Codes of the lesson can be used more than once?

My students purchase the book for class and use the codes of the lesson in the back of the book. These codes may be used more than once? Sometimes my students buy used texts. Thank you!


Yes, I use classroom in a book for Photoshop and InDesign. Thank you!

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  • Can I use more than once the trial of a piece of software?

    I have a free account and want some software trial. I can use this piece of software once, or it does not reset?

    That is, I can Photoshop the trial and the trial then again at a later date?

    No, you cannot use the free trial again on this machine. Its just for 30 days and cannot be reset. So if you want to use, try the PS, using it on another machine.

  • Satellite Pro L40 PLS4BE: Can I use more than 2 GB of memory

    Is it possible add more than 2 GB of memory?

    What happens if I add e.g. 2 x 2 GB?

    Intel says GM965 supports 4 GB max memory...




    No you can not use more than 2 GB of RAM. You can upgrade the laptop up to 2GB (2 x 1 GB).

    > What happens if I add e.g. 2 x 2 GB?
    I think that nothing will happen ;)
    Either your laptop will not start or will start the laptop but the full RAM will not be recognized

  • How is it you can't use more than 126 GB of a 1.5 TB with LabVIEW Real-time hard drive?

    How is it you can't use more than 126 GB of a 1.5 TB with LabVIEW Real-time hard drive?
    It's only 8.3% of disk space!

    The national Instrument is reformat that you drive less than 126 GB or replace the drive with a less than this size.

    Please OR tell me you go fix your LabVIEW Real Time soon, and that we will not have to wait for LabVIEW RT 9.2.1 in 2011 for this one to fix.

    Readers as high as 126 GB or more have been around since mid-2002.  It's about 7 years now and LabVIEW Real-time STILL cannot use greater than 126 GB drives!  Please OR.  Do something.

    We deserve the patches for older versions of LabVIEW RT.  What about updates to LabVIEW RT.  As 7.0.2 7.1.2 7.6.2, 8.0.2, 8.2.2, 8.6.2.

    We don't need new features or versions of LabVIEW RT as 9.0 until we have some of the bugs fixed in existing versions.


  • can I use more than 2 devices for 1 account of creative cloud?


    can I use more than 2 devices for 1 account creative cloud?

    I know that it is limited to 2 devices for activation / account.

    Thank you

    You can, but you must disconnect from Adobe Creative Cloud app of any one of the 2 previous computers, so that you can activate on other computers.

    Connect and disconnect activate Cloud Creative applications

  • repeating subforms can you script to stop the same value being selected more than once

    I have a LiveCycle form with a subform that is repeated when the first field (text field 2 characters) requires the entry of a code between 01 and 99. You can script so that you cannot enter the same value of code more than once?

    Here's a code in Formcalc that works for you. Put it in the output of the textfield event.

    In this example, the page is called myPage and textField is called TextField1. Rename them as you need.

    indexCount var = 0

    var thisIndex = $. parent.index

    While (indexCount< thisindex)="">

    If (myPage [indexCount]. TextField1 is myPage [thisIndex]. TextField1) then ("you already used this number")

    $ = ""


    indexCount = indexCount + 1


  • Can I use more than one flash drive to ready boost on Satellite L650/0ed


    I have a toshiba Satellite L650/0ed, it's good if I use more than one drive 8 GB flash for "ready boost" - what is the maximum number of using flash-drives can devote to the "ready-boost.

    In addition, if I use a 16 gb flash drive, will this affect more memory "ready boost".

    Why the 3.5 drive seagate expansion 1 TB is not compatible for ready-boost.

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    Please check this Microsoft page that describes the ReadyBosst

    There, you can find this statement:
    + ReadyBoost works with storage devices more flash. In Windows 7, it can handle more memory and even multiple devices * eight *, for a maximum of 256 GB of additional memory. +

    I hope this can be useful!

  • Can I use more than 1 layer in a single layer mask?

    Hi all!

    I am a beginner in Photoshop, so everything I do to this tent to complete the tutorials.

    At a given time of the lesson I started today, mentions of the description that I must make a selection in the left part of the image, add a layer mask and press Ctrl + Backspace to make the selection disappears. I did it, no problem.

    The next step is to do the same in the upper part of the image.

    My problem is that I already have an active layer mask and I can't repeat the same steps because I am not allowed by the program to create a second in the same layer.

    What Miss me?

    Its very easy really and you do not need more of a mask. The author would probably include a photo of the layers palette for orientation.

    I have not used a path to create the edges of the pieces of the puzzle here, but the principle is exactly the same.

    Hope that helps


  • Can I put my Compaq Presario SR5030NX to win 8 and can it use more than 2 GB of memory so?


    I have Windows 7 on it now and it works fine, but the specs say that it can take only 2 GB of memory. I didn't know if the Compaq Presario SR5030NX is capable of running Windows 8 and if that would allow him to use more memory, or if the memory is a hardware limitation.

