Code to save the PDF file as an excel spreadsheet?

I have the following code - which allows me to save a file based on the value of a field:

myTrustedSaveAs = app.trustedFunction (function (doc, path)
app.beginPriv ();
cPath: path,.
bCopy: true,
bPromptToOverwrite: true
app.endPriv ();

myTrustedOpenDoc = app.trustedFunction (function (path)
app.beginPriv ();
cPath: path
app.endPriv ();

I would like to be able to record both a PDF and one a worksheet based on the same path.   What is the code to use to save the file as an excel spreadsheet?

I use Adobe X pro.


Reference on the Acrobat JS API for the saveAs method shows the various necessary parameters.

myTrustedSaveAs = app.trustedFunction (function (doc, path)
app.beginPriv ();
cPath: path,.

cConvID: "com.adobe.acrobat.xlsx."

bCopy: true,
bPromptToOverwrite: true
app.endPriv ();

myTrustedOpenDoc = app.trustedFunction (function (path)
app.beginPriv ();
cPath: path
app.endPriv ();

You can also use the ID of the conversion of the 'com.adobe.spreadsheet '.

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    Hi piotreba,

    Create a new user with all the privileges on your system account & then try to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


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    Clear the PRINT TO FILE option in Acrobat or Adobe Reader. It will be somewhere in the print dialog boxes.

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    You will need to open the file in LiveCycle Designer to be able to get to the scripts.


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    On the first field, look at the object/link tab and see what the link is set to... something .prpably like use FieldName. Now let's look at another field that is not saved and see what his relationship is set on... I bet that it is set to None. If so change it to use FieldName.


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    aljCharlie wrote:

    I want to put my form on my site, and when the user fills out the form they can save at least a completed form for later printing or by e-mail, but with only the player. Is this possible?

    Yes. Go to Advanced Options > enable Adobe Reader usage rights. Activate the file, re-register and then publish your site.

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    Hi KrisBeck,

    Some third-party tools are available online to accomplish this task.

    Use your favorite search engine to find this file converter.

    Important: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

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    PDF-file text

    X 1                                                X1                         (missing blank)

    X 1234-4567 X (new line added)

    Would it be possible that some characters see and not visible of those responsible for this behavior?

    Any help will be appreciated



    It depends a lot on how PDF files is created.  If they are simple conversions for example Word documents, then the output text file will also be probably simple.

    If after that the original text of the creation has changed, added, moved,..., then there may be hidden items in which can no longer be transformed into a similar looking text file.

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    I agree that it's a software because it works well with Adobe Acrobat.  It's just PDF Complete (which was free with my HP computer) does not work!

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    Check the following link to convert a PDF file to Excel file.

    Also check out the following link to convert Office in PDF files.

  • Save the PDF file as the name of the field in PDF format

    Hi all

    I have read this thread: and I still cannot understand this.

    I want to have a custom of the button Save to my PDF form and have it save the filename with fields in my form.  The names of the fields are 'Ready', 'NameofEvent', 'EventStartmdyy '.

    so for example, the PDF is filled and returned to me with its name from default pdf as "Event application form update - 1.pdf", then I get it and click on the button, then it registers as 'DarinVegasTradeshowJune152015.pdf' and records them in a file specific to each time.

    I read on a reliable access and put it in a javascript in the folder or on my computer? My colleague and I'll be the only person to save these, only on the two machines.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you

    I tried the following:

    The correct syntax, that I, based on the returned for 'this.path' debugger


    so I changed the code of this

    determine the path of the directory of the active document

    Directory var = this.path.substring (0, this.path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

    for this

    determine the path of the directory of the active document

    Directory var = ' / HAUCACAM0007VS/actions/Marketing_bridge/Darin /' MasterTracker/EventRequestForms/1 / '.

    and it worked.  I swear I've tried and some variations before.

    Very interesting.  I can send me this PDF file, open it without saving changes, click on save and point it to my repertoire that I wanted to.

    Yay! Solved!

    Thank you try67!

    Yet once, for the sake of people Googling how...


    I pasted this code into a text file, saved as a javascript (.js file), in the following Program Files > Adobe > Acrobat > Javascript, I also pasted into the folder where I will save the file.

