Code of MEP of Smartphones from blackBerry (0 left) on Blackberry Torch 9800


What are the steps that must be taken to unlock a BlackBerry with the error: MEP code (0 left) with RIM?

How much does it cost to unlock the Mep counter?

What are the terms of use of this service?


Yuck. You have two options:

  1. For warranty options, contact the Service provider or point of sale.
  2. Use the information to contact us on this Web site: the options that you want to select to talk to the BlackBerry customer service are 3 (for requests of information, orders, billing, e - RMA etc.) then 5 (e - RMA and warranty). \

What will happen, as I understand, it's that the device must be returned to the RIM to unlock to the point that the message MEP code (0 left) is met.

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  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 not recognised by Windows 7 64 bit laptop

    After 2 years of working perfectly my Torch 9800 is not recognized by Windows 7 64 bit laptop - now says 'USB not recognized by Windows device'. Thoughts?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    First question - what has changed on the computer just before this change in behavior that's happened? An update? A new application? A new anti-virus application? Nothing at all? Carefully because any change on the computer can be causal.

    It can be also the port USB of your computer has not... have you tried others?

    You can also consider a re - loading BlackBerry Desktop software... If Yes, then I suggest this thread:

    It begins with a process to start properly and there is an exchange of views, and there is also a post (15) with links to earlier versions of the Software Desktop, if those who are needed. Note that this is not, by any means, guaranteed to work... but it worked to much to solve the problems they have.

    Good luck!

  • Sucks for Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800

    I am using Blackberry for a long time and it has been pretty reliable until I started using the Torch 9800, the battery drains easily and it always turn on automatically in the handbag.   I could end up having my cell by himself while taking off on the plan. It is very annoying! is this normal?   How can I solve this problem?

    I don't have a problem with the phone, I however use a Holster or a sleeve which has a magnet to put the torch to sleep. If you want to throw in the bag of the time, put a password on it lock, so he can't do anything. He can always compose an emergency however. That's why I use a Holster.

    Torch is our most popular btw office phone

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 completely erased during the update

    When I plugged my phone into the computer to charge, an update came on the bb Desktop Manager - to update to 6.0 Bundle 2467 - and I started the update.  After a few minutes, I realized that I have to back up my phone before the update but Office bb wouldn't let me - he said that HE had to be updated.  If the device software update paused until the Office update was complete.  When it was over, the update of the device continued... and I have no back upward.

    Somewhere in the middle of the update (after about half an hour) the phone blinked, there was funny "beep" and a message came that the update could not continue.  The phone has rebooted, but was stuck at about 65%.   I let it sit for a few minutes, still doesn't move do not.  Pulled the battery, let stand a few minutes like that and then reintegrated.  Began to restart, then won again at the same place.  Taken from the battery after a few more minutes and wait for about 15 minutes.

    When I put the battery back, the phone quickly started completely... but because the updater won Mid-implementation to date ALL is lost! Contacts, calendar, memos.

    Is it possible to recover whatever it is? Or all my data lost somewhere in cyberspace is?

    * There is a small file, about 5 MB called Contacts Blackberry so I thought I could synchronize the files from there, but I don't know how!

    Can anyone help?  Really aggravated in this topic...

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    First of all, we will be sure your BB works correctly and with the proper operating system. Is it? What you have said, I can't say for sure. If it does not work, then you can reload your new OS itself, just to be sure. Don't worry about all the data on your BB... he already went there now (based on what you said).

    For your data, Desktop software must have made a backup during the update process... sometimes, we offer the chance to overcome that... I hope that you do not have. In any case search your computer for files with the extension of the IPD or BBB (depending on the version of the Desktop software you use)... These are the files that would have been created on your computer when the update process performed the backup. Look at the time, the files were created... created around the time you were doing the update are candidates to perform a restore of your BB.

    Otherwise, if you had made use of yourself of the free app of the BB Protect your data are indeed "in the clouds" available for to restore you.

    In addition, if you use a Desktop Organizer (for example, Outlook), which must contain your data.

    In addition, if you have none of these, then you have indeed now met data loss, which is sad indeed.

    Good luck!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 stuck on reboot

    I recently downloaded the new BBM application, and the icon disappeared from my phone.  I tried to reboot several times and it finally appeared, but he has not been called BBM, rather something net_rim_.  When I clicked it, it says "files missing resources" and would not load.

    I also noticed that my BBM connected apps (Facebook, etc) were not load correctly.

    So - I saved my BBM contacts and deleted and reinstalled, but there is no icon again.

    I checked this forum and found a similar problem, and the solution was to check if the necessary software update, which could solve the problem.

    I checked on my torch, and he said that there is an update available, so I downloaded it.  It downloaded fine and then asked if I wanted to install it and gave a warning that it might take 2 hours or more.  That's fine with me, because I was going to bed early and would not use it.

    Before going to bed, I noticed that it has been reset.  I thought I just leave and go to bed.

