Charger for Sansa Clip Zip?

I want to use my Sansa Zip clips as a component of my stereo.  Is there a product that keep the Zip Clip, load it and at the same time allow it to play music in stereo system?


That Clip Zip only uses a 8.Lorsque micro-USB plug, there is no possible/available docking station. However, you can use it via a cable connector that specializes in port AUX in to your stereo to play through your stereo speakers. It will not charge.

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  • Best Linux for Sansa Clip Zip media player?

    Currently using Banshee on Linux Mint, but he is not seen my new zip clip. What is the best media player use to manage my music between pc and sansa.

    OK, got it. Set the USB msc mode and its all good

  • Sansa Clip Zip battery does not charge, goes directly to the screen of the song

    It's my third Sansa MP3 players.  The first was a Sansa Fuze with the round button.  Like that one but my husband needed more that I did it I gave it to him.  He is old, but the player is still so today.

    The second was a Sansa Fuze + with the touchpad.  The touchpad has been way too sensitive but I need to play only two songs for sleep therapy while I was fine with it until the battery suddenly stopped charging a few months ago, I posted my problems in the Sansa Fuze + forum.  After trying a few suggestions, I finally accepted that he was a Goner.

    I bought this Sansa Clip Zip 4 G, thinking that should last at least for a while because I use every day.  In fact, I needed only when I had disorders of sleep during the night;  I probably used it once every two weeks or more.  I used my cell phone to the device, had no problems until now.

    The last time that I loaded it was 2 weeks, to 98% full - the thing never indicated 100% while it was a little weird.  In any case, I had problems sleeping two nights ago so I took out the Clip Zip and noticed that the battery still had plenty of juice left.  This morning I checked the battery, he had 68%, but I thought I needed could again tonight so better it load up, just in case where.

    I connected it to my computer, but it did not show "connected" screen  Instead, he went straight to the last song I listened to.  I thought it was weird so I turned off the player then tried again.  Of course, he went directly to the screen of the song.  I noticed that the battery icon was showing 'filler '.  I thought that if I left it connected to the pc long enough IT would eventually deducted.  Two hours later, I checked the computer and it says that the drive battery was dangerously low.  I disconnected and then reconnected and this time he said 98% charged.  I loaded a bit more just in case so I used the player for about 15 minutes and the player turns off.  Plugged into the pc and now it says battery is extremely low, while the last hours do not charge the battery, but it drains pretty!

    My last attempt was to plug into a wall charger and guess what?  He went directly to the screen of the song once again.  Contrary to connect to the computer, I could actually turn off the player but this way does not charge the battery, or.   It's exactly the same problem as my second player, the Sansa Fuze +.

    I bought the last two players from Sansa, simply because I really liked the first which of course had been abandoned a long time ago.  I don't know if I have bad luck or it is just an issue joint Sansa players but one way or the other I don't buy any Sansa more in the future.  He is a big name that comes with the big disappointment!

    You can also try a reset by pressing and hold the power button for 20-30 seconds. Release it and then turn it on normally and see how it behaves.

    By your description of the message "dangerously low" you get then plug it into your computer, which tells me that you use MTP mode on the player (or default automatic default, MTP). MTP mode can be pretty weird; better to use MSC mode unless you have need to PSG for "protected" content or DRM files such as Rhapsody or audio in your library or Audible books. The small "crirically" message is a bug in Windows 7 (using MTP mode) that Microsoft did not consider important enough to fix.

  • Work of the trouble on Sansa Clip Zip

    Hi - I have problems with the work on my Sansa Clip Zip.  Work does not show for each song.  For songs ripped in the Zune software will show the work.  However, for the ripped songs in iTunes does not show the work.  I tried to put .jpg files in the folders with the songs, make sure they are of size less than 100 KB and even tried to resize one at 200 x 200 pixels (though the size was too large of pizels overall size was fine).  Any ideas?  Thank you.

    Use 'album art.jpg' (without the quotes and with space, not a line of underscore) or "folder.jpg" (again, without the quotes).

