color laserjet 2840 scrolling out of control control panel

My HP color laserjet 2840 Control Panel scroll out of control.  The screen lights up and you can read "Hewlett-Packard", but nothing else.  Under the words "Hewlett-Packard" that seems to be something (probably the word "Ready") scrolling to the right on the left of a way very fast, unreadable.  I can't print with this problem.

I recently installed a mod for additional memory, but preinted fine a few days before, so that's not the issue.

If anyone has any idea how I can return to the "Ready" State, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.

Thank you for the reset option.

Since my original post, I called HP support and they told me that they don't support any more of my printer.  I was even unable to discuss the issue, which has been quite disappointing.

I ended up out the memory mod that I mentioned in my post and the screen of the printer stop scrolling.  I had the feeling that it was the question, because it was the only variable, but it was the good mod, so I wasn't sure.

In the meantime, I was forced to buy a new printer because I needed one and now I have an extra.

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