], several sessionstore.js [no date] files, create a new user profile, has tried to erase the 'read only' permission in windows 7, but as soon as it is cleared, only read permission back.)

    As a last resort, I deleted the Firefox folder, the directory %APPDATA%/Mozilla in its entirety and then used CCleaner to remove all references to Firefox in the windows registry, and then made a complete re - install, without extensions installed right now.

    I checked the preferences and have the option "open new windows in a new tab" checked. The problem persists without worrying if this option is checked or not. This problem persists in or out of safe mode, even with the new facility.

    Test case:

    All cases:
    Firefox is selected as the default browser for windows 7

    Case 1: Log in to firefox. Use any other program that is trying to open a link to their Web site in a new window browser or the new browser session. "Firefox is already running" error

    Case 2: Open a firefox session. Right click on Firefox in the taskbar. Select 'open in new window '. "Firefox is already running" error

    Case 3: Open a session of firefox. Select the Firefox Menu > new tab > new window. In fact, a new window opens.

    This is the only method of opening a new window in the same browser session or profile that actually works on my system. Attempting to open a browser session from the task bar "open new window dialog" or opening a new window while a current window/session is running will not open firefox in a new window or a new tab in the current session. The "Firefox is already running, but is not responding" error will occur every time.

    Make sure that you do not start Firefox with the - No.-remote switch or have defined the MOZ_NO_REMOTE = 1 environment variable (Control Panel > system > advanced > environment variables).

  • change the default black and white only on 8610

    Can I change the default to always go to the ink black and white?

    Windows! This is wonderful thanks!

  • Change the default copy and paste file or folder name to FileName (n)


    I'm not sue if there is a correction that relates to windows or office other programs.

    I was wondering if there is an easy way, I could set up the default naming for files or the folders that I have copy and paste then. By example, if I copy a file called "Filename" and paste the copy in the same location, the name of the default copy is now given a name 'copy file name. Is it possible to change the default "FileName (n)" value, where n is 1 or 2 or... .depends on the question of whether or not a file with that number already exists.

    I use windows 7 and office 2010. I have a 'SuperCopier22beta' program that I think is the copy/paste?

    Thanks for the help.


    There is not a way to change the default behavior of copy file name. There may be a 3rd party program, but common way is by design.

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to change the default repository and connect online

    We have a new installation of OBIEE 11 g on Linux and the Admin Client on Windows 7 (64 bit) tool. I am unable to connect 'online' to anything except the sample App Lite DB. By reading the docs, they describe navigation to a file .rpd on a Windows machine and import of metadata. I want to change the default repository in the sample App Lite that we created before installation.

    It's confusing because the step #1 installation for the server and the client was to have created the repository by using the remote control. This has been done, and the PB is on a Linux server. I'm confused by references to the creation of a repository at this stage, and/or importation of a repository. It is not on a windows machine to access to. am I right in thinking that the evolution of the 'default' repository via the EM console is the 1st step? Any tips will be appreciated.

    We have created a DSN on the BI server. Who should be on the DB server instead? The PB is on a different server. Are DSN for Server BI and DB server required?

    Thanks for any advice on this.

    Published by: baggirom on June 4, 2012 13:08


    I think you're confused with multiple uses of the word repository. Here are the basic principles that can help you to distinguish

    1 repository per RCU: this is a set of tables/views/schema of database that stores information in this installation of OBIEE. Should be details like the current version of OBIEE, host name, track information usage etc.

    This is the place where the information would be stored related to most of the Fusion Middleware components. Yes, OBIEE, RTD, BIPublisher, weblogic, etc are part of Fusion middleware and so information connects to all of these components would be stored here so that they can easily be integrated, to communicate, to work seamlessly with each other.

    2. filing of OBIEE (.rpd): this is the metadata that you create for your business needs. It would have connections to different physical sources, business logic/processes, presentation tables/fields, users would be able to see in their reports. Basically, this could help you create various management reports. Administration tool is used to create this and so you need to connect to it in the future. (SampleAppLite being the .rpd by default at installation, you are able to see that only now).

    Hope this helps you understand the concept. I'm sorry, if I am wrong here.

    Thank you

  • How can I permanently change the default font and size in outgoing emails in Hotmail?

