Chrome still does support OSX 10.9.5

Chrome still does support OSX 10.9.5?


According to the page of the Google Chrome browser, this version of Chrome is said

in support of Mac OS X to present 10.11.5 10.9.5. Chrome - the Google browser

However, the questions and problems that Chrome continues to show Mac users,

indicate that it is not a wise choice for Macs.  Users have found Chrome to be

a resource eater, which affects the performance of OS X.

We'll find a better browser to Mozilla Firefox; also Safari is always supported by

Apple at the moment (my OS X 10.9.5 a recent version of Safari; I prefer Firefox.)

• How to download and install Firefox on Mac - using Mozilla Firefox:

Browser like SeaMonkey (Mozilla) has also a customer of e-mail with browser for 10.9.5.

A few others are probably OK, that won't cost you performance elsewhere.

Good luck & happy computing!

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