Charge of $621,78 for the bad hard drive

Hi all

I know that this is not a question of remedy, but it should be expressed somewhere I found that I was charged for a Fujitsu 250 GB SATA HDD $621,78. Exact same drive price on ebay is $ 68. The party is certainly my fault. It was a warranty repair that turned bad. I put the old hard drive in the corner, and I forgot to return it. Warning e-mails of an imminent load was not read because of anti-spam filters. My fault. However, there is no way anyone can claim that a hard drive is worth anywhere near that amount. The laptop (a dv6700) was around $ 800! I called customer service and said that it can not be repaid, even if I have to return the defective part. I am currently waiting on a call while my case was refitted. I want just opinion of the public on this, and perhaps an HP employee who can actually do something about it will be advice. The spare part # the disk hard is 453775-001. Come on HP!


-Corey Hansen

Gee... Thanks for the helpful reply. I already know it's my fault. The point is, I can't expect to pay that kind of money for a hard drive.

In any case, I'm happy to say that my money will be repaid. I got on the phone with them yesterday and they sent me directly to their row escalated. Apparently, the guy who helped me before in fact did nothing. All I have to do is send in the old part. Done and done.

At least we know there are a couple of sane people that work the lines of HP service. Just pray you get one when you call.

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    If your system already has Windows installed and activated 10 follow my instructions here to directly download and reinstall clean Windows 10:

    Looks like you're in this scenario.

    Note Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 editions are specific. If your system came with Windows 8.1/10 unilingual homepage, Windows 8.1/10 will not be activated.

    Unfortunately there is no clear marker for end users to determine the edition so my advise is to try first to try Windows 10 Home, if she does not activate Windows 10 unilingual homepage.

    Get a SSD for optimal performance.

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    Check eBay. You will find everything.

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    Children a new Hp laptop in June.  The hard drive has been getting gradually stronger and is obviously about to go, with a blue error screen forcing a roll back of the computer.  I did a full backup on an external hard drive and I'm back for a replacement.  Should I make a recovery disk and reinstall from the disc when I get the new laptop, or should I just plug the external hard drive and transfer files via?  A guy at work said using the recovery disk is the way to go, because it would be to reinstall Norton and other programs, we have installed., but I thought that backup external hard drive was supposed to be the way to do this

    Because you have found a replacement of mobile complete, it will be installed on the 'old' came with.

    If you have installed a new programs, games etc_then Yes restore the Image would be the best way to get back it quickly. This would assume that the replacement is the same model or very similar from a Image Restore the drivers also which should match the material of the machine.

  • Pavilion 550-306no - for the 2nd HARD drive expansion slot?

    While thinking about replacing my old HP tractor, I browsed around the shop online for a possible new unit;

    Seems there is a box called Pavilion 550-306no, sold here in Sweden, which could meet my needs.  However, does anyone know if there is room (or not) for a 2nd HARD drive? Seems all the guides of the old user on how to develop yr PC in the forum of textbooks have been nuked.



    The Specifications for the 550-306no indicate that it is not put into service for a disk hard 3.5 "2nd.  Review the information in the computer case.

    Some models will allow a 2.5 "HD or SSD to add.  See the image below.

    According to the amount of space available between the existing hard drive and the motherboard, you might be able to mount another HD using 3.5 media ".  Those that I had recommended in the past are now $40 (ouch).

  • HP Pavilion 14-b017cl: follow-up on creating and using the USB key recovery to win 8 after replacing the bad hard drive

    I have 2 hp pavillion sleekbook model 14-b017cl'. I replaced the hard drive in my son after that she doesn't have the "optimized hard drive dst test '. I used my sleekbook work to create a USB stick recovery. I followed the instructions to use the recovery to Win 8 usb drive. When I started the laptop of my son, with the USB stick inserted, I got this message.

    PXE - m0f: exit pxe rom

    no bootable device-insert bootdisk and press a key

    Flash player Flash when I put under tension. I rebooted, you press F2, conducted an audit on the new hard drive, happened.

