Changing the default settings for printing in Office Picture Manager

Anyone know how to change the default setting for printing in Office Picture Manager?

I have a user who clams that when they try photo printing settings in Office Picture Manager has been configured to print bac2 and paper 4 x 6.  Now when it prints, it must use the drop-down list boxes to tell it to print from bac2 and paper 4 x 6.
I changed the default settings of the printer to print from the bac2 and use paper 4 x 6, but they must still use the drop-down list boxes in Picture Manager.
Thank you!

Although I maded the changes to the properties of the Windows printer I had to do that to solve the problem.

To solve the problem:

1. once in the print of the image window there is a link 'Options '.... "at the bottom right.

2. once it's a click a print settings window that opens there. You will need to click on the link 'printer properties '.

3. now the printer Document Properties window appears. Change of Source paper and media here.

4. click on the OK button and now it's good to go.

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    We gladly invite you.

    Indeed, that is right. When printing from a computer, the print settings can only be configured on the computer.

    The unit only will allow us to change this type of parameters for the work only stend, carried out from the device (e.g. copy or printing of the device using a memory card).

    Some business models can provide options to force parameters, print, but I'm afraid these capacities are not intended for consumer products.

    Kind regards


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    Implement the timecode effect as you like it on a clip.

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    He has no control in Vista to make the changes you want to make for Vista itself.  David has provided default values for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but not for Vista.  I can't find them for Vista- but they are what you feel and are entered into the system without installation available control to modify the default values (and I couldn't even find a way to do it with a registry hack).  Unfortunately, he must live with what you have.

    In most other cases program, it is controlled by the program itself (and varies according to the program0.  Some of these programs have commands to adjust the default settings (again, this depends on the program).  You will have to search for the documentation of the program or visit their web site (or call them for technical assistance) for more information on each program.

    I'm sorry this isn't the answer you want to hear.

    Good luck! Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

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    I can't find a place to print in color, project.  The printer will print in color, black and white, black & white project, but nothing else unless I change something.  And I don't understand how to change/use settings predefined.  There is nothing in my user manual helping to something else than basic printer installation tips.  (In fact, this can hardly be called a "user manual" because it is mainly a "installation manual".)  Can you advise?

    Hi SHSH128,

    Now, knowing your operating system, I can't help but to wonder if you use AirPrint driver and not the driver of HP. This is perhaps why the options you are looking for are not available.

    Follow these steps to check which driver you are using.

    Click on the Apple icon > System Preferences > print and scan, click on the printer so that it appears highlighted and look over to the centre/right of the window for printing and scanning. You say AirPrint?

    If you see AirPrint link to the image above, click on the symbol less to remove the printer, and then click the plus sign and select "add another printer or a Scanner.  Select your printer and next to the 'use' to choose your printer driver. See the image below.

    If you already use the HP driver, let me know and I'll see what I can find. Thank you.

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    Is it possible to have my LabVIEW program change the latency time of the COM Windows port of 16 ms to 2 ms automatically?

    Are you talking about the FTDI driver? I know that they allow these changes through registry settings. Thus the approach would probably be to have a small registry script that updates the parameter of function. Most likely, this will have to be run with elevated privileges, as these parameters resident generally in the HKLM or HKCR rather than the HKCU one hive.

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    Hello music79,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers Site.

    You can check the link below for the information of the Nero 8 Windows 7 Compatibility Center:

    In addition, to set a default program to use when you open a specific file type, please see the link below:

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Big hairy cat, who likes to sleep on a hot surface. Given that Windows XP is no longer supported I use Windows 7 and since I write for Mozilla Support a question, it's a safe bet that I don't use Internet Explorer.

    Is it tiny zoomed? You can reset the zoom level on a site by holding down the Ctrl key and typing 0 (that's a zero).

    Or is there a large dark area, leaving only a tiny vision area? This could be the sensitive Design Mode and usually by pressing the ESC key, which clears.

