ColorMFP LaserJet M175nw 100: connect printer Laserjet 100 wireless

Due to the recent DDOS acctack on servers DNS of Dyn Corp, it was recommended that all passwords and secret phrases on routers and Internet all devices be changed. I did this on all my devices and I'm successful with the exception of the 100 Laserjet Printer.  When you use the arrow keys on the printer to access the "network" Menu, I get a response indicating 'Access disabled Menu'.  I also have this same answer for the configuration of the system and Service.

So I correctly uninstalled the printer and tried to reinstall it.  In doing so, I am only able to put in place as a USB printer and not a wireless printer.  Trying to set up as a printer wireless Configuration utility see the SSID of the router and then when he's in the Install utility installation fails.  I turned off and unplugged from the computer, printer and router and re-run the routine without success.

In my view, if there is a way to set the default printer, it will disable the block on access to the "network" Menu on the control panel of the printer and then I would be able to configute the operation it's wireless.  I would also appreciate other possible solutions.  Thank you!

Hello @burtech,

Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP Support! After reading your post, I see that you need to reset the printer. I want to help you with this issue today.

I can provide reset for you in the product Monograph.
In the forum next to our name to handle just click on the envelope
to see it.

You can click on the button 'Accept as Solution' and the 'Thumbs Up' for my efforts. Please let me know how it goes. Have a great day!

You can click on the button 'Accept as Solution' and the 'Thumbs Up' for my efforts. Please let me know how it goes. Have a great day!

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    I have a new router which is password protected. now my Pascal of 2540 deskjet printer connect to the new router. I followed the instructions of disk configuration, but I not conenct a printer cable on my computer. Please tell us how I can move forward.

    Thank you

    You need a USB cable for it. Better, if you can borrow a because you are only going to use it for 5 minutes.

    Install the printer through the USB port and then convert to wireless

  • Connection printer OfficeJet 6100 wireless

    I don't know what else to try, and I'm hoping someone can help.  I am attemtping to connect the OfficeJet 6100 to my network using Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400.  After the implementation of process several times and print pages "HP Network Configuration Page" and "The wireless network Test results", everything appears it should work, but isn't always.  I am able to print if my ultrabok (Acer Aspire S3, running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) is connected through the USB port.  I would like to get this set up wireless so that I can also take advantage of the capabilities of the ePrint.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    The wireless network Test results

    Model: HP Officejet 6100 x

    "No problem found. Congratulations on the successful your printer wireless installation. »

    Diagnostic results


    -Wireless on: PASS

    -Wiressless work: PASS

    -Signal quality: Excellent


    -Connected: PASS


    - Find the network name (SSID): PASS

    -Other networks detected matching your network name (SSID): No.

    -Network detected: 5

    > Settings

    -The printer settings compatible with the wireless router settings: PASS

    -No filtering: PASS

    -Channel: 11

    -Security: PASS

    Current configuration

    -Name (SSID) of the network: xxxxxxxxx

    -Hardware (MAC) address: xxxxxxxxx

    -IP address:

    -Source configuration: DHCP

    -Mode communication: Infrastructure

    -Authentication type: WPA - PSK

    -Encryption: Auto (AES or TKIP)

    HP Network Configuration page

    General information

    Network status: ready

    Type of connection: Wireless

    Firmware revision: TQP1FN1146AR

    Hello MP4683

    We are at least getting somewhere HP has a troubleshooting article that help address the question of the printer offline.

    See if the above measures help solve your problem.

    "Printer is off-line" Message appears on the computer and the HP software does not print

  • Printing envelopes with laserjet MFP M175nw 100

    My laserjet MFP M175nw 100 works fine, as long as I print on standard A4 paper. But printing envelopes is another matter. The print is dirty and when I look closely, I see that repeated text on the envelope of what a few cm is smaller. Print a cleaning page does not solve the problem. The problem occurs both on the thin envelopes heavy quality.

    Operating system: Windows Vista

    Printer with the USB cable to the computer

    Print program: Microsoft Word 2007.

