Choice questions multiple question IS NOT part of the quiz?

Hello, all.

Another newbie question.

I have a few multiple choice questions and some short answers that I want to work as an interaction, rather than be part of the project questionnaire. (I have a quiz 10 questions T/F, which is classified and a score of 80% is required.)

So in other words, on the multiple choice answers and short, I don't have to reported responses - and more importantly, if a person fails the T/F test and resume, I don't want that they have ALSO take multiple choice and short answers.

Is it possible to do this?

I guess the short answer questions can only be implemented with text entry areas, Yes?

But what about multiple choice questions? Any way to get them, but exclude to the quiz itself?

Hope this is clear. Thanks for any help you can give!


I never use the default short answer question, not even when I want to be marked. Take a look at: Custom short answer Question - Captivate blog

Use the radio buttons or checkboxes interactions, you can create a custom QUIZ question.

You can also use the default QUIZ question, but indicate that the score should not be added to the total score. ATTENTION: some system quiz variables as the number of questions (used in the progress indicator) will always be count these questions. And will go to the first question, only added to the score or not. There is a solution for that as well.

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    Thank you


    You want to only check whether something worthwhile has been entered in the field? Don't not to check if it was the right name?

    If this is your question: a variable user a link to the text entry area. I'll label it v_name if you don't know how, I have explained in this blog:

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    Thank you Roger

    I are actually eligible for your first condition since my employer is a partner of Oracle.  That said, I don't take the OCS reviews in order to earn stars of gold for my employer.

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    Hello. This is a user forum, and I think you will have much better results by directing your question to Apple. I searched but could not find the contact that is specific to the Venezuela information. Suggest you take a look at the links contact here.

    Good luck.


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    So: I begin to wade through all the impressive programs available now that I have been assimilated by the Borg, but I discovered that one I really need for collaborative editing - InCopy-is not available. Wait, what? It should be an essential part of InDesign.

    Everyone seems to have a favorite app that they consider should be a mandatory offer in the cloud: DPS to contribute to Captivate remittances and much more.

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    • Recovery.js is moved to the folder sessionstore-backups on the main level of the profile folder and renamed sessionstore.js
    • Recovery.bak is deleted sessionstore-backups

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    There is no need to do a full didn't convert on these comments, just move in a fictitious area, then add it to the appropriate domain, if these customers have different computer names, then they will add to the field as new Member servers, as side effect of this is that they will get a new SID of domain too.

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