Code error-301 when you deploy the image

I have a problem.

I want to deploy an image from a client light t5740e to a client t610.

I cloned successfully of the image to a folder as a file .ibr deposit.
I also have an older version of the image as a file on a FTP repository .img.

I can successfully deploy the image the FTP repository to a t610 client.
The problem is that this image is obsolete and cannot be used.

When tryng to deploy the image to a file repository shared, I get the following error code:
2013-04-22 11:38:47 ErrorCode:-301, error information: the device of the faimly bios is not match the image.

I also tried to create an image using HP ThinState Capture, but recevie the following error during startup:

Inititializing... * ERROR * system has failed the OS image.

After that, I downloaded the standard image on the HP site and created a USB key. Then I replaced the .ibr file, but it still gives me the same error as ThinState installation.

Is there a way to bypass the repository of shared folder and clone the image to the FTP repository under a .img file and deploy it to the client t610?

Or is it possible to bypass the BIOS checking when deploying the repository of shared folder?

Assuming that the version HPDM is common (4.5 with SP2), there is an option in the task editor when applying the deployment to enable Cross-platform for Imaging.

This is however strongly discouraged because the picture you shot of the t5470e will not have the necessary drivers for the t610. The original image on the web site of HP will have drivers for both, but the part of the RunOnce scripts at first start after imaging USB is clean the unnecessary drivers by the platform to maximize space on the device.

However, you should be able to pull the image of 7th WES using the FTP browser component in menu HPDM model. This will generate a model that can be deployed to clients light t5740e both t610.

One last thing to remember is to make sure that the agent is updated on the device target before deployment and then again after the deployment.

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    What functional problem you have, if any? Log messages are not a problem in itself.

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    Disc 1 contains the installer for 32-bit Windows.

    Disc 2 contains the installer for Windows 7 64-bit.

    Disc 3 contains the installer for mac OS.

    Disc 4 is the content of the disc for Windows Adobe Premiere Elements.

    Disc 5 is the content of the disc Adobe Premiere Elements for Mac OS.

    You can install from Disc1, 2 or 3 depending on the operating system running on your computer.

    Thank you

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