    Hi Jan_NL,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I understand when the printing envelopes printing looks dirty and is repeated printing of text below.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    Make sure you change the paper size of the application you are printing from and then assign the printer driver envelopes.

    In the software, select the option print.
    Select the appropriate printer name, and then click Properties or preferences.
    Select the paper/quality tab.
    Paper size, make sure it is selected on the correct size.
    Paper type, set it to envelopes.

    Then try and print again.

    I have provided this printer's specifications. HP LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP (M175a and M175nw) product specifications. Under paper management it is the envelope formats supported.

    This paper presents how to load envelopes and the types of envelopes supported in a Laserjet Printer. (the wrong kind can get stuck inside the unit) Loading paper and envelopes.

    This document is intended to solve problems of quality Print. Follow the steps described in the paper to see if we can solve this problem. Print the diagnostics page, perform cleaning again and also to calibrate the printer.

    You have the impression of problem even on letter-size paper?

    You use Genuine HP Toner?

    Let me know the results, if you have any other questions please.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Good day!

  • HP Laserjet MFP M175nw 100: Laserjet 100 keeps needing to be reinstalled

    Most often when I go to print something on my Laserjet MFP M175nw 100 nothing happens until the printer is re-installed.   I connected the desktop pc and do not use the wireless from my PC doesn't have a wireless card.  The pc is connected to a router that is also wireless.

    I had to reinstall the printer several dozen times.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Hey @Rsisaacs,

    I'm sorry to hear that the troubleshooting steps I provided could not solve your problem of USB connectivity. Because your printer is installed and connected via the USB cable connection there should be no reason that the wireless on your HP Laserjet should hinder communication. That being said, if you want to disable the wireless on your printer just follow the steps below.

    1. Click on Setup (key) button on the control panel of your printer
    2. Press the right arrow next to OK more to the Network Configuration and select OK
    3. Select the Wireless Menu , and then select OK
    4. Select Direct wireless and OK
    5. Make sure that The Direct wireless is turned OFF
    6. Then arrow to turn wireless on / off right and click OK
    7. Make sure the Wireless is turned OFF

    Computers can install the printer in a ' use offline' mode which will not allow your printer. The computer will be actually "think" that your printer is not connected, when in reality, your printer is connected and ready to print. This problem can be resolved by ensuring that the 'Use printer offline' is not activated. However, this setting does not affect the scanning. In your previous post, you indicate that this problem affects both printing and scanning, so I don't think that this question is about the feature 'use printer offline '. However, if you want to check this setting if your printer is not printing, simply follow the steps below.

    1. Click on the Start menu
    2. Select the devices and printers
    3. Right-click on your HP Laserjet Printer
    4. Left click on "see what's printing ' "
    5. When the print queue window opens you will see 'printer', 'Document' and 'see' along the top
    6. Click on the printer
    7. Make sure 'Use printer offline ' is not checked.

    Another parameter that can be causing this conflict of USB communication can be the Smart Install feature on your printer. Smart Install causes your printer to be 'detected' as an installation CD. This means that if you install your printer you do it not the software CD. You simply plug the USB cable from the printer into your computer and start the installation. There is a chance that your computer will sometimes detect the printer as a software CD rather than a real printer with this function. To disable this feature, please follow the steps below.

    1. Select the installation program (key) on the control panel of your printer
    2. Arrow in the Service menu on the right and click OK
    3. To Smart Install of right arrow and click OK
    4. Smart install turn OFF and select OK

    Test your printer to make sure that the USB communication problem has been resolved. Good luck!

  • How to print from the iPad on LaserJet p2015dn which is connected to my network wireless Ethernet?

    How do I print from my iPad 2 on hp LaserJet p2015dn which is connected to my network wireless capable Ethernet?


    Thanks for the post.  I have included a link below that can help with printing from your iPad.  Please read carefully to ensure that your situation meets the requirements.   HP ePrint home and Biz.  Good luck!

  • M553DN: How to connect printer Laserjet M553DN to Wifi? -(Jetdirect accessory 3000w is already installed)

    Any help is appreciated.

