Cloud sync problem creative cross-platform

I have a problem with the photos on my Windows PC CC only appear file is not in my iphone app or ipad to lightroom?

If I edit a photo on my ipad it synchronizes and is visible on the application of lightroom on my iphone but not in my folder of creative cloud on my windows PC? I thought it was cross-platform? all applications are signed on the same account.

I thought that all files would be sync between pc and iOS apps winows as long as they are signed into the same account. But if I put a picture in my folder of creative cloud on my windows pc's will NOT sync to my iphone or ipad? Why?

Help please

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For what that this either to synchronize with devices, CC all photos must be in the CC folder not anywhere else on the computer.

LR mobile uses no CC to synchronize photos, you can install mobile on your iPhone If you wish.

As I said to use the CC to sync application, the photos must be in the CC folder on the computer!

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    Please see the below help documents:

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    Kind regards


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    See you soon


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    No it's not.

    You can request an exchange of platform but you cannot mix platforms of Creative Suite products.


    It would be no problem with Creative cloud products which are cross-platform.

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    I am trying to sync my creative cloud with my computer, but it doesn't load for some time and then is to say 'Start Sync '. I rebooted everything and yes I have the desktop version of CC. What should I do? I want my creative cloud like a folder on my computer (macbook pro).

    Ah, I managed to make it work by uninstalling the desktop app and install again. For those who have the same problem.

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    We encountered the following problems: creative cloud desktop cannot be installed. (Error code: 1).

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    I download creative cloud but I can't open it, it gives me a massage ' we encountered the following problems: creative cloud desktop cannot be installed. " (Error code: 1) ".

    Hi Wojood,

    You can follow the article: error: "unable to install". Creative Cloud Desktop which will allow to get this issue fixed.

    Let us know if you face more problems with this.

    Thank you

    Yann Arora

  • Error message "we encountered the following problems: creative cloud desktop cannot be installed.

    I have the Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium.  The applied Application Manager updates day at CS6 Licanse perpetual products, but did not recognize that I have a new subscription creative cloud for Phoroshop and Lightroom.  When you try to install Creative Cloud Desktop, the installation fails with no further details other than the above error message.

    System 8.1 Win, 3770 Intel Quad Core CPU, 32 GB memory, 2 Toshiba 3 to drive HARD SATA 3 configured as RAID 1. .  System works CS 6 no problem. Having disabled the Antivirus and firewall, cleared the cache on IE 10, closed all browsers after CC Office starts to download. CC Office does not appear in the win 8, but appears on the PC in Program Files (x 86), but I do not see an executable.

    Have also tried to download Creative Cloud Desktop as a stand-alone ( and also by downloading Photoshop CC as data indicate any product downloaded will install the CC Office.

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    Appreciate any assistance.

    Hi BillC29,

    Welcome to the community,

    Try these steps and let us know if it helps:

    • Run the creative Cloud Cleaner tool and choose option 3 and then option 1 to complete the cleaning process.
    • Once done rename OOBE folder these places to OOBE.old

    Windows: C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe

    C:\Users\ (UserName) \AppData\Local\Adobe


  • Student Adobe Creative cloud subscription problem

    Hello, I took a student at Adobe Creative cloud subscription, I'm good kitchen every month but cannot download applications because they don't track my subscription. How do I?


    Please see the below help documents:

    Applications creative Cloud back in test mode after an update until 2015 for CC

    Solutions to connection errors, activation and connection with creative Cloud applications and Creative Suite

    Kind regards


  • can I install photoshop on my computer mac laptop and my laptop as a backup? It works cross-platform?

    my purchase work cross platform?

    It depends on what you bought.  If you ask about a subscription to creative cloud, then Yes, you can install and activate on one or two platforms.  If you ask about a version of CS, unless you have purchased a multiplatform license, which is not at all normal, you can use it on the platform for which the license has been generated.

  • Cross-platform upgrade question

    I'm posting this question here, as I've had less than satisfactory results from ask customer support about this. I know that this forum is moderated by some great people at Adobe and hope someone can clarify this matter for me.

