Clock of Q10 of blackBerry in night mode

Hi all,

When I put my phone in bedside mode, the clock does not, in the settings that it says keep it on but very weak.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Teaboy1748,

Thanks for your reply.

I do not wish to adjust the brightness, just to keep the clock on in night mode, I just learned that if the phone is not supported the clock goes off.

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  • BlackBerry Q10 Q 10 problem with night mode and Pnone on ring mode

    I have another question now.

    I put on the alarm in the night mode, which shows the clock in red.

    Today, I realized that the phone goes silent mode and does not ring.

    I want to be in PHONE ONLY mode to respond to emergency situations.

    Is it possible that we can do?

    I wish Navy during the night time and also receive calls as we have in BB 9900.

    Thanks and greetings

    In the clock application, drag to the bottom of the bezel top to go into the settings - the setting you want is there.

  • Vibration of the blackBerry boring Z30 in night mode.


    After having upgraded to 10.3.1 I vibrations of enforcement notifications even if the phone is in night mode, which as anyone can imagine is extremely boring.

    More details about it: I don't get vibrations of all applications, only a few specific Android apps. Another weird thing that could be linked to this is that in the settings-> Notifications-> profile of bedside (or all other profiles)-> App Exceptions, I have apps that have the same name but I don't see one here. One of the applications that vibrate in bedside mode is in such a case.

    I hope that this issue can be resolved. Thank you in advance!

    Here's what I did to trigger notifications from Google maps and other android apps. Yes, it will not be displayed in the usual settings of notification BB. Please follow these steps.

    (1) install the application called 'Ghost Commander File manager' ( . Can be sideloaded via the snap or according to the method you prefer.

    (2) open the Ghost Commander application and go to "Applications".

    (3) scroll down to where you see "Maps". LONGPRESS (hold) 'cards' when you see another pop up window where you have an option called 'manage '.

    (4) check the "show notifications.

    You should be able to stop the notifications from google maps and similar other android applications, follow these steps.

  • Requests for night mode

    I've seen some suggestions for night Mode, and I thought I would add my voice. I think I saw these applications elsewhere, so I don't think I'm the only one who would like to see these.

    1. If the dashboard is in night mode when an alarm goes off, allow to stay in night mode, if the post alarm action is "previous screen".

    2 when you use the timer, the dashboard switch to night mode when the timer expires rather than by saving mode. (I think also it would be nice if now pressed the snooze button, you are in mode night rather than saving mode.) Does anyone use same power saving mode if often may not be back in the system menu for those rare moments, is it necessary?)

    3. show the current weather (perhaps conditions may be in the text format to keep the dim screen) or just the temperature mode at night. Bonus points for also show the forecast for the day ahead.

    4 be nice if you can use the menu without leaving the night mode, especially if you want to control the music.

    Maybe to have a dark theme that looks like the current mode of the night (essentially a large clock with no display app) could be an idea... I could see this resolution #1 and #4, but I think that the brightness sliders would need allow the screen to go drive then it does now, given that the sliders do not allow the screen to go dark when night mode he demonstrated a theme.

    Because the dashboard is connected to a peripheral internet, the best way to "fix" most, if not all users associated issues with sun/light, night mode and alarm time display of the reactions are to activate an option for the dashboard in order to exploit its display based on the times of sunrise and sunset the Sun for the location of the users. In addition, a slider to customize and set the brightness of "dim" within hours to lift / bed of Sun and a check box if the dashboard to automatically mode at night at the time of the sunset are needed.

    By implementing an option of sunrise/sunset, when a person sets their alarm for 04:30, the dashboard with know it's still dark outside and the screen will remain in night mode (or a parameter custom Sun) and in this mode for all options (IE main screen etc.) after the alarm is turned off and in this mode selected until the time of the rising of the Sun. This way you and your spouse will not be exposed to a blinding light when the alarm goes off and subsequently. When a light in the room is lit, the optical light sensor should recognize this and turn the table EDGE for normal operation and the brightness for the display. However, when ambient light is off and the time has not reached the time of Sunrise, the dashboard will return to the mode night until dawn is filled. Night at the sunset, the dashboard should automatically enter the night (or custom obfuscation) mode and turn only light and switch to normal mode when the room light is turned on. Here's how it should work in detail:

    For example with night auto mode checked and sunrise / sunset option enabled:

    07:20 sunrise / sunset is 16:45 / wake up at 05:00 / sex 23:00

    @Bedtime 23:00, the dashboard is already in night mode, since it's after the sunset. The dashboard display will be bright (out of the night mode) when the light is on, get into bed, turn out the lights, DASH will return to the night mode. If you need to change the alarm settings or watch the screen AT this time or any time between the sunrise /sunset times with ambient light, touch anywhere on the screen and the dashboard will return to normal mode, BUT to your darkness to measure because the time between sunrise and sunset Sun times. Alternatively, you can turn on your bedside lamp, DASH automatically exit the night mode and return to normal brightness, do what you need to do on the dashboard, turn off your bedside lamp, the dashboard automatically goes into night mode.

    @5 am, the alarm sounds, is not after the duration of dawn yet, so the dashboard is in night mode. If the ambient light is activated, the dashboard display will be bright, but after turning off the light, the dashboard will return to the mode night until the sunrise at 07:20

    @ the Sunrise 07:20 time, dashboard refers to "normal operation".

    @ 16:45 the sunset time, the dashboard goes into night mode.

    With automatic night off mode, everthing is the same, except at the time of the sunset, the dashboard goes out to your custom configuration of Penumbra. This custom twilight mode, a button "Night Mode" should be on the screen for easy access to night manually mode at bedtime. At the time of the alarm the DASH will enter into your custom shadow (with the ability to easily select the mode night for the purposes of joint review panel), and then at the Sunrise, the dashboard back to normal.

    SONY, that's how you have to fix the awakening of the table EDGE and brightness of display problems.

    1 download auto implementation of the daily sunrise / sunset hours sunlight for the location of the users.
    2. implement an option to toggle Sunrise and sunset the sunset feature.
    3. set up an option for automatic night mode using the sunrise / sunset times.
    4. implement a cursor for a twilight custom during the sunrise / sunset times.

    Operations of firmware:

    1. get time sunrise/sunset from the internet
    2. after the time of the sunset, night mode auto or user setting sun
    3. after the time of the sunset, the room lights on = normal display
    4. after the time of the sunset of the room light off = auto mode or user dim position night
    5. after the time of dawn, (current) normal operation at any time until the sun goes down
    6. Insert a touch of sleep screen mode to display mode dim custom between sunrise /sunset times

    If the alarm sounds before the sunrise time:
    1 go back to the position night mode or user dim

    It is essential for the dashboard, as a bedside alarm clock, to work as indicated. Please consider this correction to the dashboard.

    Best regards

  • BlackBerry Smartphones bedside mode

    Hi, does anyone know if the private has a bedside mode?

    Also, what about a regular mode of privacy / bedside too?

    Thank you.

    I think I might have found a solution without having to download additional applications.

    Set your meeting Silent Mode - create yourself a meeting when you go to bed until when your alarm is cause to wake up - THEN you can use the clock to NIGHT mode and use the alarm in the normal way. You will not receive notifications while you sleep and... run you put also your vibrate off the coast...

  • CarPlay cards do not switch to night mode

    Since the update to iOS 10, my phone didn't mode at night when I use CarPlay maps. My car is a Hyundai and the stock radio is compatible with CarPlay. Before the upgrade, I've not had a problem. Are there any new setting I don't know or a known issue with this upgrade?

    Thank you!

    I'm having the same problem with iOS 10. Brightness remains 100% at all times, there is no way to reduce the brightness. Maps also no longer switches to night mode. He is INCREDIBLY distracting and terrible. The car is a Hyundai Sonata from 2016. There is no update available.

  • How to set night mode

    I am puzzled as to how I can configure firefox on night mode.

    Hello, you can set a dark theme or automatic night mode when you use the reder mode in firefox for android...

    See all items in mode player on Firefox for Android

  • Stuck in night mode shift iOS 9.3

    Has anyone seen their device stuck in Night Shift mode? My iPad Air this morning did not return to normal. Tried to turn it back on quarter of night off and back but the only thing that would fix he had to power cycle the iPad.

    The only thing I did different was put in charge of the day iPad overnight.

    My iPad that air has also stayed in mode night after the time it is supposed to return to day mode. I got to spend with the button day/night mode on the control panel that "slides up" when you drag to the top of the bottom of the screen. But time isn't supposed to automatically turn off in the morning? For what other reason enter the time?

    Air IPad, iOS 9.3, WiFi only.