    This printer was designed to be connected to the internet via WIFI.  The printer is not close to a LAN to be connected via a network cable.

    I bought the JetDirect 3000w accessory to allow the printer to have wireless connectivity.  The JetDirect 3000w accessorry is physically installed and I've activated 'Wireless Direct' via the control panel of the printer.  But I can't understand how to connect the printer to the WiFi.

    I looked everywhere in the network printer Panel, safety etc. but can not find the place where or how to connect the printer to the Wifi using Direct wireless.

    Any help is trully appreciated.  Thank you.


    The Jetdirect 3000w feature:! tab features =

    It will not connect your printer to your wireless network because it only deploys wireless direct printing. And it looks like you can only configure to use direct printing:

    Kind regards.

  • HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw: Can't get CP1525nw connected to the network wireless Netgear Nighthawk x 6 R8000

    I have never been able to successfully get the printer installed by wi - fi with any stability, so we always connected via USB and shared. I bought a new router and would like to be able to print to this printer wireless anywhere on my network. I can't out of connected mode and mode wi - fi printer. Your software crashes, crash facilities to half way through. The printer indicates an IP, if the network is aware, but it's I can get. None of the HP tools will run under this operating system, they hang immediately upon launch. It's frustration none! Someone out there was a bit of luck with this printer!

    Dell XPS 8700 16 GB of RAM

    Earn 8.1 (64-bit)

    Comcast TG862G Gateway (POS)

    Router wireless Netgear Nighthawk x 6 R8000

    HP LaserJet CP1525nw color printer range

    Hi @jrmunn ,

    I want to help you get the printer works on the wireless network.

    There are a few different ways to install the printer on the wireless network.

    • Thanks to the support WPS.
    • Through the installation, by connecting the USB port, it will configure the wireless.
    • Once the USB installation is done. You can configure the wireless via an Ethernet connection.

    Cycle power to the router.

    First, we must restore the defaults on the printer.

    Press the OK button on the printer, go to the service, and then select restore default settings.

    Print a printer configuration page to make sure that the IP address and SSID are erased.

    Print a Configuration report.

    Uninstall the printer software.

    WPS configuration method:

    To connect your printer to your wireless router wireless using WPS:
    (your router must support WPS)

    Start the mode of the WPS button on your printer.
    Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your router.

    Then run a printer from devices and printers Add Wizard.

    The USB method:

    Perform a clean boot on the computer and disable the Antivirus software and any analysis in real-time in the Antivirus software also. How to perform a clean boot in Windows.

    Then run the installation immediately after connecting the USB cable, follow the steps described in this document to update the drivers so that's not new error. A fatal error during Installation of the software. Then the installation should continue. (you can use this procedure for any type of installation)

    If you are still having problems and you have an Ethernet cable, we can install the printer as a USB connection again and then configure the printer via wireless Ethernet.

    Method of Ethernet:

    Restore the default settings of the printer.

    Connect the printer to the router with an Ethernet cable.
    Wait about 1 minute and the printer must have a valid IP address.
    Print the configuration page to get the IP address of the printer.
    Type the IP address in the address bar of Internet Explorer which should open the printer's built-in web services page.
    Installing wireless over here now.
    Click the networking, wireless on the left, fill in information about the network and apply the settings.
    After the confirmation, then disconnect the Ethernet cable.
    Now you should have a flashing light on the printer in 1 minute wireless about.

    Print a printer configuration page, to get the new IPv4 address.

    Then create a new port with the new IPv4 address.

    In the devices window and printers, click right on the printer and on the left, click on printer properties, select the Ports tab.

    Click Add Port, select the Port TCP/IP Standard, then New Port and follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • HP Laserjet 2542: Wireless connection to 2542

    I'm trying to connect my deskjet 2542 to my wireless router.  The router has a WPS button, but I can't get the blue light on the printer wireless to stop blinking when I try to connect.  I press the blue wireless button on my printer for 3 sec and then press the WPS button on my router within 2 minutes.  My router is a CGN HiltonTechnologies provided by my internet provider.   The blue light continues to blink.