    If is not about money, it might be useful to see the screenshot. This article has tips on this: How to make a screenshot of my problem?

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    I try to change in the registry, but the profile can create but error! had no choice to change the default path % lecteur_systeme % d: /.


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    I'll give you an answer. What the interrogator does not understand, is that MS Paint does not have a setting for the CIO. There is no default DPI setting in MS Paint. The setting is controlled by the scanner driver or scanner itself. MS Paint simply communicates with the driver for the scanner, which then continues to do the analysis, then once completed, he hands the digitized data back to MS Paint. Therefore, the parameters of the interrogator wants to know how to change are not in MS Paint. they are in the driver scanning interface. This driver determines how he manages the parameters after returning the scanned data to the connection/disconnection of call program, in this case MS Paint. Most of the drivers scan all right back to their default value. In the case of the user, it's 100 dpi, but another scanner, this could be 150dpi (common with many scanners a few years back), and by default most recent scanners often at 200 dpi. After scanning, you need to change the defaults anywhere from new, because once the scanner driver handed the scan back data to the calling program, it is no longer in communication with her. It doesn't matter whether you use MS Paint, Picasa, IrfanView, or any other program that connects to the scanner TWAIN. If you start with a scanner that has a default of 300 dpi, you would have thought that it was a question on. You can not insistent that no one answered your question if it is based on the wrong premise at first.

    Some scanners allow control of the scanner itself. I use a HP (all-in-One) printer/scanner combination. I can configure default to the control panel of the printer/scanner at 300 dpi or whatever value I want; I often put it at 600 dpi. Then I can scan directly from the scanner/printer and still get 300/600 dpi scans. By default the program to manage the registered file type determines which program will be executed when the image is sent to the computer. It could be MS Paint or IrfanView or whatever. Very often, I send the scans on a SD card on the printer instead. When I'm finished, I have a SD card with images scanned at 300 dpi that I take to another computer. Because the scanner/printer has been set to use 300 dpi by default, MS Paint, IrfanView or any other program that launches a scan will get also 300 dpi scans.

    What the questioner needs is a scanner which allows its default value to or one that is default to 300 dpi in a first time. If you try a new scanner, you will find that the parameters does not return to 100 dpi, but instead has regardless of the definition of the scanner as default.

    Given that most of the pilots to simple scanner always return to the default devices, and in this case, setting this parameter scanner is only 100 dpi, you can use a software that is specially designed to solve this program with its own resolution settings. An example is called "search". In its interface, you choose what the desired resolution, then when it communicates with the scanner, he deals with the change in the value whenever a scan is requested.

    If you use color or grayscale is a separate choice outside the DPI setting. Some scanners can scan to a different resolution for shades of gray than they do for the color. Nevertheless, the problem and the solution is the same.

  • Change the default search for small native browser (Lollipop) engine

    It does not seem possible to change the default search for the small browser engine.  I would like to change from the current, Google, DuckDuckGo or similar.  Anyone know how?

    FYI: the 'small' browser is the first reached by pressing the button of the Application selector and selecting the browser available by default in the list of small applications at the foot of the screen.

    1. open the small browser
    2 menu
    3 settings
    4 Advanced
    5. set map search engine
    6. Select a different search engine

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    Thank you


    I don't know. Best thing to do is to click on the effect in the appearance Panel, and then change the numbers 75% &.07 inches.

    I really recommend to avoid using an inner glow altogether. You have more control and creative options by adding a line and a Gaussian blur and using the appearance Panel. You also does not slow down your computer like by stacking of multiple instances of internal flow for example a brighter glow.

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    All those who have an option to change the 'default' options for new virtual machines?


    You can change the/etc/vmware/config of vSphere host file and add the lines mem.hotadd = 'TRUE' and vcpu.hotadd = 'TRUE '.
    The settings then apply to any VM on this host when virtual machines are turned on...

    I just tried this on a 5.1 ESXi host and it seems to work perfectly...

    / Rubeck

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