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think .m4a files Apple 'protected '. The Zip will not play them. They would need to be converted to a type of file supported as .aac (Apple DRM-free format) or .mp3 (universal format).

    You can use MP3Tag above (free to download) software to incorporate images of cover art in the "extended" part tag. Note that you need to do this for each (long) file rather than the image one (album art.jpg) for all files in the folder even the opposite effect.

  • Wall charger for Sansa Fuze?

    Hello, I hope you do well.

    I'm trying to help my father to buy a wall charger for its Sansa Fuze (I gave it to him as a birthday gift, but he doesn't have a computer and needs a wall charger). What type of wall chargers should I watch? I believe that it will take a standard USB charger or a standard mini-USB charger, but I would like to know which of the two. This one or this one , or this one works?

    Thank you


    It's easy!  Nice find, incidentally.  The first link you provided is a clone of the charger folding-plug Motorola phone, with a standard USB plug which must be plugged into the cable of SanDisk Fuze.

    This is the type of desired wee beastie.  Basically, if it has a standard USB plug, it is hard to go wrong, with one exception: If the "rocket" shows "connected" while it is plugged into the wall charger, there is a link with the data pins in the charger (some readers MP3 need this, but the Sansa doesn't).

    The other two Chargers shown have what looks like a mini-B, usable for Sansa Clip USB connector.

    In addition, avoid Chargers with the connector 30 spare pins which do not expressly assert that this is a cable compatible SanDisk Sansa, there are has many iPod Chargers offering a Connector 30 end pins which resembles that of SanDisk, but they're going to FRY the Sansa.  IPod connections are distinguished by the Sansa ones.


  • SANDISK Sansa Clip Zip not recognized by WIN 8

    My SANDISK Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player is not recognized by my WIN 8 machine when I connect it via USB.  It works fine on my other machine WIN 8.  Technical support SANDISK told me that the MTP drivers are missing or corrupted.  How do I find, download and install these drivers from the Microsoft site?  Is it also possible to copy these out of the installation of WIN 8 disk I have?

    OK, so I found that this worked for me on win. 8

    1st: hit 'Windows key' 'X', then click on Device Manager.

    2nd: once it go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, find "USB Mass Storage Device".

    3rd: hit search and edit the material (something like that)

    4th: there are 2 categories, the first to find the driver automatically, and the second looking for your pc.

    5th: click on the first then wait it should work and then it will say that it is recognized and you can sync your Media Player!

    I hope this has helped! :)

  • Play OGG tracks, freezes my Sansa Clip Zip


    I tried that twice add files ogg to my card 32 Gb microSDHC SanDisk Ultra that I use with my Sansa Clip Zip, and the two times my player froze when he tried to play.

    I simply copy/paste ogg files, so I did not use any software to manage the upload. When I download mp3, I usually use the Winamp player.

    Ogg files are soundtrack of games shipped with my purchase on

    I do something wrong when I download ogg files? Music plays without problem in VLC media player.

    Thank you.

    The Ogg decoder in the sandisk firmware is pretty buggy and really inefficient power. I talked to them years sending a few corrections (they use the standard decoder open source, just a version older and without much optimization), but who worked all the time, they stopped really about adding new things never happened. If you use multiple Ogg files, you should probably watch using Rockbox. I think the battery life is 2 or 3 times longer due to optimizations, and compatibility is much better.

  • How can I me floor device works with my sansa clip zip 4 GB mp3 player?

    Device stage seems to be a nice software to sync music from computer to my new mp3 player, but it doesn't seem to be in my new Windows 7 software? What should I download it?

    Or what I need to download (also) on the Sansa Clip Zip?

    Help please..!

    Thank you

    / Leif

    Read here.

    See you soon,.


  • For sansa clip plus travel charger

    Hi, im newbie here! I would like to ask about a travel charger which is safe for my sansa clip plus. I have two things here:

    a. creative zen v more charger, spec: input 100-240VAC / 50-60 Hz, 0. 3a Output 5V = 1000mA

    b. charger RIM, spec: input 100-240VAC / 50-60 Hz, 0. 3a Output 5V = 550mA

    That is appropriate and safe for my player? Thanks in advance

  • Looking for guidance, Clip Zip or Clip +.