    I currently own CS3 Design Premium for Windows and need to buy CS5 for Mac. A search for 'Cross-platform swap' on Adobe has led me to this page: However, the instructions do not match what is available on the support page. Under return/exchange/refund , I have only the following options:

    • Duplicate command
    • Product not performed / works as expected
    • Incorrect update bought
    • Bought the wrong product/platform/language
    • Delivery problems
    • Cannot download the order
    • Wrong product delivered

    None of these options is correct as described in the article. I decided to discuss with the customer and the representative told me that all I had to do is shut down the upgrade and I could choose what platform to install on the first run. Really? The representative stated that CS5 included two disks, one for installation of Windows and the other for OS X. He assured me that I would have no problem to install CS5 on my Mac upgrade, although I've never installed CS3 on this machine.

    I am skeptical about this approach for two reasons: one, Adobe has never offered together Win and Mac disks for versions of CS. Two, when I go to the pre-order CS5, I need to make a choice between platforms.

    Has Adobe changed its mode of delivery of Creative Suite products? Are really included two disks of platform? If this is not the case, there are two things that must be accomplished:

    1. Article must be corrected. Cannot perform the steps as described.
    2. Representatives of support for customers should be advised that they provide incorrect information regarding cross-platform upgrade procedures.

    Finally, I need information correct on how to go about upgrading my CS3 to CS5 Mac Windows. I buy an upgrade disc and use my CS3 serial number to install? I do some sort of return and if so, how?

    Thanks in advance to anyone from Adobe who is willing to take the time to answer my question.

    Line background here, you need to call Adobe to do this. A cross-platform swap is possible only for the current versions.

    What you need to call and tell them that you want to upgrade Windows CS3 to CS5 Mac. It's as simple as that.


  • Boot camp unrecognized cross-platform records

    So here's a little history, I had an installation work of Yosemite and Win 7 ultimate running on my MacPro 3.1 beginning 2008, saw disks cross-platform with the standard read write limits, data was all mixed-platform so I decided to backup my stuff at the same time, wipe and do a clean install, I only have a disc of snow leopard OSX so I wiped and did a clean install with one of there , I noticed there was a worm even newer to avalible OSX install El Capitan then I updated level and attempted to do a training camp, although bootcamp and apples website says that my machine would support 7 when you enter the disk, he said I could do only a win 8 64-bit installation, I did not no more nor want to. It's jogging my memory that I had to modify the plist for the first time I did this, so I started to do some reading and what appeared to be the fastest workaround has been download a copy of bootcamp 4, because the new version does not support mixed installation of the iso (32 & 64 bit ver on one disc) did the installation went well spent ran boot camp software Player was not grateful so I tried to connect to the internet and there was a problem any appeared adapters but I just couldn't join the network and other issues at random so I started back in OSX deleted the partition and booted, this time networking the problem has been resolved but hard disk recognition was still a question , from windows I can openboot camp software and select this option to start card, but can not see the player mac, Mac I see windows on the desktop player but does not not in the utility disc or bootcamp and a target boot disk.

    Sorry for the long background but I seem not to be the only person having this problem perhaps this may help understand why its happening and lead to a better solution, aka prevent it

    Here is the info that you seem to need to read the other discussions on this topic

    I read the solution for the subjects to which I'm fairly certain that I'm having the same problem with and I am confident in preforming the required steps, like to confirm that, that is the question and what numbers should I use in my case for steps 7 and 8 and help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Please after the release of

    sudo fdisk/dev/disk0

    sudo dd if = / dev/rdisk0s4 account = 1 2 >/dev/null | hexdump - C

  • Corporate e-mail Sync problem

    I had a corporate sync problem, but it was because of my corporate email Exchange Server - nothing to do with the unit of Motorola or the Android 2.2 platform.

    I found corp email sych to cause problems. Several times, it has just stopped working. Sometimes, I get the warning symbol saying that there is a problem. Other times, it just is there and can't get new messages and sends no mail in the Outbox. There is usually a snake of spinning in the corner, which suggests that he expects something to happen seems to be blocked.

    All the time that what happens, my iPad is synchronization of the same exchange server without any problems.

    Yesterday, when the phone is in mode, I turned off and he took the synchronization when I powered it upward.

    It's just one of the many issues that I have with the phone which makes it unreliable to use for business.

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