Cocomputer cannot find the printer and I do not have a disk for it

Original title: printer SUPPORT

my computer cannot find the printer and I do not have a disk for it

Then, download and install the appropriate drivers on the printer manufacturer's support web site.

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    Permissions and security issues with Vista/Win7?

    Check the following settings.

    All the users who are allowed to share need to have an account on all computers that they are allowed to connect to.

    Everyone is an account, that means a group of all users who already have an account now as users.

    Using the functionality of all saved the need to configure authorization for each of the established users, it does mean not all those who feel that they would like to connect.

    Users who do not have an account on the computer are not part of the Everyone group.

    If the LAN security is useless and users are not established, then move on the guest account provides the semi-open configuration.


    Point to a folder that wants to share do right click and choose Properties.

    In the properties

    Click on the Security tab shown in the bellows of the photo on the right) and verify that users and their permissions (see photo below Centre and left) are configured correctly. Then do the same for the authorization tab.

    This screen shot is to Win 7, Vista menus are similar.


    The Security Panel and the authorization Panel, you need to highlight each user/group and consider that the authorization controls are verified correctly.

    When everything is OK, restart the network (router and computer).

    * Note . The groups and users listed in the screen-shoot are just an example. Your list will focus on how your system is configured.

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    kglad links in response to #1 here can help

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    1. How have you moved the file?

    Please follow the instructions in the link.

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    After you back up the registry, you can then go through the article

    "The file or folder does not exist" error in Windows Vista:

  • I use Windows 7 on a computer to which a printer is connected directly by a USB cable. I am able to print, but cannot find the printer when I run control/devices and printers Control Panel

    I use Windows 7 on a computer to which a printer is connected directly by a USB cable.  I am able to print, but cannot find the printer when I run control/devices and printers Control Panel. In fact, no devices appear at all.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you.


    If this does not help, there is a very long thread here, which may include other suggestions-->

  • P1102w - cannot find the printer


    I'm unable to print using a wireless connection.

    the printer is p1102w.

    operating system is MAC OS 10.10 Yosemite

    Whenever I try to print something I get "printer is not connected / cannot find the printer" message.

    I tried the solutions on your support site, but nothing helped.

    For sure, printer is connected to the same network as the computer. I see it on the print configuration page and I can connect to its IP address via a web browser (but I can't use web services).

    All software and drivers are up to date. Update Apple is nothing new to me. Niether have your site.

    I tried to move the printer closer and further away from router. No results.

    No web proxy is related to my network.

    To make this work, I have to remove the printer from my system, reinstall it using the USB cable, and then add it again via wi - fi.

    But some time the problem reappears.

    It's really frustrating. Help, please.

    Hi @xopot ,

    I see that you have problems printing via wireless network. I would like to help you today.

    Since you can access the printer embedded Web server, the printer would have a valid IP address. Most likely, it has something to do with the software that the printer uses.

    Fix permissions of the drive on the Mac:

    Close all applications.

    In the Apple menu, click OK, click Applications, and then click utilities.

    Double-click disk utility.

    Highlight your hard drive / partition on the left.

    Click on check and then repair disk permissions.

    Restart the computer...

    Reset the printing system:

    Note: This will remove all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer deleted can be re-added later by clicking the sign plus (+) symbol.

    Click on the Apple icon and then click on System Preferences.

    Click on Printers & Scanners.

    Make a right click (or Ctrl + click) in the left white side panel, and then click Reset printing system.

    Click OK to confirm the reset.

    Type the name and the correct password.

    Click OK to reset the printing system.

    Then click on the sign to add the driver, highlight the printer +. (you may need to click the drop down menu to select the name of the printer) Then click the Add button.

    Configure a static IP address for the printer.

    The printer is not found during Installation wireless.

    Do not take into account the title. Select the Solution 4: assign your printer a static IP address.

    If you need help, let me know.

    Have a great day!
    Thank you.

  • Cannot find the printer HP Deskjet 3055 has wireless

    Hi bought this printer and went through the set up disc. The printer is connected and has the right signal to our home network and the laptop also connects wirelessley to the internet just fine. The laptop cannot find the printer - I tried all the suggestions and put the IP address for internet search and it will not. I can't understand. Also tried to install on the MAC laptop and still only goes up to now and then are unable to communicate with each other. Please can I have some advice.

    Oh, wait a minute--I just got it working by stopping laptop, printer and disconnect the wireless router and all start back them up again. Then to try to make it work on the MAC laptop - what this space! Thanks for the help.

  • HP envy 4500: PC cannot find the printer

    I ran the installation disk and printer tells me that I am connected. Wireless light is stable. PC cannot find the printer.


    I'm glad to hear that your problem is solved and everything works fine now.

    Good day!

