Charged for something not bought

I received an invoice in itunes by email for something I've ever bought.  The e-mail indicates that buying was by an iphone that is not mine.  How the hell I do not charged for this and also to avoid it happening again



I see three possibilities for what happened here:

1. it's a phishing e-mail.

2. someone of another share your Apple ID and does not tell you they have renamed their iPhone or switched to a new.

3. your ID Apple is compromised.

You can sign in to report a problem or use iTunes on a Mac or a PC (see your purchase history in iTunes store on Mac or PC - Apple Support) and see past purchases made from your account. If you see something that shouldn't be there, contact Apple directly. On the Web page report a problem , there is a button next to each purchase made during the last 90 days, allowing you to more, to report a problem.

If you don't see any purchase that would explain fees that you saw on the invoice, the invoice is perhaps wrong. Here are tips from Apple on the phishing emails:

Identification of legitimate emails from the iTunes Store - Apple Support

Identify the fraudulent 'phishing' - Apple Support e-mail

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