Click Ad blocks on my site by accident and now they are without pictures, videos or the basic theme, just an outline of text pages.

When using my Firefox browser, I opened my site ( On the homepage of the Google Adsense box, I hit a little "AdBlock" icon by mistake. The google ad disappeared. I right click and find an AdBlock button, but when it opened I could not find a way to turn it off. When I went back to my site in Firefos, all images, including the header, videos, etc. disappeared. That shows a preview of the text of the pages & content. How can I fix it? PS When I open the same Web site in another browser, it was fine. All images and theme shows things as usual.

Right click on the ABP icon and choose 'open blockable items '. The blocked page items will be printed in red. You can unlock an element by right-clicking on it and choosing the appropriate option.

Tags: Firefox

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