    Later, I inserted the recovery key in my laptop (that I used to create it) and it would not initialize to top. I checked the content to the flash drive and they seemed "Chargers", so it seems to be what I expected. It seems that the recovery USB STICK will not work if my own laptop dies. What I have to buy the HP flash drive, or I'm doing something wrong.

    Hi @gretschman7,

    Thank you for your query.

    I understand you are trying to perform a recovery from a USB flash drive, but you get the error "pxe - m0f: exit pxe rom.

    "no bootable device-insert bootdisk and press any".  You check the recovery media on your laptop as it is the same model and it seems fine.

    Looks like you may need to change the boot sequence. Here is a link to HP - performing a recovery system (Windows 8) HP computers that will help you.   Here is a link to a YouTube video which can also help:.  Performing a recovery of HP system on a laptop HP with Windows 8.

    Please let me know the results.

    Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP! We want to help you as well as others who may encounter a similar problem as you. Please consider tagging the post in order to solve your problem as "accept as Solution" to help other members of the community!

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  • Hard disk failed to keep windows 7 for the new hard drive or SSD

    Hi, windows told me recently there is a problem with my hard drive and that I would back up my data to an external storage device, in case it fails, but don't want to backup my files because they aren't important. When I tried to access file Explorer the next day I got the warning my computer froze. I'm not him have not restarted the laptop since then in fear that it could make it more worn, since I may still need it.

    I try to order a new hard drive or SSD and won't buy windows 10 because it's expensive. Instead, I want to keep my current operating system, which is windows 7 Home premium, which is preinstalled on my laptop.  I have no recovery disks and I didn't do all the backups at all, but here is a windows 7 product key stuck on the back of the laptop.

    I was wondering if I can use the product key to install windows 7 on the new HDD/SSD and if yes, how, I would go to this topic. Also, if I can't do the wrench is it another way (because I may be able to use it yet), because I don't want to have to buy any other OS.


    Laptop: TOSHIBA Satellite A660

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

    (Let me know if you need more details)

    Thanks for any help.

    If you are still able to boot from the Windows 7 Desktop on the current hard drive, try to create a set of recovery disks. See the instructions in the following article:


    After you create the defined recovery disc, close, install the new SSD, then use the updated recovery disk to reinstall Windows 7 on new disk SSD.

    You will need 4 blank DVDs.

  • How to disable for the external hard drive restore point in Windows 7

    System Restore performs a restore point for my external hard drive, which I did not need, how to change that?


    Click Start, right click on computer and select Properties.

    In the left menu, select the System of Protection.

    In the Settings of Protection section, click on the external drive letter.

    If the external disk drive appear on protection, click on the Configure button.

    Select the option to disable the Protection system for this drive.

    Click Apply/OK.

    This should return all the disk space used for System Restore on this drive.

    Let us know the results.


  • Location for the second hard drive to 500-164 Pavilion

    Cannot find place to install the second hard drive in the box. Where it is installed?

    HP has not produced a manual upgrade. Please see this manual, because it could help you.

  • need to upgrade 250 GB hard drive, how I transferred all my files and xps3 pro for the new hard drive without lsing all this?

    need to upgrade hdd 250 GB how I transferred all of the files and opperatting sys win xp sp3 new disk hard ad not lose any


    You cannot transfer the operating system from one hard disk to another. But you can use the backup utility to backup data and restore it on the new hard drive.

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows
    How to use the backup utility to back up files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition
    How to use the backup utility to back up files and folders in Windows XP Home Edition
    How to use Backup to protect data and restore files and folders on your computer in Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • New XPS 8700 has Windows 8 loaded on the bad hard drive

    I just got a Dell XPS8700 SE with a 256 GB SSD and 2 TB Hard Drive.

    I got the 256 GB SSD to run all my programs and also to have windows load quickly to the SSD.

    I was under the impression that Windows 8 would be responsible to the SSD.

    Is this a mistake? Someone load Windows hard disk bad?

    Is it possible to load Windows on the SSD as I want and make the SSD my C drive and open the disc of 2 TB for my files?

    Thank you


    I called Dell Support and the gentleman helped me to get Windows on the SSD and it seems that I am good to go.

    He has been a great help and walked me through the process.

