Chromebox: developer mode chromebox

I recently bought a HP chromebox to use a kiosk application. However, to completely install the kiosk application in the way I need to, I need to switch to developer mode.  In accordance with the instructions that I have to

To call the developer/restore mode, you insert a paperclip and press the RESET BUTTON (just beside the kensington lock) and press the power button. Release the RESET BUTTON after a second.

Mode Dev first call you the recovery and to the recovery screen, press Ctrl-D (there is no prompt - must be made). It will ask you to confirm by pressing the reset BUTTON again.

Dev-mode works as always: it will show the scary start screen and press Ctrl-D or wait 30 seconds for initialization.

However, when I do this the box does not send any video signal to my HDMI screen so I am completely in the dark as to what is happening, if anything. I tried with a wired USB keyboard and a USB wireless keyboard, same result: nothing seems to happen.

Who has an idea to switch to developer mode on thisHP chromebox? (Not a chromebook)


Hi @StephanvR,

Steps performed by you to switch to Dev Mode seems to be OK.

As you mentioned that you have connected the display via HDMI and there is no display.

Therefore, you can try to connect to display Port (DP) and check if there are any screen.

I hope that answers your question.

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    Hello theKelvs,

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    Kind regards

    Big Ev

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    The 169.254 is for the USB interface, but you can set one or the other as the debug ip in the properties of the device. I have the two together in mine and just add a suffix USB and WiFi in the name so I know which interface to connect to. Its useful for when you don't have a wifi network to connect to.

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    • activate this,
    • specify an IP address for the development,
    • install a token "debug".

    (if I translate well to the french).

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    Is there a security problem if I try and install the debugging token?

    The token lets connect you the phone via ssh (among a few other things.)  You don't always have root access on the same phone with installed.

    With mode on you can sideload apps debugging, but they must always be signed (by someone with a BlackBerry Developer certificate, which could be you.)  Without development mode on the phone will not allow direct loading of applications via the interface USB at all.

    For purposes of sldeloading, there is no need to install the debugging token.

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    Hello BojanKogoj,

    Thank you for your question. There is unfortunately no way to support to have your device in development mode without having a defined password.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Developer Mode error: outdated., the xxAM.xxVO1 view object contained no trace. The records displayed may have been deleted, or the current record of the view object is not properly initialized.

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    This page contains outdated information. This error could have been caused by the use of the buttons of the browser (the browser back button, for example). If the browser navigation buttons were not used, this error may result from coding errors in the application code. Please check press the back button on the browser developer guide - view primary key object comparison section to review the main cause of this error and correct the mistakes of coding.

    The view BLTrinDisplayAM.ViewVO1 object did not contain any record. The records displayed may have been deleted, or the current record of the view object is not properly initialized.

    To visit, please click on the Home link at the top of the application page to return to the main menu. Next, go to this page using the app's navigation controls (menu, links and so on) rather than use the controls of the browser as rear or front.

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    Grateful for your help!


    You use the object of the view for the search criteria and search results fields.

    I suggest you to remove references of VO fields of search criteria, item1 and item2.

    And in the event of the button 'Go' in the processFormRequest, get the criteria for field values entered by the user as below and run the object (ViewVO1) of the view by using these values.

    String buCode = pageContext.getParameter ("item1");

    String lsiCode = pageContext.getParameter ("item2");

    Thank you

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    When I want to develop my photos in Lightroom develop mode of that all the colors in the image are bent upward. See the screen capture below:

    I struggled a while to figure what's wrong without success.

    Those who know how to solve this problem?

    Is this LR 6 / CC 2015?

    Disable the GPU acceleration: Adobe Lightroom GPU troubleshooting and FAQ

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    Looks like a problem with the communication of hardware acceleration with your video card.

    menu / Edition / Preferences / performance

    Uncheck the box "use the graphics processor.

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    Go to Preferences, click the performance tab, and then clear the check box

  • Contacting palm to see if palm pre developer mode to the guarantee

    Have an e-mail address for palm to contact them. I really don't want to pay this question and I found a chat irc for palm room, but no one is, never. I looked up and down but still nothing.

    It does not void the warranty. I have my pre in this mode as well. Basically make it so you can install beta apps that you create or if you test a developer it allows to install it and test it.

    Also if you do a partial erase on the device it removes it developer mode if this is the cause of any technical problems you may have with the device. More so, just like you got the unit out of the box.

  • Images in development mode

    My pictures in development mode are weird, they show a lot of collors and show high ligh. I would like to see the actual image, can you help me?

    José Luis Serzedelo

    Go in Edition > Preferences > Performance (on a Mac: Lightroom > preferences > Performance) and uncheck CPU graph use.

  • Strange display in develop mode

    In the library, I can see photos in a normal life, developing mode I get a very strange (see photo). What can I do to fix this?

    Printscreen vreemd beeld in LR bij ontwikkelmodus (niet bij bibliotheek).jpg

    Clear the option use the GPU in LR. It is on the performance of the LR preferences tab.

  • Hi lightoom presets are missing in develop mode, they are always in the file on my pc, I can't bring it into develop mode

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    Hi Neil,

    Right-click on the user presets in the Panel of Presets in develop module, and then choose Import > navigate to the location where are stored the your presets > select the .lrtemplate files to import.

    Kind regards


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