Cleaning keyboard Satellite A50

I spilled a bit of lemonade on my cursor keys and now down and arrow right key-contacts are stuck. What causes some of the other keys malfunction too. When I press em I hear a soft "beep" that says something like "strikes occupied, is no longer possible." So I need to clean the contacts.

How can I remove the keyboard to clean?


Hi Kelly,

Rather than delete on your keyboard I would suggest that you remove the covered white keys from the keys stuck (with care, they are easy to break) and then spray a very small amount of contact electrical cleaner on them. You can then manipulate the key mechanism to try to free stuck contacts. Once they are free, replace the key top.

Do not feed on your laptop until the cleaner contact is completely evaporated.


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  • Strange problem with keyboard Satellite A50 542

    I had due to problems with my laptop from the time of the purchase in October 2004

    The cursor moves on its own to another location
    The "BOLD" mode appears from time to time on its own
    The computer will go to another application on its own for example while typing an e-mail message, the computer will switch to the mailbox


    Well. Have you tried to restore the system?
    Please recover the operating system with the restore CD provided. If this problem persists, I suppose that it s a hardware malfunction. In this case, you must contact the service partner to change keyboard.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A50 432 and WXP - bad keyboard mapping


    first excuse my English

    I have a satellite Satellite A50 432 with a 86 qwerty key and when I install windows xp I have a wrong map.

    I try to find a driver appropriate on the toshiba support page in the archives, but I can't find the driver for the keyboard

    could you help me?
    Thanks for your response

    The question is what type of keyboard language?
    I googled around for Toshiba Satellite A50 432 and it seems that this device is released in Germany.
    What is the German-language support keyboard?

    In this case, you need to change the keyboard language to German also.

    1. under the TEXT input AND LANGUAGE SERVICES, click the DETAILS button.
    2. under INSTALLED SERVICES, click Add.
    3. in the add input language dialog box, choose the input language and keyboard or input method editor (IME) you want to add.
    4. apply the settings. Now you should see a language icon in the system tray and you can switch between languages different keyboard by pressing the ALT + SHIFT.

  • Polish letters on satellite A50 with WinXP Pro EN - any help?

    I have the satellite A50-106 with Winindows XP Pro English version with Polish programmers keyboard installed. To acquire the Polish diacritical marks that I have to use the Alt Gr key - and using this key with the corresponding Latin letter Polish give letter (example: [Alt Gr] + - gives?). It's ok for all the Polish letters except the poles? ([Alt Gr] + l) I have this specific case, I have to press three keys [Alt Gr] + [Alt] + l. It's really annoying to remenber this extra [Alt] key. Could someone help me with this? Is there a solution to operate the properely?


    Sorry, but in my opinion it is a specific problem and you should seek response by producer of keyboard Polish programmer s. It is not a part of the delivered OS and if you have any additional software installed, you need to seek support of the producer of the specific applications.

  • Overheating on Satellite A50 problem

    Hi all

    For a long time I've been on the forum, but here I am yelling help me, lol.

    In any case, I have a Satellite A50-109 which serves me very well over the past years. It is essentially on 24/7 downloading files and also used to burn them to CD/DVD, most of the time. There was no problem until a few days back when I noticed that it is slowing down strongly. I really think I have a problem of overheating on this one.

    Motherboard monitor, notebook hardware control and speedfan all indicate playback of the CPU. Now, my problem is, the fan does not turn on when the CPU temperature is below 65 ° C, and this causes the system really labor and crawl even with the simplest of tasks such as the launch of the windows Explorer. Cold startup the lappy takes only about a minute, but with the work lappy for a few minutes and restart it again will take about 5 minutes or more to be usable in any form.

    I ripped off by the lappy bowels yesterday (yes I did, and I know what I was doing, lol) cleaned the fan and replaced everything back because they are but always the same. Previously, when I noticed the slowdown, I figured while I got some malware so I reinstall via the recovery CD, but still on the scanning performance.

    Now, my question is: is it possible that I can prod the system to activate the fan all the time? Energy saving is already defined in the aggressive cooling method, but does not help a bit.

    Sometimes I think to wresting on the fan again and without going through the voltage of the power supply motherboard fan and give it an external power supply to make it work all the time.

    Thanks to all who took the time and interest to read and respond to my problems (if any).


    First I put t understand why put you something about overheating!
    Computer laptop doesn't overheat certainly!
    I guess that the laptop does not turn off automatically! Am I wrong?
    So everything is ok!

    I read many threads here in the forum and most people don favor t the rotation of the fan continuously.
    Anyway, as far as I know the Toshiba HWSetup utility contains an option called dynamic CPU frequency Mode. You can assign it always high.
    In addition, you can change the method of control of the CPU in the watch basic settings ask fixed.

    By the way: don't forget that there is enough free space around the laptop to the airflow correctly! It's important!

    good luck and have a nice day ;)

  • Satellite A50-110: MOVING USERS

    I bought this Satellite A50-110 9 May 2005 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Last week, I created the additional user.

    When I move from the original to another user, the computer CRASHES with unconfortable noice and I have to restart again to use the computer. He'll have time considrable re - start.

    If I start using a second user, it is noticed, Key @ is replaced by ".".

    Please notify by email [email protected]




    I think that there is something wrong with your user management! You can try to roll the system back with the XP System Restore tool!
    Normally, a restoration was set up when it has been delivered!

    The key to change is your keyboard type is passed? in the USA! It can be set to Control Panel - keyboard!

    Bye Bob

  • Satellite A50 543 - what is the correct BIOS?