    Thanks :)

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    Thanks for your help.


    You can create a library of transfer in the user interface and move the top project. (It it will copy as you move it to a new drive)

    If you also move the media, it will break the links between the project and the media (audio and video). When you do that, use the command create a link (on the file menu). If you point to the good volume, it should find the media and offer you the ability to link again.

    Good luck.


  • Where is it save to save a photo library? Requirements for the external hard drive

    Apple support documents have been somewhat vague about the requirements for a player welcome photo library.

    It is not yet clear if Photos can run a file system, is not HFS +: this restriction is mentioned only for the system of libraries of Photos, which syncs with iCloud (

    By default, your system library is stored in the folder of images on your Mac, but you can move it to another location on your Mac, or store it on an external storage device. However, to use iCloud services, the external storage device must be formatted using the format Mac OS extended (journaled), also known as HFS +.

    But it is experiences during the migration of libraries, that Photos cannot migrate libraries iPhoto or Aperture libraries to a photo library, if is not filesystem HFS +.  It will try to create the library migrated on the system drive instead (probably because he can't create links hard disk) and generally not running out of storage.

    Apple less did today, confirmed that he is not sure store of the photo library in a synchronized cloud storage, see: update to iPhoto to Photos for OS X - Apple support

    If you store your photo library in a place that is part of a Cloud Computing service (for example, Dropbox, box or Google Drive), your library might be damaged by the synchronization process. So, you might lose photos.

    To see your photos on all your devices, you can use iCloud photo library. To back up your library, you can use Time Machine.

    I still have not found supporting documentation, that clearly indicates if a library of Photos can be stored on a NAS. If it cannot be used as a library of Photos of system.  For the opening of libraries or libraries of iPhoto, the recommendation of Apple was clear: use locally mounted volumes extended, Mac OS X for your Aperture library

    Does anyone found a similar document for the Photos?

    Is it possible to store original files referenced on iCloud by car or in a box?

  • I need support for the second hard drive on my Aspire 8942 G...

    I want to install a hard drive of diving Bay 2nd in my 8945G and I need a support to hold it in place.

    Uses same medium used for the original HD. Any help to locate one, please?

    I didn't use a drive Caddy to install 2nd HD as my laptop has a built-in space to install a 2nd HD. All I need is a hard drive carrier. This support is no longer available because I contacted all online sources recommended to me and was infomed that the part is no longer available.

    So, I used the original media as a copy and one on the metal plate shaped in the same configuration as the original.

    I managed to do an almost exact replica and also managed to locate the 4 screws that I needed a local repair shop comp. I have now the 2nd HD mounted and it seems to work fine. I have access to my DVD/CD stlii would emit so.

    My Acer Aspire 8942 is one of the few models that have been built with a second HD Bay.  A larger...

    Thanks to everyone who responded with advice,

  • Restore Vista Premum (32-bit edition) for the new hard drive from the laptop when original disks are lost?


    I'm trying to upgrade from my son's laptop computer and want to replace the current drive with a much larger.

    It is running Vista Home premium Edition (32 bit) and he lost his records came with the laptop: I can do?  I bought Windows 7 Upgrade and a disk hard sata 500 GB, but I need to get Vista on the new drive before Windows 7 readers.

    I backed up the data using Windows Easy Transfer for issue restores the operating system.

    Please note that this is a laptop, I can only have a hard drive up both and I don't know how to get the operating system to the new blank disc? I can create a recovery on a DVD disc / C or something Vista or a 3rd party utility?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Contact the manufacturer to see if you have a recovery Partition and if it can create recovery discs.  If so, create the recovery disks and you will be able to use them to restore the system to factory conditions once you have installed the new drive (but you may need to install the new Vista compatible drivers for the new drive as the recovery disks can have only those for the old disk).  Otherwise, contact the manufacturer and get a set of recovery (at a modest price) discs and use them to restore the system to the conditions of the plant on the new drive.  When we talk to them, confirm that their recovery process allows you to install new drivers for the new drive hard during the process and exactly how do (or it doesn't work - so be sure to check it out).  We cannot help you with recovery of the manufacturer process as it their not Microsoft.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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