Changing the MAC address of the network management


We have 2 servers ESXi 4 in our network. We do not know why, but both have the same MAC address on the network card virtual for the management network. That's a lot of problems with the connectivity of one of ESXi servers.

Is it possible to change the MAC address?

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Removal and addition of the vswif of the service console should generate a new MAC address.

esxcfg-vswif - l

Note the detail.

esxcfg-vswif vswifN d

where N represents the number of vswif, d Deletes

esxcfg-vswif - a n-i < IP > < vswifN > < portgroup > Pei, netmask

is the command to add a new vswif, even when N is the number of vswif.


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    Configure the network management grayed out in DCUI and some other options are grayed out and network management IP is

    Seems that you have not any management VMkernel port or they may have been removed. You may need to check the same.

    Run esxcli list of network ip interface to check if there is no VMKernels.

    It does not generate re no output if NO vmkernel port is available.

    If no. VMkernel ports then follow the below to re-create the management VMkernel port group.

    esxcli network ip interface add-i = vmk0 Pei = "network management - M = 'MAC address' ' to create a VMKernel for management." Make sure the right to MAC address of the uplink is mentioned.

    And make sure that it is a unique vmk, does not correspond to a vmk existing (vmk0, vmk1, vmk2).

    Once the Port is created, you should be able to configure networking on the DCUI

    Hope it will be useful.

  • Get ESXI, up and running, but I have changed the NETWORK card settings, how do I fix? Help please!

    ESXi perfect on my server but stupid ass me were running so I

    play with the card NETWORK card and I changed to 1000 end, and it was

    100 MB and I forgot I was on a 10/100 switch,.

    in any case now I

    cannot ping or you connect the box to esxi...

    What should I do?


    Server is a dual nic, should I connect the other cable network and

    Configure the which? will it work?

    I changed it using vSphere client...

    Connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the host (as when you installed and initially configured ESXi)... Connect to the host interface and select the option "configure management network". Clear the existing NETWORK card, and then select the second network card. You will have to regularize, save the configuration when prompted and let it restart the management network. You should be able to manage the host by connecting the client vSphere again. Then, you change the network configuration to match the new settings, or difficulty of the NETWORK card that you have initially activated to use.

    Is the host within a data center/server room? Why is the selector located only 100 MB? If the switch is able to go in the UK, ask that the host port ESXi will use either door to Go, full-duplex. Otherwise, you create a bottleneck, where it can be easily avoided.

    VMware VCP4

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    Hello clausfromritterhude,

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important understanding Apple school Manager since update is for you! By this article from Apple:

    Upgrade your facility to the Manager of the school of Apple

    From what you have stated, this behavior is expected not to be able to connect to the DEP (device registration program). Here's a quote:

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    See you soon!

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    I'm unable to change the network location of the public to the private sector or at home. In network and sharing Center, he is listed as unidentified network, and under "Public network" is written in black and is not clickable.

    I have a connection high speed (USB connected) also listed above under "Home network", it is written in blue and is clickable.

    The affected connection is an XBOX 360 connected via a network cable. I wish to connect the XBOX to the Internet via ICS, but cannot do so until this connection is either private or at home.

    Things I've tried so far;

    Reinstall the drivers,

    disconnect and reconnect, turning on all the elements concerned.

    All ideas,

    Tourist shifty.

    Enable ICS on the connection Strip and not on the XBOX 360 connection.  When you do this, the connection of the XBOX 360 will still be confused with a public network, but everything should work. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

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    Thank you

    Take a look at the vGhetto repository of scripts, where you can find a lot of useful scripts, including , which may contain what you are looking for.


  • How do I restart the network management via SSH?

    How can I go on the reboot of the management network via SSH? Or can I still do. I don't mean reboot, I need the network management not the management agents.

    Any help is appreciated.

    What version of esxi do you use?

    If you type

    > dcui

    You can control the ESXi in the medium [email protected] and restart your agents in there

  • How to change the network connection?


    I try by programming (perl) change which network a virtual machine is attached to.

    The problem that I think that I have is how to map support-> network-> value back to support-> deviceName.

    For example, I empty the deviceInfo and is part of the production:

    'backup' = > ({bless him

    "deviceName" = > "qaenv1.dummy"

    'network' = > ({bless him

    'type' = > 'network ',.

    'value' = > ' network-28803 "»

    (}, 'ManagedObjectReference'),

    'useAutoDetect' = > 0

    (}, 'VirtualEthernetCardNetworkBackingInfo'),

    So if I want to change the network for, say, qaenv2.dummy, how to find the value of medium-> network-> value for qaenv2.dummy?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Tcoiler, take a look at this post VDPG change for change to an existing virtual network distributed portgroup or this DOC from William Lam


  • Need to programmatically change the network on an interface is

    Hi all

    A VSwitch our ESX servers is configured with multiple VLANs and I have a requirement for per program (command line) change the network Virtual Machine is too connected.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thank you


    You can manually edit the .vmx VM (s) configuration file and vimsh vmware-vim-cmd wrapper allows you to refresh the configuration VM (s):

    [[email protected] root]# vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/reload
    Insufficient arguments.
    Usage: reload vmid
    Reload the virtual machine state from afresh.