    Thank you


    The following link will offer you if HP has tested your system for Windows 8:

    If your system is not tested, HP will not release the drivers directly for your site template Web

    The following hyperlink will suggest if your system is compatible with Windows 8:

    If your system is compatible with Windows 8, most of the pilots would be available through Windows 8. If you need any specific driver, please follow these steps:
    1. in the run box, type devmgmt.msc.
    2 unknown devices would be listed as such and plotted with a yellow question mark.
    3. Select the unknown device or any other device you need of drivers and right-click to access the properties.
    4. in the Properties window, click the Details tab and select Device Instance of Id or hardware ID from the drop-down.
    5. an alphanumeric string, like this DEV_7130 & PCI\VEN_1217 & SUBSYS_012F1025 & REV_01\4 & 6B16D5B & 0 & 33F0 is the marker for the identification of the unit.
    6. Please provide this number so we can offer you the appropriate driver.

    According to the specifications of your system, the motherboard can support only 2 GB of maximum memory:

  • Can I use more than 1 on 1 device icloud account?

    I'm trying to set up a family sharing. I have an itunes account id and Setup on my vista desktop. My children are new 6th generation ipod touch for Christmas. I want to implement the family sharing so that they may have music already on the itunes on the computer account and have their own accounts. It says I have to install icloud on a supported device, I did not. can I use one to touch children in order to create an account with my current id icloud and then sign out and they use their ID as usual?

    Not at the same time.

  • Can I use more than one html5/js animation produced with Flash/createjs in a Web site?

    Hi, I produce animations with Flash which will be delivered in createjs html5/js hollow. The problem is that after including the first animation in my html Web site, the rest of the animations are crushed with the first, that is why, if I attempt to insert a second animation in my site, in fact, it will replace the first animation, I had already placed...

    I already tried the following:

    -change the default canvasID to another

    -Change the resources and namespaces Javascript in Createjs export settings

    -manually change the name of the functions (lib, img, syc) in the Javacript file

    None of them seem to solve the problem. So I'm now wondering if it is actually possible to insert more than one animation in a Web site...

    I would appreciate a quick response because I am working on a project with a very tight schedule and really need to address this question right.

    Thank you very much in advance for the help.

    Then, you have made a mistake.

    Start with the two different FLAS.  one with a red rectangle on the stage and the other with a blue onstage rectangle and nothing else.  publish your html and js files.

    combine the two into one and, if you have a problem, the postcode of your a single html file and two js files.

  • Sub - VI with nodes of feedback used more than once inside a While loop


    I have a Subvi is a set of operations and using 3 feedback nodes. I use this Subvi inside a loop While 4 times in total. I noticed all instances used to share the same result in each node for your comments, but I would like to have an individual result of each of them. Is there an easy way to work around this problem? I find ways to avoid this: a) create a different vi for each time the Subvi has been used. (b) use global variables instead of feedback nodes. Is there an easier way to get around this problem?

    ExamplePlease note that the two sub - VI are the same) If on my first Subvi I calculate a maximum value and get 1.29 (then goes to the crux of feedback) on my second slot - VI 1.01 my feedback to the Subvi second node records still get the maximum value or 1.29. (and I want it to be 1.01!)

    Hope, that it is not too complicated, I was scratching my head with that for a while, can't find the "easy" button Thanks in advance.


    IM using 9.0.

    It would be useful to join the code. Anyway, I'm not sure how several knots of comments are supposed to work so I will defer to others to answer that. As far as being able to use separate or instances values if you are using a Subvi, you could mark it as reentrant. In this way, each call to it will behave as it were a copy of the VI and it will have its own memory space. This should include the feedback node. You end up with a single slot - VI and in reality a single node of feedback. If you need pass data between calls that simply data through wire. You can also use a motor of Action to store and retrieve values. An EA is MUCH better than a global variable.

  • cannot use more than once back or cant use BACKSPACE to delete a letter when typing email or Word Help.

    Original title: cannot use the BACKSPACE or repeated letters

    If typing an e-mail or Word Help, I can't use the backspace over once to delete a letter. I also can not type two letters of same consecutively without highlighting with the mouse to delete and retype the letter.

    Check the keyboard settings in the control panel to ensure that delay and repeat rates are fixed limits on use.  There is a test there area where you can test your settings.

  • Can I use more than one USB-6008 in the same program?

    I'm working on a project that may require up to six modules USB-6008.  Before I buy more I need to know if I can use all six at once in the same Lab View program.  Can anyone help?

    Hello Nick,

    LabVIEW is capable of handel that the number of data acquisition tasks quite easily, but you have to remember that USB has a maximum bandwidth. Therefore, you have to make sure you have enough on your PC USB hubs. In general there are between two to four USB slots by hub and each of them will have a maximum flow rate which will be divided between all devices connected to this hub. So even if you can get four USB DAQ devices attached to four USB ports if they are on the same hub, you might notice significantly reduced rates of data transfer. I would say rather than buying six or more USB 6008, why not buy a PCI card that is able to handel a lot more entries with greater bandwidth.

  • VMFusion5.0.3:Why I can't use more than one processor in Win8

    I ran Win8 in VMware fusion 5.0.3 I put the CPU to use 2 CPUs Win8 but Win8 uses only 1, see the screenshot below. Is this a bug? Thanks for any answer!


    This is just the default presentation in Windows 8, 2012. You can change it by clicking on the graph and selecting ' change the chart of "->"logical processors.


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