    When I got up this morning, I noticed that it was always restart.  The white bar would completely go through then it would go to a white, shared screen black and then start again.

    I checked the forums once again and found a similar problem, which says to pull the battery and replace it.  Did, and it did not work.  I tried several times and even let the battery for 2 hours, in the vain hope that it might work.

    I tried connecting to BlackBerry Desktop to do a restore, but it cannot connect to the phone, because it is stuck at reboot.

    Any suggestions?

    Found the solution on another post. Do you have what he said, and the phone works again. Unfortunately, when I restored the backup it uninstalled most of my applications. Had to update AppWorld and am now slowly reinstall others.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 my email does not work via wifi

    I just sync my new torch of my old "BOLD". All information transferred perfectly including my 2 email accounts.

    I have the misfortune to live in an area of 2G alone on a remote island. SMS, phone calls and wifi only. I had my old "BOLD", via wifi hotspots on my gmail account and send and receive emails fine, but just say the torch was ' activation failed. A service connection is not available "whenever I try to activate the account.

    Seems that it won't work with wifi, I can surf the net without any problem

    Any ideas?

    Turn off the WiFi connection and go to an area where you have a clear link with the 2G (EDGE) and follow these steps:

    On your BlackBerry device, go to:

    1. options > advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

    2 send your service from your carrier's BIS site books:
    Of your handheld:

    Go to the Personal Email Set Up icon and sign. Then under help!, select Service books and select send service books.

    Your desktop PC:
    North American carriers - scroll down to select your carrier
    Carriers worldwide - find your operator from the list

    3. with the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart. This restart, even if you have already done this, is often necessary to install the service books.

    Then, this should install it Service required to torch books, and you should be able to perform all data in WiFi services you have been in the past.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9800 'unknown proxy 403 response '.


    Using the browser to and then by selecting the button "connect" gets error "response unknown proxy 403"(routage par BES). "»

    Have unsuccessfully experimented with combined TLS parameters & deleted the cache, cookies etc.

    Another handset with the same settings is OK (routing through same BES).

    All ideas

    Thank you


    Yes, it's the exact message, including punctuation.

    And Yes, it was the redirection to an HTTPS URL.

    In any case, the problem disappeared following an erasure of security on the handset.

    Thank you.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9810 Software Update Lock-up

    This 9810 was to make a wireless software update and got 19 percent of the total backup (Social Feeds) when it locked in place - it was left running overnight without change. The telephone switching market he returned to the same point. removing and replacing the battery automatically starts the process of update again, until he gets to 19% and crashes again. Switch on the screen when you press ALT and shift.

    Oh no... now you have a more catastrophic problem... 507 means that everything is gone from your BB - the operating system, applications, data. First we need to get the features of your BB, and then you need to restore from your most recent backup.

    The easiest way is, on a PC (you can not do on MAC):

    (1) make sure that you have a current backup and your BB complete... you can find the instructions at the link in my auto-sig below. (not applicable in your situation, since you can't take one now)

    2) uninstall all the BB OS packages from your PC,

    (3) make sure you have the BB Desktop Software already installed

    (4) download and install on your computer, the BB OS package you want:

    • If all you want are the levels of BONE, it is first sorted by carrier - the carrier supports, your search will be fast. However, some carriers are much slower than others to release updates. To really get the package up-to-date OS for your BB, you need to dig through and find all businesses that support your specific model BB and then compare the BONE levels they support.

    5) remove all copies of the SELLER on your PC. XML... There will be at least one and maybe 2, and they will be located in the same way or to (it changes based on your version of Windows) these files:

    • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
    • C:\Users\(your Windows username) \AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML

    6 (a) to change your level of BB OS installed (at level or lower), you can run the Desktop software and connect your BB... the software should offer the operating system package you have installed on your PC.

    6 (b) or, for recharging your BB OS level installed as well to change, work around the Desktop software and use the CHARGER. EXE directly, through step 2 in this process:

    If, during the process of 6a or 6 b, your BB has an error '507', simply unplug the USB of the BB cord and reinsert it. do nothing else... This should allow the installation to continue.

    You must also use these tricks, but please substitute 6a or 6b above if all load allows you to use a Web site:

    If you are on a MAC, you are limited to only your sanctioned carriers OS packages... but can still use any level they currently have to sanction. See this procedure:

    • KB19915 How to perform a clean reload of the smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software application software

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9810 - camera problem

    Hello guyz,.

    I recently bought a new Blackberry torch 9810 and I'm new to blackberry. I had a recent problem with camera. The camera is unable to save the image. First time I bought it, I took pictures with her and she got saved on the media card. But after synchronization. (using Fund Manager), he takes the picture, but it never gets saved! even I had the same problem with the video...

    Pls help me... I don't know miss me smthing

    Thank you

    Well, the preinstalled wallpapers are not on the map, they are in the device memory. and you probably would have to transfer the pictures from your PC to the memory of the device as well.

    So, you don't really know if this media card works?

    I would recommend that you try first to reformat the media card... Go to Options > device > storage.

