Color LaserJet Pro 200 M27nw MFP - problem scanning ADF

Seems to me a new Color LaserJet Pro 200 M27nw MFP running on a PC with Windows 8 and have come to realize that whenever I scan from the ADF Document (CAD), no output file is generated. The original document is drawn in by the document successfully feeder and the printer display indicates that the scan is ready. However, no analysis file is generated. This happens regardless of know if I send the output to USB or to e-mail and if the original document leaves simple or multiple.

Interestingly, the ADF works fine if I try to produce paper copies, in other words, the printer is able to pull in the leaves o FRENCH original of the document in the ADF (as this either alone or several sheets) and to produce copies of the original successfully. Furthermore, I have no problem to scan multiple or single sheet documents when the original document is loaded by the Scanner flat, rather than the document feeder Scanner.

Appreciate any help. Thank you


HI @StephenScerri ,

I see by your post that when scanning from the ADF there is no output file containing the scan which is generated on USB or e-mail. You can copy the ADF and scan successfully of the bucket. I would like to help.

Is this printer the Pro 200 M127nw MFP Laserjet

I have provided a document for how Scan: Windows 8

When you scan from the magazine, you get an overview of the analysis of the computer software?

What is the scan preview, but do not save it to the computer?

What software are you using to scan?

Try saving the scan on the computer, if you get a preview, to see if it will save the scan it.

Please provide detailed results if you're still having problems.

Have a great day!
Thank you.

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  • Color LaserJet pro 200 M276nw MFP - Scan configuration and installation on Mac Yosemite

    Hi all

    I just bought a new LaserJet pro 200 color MFP M276nw and I am trying (for 4 days) to coorectly install it.

    My goal would be to use it via the wifi connection and I put it correctly by the façade.

    When I try to install the printer on wifi, I can install the printer driver, but I can't find the driver for scanning.

    I tried to connect by ethernet and the system to emphasize a multifunction scanner and the printer driver. If use them, it works correctly.

    Whenever I go out the lan cable for use in wifi it lose the scan functions.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you


    Hi @gianluigi1982 ,

    I see that you have problems with scanning via the wireless network, but you can scan through an Ethernet connection.

    I would like to help.

    Do you have what drivers installed the printer? (Apple update or the 10.9 download drivers)

    I checked our laboratory with 10.10 installed on this computer and I was able to browse for printers and Scanners on the wireless network.

    Check the version of the driver installed.

    Go to the Apple preferences system, printers, and Scanners, highlight the Laserjet printers, click the print tab on the right side of the window, and select the Options and supplies.
    Under the general tab it will give the list the version of the driver.
    19.9 is one on the lab.

    Which driver you have show?

    Check the name of the driver that is installed by the printer. Make sure that it shows just the name of the printer.
    Click on the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Click on Printers & Scanners, highlight the name of the printer on the left side and right side of the screen it should show the name of the printer. (MFP Laserjet Pro 200 M276)

    If the full name of the printer is not correctly, delete and add the printer name back from the list. Click on the sign - to remove the driver and then click on the + sign to add the driver might have to drop-down list to select the name of the printer to add a click.

    In the printers and Scanners window, highlight the printer on the left side, to the right of the window, you should have a print/scan tab, click Scan, and then open Scanners and test scanning. If you do not have the scan tab, let me know.

    Have you added the printer as your Hello or via the IP protocol? (cannot scan through the IP Protocol)

    You use the automatic IP address or your own static IP address?

    Here is some information for scanning in OS X v10.10 Yosemite without software HP.

    Please provide detailed results if you're still having problems.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

  • Multifunction Color LaserJet Pro 200: blue line when scanning from feeder not dish

    When I scan from the charger, I get a blue line that spans the length of the document. It does not happen when I scan from the tray. any suggestions on how to fix?

    Thank you

    Hi @Pichopop,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I read your post and see that you have found a blue line, during the analysis from the ADF. I will definitely do my best to help you. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    What is the name and the product number of your printer? How can I find my model number or product number?

    There are several models of Laserjet 200 series.

    Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector) This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation. Poor power connections can cause problems of copy and scanning and rejection of the toner.

    Here is a document for the cleaning of the glass and Platinum. You will notice that there are two areas for the glass, one for the dish and the other is for the ADF.

    Do not take into account the model and the title. Proceed to step three: clean the glass and Platinum sweeping.

    Please let me know the results and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you.

