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Hi all!

How long does it take before you receive a confirmation of your standard warranty? It's almost a week since I have saved my laptop.

Apart from the registration of the guarantee and the MicrosoftOffice OneNote, is it necessary to register for my operating system?

I just boughty my laptop (L10 series) about a week ago and I need information about the records.

Thank you in advance!



Information on the guarantee, you can find on the Toshiba page in respect of Services. Very interesting site is You can find the FAQ on the warranty for laptop plan.

Good bye

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    I have a laptop that I use mainly for cloud computing and travel.  I have much stored on the hard drive itself and I spent hours trying to solve the problem regarding

    Windows can't check for updates, error code 800FFFF.

    I tried some of the recommendations varied on this site, but so far without success.

    If I just wipe my computer, and then start reinstalling everything from below upwards, will that solve the problem?  I know it sounds drastic, but I'm willing to do, and hopefully learn something in the process.

    I'm not computer specific read and write... so it would take me hours, wading through all the different corrections before as I find one that works.  That's why I'm considering a reformat.

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    Some information on my system:

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    The version of the BIOS/date: Dell Inc. A16, 16/10/2008
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    Hello Jason.

    I suggest you try the following:
    close and exit all the open documents or windows program you have open.
    Open Internet Explorer (only!) go to 
    [ignore the warnings of DO NOT APPLY and the section will APPLY to] & run the difficulty.
    Note => for best results, check the option to remove personal settings.
    1. open Internet Explorer (only!) to [ignore the title & symptoms].
    1B. make disappear/close the pop-up window "automated troubleshooting! -then...
    c. 1, without taking into account any warnings similar, or '' not recommended '' run difficulty he 50202 in DEFAULT mode (if on a race later you still have the same failure, then repeat the above & select aggressive mode).

    2. closing of the session and restart the cool system & then run manually check the updates in Windows Update, etc, etc...
    When you get to Windows Update, a custom scan updates. Take (accept) those marked critical or Important.
    If it has updates Silverlight or Net Framework, select not them and leave it for one pass later.
    Those that are marked as "optional" decline.
    Have infinite patience so that it scans and it's work.
    When you are prompted to restart Windows, please do. Allow it to restart.

    If you still have a failure and you just did a Fix - IT in the default mode, date back to 1 a/1 c and now this time make the default mode AND aggressive mode (both) and retry Windows Update again

    Note: Running aggressive mode difficulty he 50202 will result in a loss of the history of the update but will not affect the actual installed updates.



    He doynloads and seems to be.

    But there is no indication in Internet Explorer.

    And the alert Message HP never goes away.

    I don't use IE less forced, like here.

    How to remove the alert SMS from HP?

    I had the same problem. I kept getting the same message after installing the network HP Check for Internet Explorer. After restarting the computer, I still got the message. Then, I opened the window HP Support Assistant and click "Check for the updates and Messages". The message went away.

  • iTunes (for laptop MacBook Pro) for iPhone

    Until now I was able to maintain a significant library of iTunes on my computer (laptop MacBook Pro) and transfer only the files currently, I wanted to play on my iPhone 5s, but now he has completely developed a mind of your own.  Even with 'Manage music manually' checked, he insists on the importation of (or at least the poster on the phone) ALL your iTunes library!  (But I would say it's actually being imported into the phone).  She adopted a very attitude "all or nothing".  When he downloaded everything on the iPhone, I was able to remove everything by going to settings > general > storage and use iCloud > storage to manage and simply remove all pieces of music.  Before when I did this, the icon of music seemed always with 'No Data'.  Now it has disappeared completely, perhaps because the phone is disconnected from the computer.  The songs seem to have disappeared, but it has developed two problems:

    1. it displays everything when connected to iTunes - I can't tell which are actually on the phone, unless they are all.

    2. some files iTunes, when I slip and fall, apparently correctly appear on the phone, the other files created identically, which did not play on the computer, and who were on the phone before, now does not transfer to the phone, and others sometimes and sometimes not.  Then when I stop to think or straighten, iTunes spilling everything on the phone and I need to remove again.  Summer in circles for hours and no end in sight.  Go to bed and in the hope of waking up with a usable answer.  Thanks for any help.

