Clubhouse dv6: the battery on my laptop seems rather useless

I had this problem for quite a while. I have to keep my laptop connected to the charger ALL THE TIME. As soon as I unplug it, the battery level falls to about 11% and then stops immediately in the next minutes.

Should I replace the battery? I live in Bangladesh and I can't seem to get the region HP support.


The most likely thing is that the battery must be replaced. 2 years on how long they last and if it's the original battery, this model is actually a little more than 2 years.

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  • Experiences over seven years with the battery life in laptop computers Tecra

    Seven years ago, I bought a Tecra 780DVD, five years ago a Tecra 8100 and two years ago a Tecra S1. They re all still in regular use and I ve used now six packs of lithium ion batteries. My experience suggests that these four guidelines are worth observing:

    1. it is preferable to the hibernation and remove the battery if the laptop will be inactive for more than 2 or 3 days.
    2 operating time vary a lot between the samples of battery even with the same operating conditions.
    3 leave the charger plugged in with the full light on doesn't seem to hurt (despite some of the recommendations).
    4. better is not the first time, that it is unable to charge the battery of junk. The trick described below may reset the battery and get more useful life out of it.

    Tecras see the end of battery life by battery light flashes orange or stay off when you try to reload. Last week when I returned from vacation what happened the 780 (now the WiFi print server) and I felt like déjà vu because all 4 batteries (three on the 780) and the other on the 8100 that I ve had previously fail expired the same way they failed to charge after 7 to 14 days of hibernation with the battery left in. In my view, that it can hardly be a coincidence.

    I still had another 780 old farm and an old battery for 8100 that both failed about two years ago I did some tests. The batteries two 780 showed 10-11 volts on a voltmeter, but when I put them in the laptop and plugged in the charger, the led load always flashed. However, when I plugged the laptop battery already started the grid only, the hanging lamp orange and after an hour or two went green.

    I think this shock treatment can have done in battery electronics forget they were supposed to be dead. Anyway, I did with all three batteries and then ran to see how long d last. The results were:

    (1) the 780 battery failed last week (after 36 months used) can now run the laptop for an hour.
    (2) the 8100 battery (with the active service of 16 months, but 'believed dead' for two years) will now run for 10 minutes or more.
    (3) the 780 battery believed dead for two years (after 19 months used) appears to load but t does not work the laptop. Half of the battery ended up hot and half cold, so now I guess that it s really dead.

    Hoping others will compare notes, I've summarized below how long my battery packs lasted before they refused to pay more.

    Original battery: 30 months (discarded too soon. Might have gotten more if I had tried to trick reset).
    First replacement: 19 months (stored for two years, after which reset didn't work).
    Second alternative: 36 months (after reset now works for an hour).

    Tecra 8100:
    Original battery: 16 months (stored for 2 years. After reset now lasts 10 minutes).
    First replacement: 41 months and always well run.

    Tecra S1:
    Original battery: 29 months and always well run.

    All are genuine Toshiba and operating conditions are quite similar for all. Laptops tend to run 4-8 hours per day with the charger plugged and maybe half an hour on battery only. Sometimes we forget and the charger remains connected all night.

    I m now wish I d tried the trick of reset on all batteries as soon as they failed, but at least I seem to have rescued two batteries. Even a moment of execution as short as 10 min is useful on a laptop that s especially power sector. It protects against power failure and you can keep your battery in the fridge until you need it for a trip.

    David Tong
    Leeds, UK.

    Hello Johnson

    It seems that you are very big fan of Toshiba laptops :)
    Thanks a lot for this long case study and share this information with us.
    I'm sure that this info helps many users of the community.
    Our community needs more users like you. ;)

    Best regards

  • How do the battery of my laptop?

    I have this laptop: C 9: 0001225D: & cid = us: ESC % 7Cnx...

    It's a lenovo y50.

    I can't find anywhere of the battery

    Available inside the laptop battery Lenovo Y50. To change the battery, you need to open the base of the cover and replace the battery.

