Cisco Connect Express App 4 Android not available in France.

Hello, I am a very happy user of a WRT54G Router, but I intend to buy an E4200 (v2) for 802.11n. I am very interested to install Cisco Connect Express on my android device, but this app seems to be unavailable in France/Europa? Someone outside of the United States has already managed to install? Thanks in advance for your answers. Vince


Cisco Connect Express for Android is now available in french Market(Google Play) Android since 04/06/2012.

Thank you.

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    for iPad / iPhone is available for U.S. customers only, and not for the rest of the world. Reason? Ideas? Advice?

    Hi Wes,
    the app already available for all sound.

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    If I go to America download while I'm there? and apps stays on my phone when I go back to Israel?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Please check this page to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements (including if it is available in your country):

    If it is available in your country and you feel you meet the requirements at the level of the device, and then contact your provider to make sure you meet the requirements of the plan (to them) access (via their network) service to AppWorld.

    In addition, AppWorld is currently accessible only through your corporate data network - WiFi is not used for access to AppWorld under any circumstances.

    Further still, you should know that AppWorld is simply a portal, vending apps developed mainly by others. Therefore, it is not your exclusive supply source - there are others that you can try (e.g., Handango, Handmark, BPlay, GetJAR and Mobihand). I found that there are very few applications that is exclusive to AppWorld. You can see the online catalogue and then look for other sources of supply, including quite often on the developer website.

    Finally, understand that RIM has no unilateral control over the availability of AppWorld. On the contrary, a triad of entities must agree - RIM, wireless service provider, and Government. As the main entity to profit in this triad, I've always suspected that the RIM is not one that could hinder the process.

    Good luck!

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    Please suggest on this issue, there is no error in appl_top/bne/12.0.0/log (infact nothing in this directory)

    Francis K.

    Published by: 918055 on July 3, 2012 06:54

    918055 wrote:
    Hello Hussain,

    Problem has been solved, raised the issue because of the Excel settings, we enabled the option "enabled all macros" and then it worked fine.
    Thanks for your advice on this matter

    Kind regards
    Francis K.

    Thanks for the update and for sharing the solution!


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    Thank you


    Apart from very specific applications, all applications can be purchased at another store that AppWorld.
    You can try the stores below and see if the desired applications are available:

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    Thanks in advance,


    LeainRomania wrote:

    I realized that the App World is not available in Romania, where I live. Is there a way around this?

    Hi Leah,

    You can use another store that does not have AppWorld. For example MobiHand, Handango, GetJAR, BPlay.

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    I suggest you contact the vendor of the application for additional support. They will be able to confirm or deny if the application is available for your device.

    See you soon,.

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    I tried all the things suggested here in the post, but the store is still not available for me. What can I do else?  The last thing I tried was refreshing windows 8.


    I am also having the same problem and have tried every step you have listed above without success. I'm just a little short of restarting my computer at the store. I just bought the 28. This thing of windows 8 is not worth. Microsoft needs to do better.

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    The use of Connected is impossible in PR?  How can it be if it apparently works in the country more "foreign" than a Commonwealth of the United States?  If I can't use the connectivity for me, the laptop is useless.  Any suggestions on how to get devices connected to the HP drive connected?  (I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps on IOS already, no dice.)

    I was directed to this link for more details:

    It does not mention "" US territories "" unfortunately...

    * Support on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 operating systems. Internet service required and not included. Available only in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Australia.


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    No I haven't used classic - if you are unable to download App World Viber - you can download the APK of Viber on the Web and install it on your Classic

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    I checked at random my supplier portal in the hope that some of my portathon apps have been reviewed and I noticed something weird today.

    For my apps that I submitted again to the Community (which were initially denied), press section, they show that all human beings approved. The previous version shows declined, new version approved shows, and nothing does not appear under review.

    However, the application itself is not listed as being available for sale, and it is not this little button next to it that says: "Put up for sale", or something like that. He said also 1 CR is considered, whereas emissions show nothing under consideration.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere or looking at it wrong?

    I had exactly the same case with one of my apps. I solved it in Amsterdam, stand BlackBerryWorld (I explained everything than the guy from BB and it fix in two minutes). I guess you need to explain your problem to support BBWorld.

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    I get this message in the last couple days when I try to launch the App World on my PlayBook. I'm in the Canada. What gives?

    Check your Options or parameters for the country selected or is your WiFi connected showing an IP address in a country not supported?

Maybe you are looking for

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