    < re-titled by host >

    Trying to import from iTunes to my iPhone, I checked "Manually manage music" and tried to check and uncheck "Sync only Checked songs."  At best, it is not good as all songs are checked for "Songs", while the single view where I can keep collections at halfway straight albums.  (Seems not a way to alphabetize or elsewhere to organize the albums - you just have to scroll through everything in a random order, select those you want, and then have iTunes maniacal laugh as it does not account of your choice or simply synchronizes everything.)  At worst, checking or unchecking "Sync only checked Songs" doesn't make any difference because there seems to be no way to check entire albums and ONLY the albums you want.  Whatever it is, with "Sync only checked Songs" checked or unchecked, iTunes will not a * thing until I started to drag an album on the phone and then it drags the WHOLE LIBRARY WITH HIM, AND IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE to GET JUST THE BIT I want AND NOTHING else!  She was torturing me for three days.  It is horrible and evil and is determined to make me drag my computer everywhere and never listen to more audio on the phone.  I hate it and they must be destroyed.

  • Computer laptop 15-ay011nr: manual hardware for laptop HP 15-ay011nr

    Is there a manual hardware for laptop HP 15-ay011nr?  If this is not the case, how the hard drive is replaced?

    This laptop is quite a departure from my experience with servers and previous HP laptops.  I was able to easily find the manual equipment for each different computer server or HP laptop I worked on, not the same with 15-ay011nr.  On any other HP laptop, I was able to find the rear covers to replace the memory and hard drive, not the same for this laptop.  There is no lid at the back of this laptop.

    Please find the link seen below manual for your laptop.

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the white button on the right to say thank you Thumbs Up *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you


    I'm not an employee of HP

  • ProBook 470 1: HP Support Assistant is grayed out option ' Check for updates now ".

    My laptop is running HPSA worm 'Check for updates now' tab updates from HP is greyed out. In addition, the HPSA informs me that "the last check for HP updates: never" even if the regular time for the update check has come and gone.

    The last update notification was received more than 12 months ago, while the laptop was under warranty. The warranty has expired and I was wondering if this could be the cause of my not being able to check updates 'Check now' or at a scheduled time. Tried to contact HP support, but unless you are under warranty or you have a service contract, it is not possible. Does anyone else have this problem?

    N ° it has nothing to do with the status of the guarantee. This will work even if the warranty has expired. The only thing that should be available is updated for your laptop.

    Uninstall the current HP Support Assistant verfsion located on your laptop.

    You can download the appropriate version of the OS for your laptop in the following web document.

  • an error occurred when checking for a software update

    My iphone6s when I check for the update, dosent work and say:

    an error occurred when checking for a software update.
    Please help me

    Greetings harera22dec,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that in trying to upgrade to the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, you get an alert that says: "year error occurred while searching for an update of the software.»

    To begin troubleshooting this situation, I would first work through the steps in the section on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the following article, and then try the update again.

    On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

    1. Make sure that your date, time, and time zone are correct. Tap Settings > general > Date & time. Time zone can list another city in your time zone.
    2. Make sure your iOS software is up-to-date. Tap Settings > General > software update to check for updates. You can also connect your iOS device to iTunes and click on search the update on the summary page of your device.
    3. Check and verify that you are in range of a Wi - Fi router or base station. If you use the cell service, make sure the cell data are lit settings > cellular. If you are connected to cellular data, large items can not download. You may need to connect to the Wi - Fi to download applications, videos and podcasts.
    4. Make sure you have an active Internet connection. Check your device Manual for Internet connectivity.
    5. Check if other devices, such as laptops, are able to connect to the network of Wi - Fi and Internet access.
    6. Reset the wireless router by turning and then again.

    If there is still a problem, learn what to do if your device connects to a Wi-Fi network.

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Apple Support

    If the problem persists, try updating your iPhone from another network or from iTunes on a computer than this article implies.

