collect the user name for the site module

I have an account on the site of the add-on ( I can easily change the password, but I forgot my username; How to retrieve it?

Thank you.

Roger Blair

Is it in your password manager?

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  • Is that a way firefox will store the information of user name for a site without password information?

    some other browsers allow a user name to be automatically filled in and saved so you just enter a password. It seems that Firefox does not have this option. Is that a way firefox will store the information of user name for a site without password information?

    This works! Thank you very much.

  • In my list of registered passwords/user names, my user name for some sites is listed as "password" instead of my real username. He does not save my user name or password for these sites, even if I told.

    I have a forum site that I visit at least a few times a day and I told both the site and the firefox popup to remember my username and password. He used to save, but it stopped working in recent weeks. When I go to my saved usernames and passwords (Tools-> options-> Security-> saved passwords), it shows the username for this site as "Password" (obviously NOT my username). I tried the white list of the site (in case my flash blocker was the problem), reload the page and eliminate information saved and entering again. So far I have not been able to find something that works.

    Try to use the extension of the saved password Editor, which allows you to change the existing passwords and manually add new.

  • I created a domain name for my site, but it's just to show my domain name on the Web site. How can I get my website to show?

    I created a domain name for my site, but it's just to show my domain name on the Web site. How can I get my website to show?

    You can follow the steps outlined in the document below to add the domain: -.

    Add a domain name to your site using the service DNS of BC

  • Get a pop-up box 'Please indicate the password and user name for Proxy server"...

    Get a pop-up box 'Please indicate the password and user name for Proxy server"...

    I don't know what to do... Please help.

    Hi G-R-O-C-K,.

    Looks like you're behind a limited connection / network.

    These are the entries, you need to add:

    IMS - - rel - ffc -

    When you try to connect to WIFI, try connecting with a cable and see if you get the same.

    Otherwise, see:

    Hope this helps you solve the problem.

    Kind regards


  • By default the user name for RE website?

    What is the default username for the site Web of Reader Extensions?

    http://localhost: 8080/ReaderExtensions.

    I have the password in hand, but dono what is the user name.

    Can anyone help?


    The password you have is the certificate you are installing. The name of user and password you need to connect to the user interface is Administrator and password. You can assign the role of RE userinterface access to any user through the /AdminUI.


  • How can I change my user name for the profile of apple

    Hi mac tribe is anyway to have the username my apple changed something else?

    If you are referring to your user name of communities of Apple Support, I ask the moderators of Apple for help, but may take several days or more.

  • Where Firefox does not user name for the mail from Verizon?

    I use Verizon email with Firefox. The user ID
    for verizon email is email address. However,.
    If you type in something other than error
    the correct user in the box, the computer ID
    dutifully she remembers as well as good
    one! Where Firefox saves these nicks
    for Verizon Mail so that I can kill incorrect

    Almost. You need to highlite the problem entry
    then hold DOWN the SHIFT key, and then
    Press delete. I found this answer which
    work by searching the Web led me
    Return to this site. The original question posted
    has been a little words than mine.

    Thank you

  • User name for the e-mail settings blackBerry Smartphones

    I forgot the user name I need to access the e-mail settings, I have the password but not the username. I tried all possible user names, I would have given, but none of them works.

    What is the format of the username? It of just a username like "James31" or is it like "[email protected]".

    Can be completely different from your address of Mali? for example email address could be '[email protected]', then the user name should be 'x' or can be like "xdfak"?

    Thank you!

    It doesn't have to be your email address.

    It can be simply "joesmith" or jsmith and does not necessarily match your email address. It may, but is not necessary.

  • Two different user names for the same account!

    We bought my son a laptop and have set up a user account for him which is a standard user account and an administrator account to monitor and adjust security settings. However, our administrator account on the configuration page and the login screen is called MumandDad (which is what we want!) but when you go into Windows Live or the list of records or other areas where the username is the user name is Joseph. User account from my son named Joseph on connect to the Setup page and the page, but once again under folders etc. it is called Joseph2 - what should I do so that all folders/accounts read the same as the log in / page of the control panel?

    Joseph2 is not an account name - is the name of the profile folder. If the name of the profile folder generally conform with the name of the account, there is sometimes a difference. There is nothing to worry about - just leave it as it is. Change it and can cause serious problems.

  • Using odiRef in the package ODI to get the user name for the object in step OdiSendmail


    I'm trying to do something simple and to include the user name in a subject line of a stage of OdiSendMail.  In the Expression Editor for the topic, I use the following syntax, but in vain.

    Send data to HFM starts by < % = odiRef.getUser (String) % >

    What a friend missing here?  I need to replace the string with something like 'UserName' or is there a different setting to spend?  I tried the username, but it did not work.  This syntax is correct or do I have to enter another way?

    Thank you



    getUser has a parameter which is the name of the property to recover, you will probably want the username;

    Something like...

    <%=odiRef.getUser( "USER_NAME" )%>

    See you soon


  • How to display the user name for database connection using dreamweaver? [was: help]

    connect display mode database using dreamweaver user name

    LionelLionel wrote:

    OK, sorry 4 that; I use dreamweavercs6 and the script server is php.i as accurate must I set up a server (wampserver) local on my laptop for this level of competence of with scripts php is very limited. and now, after you have created the database (in phpmyadmin), I want to display the user name of the user after login... I need help please.thx

    You want to display it where? On the login page of "success"?

    Add the below to each top of the page:

    Then add the following in the code where you want the ' user name to appear:

  • Pulling the currently logged in Windows user name for a watermark?

    Is it possible to get the username of the person of the current windows login information and then use these data watermark with this.addWatermarkFromText? I'm doing a simple option 1 button for one to mark the page currently displayed with their credentials to show they worked it in a given document.

    OK, so this is the code you place in a .js file in the folder under Acrobat JavaScripts:

    getWindowsUserName = {app.trustedFunction (function ()}

    app.beginPriv ();

    var tmpPath = app.getPath ("user", "temp");

    var pieces = tmpPath.split("/");

    If (parts.length > = 4 & shares [2] == "Users")

    return parts [3];

    Return ' ';

    app.endPriv ();


    Then call the following code, you are the script in your stamp file to get the current Windows user name, you can:


    Note This works on Windows 7. I have not tested on other plaforms...

  • Password and user name for the downloadable virtual machine

    Anyone know what is the password to root for Linux servers are downloadable from the site VMmark & gt;  I use the 1.1.1 version guests.

    If you have found this device or any other answer useful please consider useful or correct buttons using attribute points

    Tom Howarth VCP / vExpert

    VMware communities user moderator


    Author of the contribution on "[VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security: securing ESX and virtual environment | ]. [ & s = books & qid = 1256146240 & sr = 1-1] & rdquo; . Currently available on roughcuts

    Try: vmmark

  • He seems to have forgotten the user name for windows mail - please hep

    My user & password won't let me in my mail. I changed the password! but it does not recognize my user name. Is there a way easy t know what is wrong?

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