Changing the definition of table PS_TXN use SECUREFICHIERS

Fusion Middleware Version:


JDeveloper Build JDEVADF_11.

Project: Custom Portal Application WebCenter integrated with ADF custom workflows.

During our ADF application performance tests, we noticed that a lot of contention on the LOB segments for the table PS_TXN (supports transactions State passivation/activation).

Movement of the LOB segment to use Oracle SECUREFICHIERS, most other tweaks to the definition of the table showed significantly reduce the contention as providing a much higher throughput for read and write operations.

To implement these changes, we would like to modify the ADF internal script that creates the table in the first place rather manually, dropping the table or by using the online table reorganization.

This approach is documented, and suggests that this can be done my edit script "adfbc_create_statesnapshottables.sql" located under the directory MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/sql $.  We tried it, but after letting off the table in a test environment, ADF is re - create the table using the original definition when the application is done after the operation first move.

The same scenario can also be found under $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.model_11.1.1/bin however edit this file also makes no difference.

Does anyone know what script ADF uses to create the table, or if this is now coded in a class file or some other mechanism?


Automatic creation of table PS_TXN is hardcoded in the oracle.jbo.pcoll.OraclePersistManager class. Have a look at the statements at the end of the OraclePersistManager.createTable () method (in line 904 according to my decompiler). Other SQL statements (for example to drop the table, to the updates/insertions/deletions in the table, etc.) are defined inside the class oracle.jbo.pcoll.TransactionTableSqlStrings. You can find these classes within $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.model_11.1.1/adfm.jar.

If your database is not Oracle, but DB2 or MS SQL Server, then you should look at the classes oracle.jbo.pcoll.pmgr.DB2PersistManager and oracle.jbo.pcoll.pmgr.SQLServerPersistManager respectively.

You can override the default value PersistManager (create a new class that extends oracle.jbo.pcoll.OraclePersistManager and override/change the createTable() method), and then specify the new class in the AOS "jbo.pcoll.mgr" configuration property CreateTable() method has a package-level visibility, it would be very easy to do. This approach is delicate and the efforts needed to make does not, in my opinion. If I were you, I would be to pre-create the necessary tables in PS_TXN updated the manually.


PS Scripts SQL "adfbc_create_statesnapshottables.sql" aims to be used by advanced users who want to create their paintings previously manually. These scripts are not used by the infrastructure when it automatically creates the necessary tables.

Tags: Java

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    APEX 4.2

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            OR :P27_ALLOW_SW = 'N')
    ORDER BY c.class_code ASC

    (of course, use the correct value for P27_ALLOW_SW)

    The "cascade LOV Parent article (s)" value P27_ALLOW_SW and also add "Page elements to submit" element (Note: this item appears only when you have entered a value in the element of parent lov cascading items)

    Now, after changing P27_ALLOW_SW the lov will update to P27_MULTI_CLASS_CODE.

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    It is built in the Oracle solution for this one, where you can edit the definition WITHOUT interruption. You can drop the materialized view existing with the clause "save table" and rebuilt the view materialized on 'predefined table'. I googled this example for you

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    Notice that PRESERVE TABLE clause - mv1 table is not droped - single layer mview.

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    create materialized view mv1 on prebuilt table as  select dept , count(*) as cnt from scott.emp where dept > 5;

    Notice that on prebuilt table the mview uses the existing object clause.

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    So, essentially, I would like some sort of way to determine the currently selected cell (without is activated) and then for this selected cell so that the setText() method applied

    Can someone help me? I can post a code if it helps but I'm not sure it will as you al will understand how basic it is.

    Thank you in advance and I hope I can return the favor as soon as

    You can use a focuschangelistener to be aware of policy changes. or call the getLeafFieldWithFocus() to retrieve the current field.

    You can't make buttonfields editable, but you can read user input and treat it.

    for sudoku you need only numbers, you can use the keyChar method to read the characters.

    Check if your target field is one of your buttons. Check to see if the tank is entered or Louis tank (Keypad.getAltedChar) is a number (Characters.isDigit).

    You can call setText on of the buttonfield.

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    Thus, you can edit the seed file to this place and it may provide what you need.

    I'd certainly save a backup to our friend Justin.

    See you soon... Rick

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    The best sollution to use the trigger somethink like him:

    -This generation of trigger id (PK), stamp date of creation and editing and creation of stamp as to who.
    WE employee

    -insertion, you can omit but it is very useful for
    If: NEW. EM_ID is NULL then
    end if;
    : NEW. CREATED_BY: = nvl (v ('APP_USER'), USER);
    END IF;

    : NEW. LAST_UPDATED_ON: = SYSDATE; -It is also useful
    : NEW. Modified_By: = nvl (v ('APP_USER'), USER);
    END IF;

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    But when I use the host Firefox search button it is always defined on google and I don't see any possibility to change that?

    I love the Firefox Home button Search (or whatever we call it) otherwise, but it's annoying that it does not use the default Firefox.

    I use the Google Launcher now.

    Hi mrt181, it is planned to use the same search engine as in firefox - however, there is a bug at the moment, so it does not apply in all situations.
    usually, it will be enough to change the default engine in firefox back once to work around the problem in the search widget and get the same as set in the browser search provider.

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    Responses deny there no password - however, now and then I asks me to confirm that I am the person identified in the MY Yahoo - I wonder a user name and password.

    An example is when I change computers and Yahoo or Mozilla does not recognize the new computer.

    I don't understand not - Yes normally, I simply open the browser and use it. BUT!

    I'm probably using jargon bad for what I want to change.

    OK - I now understand that the password I want to change is internal to Firefox and used to protect my privacy when I try to open the mail or other personal areas.

    I think I can find the place to do this.

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    Hi ametec.

    This DVD BD drive has been preinstalled on your computer?
    Which message get you exactly? Maybe you can download a copy of screen or something else

    In my opinion this problem is only related to this because the Media Player DVD player everything works
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