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I followed the guide on on activation of Cisco WLC 7.5 with Apple TV good morning however I have a weird problem. I have some clients unable to see the apple TV connected to a different wireless access point while some may see the Apple connected TVs. I have attached my setup for reference. I would like to inquire about the use of LSS and so perhaps someone has encountered similar problems? The apple TV is discovered by the wlc on mdns-domain names.

According to the document, multicast has been activated not however the discovery of the apple tv is intermittent of apple customers. Customer can discover apple tv 1 and 3 but not apple tv 2 and sometimes it can discover all 3 apple TV while client B is able to perceive all apple TV devices 3. All 3 apple TV devices are discovered by WLC and only apple TV service has been activated on WLC.  I was wondering if anyone has seen a similar question? Not too sure what can be the cause of it?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Some of the docs didn't do it, but it is required as all my installation requiring Hello, set multicast implementation.

Thank you


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    I'm having a problem with the help of iTunes, iPhones, and iPads on our wireless network. We have the WLC 2112 and 10 1142N WAP. If I do a network scan, I can see the Apple TV and port 5353 is open, which is Apple's morning service.  However, if I try to play the music/video on iTunes, or on an iPhone/iPad, I don't see the Airplay icon.  If I connect to the local network, the Airplay icon appears immediately. I created an allow all the rules in the ACL, but still no dice.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    This Solution has been added in the following document

    If you have enabled IGMP snooping. To the title of controller, you have too many active multicast and multicast address?

  • WLAN how can I use with Cisco WLC 2504

    I have two companies co-implantant and to decrease costs would like to implement a single Cisco WLC and separate traffic with the VLAN. I see that the controllers of the series Cisco WLC 2500 min supported number of WLAN: 5 and max: 75. That means actually? When I create more than 3 WLAN on a controller, the best practices page advises me against the use of more than 3 WLAN. Is it good to have more than 3 Wireless LANs, and what are the penalties to do?

    5 and 75 are the number of points WLC can support access light weight.

    By default, 2504 can manage up to 5 access points. You can increase this number up to 75 by adding the new license.

    Also, it can support up to 16 different WLANs (SSID)


  • WLC CISCO - VMWare and additional network ports

    Hello world

    Hardware wise, I managed a 8540 and a CISCO 5508 wireless lan controllers, so know around the GUI.

    With the release of the VMWare Cisco WLC, it is ideal for a development and test lab environment. However anyone who has used will know it out of the box it does support 2 network cards (one for service and the other for management / data).

    The question:

    How to add additional network ports? In VMWare, it's easy, but how do you get the CISCO config to recognize? I have searched the forums and other areas, but can't seem to find someone who did this.

    See you soon



    Yes you are right, you can use only 2 network cards on VmWLC. never tried adding other network cards.

    But what you want to do? Is to add a virtual interface on your WLC?

    If so, you can configure your VmWare interface as a trunk and then create all your WLC virtual interface by defining the id vlan. Which makes sense for you?

    Thank you

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  • Cisco ISE and WLC Access-List Design/scalability


    I have a scenario that wireless clients are authenticated by the ISE and different ACL is applied depending on the rules in the ISE. The problem I have seen is due to the limitation on the Cisco WLC that limit only 64 input access list. As the installer has only a few IVR/interfaces and several different access lists are applied to the same base on user groups interface; I was wondering if there may be an evolutionary design / approach according to which the access list entries can evolve next to create a vlan for each group of users and apply the access list on the interface of layer 3 instead? I illustrated the configuration below for reference:

    Group of users 1 - apply ACL 1 - on Vlan 1

    User 2 group - apply ACL 2 - on the Vlan 1

    3 user group - apply ACL 3 - on the Vlan 1

    The problem appears only for wireless users, he does not see on wired users as the ACLs can be applied successfully without restriction as to the switches.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    In fact, you have limitations on the side of the switch as well. Long ACL can deplete resources AAGR of the switch. Take a look at this link:

    The new WLCs based on IOS XE and not the old OS Wireless/Aironet will provide the best experience in these matters.

    Overall, I see three ways to overcome your current number:

    1. reduce the ACL by making them less specific

    2 use L3 interfaces on a switch L3 or FW and the ACL is applied to them

    3. use the SGT/SGA

    I hope this helps!

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    Follow the steps suggested in this article and see if they help.

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  • Cisco WLC license evaluation of Access Point


    I would like to know what is happening to access connected to a Cisco WLC points if the evaluation license reached its expiration date and other licenses have not yet been installed all connected access points would cease immediately operation?

    Kind regards


    Yes, they would stop working.

    Note: when you add licenses a reboot is required. Even if the number of supported the HA increases on reset controller is always necessary for these devices to register on the controller under the permanent license. I once added licenses and when I saw the number of the AP increase - I experimented with the restart - and when evaluating lic. expiration of my AP dropped the controller.

  • Cisco WLC 2504 internal DHCP does not work properly

    Hi all

    I m trials with a Cisco WLC 2504 and some APs of 1832. I set up a DHCP scope on the interface of the controller with 2

    a large number of different configurations, but the DHCP protocol does not work and Don t Access Point to obtain an IP address. My first question: is it possible to do DHCP for Access Points or only for wireless clients?

    These are my interfaces:

    Interface of the PA-Manager:

    My DHCP scope:

    Advanced DHCP:

    I forgot something? Is there anyone using DHCP for its access points?

    Thank you!


    On Cisco WLC internal DHCP, you can add the option 43 to say where APs must register. In this case, they will try to resolve the DNS CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER or CISCO-LWAPP entry.