    Unfortunately the virtual machine must be powered off the coast, I think that to do this.

    If you need to do while the virtual machine is running, you'll want to take a look at the API of VI and watch in the ReconfigVM_Task()

    It is also implemented in the VI Perl Toolkit Utilities in the form of script: and you can watch the script called

    The VIPT must be running on one or the other Windows/Linux or on VMware VIMA/vMA, not on the Console of Service of ESX classic


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    repository scripts vGhetto

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  • How to change the NETWORK adapter to a virtual server of perticular

    Dear all Hello,.

    I'm new to update3 esx 3.5 I added a VM to esx and figured out that the Vserver cannot ping desktop

    Finally, I thought that the virtual network adapter uses the second NIC in the physical server that is not connected,

    How can I change the NETWORK card to use the appropriate injector?

    Kind regards.

    Welcome to the Forum - the way the easiest is to use the VI Client.  See page 61 of the quick start guide -

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  • MAC addresses of our network interface cards physical on the ESX host

    I asked a very interesting question.   What is the MAC address for each physical network cards within our ESX host.   Our host ESX3.5Update4 has 6 of them.

    I am able to ESXCfg allows to identify the vNIC but assimilates to the physical network adapters?   or, how can I find the MAC address of the physical network adapters?

    No, I mean there are additional MAC addresses that the switch can 'see '.  The service console interface have a MAC, and address that will be displayed if you run 'ifconfig', but vmkernel will not be displayed in this way, use "esxcfg-vmknic - l" to display this MAC address.  The virtual machine each have their own of the MAC you can get that from their configuration files, or the vi client.


    VMware vExpert

  • How can I add or change the network I had for the TouchPad?

    Most of the devices on a network have names for the device for one reason or another. This allows to distinguish between connected devices and the legitimacy of it.

    So far, I was unable to add a network ID to this TouchPad.

    With the Amazon Kindle fire had seen the network ID as 'My Phone' that I really want to change, and fast. Haven't managed to change with an Android app called Fing, which enabled me to use an unorthodox network identification name.

    I would like to find another network utility which can do the same for the HP TouchPad. Any ideas about a utility or more manual method? FING via Kindle fire shows no network for my TouchPad ID.

    Hello Xelkos,

    What you're talking about is actually a function of DHCP. If you request an IP address, a client can send a hostname on the server so that it can be easily identified in a readable way.

    By default, this is disabled on the TouchPad. To enable it, you'll need to edit a text file on the device. There are many different ways to do this, so pick your favorite and follow these insturctions.

    1. Find /etc/dhclient.conf and open
    2. Find the line that begins with:
      # send-hostname
    3. Delete the "#" sign in the front of the line and change the text inside the quotation marks. This text should be what you want as your host name to be:
      send-hostname "TouchPad"
    4. Once you have finished, save and close the file
    5. Turn Wi - Fi off and then turn it back on. You should now see your name appear on your Access Point / router.

    NOTE: Do not forget that in order to make these changes permanent, you must set the file read-write system:

    mount -o remount,rw /

    You must also set this back to read-only when you are finished:

    mount -o remount,ro /
  • Impossible to change the network name to an existing network

    During a recent upgrade of windows 7 to 10 the procedure at about 80% and froze with the error 8007002C - 4000D. Windows 10 not able to complete its update, the system proceeded to reinstall windows 7. Once this is finished, I found that he had lost access to internet, ipconfig address had been changed and a new unidentified network had been set up, which I'm unable to edit or delete. After spending 2 days trying to get this PC to normal with 7. I tried the 10 upgrade again, but with the same result. I can't figure out how to get my PC to Windows 7 because I don't know how I've changed the name of the network in the first problem.

    To explain my network configuration of the PC with the problem Desktop which is Ethernet is connected to a router with 3 laptops wireless and a wireless printer. Laptop computer and printer seem to work fine, and the Office can see these devices but cannot connect to the internet or a network.

    I fixed the IP address of the desktop computer and tried everything I can think but cannot add this PC to your existing network.

    Why Windows 10 cause this problem that I'm not sure, but my main concern right now is to get this PC to its previous state.

    You would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer some advice.

    Thank you

    Fortunately, I managed to solve the above problem.

    After contacting my antivirus software company to find out if one of their customers had the same problem and the reception not good answers. I found another forum that advised people to uninstall the antivirus software and disconnect all external devices such as hard drives external, printers etc.

    After following these tips Windows 10 downloaded and installed without any problems.

    Hope this helps other people with the same problems.

    Thank you

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