    If you receive a message that says: "year error occurred downloading iOS ', try again later. If this happens again, try to update your device using a different network or use iTunes to update your device.

    Get help with updates of live iOS - Apple Support

    Have a great day!

  • Failed to check for an update. -Failed to start the windows Security Center service

    Well, as I want to check for windows update, it says that "Windows update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not runing.» You may have to restart your computer. I alrdy restart my laptop several times that the answer is always the same. I think that this problem related to my service center of windows security. for some reason I can't why it may not be on. can someone help with the solution m.e? Thank you


    In addition to the information requested, try these troubleshooting of beginning steps and let us know the results from them.

    Clean boot your PC, and then run Windows Update.

    Reset the Windows Update components

    Perform operations of KB883825

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Error: "one of the drives should be checked for consistency" to start the computer

    The original title: disk space

    My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5000 running with XP Home Edition. At a hard 100G drive with 2 partitions fat. Recursively shows problem at startup. The message displayed is "one of the drives should be checked for consistency. So when he was checked always check disk space and get stored at 41%. I tried to restore several times, but it is once again no place for a long time.

    Could you help me with this?

    Hi RodrigoGodinez,
    Sometimes the disk check always starts check the file system on one or more drives for consistency. If no button is pressed, the disk check is aborted. In fact, it is because a data structure of the disc or file is corrupted which can not be recovered and check disk always runs at Windows startup.
    Restart the computer and run the command chkdsk from the recovery console.
    To boot into the recovery console, see the following article:
    Additional reference on:
    For more information about the disk check, see:
    Note: While running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the hard drive when chkdsk attempts to repair this area so all available data on this risk to be lost.
    If the disk check done in start the computer every time, here is an article that could be useful for:
  • "Your drive should be checked for consistency.


    I was wondering if you could help us?  I am running Vista on a Dell laptop and recently have been receiveing "your drive should be checked for consistency" at the start - it, then crosses the chkdsk to BACK process.  It goes through the process very well, deleting some files and move others. However, once I have connected to Windows, my laptop does work for a few minutes before freezing completely upwards. I thought it was just streaming elements that aggravate freeze it, but it seems to freeze no matter what I do.  I continue to have force a switch to stop/off that I can't even restart.

    Its been my computer completely unusable - is there something I can do to solve this problem, apart from buying a new one?

    Thank you!


    Thanks - how could I do?  Is this a hardware problem?

    Sounds like it... You said, "it goes through the process very well, deleting some files and moving others." which tells CHKDSK is to find questions and tries to compensate for them.  However, who can only go so far and if there are internal physical damage on the disc itself (disk drive I guess - not an SSD) then the damage could extend.  Sooner or later, you might get to a point where you don't even have the option to boot.

    What your backups?

    You can find the manufacturer of the hard drive itself and get their diagnostic utilities and test the drive entirely with those.  That will tell you if you have real bad sectors and like it or whether a zero and writing with their utility and the new installation of the operating system could help.  It is more likely that it is a pity however.

  • connection via bluetooth to the laptop problems for laptop.error code 0 x 80070057

    connection via bluetooth to the laptop problems for laptop.error code 0 x 80070057

    Best regards: John


    -Do you have Bluetooth devices internal or external connected to the laptop?
    -Have you checked if all the Bluetooth drivers on two laptops are very well installed?
    -This work was fine before? If so, what are the hardware/software changes made on the computer before this problem started?
    -Is a problem only when these 2 laptops connecting or is that when you try to connect these 2 laptops at any other laptop too?

    I suggest you to go through these below items that could help you to fix this problem.

    The problems with Bluetooth devices
    Set up a Bluetooth compatible device

    Hardware devices not detected or does not

    I hope this information helps you!

  • When checking for windows update I get error code 80073712, therfore no updates have been downloaded. Please give solution for same.

    I have windows vista home basic 32-bit laptop. I formatted the PC and then after a few days I'm getting an error code 80073712 when checking for windows update. No additional updates are downloaded or installed. Please suggest solution.


    What is the exact full error message?

