Clock-calendar does not maintain the time and date

The clock-calendar on my laptop does not maintain the time and date after I put it.


Usually a sign that the bios cmos battery is defective and must be replaced

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  • update date and time for 3.6 numbers does not show the time and does not automatically update the date

    The 'update date and time"for numbers of 3.6 does not show the time and does not automatically update the date.  What should I do?  Thank you.

    Hi david,

    where do you find ' update of the date and time.


  • How to change the time and date on the desktop?

    My computer does not show the time and date.

    I tried several times to update the date and time, but after the judgment the same problem persists.
    How to solve the problem?

    Mr. Thanapackiam I know that this issue please follow my steps

    Step 1:-go to the Start Menu and Type "region and language" and press enter
    Step 2:-go to the location tab and select your current location
    Step 3:-go to the Start Menu and Type "Services" and press ENTER. (i.e. open Services)
    Make sure that the Windows time service is running.
    Step 4:-click Date and time on the far right of the taskbar.                           Click Change Date and time settings.
    Step 5:-click Change Date and time settings button to change the date and time
    Step 6:-Click Internet Time to synchronize the time with the Server online
    Step 7:-   click on change settings , then update now

    Thank you
  • Connected to but the Airport utility does not see the time capsules

    Hi, I have several time capsules.

    I can connect to the web, but the airport utility does not see the time capsules.  I tried to restart the time capsules, router, computer, but I still don't see any of the devices on the network.

    What now?

    Have you tried the airport utility in the iOS version... Download on the App or iTunes store and load... Works better than the Mac version.

    Other than what Mac running what OS do you use?

    This modem you have and how is the installation of TC on the network.

  • Windows 7 Search index does not maintain the sites indexed

    My search indexer is not indexed parameters locations I do and after a day or two, he returns to the original setting whicgh was the Start Menu.  I changed the indexed locations to include most of my C drive, and it indexes all (the search function works well for awhile) but a day or two later, when I do a search, nothing comes.  I double-check the settings and find that it has been restored to the original indexed locations.

    My system is updated regularly and I'm using Avast antivirus.

    Thank you

    Hi TomHathcoat,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing the question with an indexer search does not maintain the indexed locations.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the troubleshooter and check if this solves the problem. See the following article to do the same thing.

    Open the troubleshooter of search and indexing.

    Method 2:

    Try to rebuild the search indexing. See the steps in the following article.

    See also:

    Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions

  • The Task Manager does not display the process and tabs, even if the menu can be seen.

    Dear community, I had a serious problem on my task manager. It does not display the process and tabs, although the menu is visible. Also, any time I open a program or system of adjustment, some and especially no option can be seen since there is no specified words.

    Here is a link that you can see a screenshot on my problem.


    Thanks in advance for your help

    Original title: Task Manager problem

    I managed to solve the problem by looking for alternatives. Apparently, the problem was caused by a dat file (C:\windows\system32 folder called FNTCACHE.) (DAT) I deleted and it worked like a magic. Everything was normal again.
    Deleted it and the work of all the graphical interfaces as it should.

    Thanks for your answer, in any case. I just post the solution here if someone ever faced with such a question in the future.

    Kind regards

  • Why apple card app does not show the routes and directions between two places in India in an iphone 6 s more?

    map does not show the routes and directions

    This feature is not yet supported in India.

    In addition, your phone may be overheating for a number of reasons. The most common of which is low service area.

    Your attributes from battery to the majority of the production of heat, then adjust settings to put less load on the farm in general will help some.

  • my calendar does not show the events back - but they are on my Macbook Pro

    My iPhone calendar does not display the back events before the current month - they are deleted or hidden? - but they still exist on my MacBook Pro.  How can I restore the history in the iPhone calendar?

    Try the settings > Mail, contacts, calendars > calendars > synchronization > all events - on the phone.

  • MAX does not see the devices and interfaces


    Just got a laptop computer to support the lab and installed Labview. For reasons that I don't have understands THAT MAX does not see the com and USB ports in the laptop. The IT Department gacve my rights to admin ID. Any ideas what's happening?

    Kind regards


    Dennis, as usual, is correct.  Please check if you have installed NI-VISA.  There is an article in the knowledge base on the way in which com ports are not in MAX unless NI-VISA is installed.  The link to this article is below.

  • I can't sync my iPod to Windows Media Player. WMP does not recognize the iPod and I can't drag music files between them

    My iPod is connected to the computer and it works fine with iTunes.  But I can't get the music in Windows Media Player to iPod.  When I try to sync in Windows Media Player, it does not recognize the iPod, and I can drag files from WMP to iTunes or the iPod.

    You cannot synchronize an Apple product in itself using WMP, unless you buy a 3rd party. You must use iTunes.

    See you soon,.
  • Try to install and give the message that it does not support the BONES - and it says unsupported windows vista and we have windows 7

    Try to install and give the message that it does not support the BONES - and it says unsupported windows vista and we have windows 7

    Try to force the lightroom Installer to run in Windows 7 mode:

    Right-click on the Setup file and select Properties option.

    Then click on the Compatibility tab.

    The value of the Windows 7 operating system and check.

  • First elements of Windows 8.1 does not share the drive and folder out of operation but does not create something like never help

    First elements of Windows 8.1 does not share the drive and folder out of operation but does not create something like never help

    What version of the program do you use?

    What steps do you take to share your video, and what happens when you do?

    Is it only a DVD that will not be out of Premiere Elements, it or will it not exit/share any video size?

  • can anyone help me find an app for the Zeen which has just the time and date? Don't want to google.

    I don't know how to use the apps since all I found is on android, but apparently the Zeen is not compatible with the android apps.  I have google calendar, but it doesn't work and want to only the time and date is displayed.  I followed all the directions for adding applications, but they do not work or I can't understand them.

    Salvation of theeagles,

    The Zeen is unable to access the Android Market, but it's an Android device.  There is a market for this called SlideME, and you should have the icon for it in your apps section.  I have a station also, and I'm just a normal clock on mine.

    Here is a link to SlideME, if you want to see what applications are available:

  • ETA App should help to get the time and date feature HELP!

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an application where I need to get the time and date of the antone device can help, I know there is a function such as getDate or getTime but im not to know how to use it.

    As far as I know,

    I use this to get the time system (it returns long type)


    After that, you can use SimpleDateFormat to convert date and time

    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy, HH:mm");
    String time = sdf.format(new Date(System.currentTimeMilis()));
  • How to set the time and date on printer n911a e-all-in-one officejet pro 8600.

    How do you set the time and date on printer n911a e-all-in-one officejet pro 8600. This info is not in the user's guide or the getting started guide.    Thanks in advance. Jim

    Jim go to settings on the 8600, click Preferences.

    There is an option DATE and HOUR.

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