Check the iPhone Unlocked iOS 9.2 5 c

Hi, I unlocked my iPhone 5 c (Verizon, no contract). I don't have a sims that is not Verizon.  When I connected my iPhone to iTunes, I had no "congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. I don't know how else to check if my iPhone is unlocked and if it is really unlocked.

I had a similar experience when I unlocked the phone to my husband and myself, although not on Verizon. Simply, I called my ISP and asked them to check, which they made and confirmed that the phones have been unlocked.

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  • What model is the iPhone Unlocked sim-free 6 s, model 1633 or 1688? The locked phone can be unlocked and used on any sim

    What model is the iPhone Unlocked sim-free 6 s, model 1633 or 1688? The locked phone can be unlocked and used on any sim?

    If the iPhone is locked: only the provider it is locked, can unlock.

  • Limitations of the iphone unlocked 6

    My iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.1) was purchased through Tmobile.  I have since put end to this carrier and had them unlock the phone so I can use another carrier (GSM phone).

    It is all fine and good.  I have no problem with the new carrier.  However, since then, I can no longer connect to my UVO system in my Kia automobile.

    Previously, I would connect via the USB port on the integrated port.  With that, I would be able to launch my Pandora app on the screen of the UVO.  Now, I can't.  In fact, I can't access one of the UVO applications.

    My question is for the geniuses of the iPhone very well informed there.  Is there anything known to unlock a (non-usine) cause this?  I have connected 2 other iPhones and they tested OK (including a factory unlocked iPhone SE).

    My online research have developed dry.

    Thank you


    You say that your device is currently on iOS 9.3.1. He was on that iOS and still works with the USB plugin? If it's an older iOS, it is possible that the Kia does not support the most recent iOS. It's quite possible. If it worked with the latest iOS, there is nothing on a release that should affect only. The right unlock code determines which carriers can connect to the phone.

    When you mention off factory unlock, I'm guessing that you use the term to describe the fact that it was unlocked on T-Mobile? It is in fact, an authorized release, which should be done through Apple, it's just that it's done by the carrier because they are the only ones who can authorize an unlock. The term factory unlock can be confusing, because it isn't really what some would consider a factory unlock after the fact, just a release authorized. In fact, the factory does not lock the phones, carriers don't, but that's a conversation for another time.

  • How can I reinstall safari on the iphone running ios 8.1.3 5 safari disappeared after the last update

    How can I reinstall safari on the iPhone 5 with ios 8.1.3? Safari disappeared after or while I was doing the update.

    Safari is an integrated application and cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden by setting restriction.  Check settings / general / Restrictions and see if Safari is simply disabled.  If not, then it must be somewhere on your iPhone because it can not be deleted, that is maybe it drew into a folder, so use Spotlight search to look for.

  • How to remove places the iphone with IOS 10 album


    lwwfromohio wrote:


    First, turn off your hats of all the...

    You can not as these files came with ios 10.

    don't like it use the contact us link below to notify Apple.

  • How can I buy the iPhone Unlocked 7?

    I'm in the United States at the moment and I have to go back to my country soon and I want to buy the iPhone 7 from the site of the apple store, but I can't choose the sim-free option, I have to choose between the 4 carriers as the only means of payment. If I choose the T-mobile version a time payment, can I use the phone in my country? It comes unlocked?

    If you pay a payment of time for the phone, any carrier you choose is not question that will come the unlocked phone, just remove any carriers SIM card when return you to your country and use them.

  • Unable to get the iPhone to iOS 10 6

    I'm looking to get my iPhone to iOS 10.0.1 6. Whenever I try to update, I get the following error message: "upgrade to iOS 10.0.1 requires at least 610 MB of free space on your iPhone." Please change your synchronization of media options to make more available storage. ». I have many photos and almost no music on my phone. Indeed, iTunes says I have 2.73 GB free on my phone. I had a similar problem when I was updating my phone to 9.35, when iTunes said I had 1 GB free, but Setup disagreed. I could only update after removing all my music from my phone. Someone else has this problem? I have to delete all my apps before updating my phone?

    I would go to the general > storage & usage > Storage manage and delete some of your larger applications. Then reload them after the update.

  • No photographs presented during the import of the iPhone with IOS 10 installed

    I did a lot of time before with the previous version of the IOS.  Screen to import in LightRoom says there is no pictures found.  There are many photos on the iPhone.

    iPhone is connected with the USB on my Mac under LightRoom.