    My beloved clip zip just died.  I thought to replace it with the new sport clip, but a check of the forums told me it would be disappointing to at least.  I use my zip primarily audio books and have an extensive library of books on several chips for my Zip.  As I wanted to replace the Zip file, I discovered that it seems to be abandoned.  I can find a little but they are twice what I paid initially for mine and if Sansa is not making more...  Anyway, it also seems the Clip + is still in production.  Can someone tell me, the Clip will be + play chips I put in place for the Zip.  That what I lose in the way?  You recommend staying with the Zip for as long as I can get a new one to last?  I started with a simple clip and improved because of the chip.  Albumn art and color are not important to me, but with success to listening to audio books without editing each track is.  I'm looking for advice from my fellow lovers of Zip.  Thank you

    That's the beautiful thing about the microSD - can exchange cards in and out, including between the actors (including the Clip + and Clip Zip).

  • More high def FLAC for Sandisk Clip Zip?


    Just ordered a couple of Clip Zips. One will be for Gym/Running etc so will just MP3 dumped on it. But the other one will have a 32 GB sd card installed will put files of resolution more high for 'good' listening for flights, train travel etc.

    My files FLAC current are different bit depth and freq right up to 24 bit 192 kHz.

    What is higher that the device will be reliable supports.

    Thank you

    Zilaaballa wrote:


    Just ordered a couple of Clip Zips. One will be for Gym/Running etc so will just MP3 dumped on it. But the other one will have a 32 GB sd card installed will put files of resolution more high for 'good' listening for flights, train travel etc.

    My files FLAC current are different bit depth and freq right up to 24 bit 192 kHz.

    What is higher that the device will be reliable supports.

    Thank you

    16 bit 44.1 kHz

  • Charger for the Clip +.


    I have a charger for my car navigation system. It is said: + 5V 1000ma Max. It would be OK to use for the Clip +?


    Thank you!

  • using a mac for sansa clip +.

    If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I use a mac powerbook g4 to download songs on my clip +.  I changed the song in MP3 format. My clip + recognizes the songs I load, but for some reason, it adds a second copy of each song that is a fraction of a second of time. No matter what I try, I can't seem to load without these blasted second copies.

    I found a way around the. second _ copy.  It was another thread for the clip.  There is a program for mac called kopymac that can be downloaded for free on  This action solved the problem completely.  Thanks for the help.

  • Art album Sansa Clip Zip problem

    Hi guys! I'm getting album art to my clip wire zip trouble. I use an application called mp3tag to edit tags and covers of my music files, the problem is that I don't know how to resize (I'm making refers to the 'size' not dimensions) pictures. I read that clipart zip support only album with less than 100 k.  Can someone show me how to solve my problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks a lot for tapeworm! c: but what happens if I want to just put a cover to the music folder, I think it's a lot of time if I make another folder just for the top lid? Is there another way?

  • Sansa Clip Zip takes absurd time to change songs

    I had many problems with my Zip Clip lately, I recently added a single song and then had left during the night to cool the media (I'm not kidding). Now, it takes at LEAST 10 seconds to change songs, it's absolutely ridiculous, and I want to know if theres anyway to fix it. My Zip Clip is the latest version.

    EDIT: I just counted, 15 seconds. FIFTEEN SECONDS TO CHANGE A SONG. It's absolutely ridiculous. The 32 GB is barely half full, he shouldn't be it slow, if anyone can help me I would be really happy if I can also sell this thing and start saving for an iPod or another MP3 player that can actually change the songs with ease.

    I think that there is something wrong with this 'unique' song which is causing the problem. Most likely a problem of ID3 tag. Try to delete this file from the drive (or map) and see if the problems to correct. If so, then you have isolated the problem and know that you need to edit the tag.

    You could also try to remove the card, turn on the player and see if it responds correctly, then turn it off and re - insert the card. Which can sometimes also fruitful.

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