  • Night mode for Iphone 4S it please!

    I waited all day for the update and yesterday, I've updated it and no night mode

    If its too much for the processor can you at least add a manual mode for her or try to fix it?

    Please give us the filter blue light for the next update mode too.

    AestheticPhone wrote:

    I waited all day for the update and yesterday, I've updated it and no night mode

    If its too much for the processor can you at least add a manual mode for her or try to fix it?

    Please give us the filter blue light for the next update mode too.

    There is no Apple here in this technical forum from user to user.

    You may notify Apple here

    Or upgrade to a 5 sec or more to use mode night.

  • Automatically turn off notifications in night mode

    I just started using the SmartBand and I think it's great and especially function where you can take the SmartBand notify you of incoming e-mails etc but I have a problem/question.

    Is any way to have the SmartBand stop notify/buzzer indicating new emails etc when it is in night mode? Normally, I keep my phone in silent mode don't wake etc. received e-mails while you sleep at night, but I noticed that even if I have the laptop (a Sony Xperia Z2) silent vibrating SmartBand guard repeatedly wake up.

    Of course I could manually set SmartBand OFF notifications whenever I have go sleep and then re-enable notifications in the morning but would be nice if this can be automated, and to be honest I find it a bit weird why this isn't the default behavior because that love to be woken up in the middle of the night as soon as you receive an email etc...

    Many thanks in advance,


    Thanks for your reply, but as I said in my first post I know that I can do it this way but I prefer having automated and fact is after doing a few tests now have the SmartBand in night mode, it is not vibrate even if I checked the notification option is great.

    Don't know why it did not work last night but the only thing I can think is that it was not in night mode, well I thought it was.

  • reading in night mode

    Sir/Madam please update a version that can also allow playback in night mode. as I spend more time in playback in adobe only... If you update the code from Adobe to read what I think will be more useful for long time spender on adobe (pdf) read... mohit using the night mode Android platform

    Hello Mohit,

    We have already mode night supported in our application. When reading your PDF, you go into the menu options, select views-> Layout Mode night market.

    Thank you

    Adobe Acrobat team

  • Night Mode Adobe Version PC

    Hello I am running Adobe Reader 9 on a Windows 7 computer. Adobe Reader on PC has night mode like mobile Adobe? If so, how can I access it?

    Hi Roy,

    There is however no such characteristic mode night in Adobe Reader for Windows, as a work-around, you can try this: -.

    1. Please open Adobe Reader, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences from the drop-down.
    2. The Preferences window is displayed on the screen.
    3. Choose the accessibility in the categories section.
    4. Now look for the box replace color Document.
    5. In front of Custom color please change the Page to the text Document background & black to white.
    6. Click OK to confirm the changes. This will give you the similar result that night mode in Adobe Mobile.

    Kind regards


  • night mode

    Is it too difficult for you to put the night Mode option, has it on the portable version? As an option of the accessibility to replace document colors, it doesn´t work with all docs.

    Can you?

    This is a user to user forum. We cannot put antyhing in Reader for anyone.

  • Automatic locking of blackBerry Smartphones & hide the clock in night mode

    I just updated my Blackberry 9700 to firmware 3. I noticed that the AutoStandby 2.4.1 utility that locks the keyboard 30 seconds no longer works. An automatic keyboard lock is a very basic feature for each phone, and it would be good if it can be reinstated in a future firmware version. I use now ultimate lock, but this can only be enabled by the lock top-left button.

    I'm also a fan of the bedside mode because it prevents that the LED flashes at night and automatically profiles, when you put it in the module loading. Is there a way to stop the clock display while the phone is charging in bedside mode? I have already defined "Screen dark" to Yes but he always lit the room.

    Thanks, but this just disables the bedside mode and the LED continues to blink when email arrives during the night. I set now the option "Screen dark" no, this prevents the clock of your stay in bedside mode. I re-enabled auto keypad lock (without password) using the AddOnIs app.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones turn off the light in night mode


    Night light of my BB 9700 (OS 6) turns off when it is in mode.

    How can you do with the BB Curve 9380 (OS 7.1)?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Kind regards

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    In fact, the judgment was, I recall, a bug. It was supposed to work in the screen remained mode bedside... otherwise, it is not useful as a bedside clock. Therefore, I would say that your 9700 has a level of operating system with the bug, and your 9380 is WAD - works as expected.

    Good luck!

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