    You can try the following methods

    Method 1:

    Run a scan of the System File Checker, click the link below:

    Method 2:

    Download the readiness tool system update directly go to Microsoft Download Center and run it.

    Method 3:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

  • Cannot install HP Photosmart 1000, blue screen, stops install to connect USB 2 cable for laptop

    Unable to install printer HP Photosmart 1000 to Compaq computer laptop, blue screen appears every

    time that I connect the cable as shown, (USB no problem installing Canon printer via a cable last year)

    The HP Photosmart 1000 printer worked fine on my old computer (XP Home Edition, ed.) pc

    until this pc has developed problems so I need to install this printer HP old (but reliable) for

    my Compaq laptop. HP printer has been connected to old pc via a parallel cable.
    HP printer has not been run on a front USB cable.

    Printer: HP Photosmart 1000, S/N: MX0BG1F2GB MODEL: HP C6723A

    Laptop: Compaq Presario V6700, S/N: CNF8102WLQ, P/N: GT814AV, OS: XP Pro,.

    Two USB ports are 2.0 compatible tested with another printer, scanner and flash

    readers. The two ports operate.
    Tested on scanner (work) USB cable

    So far, I've tried several things:

    Downloaded the latest XP driver from the HP website. (3511_enu_w2k_xp_release.exe)

    (However I do not know what to do with it or where to put it so it can be found by setup.exe

    or regardless of the cd for the printer.)
    I'll never wonder where to find the driver during the installation, because of the blue screen crash

    as soon as I plug the USB cable to connect the printer to the laptop. Even when the printer is turned OFF!

    Disabled antivirus software, firewall (Windows Security Essentials)
    and Malwarebytes... without change any help.

    Ran Check Disk... everything is good.

    Tried to install software without connected printer but when I got to where I was
    asked printer a blue screen again.

    The following information on a blue screen when I plug the USB cable of
    printer for laptop during this installation step and turn on the laptop.
    Then turn the printer on. (HP as directed in instructions to install step by step).
    (also tried plugging in USB cable while the laptop is on but printer is 'no'... blue screen still

    pop up).
    Technical information BSOD:
    Stop: 0x0000007E (0 x 0000005, 0xF7711EC5, 0xF78DA8F4, 0xF78DA5F0)
    Partmgr.sys address F7711EC5
    Base of support to F770F000
    Date stamp 48025360

    Never used it before so I tried the XP program compatibility Wizard I forgot. That fixed the problem with the USB cord. I had downloaded the new driver for XP but didn't know how to use it and could not open or some nomatter what I tried or where I put nothing helped. Installation using old records kept asking for files, that I didn't of course. All tried, you know the drill. Install, uninstall, and more. Went back on Yahoo search (20' e time) and found a score to the HP page where I had downloaded the driver. «How to install «...»» "don't remember that being there when I got the driver downloaded. Then I followed the instructions, once more and double click on the new driver on my laptop and installed like a champ.
    I hope this helps someone else. Too tired, you miss things.

  • Win7 SP1 "Check for updates" never full

    I had to reinstall a pre - SP1 version of Win7 64 bit since the partition recovery on the laptop of a friend. After getting SP1 and updates associated, I ran "Check for updates" again and had a known, documented problem in the thread at the Specifically, "Check" never full.

    Unfortunately, the solution prescribed in this thread does not work for me. I downloaded and ran the installation program 1st in the list, (KB3153199), but this stand-alone Setup program runs in its own process of "Search for updates on this computer" and, after a full hour and counting, has not yet completed.

    Is there a work around known for the solution I try?  :)

    Have a read of this discussion (if you haven't already done so) who helped a certain number of questions of update -

    If all goes well, she can help him.

  • BlackBerry downloads of this software passport are not yet available in your country for regulatory reasons. Please check for future availability.


    Whenever I try to connect my passport to my laptop, inviting me to visit a link and trying to doanload Office Manager, im getting:

    • This software download is not yet available in your country for regulatory reasons. Please check for future availability.

    IM living in Sierra Leone.

    Found the problem. Uninstall the Desktop Manager and re-install from the device.

    All the work perfect.

    Thanks for the follow-up

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