    If you wish to remove or check the battery, then you can see below manual (page 37)

  • Compaq Presario CQ56 No.: Is it necessary maintain the battery inside my laptop if I do not use it?

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    I was wondering if I can continue to use my computer without the battery.  I keep it inside the computer, but now is at 89% and weak.  I always use it with the AC adapter at home and rarely unplugging it for the use of the battery, the battery seems to weaken.  So should I take the battery out of the computer and just use the adapter?  Help!
    I was wondering if I can continue to use my computer without the battery.  I keep it inside the computer, but now is at 89% and weak.  I always use it with the AC adapter at home and rarely unplugging it for the use of the battery, the battery seems to weaken.  So should I take the battery out of the computer and just use the adapter?  Help!


    Sorry, it just means maybe machine die, unusable, as a brick.

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion DV6-6b47dx: BATTERY FOR MY LAPTOP

    I don't know exactly what battery should I buy. In particular, I wonder if it's a 6 o 9-cell battery.

    Thank you!

    Here are the parts of the repair:

    (17) to the battery: 9-cell, 100 Wh, 3.00 - Ah Li - ion 636631-001

    6 - cell, 62-Wh, 2, 80 - Ah Li - ion battery 593562-001

    6 - cell, 55 Wh, 2, 55 - Ah Li - ion battery 593554-001

    You can use a 9 cells or one 6 cells. The 9-cell as you could find, has a much longer duration but is physically more grand and bulges in the envelope a little. I get still and always the highest battery capacity I can buy.

    Real 9elements eBay shipped from the United States

    This is commonly called the MU09 battery and is probably the most common battery HP on the market with the 6-cell MU06... compatible with many laptops HP from 2-4 years old so very popular. $45 shipped is a good price, but if you search around on eBay and online otherwise you could possibly do a bit better.

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  • How to increase the life of the battery of my laptop?

    BY plugging charger or by plugging in only when the battery gets low?


    Modern batteries and Chargers know if 100% full. Please read the following articles:

    Kind regards.

  • How do the battery do not sliding of the laptop?


    I replaced a new battery on DELL Latitude D620 the other day and found the battery often sliding laptop causing the "blackout" of DELL Latitude D620.  The cause is that the left side of the bottom of sliders of the laptop, no committed property,... most probably a stem was broken.

    Any idea to keep the battery slide?

    Thank you

    It seems that if the battery is not of the appropriate type for your computer or the computer's battery lock is broken.  Either it is a hardware problem and should be treated by a repair service approved by Dell or other reputable, trustworthy.

  • remove the battery of the laptop HP

    I replaced the battery in this laptop before. The current battery is shot and must be replaced. For some reason, the look of slide out battery won't. I'm afraid that if I put more pressure on it, I break something. Should I lubricate the blade? Can someone help me?

    Thank you



    Yes, it's this one.


  • C50-A-1DN satellite: black screen until the battery has been removed

    The battery of my laptop Satellite C50-A-1DN was defective despite attentive treatment after more than a year.

    Now the screen remained black at the beginning of the unit.
    After that I removed the battery, I could see the computer then power up as usual.

    How is that?

    Well, this question seems a bit strange because even if the battery couldn't keep cooler, the laptop should be able to power being plugged into the mains.

    I'm not quite sure that the problem is related to the battery...

    However, the battery is a removable part and very cheap... so in all first the battery should be replaced and laptop computer features must be tested using the new good farm work.

    If the problem of the laptop will not be resolved even by using the new battery, well in this case there must be a serious problem with the motherboard... maybe power electronic problems...

  • Pavilion dv6-6026tx: battery not

    The battery on my laptop dv6-6026tx stopped to load, but windows still says "plugged in, charging" just the percentage remains that never was it when it is plugged in (currently at 15%, for the last 2 hours).

    If I unplug the charger, the battery will be discharged normally.