  • Color LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw: color Laserjet Pro 200 M276nw install problems

    My printer seemed intemitently impression not so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.  Everything was going well until the installation process decided to scan the network to the printer.  My computer is on the network and able to conencto to the internet and printing is on the network - wireless to the printer status page says and sees the router.  Not sure why he does not see the installer.

    I never could get the recommended pilot plant to work (in the same after following all steps).  Instead, I downloaded the "base" drivers on the site.  Then, I went in adding printers (in Windows features) and manually punched the AutoRun.inf.  Fully managed Windows from there.

  • M276n MFP: HP color LaserJet Pro 200 M276n multifunction


    I recently bought color HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276n MFP. I face a problem with fax reception when it goes into sleep mode. Consider for automatic reception, but after an hour the fax does not work and sometimes I have to reset it. I use it for my office. whenever I should to wake up but the Knight, he makes is not possible.

    Thank you very much



    Try to install the latest firmware for your printer from the link below:

    Here's one of his describedenhancements, in my view, that it should solve the problem:

    Addresses an issue where the device may not wake up from sleep mode when receiving a fax if it is connected to an improperly grounded 220v power source.

    Please let me know how it goes,


  • M251nw color LaserJet pro 200: does print in black only, no color

    All of a sudden, my m251nw color laserjet pro 200 prints only black. Cartridges changed (C/M/Y) without modification. Toolbox shows that they are all 100%, but nothing will be printed in color, not even the Demo Page. Anyone able to help?

    Updated the firmware from hp, and it fixed the problem.

  • LaserJet Pro 200: Impression of dark color LaserJet Pro 200 m251nw

    I recently bought and installed a printer of Color LaserJet Pro 200 and have noticed that when I print anything either in the color of the image is very "dark".

    When I print the example page, via the touch screen, the image seems very bright and vibrant. However, whatever it is printed via my computer throug h that an application is dark with almost oversaturated colors.

    I downloaded and installed the most recent driver from the HP site and nothing has changed. The printer is connected wireless to the home network and I tried not directly connected to the computer at the moment.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    In the Printing Preferences screen (click Properties or settings of the print dialog box in the application used to print to access printing preferences screen), try disabling the HP EasyColor option in the color tab.

    Also try to select the themes of different colors like photograph (sRGB) or Photo (Adobe sRGB).

    You can see any difference with the results then?


  • Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251 nw: unable to do manual duplex printing with Windows 10

    Using my prior desktop computer that ran from Windows 7, I had no difficulty to do manual duplex printing on my HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251 nw color.  However, having recently bought a new desktop computer running Windows 10, I have more two-sided printing option.  Instructions to Guide the user to are unnecessary because I cannot complete step 3, click Finish.  After completing the first two steps by clicking on file - print and then click Properties or preferences, I am not provided with an option to "print on both sides (manually)" as described in the User Guide.  How can I get manual double-sided printing capability on Windows 10?

    Usually when you have a driver problem, it is best to find the current driver on the HP website, disconnect the printer from your PC, remove the existing driver, and then install the current driver.

    Windows often installs drivers that do not support as many features as the downloadable driver.

    If my post is solved your problem and click the accepted as button solution under him.

    In order to thank a Tech for a post click the thumbs up button under the post.

    You can even click on the two keys...

  • Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251n: LJ Pro200 M251n not print not some font sizes

    My new printer does not print text to certain sizes of fonts using Word or Publisher 2010. Until 60pt, it's good, but not 72, 100, or 120. However, it will print 240 pt. It will also display these text elements of the pdf document.

    Is this a driver problem? I use PCL6 but cannot find any drivers on the HP site. Do I need UPD PCL 6?


    Update the latest firmware for the printer, which should solve this.

    Use the next tool if it is connected with a USB key:

    For a network connection, follow these steps:

    Kind regards


  • HP color laserjet pro 200 m251n reset

    my printer hp laserjet pro 200 color achieved m251n adjustment locked after I attribute to use smart installation of the system. but I didn't put a password before. I can't cold reset for this type. Please help me...

    Hi robydj2007,

    Sorry about that. I'll send you a PM.

    Thank you.

  • Unable to connect to the HP ePRINT with Color LaserJet Pro 400 M475dw MFP website

    LaserJet Pro 400 color multifunction m475dw-Just installed. Print, scan, copy and fax all works fine! use of WiFi

    Using IMAC OS 10.8.2 with all updates

    Netgear DGN2200v3 router using

    Printer not connect to the HP ePrint website

    Printer connects using Hp and profile for fax set up etc.  But the "HP Web Services" article when enrecorded and hit the Activate button - it does not connect to the site - it seems just to refresh.