  • Cannot find the printer

    Product) 1 name and number: photosmart Hp 5510, (2) installs operating system: Windows 7 64-bit, (3) error message: cannot find the printer {after you click on the option called NETWORK in the connection Option}.

    Please if I'm quick on the suggestions

  • Cannot find the printer on the wireless network

    My new 6500 a 710n-z printer copier copies very well.  Also, it detects the wireless network and is given an address  I have reset the router several times using the WPS button.  But after I installed the software on my netbook ACER Windows XP, the computer cannot find the printer.  I spent three days trying to get the $% # ^ & * to work.  I see in some documents to get a 169.254. IP address, so I'm probably not connected?  But what to do?

    Well Yes, a 169.254 IP address... is auto-assignée when he can't get one from the router.  The WPS button does not reset the router.

    Do this on the printer: Setup > network > Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions.

  • I have the Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe problem and I do not have my disk

    I have the Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe problem and I do not have my disk


    • When you receive this error message?
    • What were the changes made before the issue started?

    Try the SFC scan on the computer.

    SFC/scannow is a very useful command that you can use in any version of Windows. When the SFC (System File Checker) command is used with the/scannow switch, the tool analyzes all the important files of Windows on your computer and replace if necessary.

    Missing and the corruption of the operating system (like many DLLs) files are probably the main cause of the major problems of Windows. In view of this, plus the fact that the SFC/scannow is completely automatic and very easy to use, the tool should be usually one of your top not troubleshooting.


    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • When I try to send an e-mail, a window appears and says that cannot find the pop3 host. What I have to change if I send an e-mail?

    When I try to send an e-mail, a window appears and says that cannot find the pop3 host. What I have to change if I send an e-mail?

    1. What email program are you using?
    2. Please post any error message in its entirety. You can left click on it to highlight then right click to copy and then paste in this thread.
  • "Cannot install the printer. Operation could not be performed. error 0x000003eb.

    I'm running Windows 7 (not Vista) and trying to install a Kodak printer driver and get "cannot install the printer. Operation could not be performed. error 0x000003eb"I searched constantly everyday for a fix. You have a solution other than what answers are already in this forum.  I uninstalled and reinstalled tried wireless and usb, installation driver separately, tried to install it in safe mode, run now utility scan.  I think that the problem began with an update of Windows 7 which has hung up and eventually having a corrupted file?


    What is the exact model of the printer number?
    I suggest you to check if the printer is compatible with Windows 7:
    If the printer is compatible, then uninstall all the drivers connected the printer to the computer, download the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer, the install without connection to the printer.
    Connect the printer when it prompts.

    If the problem persists, contact the printer manufactrer for assistance

    Note: The use of third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • Cannot open the document. You may not have permission or the document can be opened already.

    Whenever I try to open a document on our Mac server I get this error message: "cannot open the document. You may not have permission or the document can be opened already. "After that, I click Ok and then am able to open it. What is interesting is that immediately after the first time I try to open the file and get the error message that I noticed a .idlk (file locking) gets created even if she could not open. After that, I open it. Then, once I close it, the lock file goes.

    Someone knows something about this problem? For this particular user permissions are read/write on the file and all documents.

    Yosemite 10.10.3

    InDesign CC 2014

    Well, the problem has been resolved. It ends up being ESET antivirus v.4.xx for

    company. After I disabled it temporarily everything worked normally. So created

    exclusions for the shared network resources that they are working for.

  • Excel (and PDF) cannot find the printer installed from Windows update - Word may however

    Since the installation of an update for Windows Vista (as requested) last week, I lost some features in a number of programs.  I was able to restore.  Excel Help, when I try to print the printer installed is not found; the same happens when I try to print PDF files, but Word documents seem to find the printer.

    Understanding Windows Update and Extras in Windows Vista at the link above.


    Remove the Vista updates; two ways to do this:

    1. a System Restore to before the updates:

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > System Restore > restore time/choose your own date > next

    If you use Norton, disable it before using the system restore.

    If it is impossible to enter the Normal Mode, do a Safe Mode system restore:

    Press F8 at the startup/power and the list of startup options, use THE ARROW key to select Safe mode > and then press ENTER.

    System restore steps according to the info above.


    2. click on start > right click on computer > properties > Windows updates down the lower left corner > updates installed in the lower left corner in the next window

    > then click the one that you don't want > uninstall will appear at the top > uninstall it.


    In addition, on the page where you clicked "Installed updates", click on change settings at the top left corner it

    > Change update settings in the next page of AutoUpdate to "check for updates but let me choose etc" > OK ".

    When you take a look at pending updates, you can either download/install them one at the time, namely the update causing you problems.

    > or if you do not need an individual > right-click on > UAC prompt > hide it

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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