    Let me explain briefly how AP-Manager works on WLC:

    1. Boots of Access Point and sends a discovery request to the management interface of the controller using the intellectual property you configured as DHCP Option 43 (as described above, it can be resolved by the DNS entry)
    2. Controller, sends it a response discovered that contains the name of the system, addresses AP-Manager, the number of access points already connected to each interface AP-Manager and the overall capacity of the controller.
    3. Joints access point controller using the less loaded interface AP Manager.

    With this, every AP Manager must have a good configured interface and be connected to a different port, no LAG.

    I drop a post here sometimes there is which might help:

    Thank you

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  • Cisco WLC 5508 & HP printer


    I have some problems with cisco and hp airprint wlan systems.

    I use two cisco wlc 5508, a master and an anchor.

    the APs ar connectet to master wlc, DHCP and the point of diversion to the internet are on anchor wlc.

    so far, with my android phone, I can connect and hepatitis has access to the internet.

    now, I use an HP Multifunction (MFP M276nw) printer with Airprint. I connect to the WLAN even the hp printer on the same IP range.

    I can ping the printer from my android tablet, but I can never find the printer with a hp soft.

    If I connect the printer even with the same compressed to a point of user access to home normal is all ok thing.

    I think I have to configure something on my wlcs.

    any ideas?

    Thank you

    It seems that v7.5 supports Hello on anchor. You might want to look at this thread

    Sent by Cisco Support technique iPhone App

  • Cisco 1600i and 2504 Configuration problems

    Hello guys,.

    I need serious help, please!

    I'm having a devil of a problem getting my 3 device AIR-SAP-1602I-A-KP (stand-alone) to work with my WLC 2504

    Cisco said that the stand-alone version will also work with the controllers, but I can't seem to join the WLC.

    I can ping each AP the WLC and vice versa.

    Ideas please?

    You will need to convert your APs to run IOS on controller before the APs can join the WLC.

    This process is easy.  Go to Cisco's Web site and download the file with the "RRs" in the name of the file.  UN-pack TAR in the point of the file and let the AP boot this IOS and you should be fine.

  • GANYMEDE on Cisco WLC question

    I just installed a Cisco 5508 WLC on our network.  I have the IP address of management in the VLAN management and the controller I set up "no label".  WLC has two ports connected to a Cisco 4507 switch in the config of the channel port.

    I ping the controller of the network very well, I ping the server RADIUS of the controller.  I have the setup of the priority as "GANYMEDE + LOCAL."  However when I try to connect in the WLC and look at the debug, it shows I'm authentication and that's all, for some reason any traffic authorization is failed.  Using wireshark I confirmed that the request comes from the IP Management Interface.

    I followed the instructions in this link:

    Any ideas?


    It seems that you have not configured the ACS correctly.

    The AEC must return the required attributes.

    Please follow the




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  • music iTunes and apple screen problem

    Hello! This is my problem:

    music both itunes and apple for this. in the homepage of itunes, it will not show the scroll bar and the picture above is the page go. I dealt with this problem for a while. It is not a problem of update because this has happened during my last update (I 12.5.1). I tried to see if anyone else has this problem, but I couldn't find it at all.

    Thank you!

    This could be linked to the UI, DPI problem in If your display is set to something other than 100%, the user interface is really messed up. If you can hold the tiny icons and microscopic text, then set your display to 100%, and the user interface will look 'normal '. This isn't a fix or a resolution, but it is a workaround.

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    Hi, I would like to know how to disable back into shape and the movement for enforcement of health on my iphone affects the calculations of distance and stage of Apple Watch. IM turning off this option because I found his duplication my distance and steps. My Apple Watch will cease to use my iPhone's gps location?

    I know health app must analyze the data a prioritize my Apple Watch. Instead, his duplication in the info on my iphone and Apple Watch. Im not using third party applications. I do not fear the deactivation of the fitness and followed by my iphone only if my Apple Watch will receive my iphone gps information when I workout.


    Health and fitness of the Apple Watch data, iPhone and all the other sources are grouped within the app to health on the iPhone, which allows to adjust the results to avoid any double counting of data from different sources.

    When several sources are available, the application of health uses a single data source for updating your consolidated data. This source is selected according to the order of priority that you set (or that was created automatically - for example, by default, rank devices Apple above sources third party).

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    I restored my iPhone 6s of iphone6, after that I cannot see the option pay apple in my wallet but also can not see in the portfolio and apple pay option in the settings. But when I am trying to reset as a new iPhone I see these option as well as I can add debit card or credit card to pay for apple... Can help you with this question as soon as POSSIBLE please... ?... Looking forward to your help in this matter...


    Tap the application portfolio and then slide up and down on your screen. You should see a circle with a higher right.

    Tap here then click Next and follow the instructions.

    Please click here >

    Then scroll down to: Setup is simple with portfolio.

    You will see the circle with a sign + on the right.

  • IPhone and Apple Watch, issue with the reception of texts to my Iphone

    One having a problem with their Iphone and Apple Watch, where you get only some texts to your Apple Watch and not your iphone? You can only the text of this person on your iphone, but no response never happens to your iphone


    Remember that how behave notifications based on the parameters and the status of your devices. With wrist detection enabled, in order to get notifications to your attention as soon as possible:

    -If your iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications on your iPhone instead of on your watch.

    -If your iPhone is locked or mode and your watch is unlocked (regardless of the question of whether the screen saver is awake or asleep) and on your wrist, you will receive notifications on your watch.

    -If your watch is locked or allowed to do not disturb, notifications will be sent to your iPhone.

    More information:

    About notifications on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

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