    "If I try to connect thro the printer not the imac and try to activate the web services, it says" connection "on the screen BUT after a few minutes of trying - so says" CONNECTION ERROR - the printer is unable to connect to the service. Check the internet connection


    Thank you very much

    I try to pull up the built-in web server (EWS) by entering the IP address of the printer in a browser and set a static IP & DNS address.

    The information for the default gateway, subnet mask and IP address can be accessed from the Setup menu on the front panel, go to settings > reports > network summary and it will print off the coast.

    Once you entered the IP address in a browser and have the EWS pulled up, go to the tab above titled "Networking". Then click on IPv4 in the left column; who will bring to the top of the address configuration page.  Place the manual radio button and fill in the IP address, the default gateway and the subnet mask with the information from the report. You don't fill the part entitled WINS server, which can be left alone.

    You will then want to fill in the DNS of the page part, the favorite should be set to and the alternative/secondary must be set to Then click 'apply '.

    Power cycle the printer. Turn off the power, wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Once it is fully operational, try again to connect to web services.

  • Color LaserJet pro 200 M276nw: color LaserJet pro 200 MFP M276nw network installation problems

    Set up the printer correctly. Has chosen to use the Wifi option. Wireless computers are able to print to it without problem. Went do my first scan, and it tells me to set up printing to the network drive. So I will do this, and the software HP on the host computer (with USB connection) told me that it can configure not unless that is the printer is connected to a network.

    Obviouslly, it is connected to a network...

    Then disabled Wifi. Is turned off the printer. It connected to the router. Running. And still get the error message. Besides, cannot be found in the menu of the printer (on printer) where I can "setup" a wired connection.

    I'm a nerd of the computer, but for some reason i gots the mute today. Some advice would be appreciated - about the printer that is.

    Oh. You say to add the printer a network rather than USB printer. DOH. So simple. Thank you!!!

  • New Color LaserJet Pro 200 MFP M276n gives the message "printer is off-line.

    Hi, I have install and use this printer last week, no problem with printing.  Today it tells me that the printer is offline, and documents to sit in the queue without printing.  I am running Windows 7 on the laptop and the printer is connected via a USB cable. It is an office of a person, so I'm the only user of the computer and the printer.  Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your comments.  I ended up ringing the help desk.  I think that print driver software had been corrupted, as it started printing when we tried to re - charge print drivers.  Hope that this kind of thing does not happen too often.  Too much stress!

  • MFP Color Laserjet Pro 200 print menu

    When I use my iMac 27 with this printer, I see all the print options in the print menu in preview, etc that are mentioned in the User Guide.  No 'color/quality' options / advanced etc. to change.   I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from HP.  I use OS X 10.9.4.  Am I doing something wrong or missing something.  The product works very well otherwise.

    Hi jerryoster,

    It seems to me from your description that you use the Mac AirPrint driver instead of the HP driver. I suggest the following;

    Reset the printing system

    1. Click on the Apple icon ( ), then click on System Preferences.
  • Color LaserJet Pro 200: Scanner unavailable

    Ever sinc update the firmware on my printer, I had two problems.  The first problem is that the power button is now flashing after a prolonged peiord of inactivity.  I cannot print unless I push the power button flashes and it becomes solid.

    The biggest problem is that now I can't scan.  I get an error message after "the Scanner is inaccessible.  Scanner communication cannot be established.  Make sure that your product is running... »

    I am able to print once I hit the button and it stops flashing.

    Guess my first question is, is I possible to revert to the previous version of firmware.

    Welcome to the community of HP @ab90011,

    I saw your post on communication issues scan your 200 Laserjet is having, and I would try to help! You will not be able to return to a previous firmware version.

    If your printer is connected to a network, try power cycling network devices:

    • Turn off the printer and the computer and unplug the router for 1 minute (do not press the buttons on the router).
    • Plug the router back in and wait another minute, turn on the printer and the computer.
    • Try to scan the image.

    Tip: Make sure that the printer is plugged directly into the wall, avoiding bars power and surge protectors.

    If it is from scanning, run the print and Scan Doctor and choose "scan of difficulty."

    Answer to me with the results of the PSDr tool, how you have the printer connected (Ethernet, wireless, USB), and LaserJet 200 model you have.

    Thank you

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