Code Error 80070020 when you install the KB2756919 update

It downloads NO MORE than 11% and it's all FAILED EVERY TIME!

First, check the site Download of Windows for direct download on the update that gives you bad. Manually download your update from the following link, then right click on the downloaded file and run as administrator. Acknowledge the UAC warning and provide credentials if requested. This grant you elevated privileges that may be necessary to carry out the reconfiguration of the system.

Recommended if you can't always install the update, the next steps are to reset the Windows Update components or an update of the file downloaded a new attempt after performing a clean boot or boot without failure. A clean boot or Mode environment safe is important to ensure that there are no other programs that may be locking files or otherwise interfere with the upgrade process.

Any Windows Update file can be manually applied using this method. To quickly access the correct download, just replace the # part of the link with the numbered part of the KB update #.

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  • Download 0x8007001F error message when you install the latest updates in Windows XP.

    Original title: problems with the update of my compooper (computing)

    Windows will not update it after updates KB2707511, KB2699988, KB2709162, KB2685939, KB2510531, KB2544521, KB2718704. I already got an answer to a clean boot and I did with no results, I also re installed IE8 with still no result. I get the 0x8007001F error code and all these updates keep in default even after using Mr. Fixit. This becomes a real headache. My computer is constantly freezing up and I lost my audio controls, it does not at the moment where opening tabs announces that there is a long list. Please, someone give me a remedy for this nightmare.

    Your suggestion of a clean boot is not resolution, I first had to remove a virus with Norton and then install the latest version of IE 8, then updates went through. I also had to use the Norton Power Eraser program in order to irradicate of other inhibitory start-up problems which were deeply rooted in my hard drive. Thank you for your attempt to help me, but I was the one who had to understand this. Now, my computer is high and GREAT work! I would say that MSN and Norton to collaborate in trouble all program and incorporate into the program of Mr.Fixit you who will remove the virus and update at the same time in order to avoid such a period of long downtime for all customers who have similar problems.


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  • Code error 1603 when you install Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse

    Display in the name of the customer

    Code error 1603 when you install Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse

    Using toshiba satellite A - 75 Widows XP - based customer ID


    I suggest you to follow the steps in this link and check if it helps:

    Check if that helps.

  • error 0X800f0214 when you install the printer driver

    When you install a printer driver (network), an error message appears saying that the action could not be completed - error 0X800f0214. The printer is shared and my firewall is set to off. I have absolutely no idea on what to do and would like to get advice and INFO.

    Marc DS,
    It would be useful to have a bit more information, such as the make and model of the printer, what version of Vista you are running and what type of network - wired or wireless (or both), if there are other non-Vista on the network computers, etc.  You get the error message corresponds to "the specified path does not contain any applicable device INFs" which means basically the location where the OS is looking for the driver file does contain a valid driver file.  There could be several reasons for this, but without knowing the configuration of network and printer, it's hard to identify.  Make sure that the driver is one that is suitable for this printer model and your version of Vista and make sure that the path (c:\ - or other) is correct and that the location of the driver file is shared.  I hope this helps.  Please post back with more information if you still need help.

    Thank you, Gloria
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Error message when you install the first elements 10 on my PC

    I bought the Pack Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10... and when trying to install, have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, but get an error message when you try to install the first Elements 10.  The Error Message reads as follows:

    This installation package is not supported by this processor type.  Contact your product vendor.

    Now that?  I don't know what to do from here.

    Could you please someone get back to me?  Thank you


    Disc 1 contains the installer for 32-bit Windows.

    Disc 2 contains the installer for Windows 7 64-bit.

    Disc 3 contains the installer for mac OS.

    Disc 4 is the content of the disc for Windows Adobe Premiere Elements.

    Disc 5 is the content of the disc Adobe Premiere Elements for Mac OS.

    You can install from Disc1, 2 or 3 depending on the operating system running on your computer.

    Thank you

  • Error 80200011 when you install the Kodak printer software.

    Original title: error 80200011

    I try to install my Kodak printer software and I get this error 80200011 at the end of the installation process. Can someone tell me what this means and how to fix it?

    Hi Treb20,

    ·         What is the model number of the printer?

    ·         You install the software from a CD or have you downloaded?

    You can refer to the following articles of Kodak and see if they help.

    What should I do if I can't install the software for my all-in-one printer?

    Problems installing software with all-in-one printer

  • Error code 0 x 80070008 when you install the security update in Windows XP

    installation failed for the security update for Windows XP (KB2705219), reason given is 0 x 80070008.  "Mr Fixit" has not as well.  Help?


    These errors can be caused by one of the following problems:

    ·         Programs or processes that interfere with Internet communications

    ·         Problems of computer resources

    ·         Strong Internet activity

    ·         Recoverable database errors


    Temporary connection related errors may occur when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update

  • code error 80070643 when you install KB2938459

    I get the error code 80070643 when I try to install the update mentioned above of Windows update. It's the only important update open, and I just did an optional which was very good.

    What could be the problem?

    Thank you

    So a last update

    After failing 4 times last night from five minutes ago, Windows installed and my beloved office 8.1 is back.

    To do the last step (8.1 Win update), I went to press Windows + R, typing wsreset.exe and you press on enter.

    That reset the cache to store and then I ran the 8.1 update win again. Everything is now operational.

    Now, to set up the backup, etc.

  • Error message when you install the printer driver

    First of all, let me tell you that I was searching and tried solutions for ten days, but can not solve the problem.