    I can't figure out how to set the default font and size for the text of all of my outgoing Hotmail emails.  Help!


    Please repost your question in hotmail in the hotmail link below forums

  • Font and size: how to change the default (for outgoing e-mail)?

    I'm going to 'Write', I put it in the address, etc., and when I start typing my message, the font size is tiny, the font is Times, although sub
    Format - fonts, I see Helvetica and size is extra-large. Sometimes using "fixed width" gives me a better font size. I then choose a font of
    "Choose a font", and I'm all set. However, I have to go through the same procedure for each e-mail! Help!

    Try changing the settings in Tools - Options - display - (tab) - (article) fonts & colors - formatting, enter a default font and the font size to use when NO other formatting is specified.
    Now press the button on the same line,
    in the next window, make sure that the police and & the font size you want entered in the selection boxes.
    Under the control of the police - the two boxes ticked? Your choice.

  • Change the default sounds and ringing

    How to do this?

    I'm tired of listening to other ringtones of watches and think it's mine.


    It is not currently possible to change the sounds of ringing or by default for Apple Watch.

    If you want to suggest that Apple considers adding that as a new feature, you can do so here:

  • The safer browser and e-mail provider & how are these viruses and malware problems to spread?

    I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 to surf the web. In my view, they have everything to lose if their browser has problems of security, however, makes also large target. A Yahoo email account has been hacked. How, I don't know. Then the spam was sent to all my contacts. I have used e-mail accounts, with all programs of well known web site outside of Yahoo. Hotmail/Live, AOL, Gmail, mail, and They all seem to work. With spam being a problem on Yahoo & Hotmail. For me your browser must protect users against viruses and software malware and other things of that nature. Because surf the Internet, it's what you want to do with a browser. How is distributed most of these things? What is the e-mail provider and a more secure browser.

    Hi dough.

    I agree with Bugbatter that even if all the major Webmail as some antivirus e-mail scanning, but you cannot rely solely on them. Also, it is not a question of what browser or webmail is more secure or better. Don't forget a website or a program can be infected sometime or another. However there are a few things to you, as a user, can do to protect yourself. As BB says above. It is your responsibility because it is your PC, your account and your identity that you want to protect.

    1.) keep your operating system (including your browsers) and the security of programs up to date. There are programs such as Java, Flash, Reader which are important targets by malicious software so that they can be used to infect your computer. If you can, avoid them, otherwise, leave enable automatic update so that any security flaw can be fixed in time.

    2.) use a strong password. Combination of 10 or more letters, numbers and symbols using capital letters too. Use different passwords for all your sites; emails, social, banking and hang them on a regular basis.

    3.) don't be click happy. Do not open unknown emails and if a friend sends attactments, call him or her or answer her and ask if he or she send these attactments. If something seems fishy, it's probably so don't click on don't it. Do some research first. Have a special folder where you can download your attactments and scann again. Do not open it directly fron the site, and if possible have a secondary scanner to get a second opinion. Malwarebytes is a good choice.

    In open wifi hotspots) 4 (coffe shops, airports) switch your firewall to 'Public' if possible and avoid banking on cibersites using a public PC.

    5.) have a backup strategy. Make a regular backup of your system and important documents (files, photos, emails, videos, music, Fav). Win 7 and Win 8 joined, I understand, a very good program to do this. There are other third-party programs that can also make an image of your HARD drive regularly.

    I think those are the mayor points to be relatively safe, but I imaging of other members of this forum can add a little more.

  • can we change the default 1 and 0 as flag of the CPC in odi 'Y' and ' don't


    as we all know that IKM SCD slowly changing dimension that the flg scd will be inserted 1 and 0

    but can we change is to 'Y' and 'n', as I demand that this column only accepts "Y" and "n" value.

    For example, using IKM Oracle Dimension to slow variation

    You would be interested in steps

    Historize old lines
    Change insert and new dimensions

    Looking for references like:

    <%=odiRef.getColList("", "0", ",\n\t\t\t", "", "(SCD_FLAG and REW)")%>
    for the value 0


    <%=odiRef.getColList(",", "1", ",\n\t", "", "(SCD_FLAG and REW)")%>
    for 1

    Hope this helps,

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