    What is the press card storage size?

    You can press the Menu key > repair or Format to proceed.

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9850, cannot open the e-mail setup application

    Now that I have my "brick" problem solved, I can't configure my email.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I suggest the following, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message to your BB to come...) Please wait for this before moving on to the next step):

    (1) registry HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network

    (2) remove and return Service directories

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service

    (3) restart to take batt

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! If this isn't the case, then you may need to provide some clarification... as exactly what is happening. Your subject line you could not open the e-mail setup application, but the body of your message says that you were unable to set up your email address (which could imply that you could open the configuration of the e-mail application, but it cannot configure the email)... subtle, but the details are what help us help you.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9810 locked to the home screen


    I would ask you for help. I continued receive notifications of updates to BB App World, I found quite annoying, so I searched the Internet for trick how to avoid these. I followed the recommendation of someone to go to options > application > applications > app world > and then deny all of their parameters. After having done that, the unit restarted and showed the following: Application completed, access denied for user LpBBMBridgelmpl. This notification stays on the screen, then it goes to the home screen where the unit is locked and shows "new messgae" notes. But Im not able to touch anything, cannot. What should I do?

    May thanks for your advice.


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, try to reverse what you did.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9860 to the touch of the screen does not

    Dear all,

    I Torch 9860 and facing a serious problem is the touchscreen always due to a malfunction "a little bit of work and some does not" all keys work well, I removed the protector of screen touch and connected my phone to my PC via USB and updated its software via BlackBerry Desktop Software and the problem still exists.

    Kindly help on this problem,

    Thank you


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, see what happens.

    If the behavior continues, then well... think what happened just before this behavior started? A new application? An update? A theme? Something else? Think carefully that the slightest change can be causal... and try to undo all that was.

    But if the behavior continues mode without failure, you may need to consider more drastic measures - WIPE, OS Reload, BBSAK Wipe/Reload and the process of reloading OS 'skeleton '. To prepare, you should be sure that you have a full backup of your PC... Please see the Backup link in my sig auto on this post for instructions.

    Also please consider it maybe a problem with the hardware... for which no amount of internet-remote diagnosis or solutions at the level of the OS/software will be of no use.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9810 - APP error 200

    Hello Guyz,

    This is the first time I'm having this problem. In the evening, I restarted my phone, the BLackberry logo loading screen is full and then all of a sudden a white background appear with "APP error 200 reset" text appears! I removed the battery for 30 seconds and then it started, but still have the same problem. I don't even have access to the phone... it get stuck on the error page! Pls help me! I really need to run

    Waiting for your kind response

    Article ID: KB17877 How to start a BlackBerry smartphone in safe mode

    Start the machine mode without failure and remove/uninstall your third-party applications and see if this now will allow you to restart and start the unit normally?

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9860 restart unexpectedly

    Hi all

    I bought the same BB 9860. It's the biggest disappointment ever
    This happened to me in my entire life!

    When I got here three weeks, it was working fine until the 3rd day of its use. After that, he started the accident and crash again and again to make an automatic restart. I took it to the warranty company that's axiom in the UNITED Arab Emirates, well they format and the same problem still there. Then I went back to them, then they were finally replaced with a NEW one with the new PIN, but guess what... The same problem happened AGAIN! just before now, it crashed six times! and yesterday it freeze completely, so I had to remove the battery.

    Some of my friends told me that the card memory (4 GB) can be
    the problem, so I bought a new one with 8 GB of space but continue to suffer.

    It is proof that the software itself does NOT WORK as it should.

    What kind of mobile phone that will fail you in more than five times a day?

    It's expensive, it's new, I paid money for it, so why I can't enjoy my expenses?

    RIM please, do something, or at least test the software or your phone before lunch in the first place!

    I really have no idea what should I do, take it again to the warranty company? But they already gave me a new! I mean I can do?

    Hi all


    The problem has been corrected. For three days, I was so angry so I decided to find the cause of what my BB is restarted. I was trying to hit the phone from different sides, and finally I found the problem. When my BB get a slap on the side of the camera, just restart. This explains EVERYTHING. When I was talking, maybe that I accidentally hit him, when I put it on the table, when I was sitting in the Café, someone could accidentally hit the table and cause vibrations. I had the problem on the video, check it out:

    Then I took to axiom and told them on this subject. They were shocked!

    Finally, they replaced the battery, but the battery from the beginning. In fact, when they gave me a new phone for 3 weeks, they gave me with the old battery, which means that the first phone that I bought myself has no problem at all. It was the battery from the beginning.

    I thank everyone for your help and if anyone has the problem like mine, be sure to change the battery

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Torch 9860 upgraded to OS7.1

    I've updated to OS7.1 and I can't find the FM radio. Now I don't really know if the BB Torch 9860 is featured to get it and upgrade.

    Help please.


    Please see this:

    As you will read, your model does not include the necessary equipment (a FM radio tuner) for this feature.

    Good luck!

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