    If I take the battery while the computer is running, your laptop will stay on and he's supposed to run on the charger.

    I tried to recharge the laptop both while on and off and tried to start it is plugged and unplugged.


    Run the HP battery health test in the HP Support Assistant. It will read the data in the farm as the number of cycles, like the odometer on a car and also the health of every cell. The most likely thing is that the battery needs to be replaced. They do not last forever.

  • Re-install Windows 7 error "windows cannot be installed on a computer by using the power of the battery."

    Original title: problem try reinstalling Windows 7.


    problem trying to reinstall Windows 7, whenever I have insert the windows disk error message 7 arrives

    Compatibility report

    "windows cannot be installed on a computer using battery power. If the battery is discharged during the installation, you can lose data. to continue the installation plug into the computer power adapter.

    What happened before so I replaced the battery and where I'm talking about his 100% display and plugged in but everytime I try to run the disc, I get this message

    any help would be appreciated


    Most laptops have two power circuits separated when on AC, one to charge the battery and the other to run on the system board. It seems rather that the second circuit has failed, if the laptop power PIN is multi pole so it could be the power supply but it is rare.

    Check the label of the PSU manufacturers, if he makes mention of both voltages or two nominal currents, it is perhaps interesting to try a different PSU.

  • Extend the life of the battery

    What is the best way to extend the life of the battery of my laptop? It seems that different sites have different recommendations.

    (1) should take you your battery whenever your laptop using power? Or only after only 2 weeks of all continuous power (like the HP website seems to recommend)?

    (2) how many times should I condition the battery?

    (3) when you use your battery, should be completely empty before recharging again to capacity?

    Thank you very much! All tips are very much appreciated.

    Message edited by kaobelle on 07/23/2009 23:06


    (1) should purchase your battery if it will be put off for two weeks.

    (2) you need to calibrate your battery once a month

    (3) calibrate your battery takes care of this.

    Here is a very good reference document-

    Don't forget to check out the other links on the bottom of this document as well.

  • HP Envy 15 k202na: calibration of the battery

    Following the procedure defined in the HP Support Assistant to calibrate my laptop battery (reboot, press ESC when the power led lights, selsect F2 system Diags, etc.), I find that pressing ESC when the power led lights up does not work.

    Can someone explain why this is so, or offer another procedure?

    Hey @beechguide,

    Thanks for joining in! The forums you will find suggestions, solutions that have worked for others and helping hands! I understand that you have a problem with the calibration of the battery on your laptop.

    You can calibrate the battery using this document: test and calibrate the battery (10 Windows)

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    If you need assistance, please re-post with the results of the resolution of problems and I would be more than happy to do my best to provide an alternative.

    Have a great day!

  • Replacing the battery on Satellite Pro L40-17 b

    Satellite Pro L40-17 b
    Information: PSL4BE-00P00UDU

    Looking for the best way to replace the battery of my laptop. Buy a new for about 50 euros, but unfortunately no possibility for me at the moment: (.)

    Any tips?


    Hi Sonaya

    I can understand you but cheaper battery unfortunately isn't the best solution. What you need is compatible and original battery for your laptop.

    If possible, wait a bit, save the money and buy the right one.
    When you remove the original battery, you will find the exact reference. To order a new one.

    Anyway, I think battery cheaper than you can find on ebay. Check it out and compare prices.

  • Sudden drop in the battery life

    Hello, I am a new owner of a Macbook Air.

    For the last couple months everything works fine and the battery on my laptop lasted for at least 10 hours, but last week, I noticed that the battery life is not as long. Now when the battery is fully charged, I have only 4 hours of power.

    I don't know why the change suddenly, since I did anything differently. Maybe I am doing something wrong without realizing. In any case, I would like to ask for some tips or ideas to help me solve this problem (if it can be resolved).

    I really appreciate your help!

    Apps can affect the performance of Mac, battery, temperature and fan activity - Apple Support

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