    I solved my problem to re-boot the computer and the phone.  Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Cannot find the volume of the speaker on the Iphone 6 IOS 10

    I have updated to IOS 10 on my Iphone 6. I can't find the volume control Chair that used to be in the control center. I have two control centres and in none.


    In the Panel, there are 2 screens, drag to the right for the music and the left for the parameters. It will be the slider at the bottom of the music.

    Thanks again

    Will be

  • Erase the iPhone 6, iOS 10 to negotiate?

    I was in a hurry and do not pay attention to all the steps when I was preparing my phone to trade. I disabled the parameter "Find my iPhone" and then "erased all content and settings", then packaged upward and sent to Verizon. I didn't sign icloud first.

    My question is, I'm having a problem?

    No, if you have disabled find my iPhone. You can check it out by going to on a computer, open find my iPhone and see if your device is still on display. This it is, and it is connected to Wifi, you can select it and delete it again. It will ask you your password ID Apple/iCloud, and which will disable and erase the device. If you remove an instrument - this means that find my iPhone has been disabled. I wouldn't remove the device at this point.

    Once you are sure that Verizon is to have no problem with your device, you can then remove it from your iCloud account. But better not to do it until you get the all clear on their part. Easier to solve the problem if you are always bound...

    See you soon,.


  • How to check the history in IOS

    I need to check what my girl aged 13 on his iPod 5. Is there a way to check?

    Tap on the Safari icon in the Dock.

    Then tap the bookmark bottom right of the screen and then on history.

    The information contained in this article of support can be useful > Restrictions of use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • "Unable to download the podcast" on the iPhone 6 - iOS 9.3.1

    Hello. First of all, I know there are similar positions, but none does not appear to have raised no interest so I thought I would try another thread.

    I am on iPhone iOS running 6 9.3.1 and for the past 2 weeks, I have not been able to download a podcast. I have only one that automatically downloads, but I also sometimes manually download other podcasts (for example before a flight).

    I can no longer do and noticed that the one who is supposed to automatically download is. I get the following error message: "unable to download the podcast" with the description of the episode, then 2 buttons ('done' and 'Retry'). Which none gets me anywhere.

    For good measure, that I restored 3 times, nothing helps.

    It happens regardless of the source of the podcast, so I don't think it's related to the issuer either.

    any idea?

    Finally managed to solve this problem with an authoritative restore of the entire operating system and restore a backup based on other forums suggestions. This time, he solved the problem.

  • The user guide for the iPhone update iOS 9.2 Crash

    My iPhone iOS user guide 9 in iBooks on my Mac was an update, for iOS9.2, I have downloaded 2 days ago. Then, the book has crashed whenever I tried to open it, so I deleted it, but the failure of any attempt to re - download. It starts the download then an error message is displayed "for iPhone iOS 9.2 user guide download failed, please try again. Any ideas how to solve this problem.

    Hey BertingAP,

    If I understand correctly, you updated a book and now it does not open. What is happening with other books? I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

    Report a problem with an item purchased from the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, and iBooks Store - Apple Support

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.
    Have a good.

  • How to delete applications on the iPhone running iOS 9.2.1 6s?

    In the past, I could delete everything except the default apple applications by pressing an icon of the application until all the app icons wiggle.  You could remove an application that has an x in the upper corner.  When I touch and hold now, NO! apps has an x in the corner!  Also I tried to delete via iTunes sync but the remove/install buttons are grayed.  Anyone know what is happening here?

    Thank you

    Check: Settings - general - Restrictions - abolition of the Apps =?

  • Mail application drains the battery on the iphone 6 (iOS 9.2)


    Since the 9.2 update my apple mail app drains the battery really fast. It has 3 accounts (outlook, apple, imap) and tried to extract emails not to push but did not help. When I check in the menu of the battery in the last mail 24 hours with 2 min on screen + 2 min backgroud used 17% (this is equivalent to Facebook 28 min 45 min phone used only 9% or + 22 min back). I tried other email applications, but for me, this one is pretty good and does not want to use another app for something I already have. Is there any solution for this or should I wait for an update of the software?

    Thank you

    Have you tried force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo comes back again?

    You won't lose data, but it can cure some problems after installing new software.

    For some users, deleting the mail account and adding back once the phone reboots worked, especially when you use an exchange account.

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