    My HP P1102w printer is three years old and is connected to my PC via a USB cable. It is not a shared printer. It worked correctly until 10 days ago. Suspecting corruption driver, I downloaded the latest version of the driver on the HP website. When you try to install it, I met with this error message:

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it.

    In the printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT 4.0

    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit their website and check the support.
    My PC OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Let me know what additional information may be required.

    Please sent me useful information.

    Thank you so sent slove my problem how.

    It seems that the problem was due to corrupted driver files that were not replaced when I reloaded the drivers. I was able to solve the problem by deleting the files in the driver manually. I followed the following steps:
    step 1:
    Check out C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository and delete everything that associated the P1102w printer, such as the hp1100.inf_amd64_neutral_56c36f106bed03b4 folder. If I remember correctly, there are two or three similar files that I deleted.
    step 2:
    Then I tried * 1102 on the path c:/windows/system32 and removed from files that have been associated with the P1102W printer.
    step 3:
    I'm not sure that this step is need, or you need to do this step before the other steps. However, in this step, I ran uninstall. exe from the HP driver CD supplied with the printer. After about 10 minutes I forcely closed the uninstall.exe process in Windows Task Manager because the uninstall process seemed to be hung.
    step 4:
    I ran setup.exe from the HP CD supplied with the printer and the printer installed successfully.
    I hope this answer helps anyone with a similar problem.

  • Error 800719E4 when you install the update of security for Vista(KB972270/KB978207/KB951847)


    I need help for error of update of address 3 for Vista security:

    (1) 800719E4 error during the installation of update of security for Vista (KB972270)
    (2) Cummaltive security for Internet rexplorer 7 Vista (KB978207)
    (3) Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1 and the .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x 86

    Thank you

    See the section "How to get help", for example,

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Error 0x8007F064 when you install the update KB2718523 for Windows XP

    Installation error of update security for Windows XP (KB2718523) met 0x8007F064, what cause it past? How can I solve it?

    Thanks for posting the log file.

    First of all, have you had the opportunity to do a Windows repair installation recently?

    Then, download the file HERE. Save it to your desktop. Double-click on the file and let it run. Rate this file expires after 3 days if it is downloaded.

    Click on start > run > paste the command below and press ENTER. You should receive a success message. Let me know if you do not have.


    Then, restart the computer. Disable your anti-virus software and try to reinstall the update manually as in my post above.

    Display the results.

  • Windows XP updates has not installed (2 items) - error 0x87FF0004 when you install KB936929 and update security for Windows XP

    I am re - install XP Media 2005 on my computer, all high-priority updates installed except 2.

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 KB936929 not installing - error Ox87FF0004

    Windows XP security update has not been installed - error Ox8007F0F4

    No reason and how do I reinstall them?

    You may receive a "0x8007F0F4" error code when you try to install the updates on the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site



    Http:// Error_Too_Many_Open_Files

  • 0x08007F0F4 error code when you install the KB2686509 update

    Were there any resolution to this problem?

    If so, what is the solution?

    see these topics for updates:



  • Code error-301 when you deploy the image

    I have a problem.

    I want to deploy an image from a client light t5740e to a client t610.

    I cloned successfully of the image to a folder as a file .ibr deposit.
    I also have an older version of the image as a file on a FTP repository .img.

    I can successfully deploy the image the FTP repository to a t610 client.
    The problem is that this image is obsolete and cannot be used.

    When tryng to deploy the image to a file repository shared, I get the following error code:
    2013-04-22 11:38:47 ErrorCode:-301, error information: the device of the faimly bios is not match the image.

    I also tried to create an image using HP ThinState Capture, but recevie the following error during startup:

    Inititializing... * ERROR * system has failed the OS image.

    After that, I downloaded the standard image on the HP site and created a USB key. Then I replaced the .ibr file, but it still gives me the same error as ThinState installation.

    Is there a way to bypass the repository of shared folder and clone the image to the FTP repository under a .img file and deploy it to the client t610?

    Or is it possible to bypass the BIOS checking when deploying the repository of shared folder?

    Assuming that the version HPDM is common (4.5 with SP2), there is an option in the task editor when applying the deployment to enable Cross-platform for Imaging.

    This is however strongly discouraged because the picture you shot of the t5470e will not have the necessary drivers for the t610. The original image on the web site of HP will have drivers for both, but the part of the RunOnce scripts at first start after imaging USB is clean the unnecessary drivers by the platform to maximize space on the device.

    However, you should be able to pull the image of 7th WES using the FTP browser component in menu HPDM model. This will generate a model that can be deployed to clients light t5740e both t610.

    One last thing to remember is to make sure that the agent is updated on the device target before deployment and then again after the deployment.

  • When you install an automatic update. I received the error code 652. try three times. Always code error 652. She strives to update of Miscrosoft Silverlight (KB2164913) need help.

    When you install an automatic update. I received the error code 652. Have tried three times, always the error code 652. She tries to Miscrosoft Silverlight Update. need help


    ·        Remember to make changes to the system?

    Follow the steps mentioned below.

    Step 1:

    There may be some third-party software that runs in the background, I suggest you do a clean boot and check. To perform a clean boot follow the steps mentioned in the link given below.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Once you have finished installing, follow step 7 to start the computer in normal startup.

    Step 2:

    Reset windows update components and check. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Step 3:

    See the article mentioned below.

    Description of the update for Silverlight: September 1, 2010

    To get help after your query in the Microsoft Silverlight Forums. Click on the link below.


    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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