    My friend has a portable Satellite and the internal CD drive is broken and its Windows had a virus and was showing strange behavior I want to install XP to clean. Does not support BIOS current ver 1.2 boot from USB CD-ROM drives. In the support section, I found a worm 1.4 BIOS that says in the description "adds this Bios Update expands the functionality of your system.", not very useful.

    The bios file is called bios - for model Satellite: A50, model runs no.:PSA50E.

    I know this is probably a redundant question, but just to be sure I can be sure it's the correct BIOS that I am not too familiar with Toshiba naming scheme.

    see you soon

    Hey damole,.

    If you don't find this BIOS on Toshiba website for your model laptop is the correct version. I mean why Toshiba has release a bad BIOS doesn t work?

    But I searched a bit using Google and I think that it of not possible to boot from USB also with the new version of the BIOS. This is possible on the new laptops and Satellite A50 is old enough, so I think that in this case, you need to replace the CD/DVD drive. Maybe you can get a second hand one from eBay that is cheap.

    But if you install XP from a Microsoft disc, a CD/DVD drive isn't necessary. Copy the folder integer i386 to the HARD disk and start the WINNT.exe file.

  • Slow USB on Satellite A50 after format


    I hope someone here can help me...
    After that a few years of the 'waste' on my Satellite A50 collection, today I wanted to format the hard drive and start with a clean installation of Windows XP.
    Before that, I had both a wireless network and an external hard drive connected via USB, and the two works great.
    Now, after that cleaning installed, Windows always tells me that I have material fast USB connected to a slower USB port and under 'Hardware', there is a USB controller that is not properly installed. However I can't find the drivers for this anywhere!
    I know that it must be possible to update the USB 2.0, because until yesterday everything worked very well.

    Can someone help me please?
    It would be very appreciated thanks in advance!

    Did you install all MS updates?
    My brother had the same problem. He connected a scanner to the computer, and the message appeared because of USB 2.0.
    He asked me a help. I've updated just the WinXP installed all service packs and QFE s.
    It's the key
    Check it out.

    By the way; Please do not forget that the chipset utility has been installed

  • Satellite A50 101: extended warranty Toshiba

    I have the Toshiba Satellite A50-101. I read in a manual that I could get 2 years warranty, if I register for extended warranty. I signed it and now I want to know if everyhting is ok. I find a webpage inside Toshiba site where I could check the kind of coverage I have. Do you know what is this page?


    You can check the status of your warranty on


  • Problem with Office XP on Satellite A50

    Satellite A50 - group Excel 2002 does not start without initializing the problem (error code 1706), this occurred after Ms. auto-updated this morning, other applications of Office OK. Problem seems to have found files professional XP but XP Professional was never installed on this machine!
    Can't reinstall Excel that toshiba feed source disks. Is there a way out?
    There was a roughly the same AVG update today, coincidence of time?

    HM, why Don t you try to go back gutter system to restore to a previous state of your system? Who will reverse the windows update and then you can work with your office again.
    You can find the restoration of the system under start-> programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> system restore

    Now it s important that you get your office run.
    Please give feedback if it worked.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A50 and XP pro?

    I have XP pro for purposes of working on my brand-new Satellite A50-522, but installation (even XP home upgrade) will not perform copy of files due to an unspecified error (blue screen and so on)-sometimes BAD_POOL-APPELLANT, sometimes "try to change video card.

    My XP pro disc contains no SP1 or SP2

    Someone properly installed XP pro on this machine?
    Does anyone have an idea?


    : zaf:


    one of my friends has a brand-new Satellite A50-402 and he asked me to help him with the installation of XP Prof

    We have not had any problems, but we did a complete new installation of XP Prof. It was after a large number of question marks in the device, but with the Update Manager the drivers of toshiba homepage, it works very well!

    Could you also do a complete new installation of XP teacher because it is important to install the drivers and QFE patches... in the right order! With an upgrade to XP Prof this order could be choppy confused!

    You can find this order installation on the CD tools & utilities. When the CD starts a html site opens and shows you all of the necessary drivers in order!

    So I hope this will help you!

  • Satellite A50-A-110 - supervisor is not set BIOS password

    The Toshiba Satellite A50-A-110 by pressing the F2 key activates the Toshiba utility for the Setup (BIOS).
    I moved the supervisor password in the BIOS password and save the changes by pressing F10.
    It is not defined a password for UserA.

    After restarciu your computer and select F2 Toshiba Launches the configuration utility (BIOS) without asking for a password. Option of supervisor-required and other options are disabled.

    I don't have the possibility to introduce parameters in the BIOS.
    How can I force the password enter appears and unlock the options in the BIOS?


    BIOS access can be secured using the BIOS (user) password.
    If you set the supervisor without the password user password, will still be possible to access the BIOS, but some essential options will be set.

  • satellite A50, pilot for windows2003 Server

    I have a satellite A50 laptop and installed windows2003 server, everything cannot be used but there is no drivers. I want to get the driver, who can help me? I am very grateful!


    have you checked if the XP drivers work?

    The hotline to support Toshiba told me that Toshiba support that the operating system ships to look for the internet for device unit if you could find a driver!


  • Satellite A50-110 wireless standards

    I had this little question: what are the wireless standards does support Satellite A50-110?

    802. 11 b / g

  • Problems of micro satellite A50

    I got a Satellite A50. I had a problem with my microphone function because there is no possibility to select the microphone volume control icon. Can I get a driver to support for Sigmatel C-Major Soundcard?

    If I click on save, it has a sound after u play, but when you talk about something you can't hear it. In fact, the computer has detected the sound but the volume control does not block the microphone that is the reason why he can not send to the speaker output.

    Thank you for helping me.

    are your sure that your laptop is a micro version?

    What kind of series A50 do you have?

    My Satellite A50 512 has no generation of a micro...


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