Chat and IM Notifications does not work on iPhone.

I really need an email. And don't give me a link to the Skype Web site * beep * I can't find any help there, need me just a site that does not exist. I have a really bad problem and you would like an Email, so I could get help. I don't get notifications (or how spell you it) group conversations or normal conversations, all on Skype for Iphone. I turned on and notifications in the Skype application on the phone. But still I receive notifications. So yes, an email would be enough good or even an answer here.

PS. do NOT answer with a link to the Skype Web site.

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Hi, my apologies for the issues you see. Want a help from you to help us diagnose the problem that you see.

Could you open Skype (on the device, you experience the problem), go to any conversation and type "/ dumpmsnp", without the quotes and press send? Type where you usually enter a message. You can see a few messages displayed in the conversation window. NOTE that it IS NOT visible or shared with anyone other than you even if she appears in the conversation window.

The list of messages you see, right on top you will see something like the following:

MSNP: Connection data (MSNP24):
* Status: NetStateConnected
* Current server: K4 - df -
* Server registered: beta -

Could you share this part on the forum or send a private message to me on the forum. ONLY share that and NOTHING more. He tells us that your online status and the server that you are connected to. It will help us diagnose the problem that you see and that fixed it.

Thanks for the help and apologies for the issues.

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