    1. var mySaveAs = app.trustedFunction)
    2. {function (oDoc, cPath, cFlName)
    3. Make sure the path has trailing ' / '.
    4. cPath = cPath.replace(/([^/])$ /, ' $1 / ');
    5. try {}
    6. app.beginPriv ();
    7. oDoc.saveAs (cPath + cFlName);
    8. app.endPriv ();
    9. } catch (e) {}
    10. App.Alert ("Error during economy-" + e);
    11. }
    12. }
    13. );

    Then, I created a button, it adds a javascript script.  the "this .getField are looking for field names in my PDF,"Ready"is a field in my PDF which bears my name of sales managers, then, it adds a space beside it (+" "+), then go to the next field I want."  It saves it in order to complete the pdf, then as SalesManager EventName 1 June 2015.pdf.

    1. determine the path of the directory of the active document
    2. Directory var = ' / HAUCACAM0007VS/actions/Marketing_bridge/Darin /' MasterTracker/EventRequestForms/1 / '.
    3. If (typeof (mySaveAs) == 'function') {}
    4. mySaveAs (this, directory, this.getField("RequestedBy").value + "" + this.getField("NameofEvent").value + "" + this.getField("EventStartmdyy").value + ".pdf");
    5. } else {}
    6. App.Alert ("Missing Save function. Contact the Forms Administrator ");
    7. }

    Hope that helps anyone looking on the other to do so, it is quite easy once you know where to save the javascripts (and what to put in it), and then change another javascript code to meet your needs.

    Thank you!

  • HP 8610 saves the pdf files instead of allow to print


    I have printer HP 8610 running on a desktop computer with Windows 7. I just bought and installed the printer. It seems to work irradically since I was able to print a number of things. When I open a pdf document and click on the print icon in the menu it opens the print dialog box. Everything is set to print on the 8610 and when I click on the button print is opens another dialog box asking me of "save under". I tried to save the same document on my desktop and try this place, and the same thing happens.

    Any suggestions?


    You will see the same while the other PDF files print then? for example, Word, Notepad, etc. ?

    Which PDF reader you use?

    Adobe Reader for example, click file > print, and then click the Advanced button.

    Check printing as files option is not checked and click OK.

    Now try to print again and check for the difference.

    Please let me know the results when printing from another program, also well don't forget to specify your PDF reader if the problem persists.


  • Form fields will not save when employee saves the PDF file

    I'm on Acrobat pro (mac osx), my colleague is on Acrobat Reader 9 (XP pc). I did a few form fields in a PDF file and saved. Whenever she changes a part of the text in the fields and tries to save it will not save the things she entered. Whenever it opens, it contains my field data for moose.

    What steps should I take to make it to where she can enter their own text and save it without data loss.

    In Acrobat 9, select: Advanced > extend features in Adobe Reader

  • Save the PDF file that allows...

    I created several PDF files. When I open them in Adobe Reader to write in text boxes that I created it does not allow me to save what is written on the form.

    How can I change there where what I write is able to be registered in order to be able to go back and finish at a later date?

    Thank you.

    With the document open in Acrobat, select "Advanced > extend features in Adobe Reader. But there are limits if you distrubute the form to more than 500 recipients. In short, you can use the data of not more than 500 forms that have been returned to you, including paper copies.

  • After scanning in a file, I can't save the PDF file with a unique file name, it will only back up in its original name; Otherwise, if I save the name of the file under a new name, save it box goes outside and the file is renamed and saved. Help!

    If I analyze the file and its original name is:

    Ssrv395alm76439... and I want to rename it "background."

    If I have the rename, the file won't save. If I leave the file as it will save and I have to go to an additional folder and rename it.

    Help, it's too long. I just click on "Save as" and rename and save the document in the necessary folder at a time!

    Hi Allisonchristinele ,

    Please provide the exact point of the software & OS installed on your system. Also check if it is there any update available for the software after crossing "" help > check updates "»

    Follow this thread to reset the Acrobat preferences:- How to reset preference settings in format Acrobat.

    Like 'save' will save the changes with the file & "save under" will give the window using which can save the file to any location on the system.

    I would like to know is what is happening with some or all the files.

    Also, please try to check with the different user account to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


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