    Then I tried to connect via the USB cord using the HP utility that I downloaded on my Mac.  This time, the assistant said that he was not able to configure my camera with a USB connection, even if the selected network is correct.

    I can print from my Mac if it is wired to the printer, but not wireless.  I can't print from my phone or my ipad.

    The printer was purchased a year ago and worked well with a USB and wireless.  I went for 4 months and when I got back my internet provider rebooted my service and the wireless printer has not worked since.  Also, when it worked before it was on an older operating system on my Mac.  During the period of 4 months, I've upgraded to El Capitan.  All my other wireless devices work fine.

    Hi @PEP52,

    Thanks for joining the Forums of HP Support for a solution to your problem, wireless.

    I understand that you have had your internet service turn off while you were there, but you were not able to get your HP Deskjet 2542 all-in-One printer connected wireless again since having your internet service restarted. I would like to help with that.

    You need to reconfigure the printer for the new network. Here is a document of support that can help get everything connected on the network - printer not found during Network Driver Setup (OS X).

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

  • LaserJet p1006: wireless connection problem

    Printer works fine when connected to my Mac laptop. When I try to connect wirelessly, it asks for a password. To my knowledge I've never set up a password. I tried several options for a password, but no result. Is there a way to find the PW or reset a new?

    You're well probably see your neighbors wireless devices and attempts to connect to that. I guess this printer never worked wireless and you just have to have a USB connection?

  • HP LaserJet M1217 Wireless Installation on HPG60 Windows 7 64-bit issues with no error message.

    I tried to install a new HP LaserJet M1217 with a wireless connection to my PC (HP G60 with operating system Windows 7 64-bit).  I spent many hours trying to a simple task.  I have not in all instructions and options slowly and kept my concentration without success.  I have the method wireless attempt, the method of USB, the method of attached CD-Rom and downloaded from the HP website.  Always without success.

    I followed the instructions of troubleshooting and always without success.

    I currently have a HP LaserJet P1102's wireless installed.  It works perfectly.  I have a wireless HP7280 all-in-one printer installed prior to my purchase of a new M1217.  I uninstalled the software of HP7280 before my attempt to install the new M1217.

    I don't have any type of error except the computer would stop downloading for all options except the web download procedure.  The web left me hanging with no next steps after being downloaded.

    I'm exahusted after several hours of attempted an installation.  I can get the M1217 print when it is attached to my PC via the USB port.  How can I get to print and scan wireless?

    Thanks for your suggestion.  I had already downloaded the PDF file and followed the instructions without success.

    I received a diagnosis of the HP media card and I was able to complete the installation.

  • Laser Jet MFP M127fw Pro: Cannot connect printer Aio App

    I can print via wifi from the printer, but the remote Aio app will not pick up the printer. The installation of word does not appear in the name of the printer.


    The HP Laserjet M127fw is not supported by the HP AIO Remote application, not for scanning, or for setting up the printer on your wireless network, any application supported by your printer, is listed below:

    What task you want to achieve by using the application? as there could be another option for your printer.

    Kind regards


  • How can I connect printer Canon PIXMA MG 2520 for my Acer Chromebook 11?

    How can I connect printer Canon PIXMA MG 2520 and use with my Acer Chromebook 11? Thank you in advance!

    I don't think that you can print from a Chromebook do not have access to a shared printer on a Windows or Mac computer.

  • 8610 says not connected printer

    Hi, just bought the 8610 wireless printer and it's my first hp ever.  Set up was super easy, but now when I try to print wireless from my MacBook Pro, it says not connected printer.  I printed the start fast and even guide reconnected the printer to the network. Also, I restarted my computer and the printer, but it does not my laptop print and takes the "work" in the queue.  I see my work when I click on the icon of the printer on the bottom of my computer but nothing.  I went through the steps you guys have listed on the forum and tried to "open the queue of the printer" and nothing.  I currently am able to print from my iPhone and iPad so I know it works on this end.  Help, please!

    Hi hani2424,

    I'm glad your problem is solved!

    Think about scoring the answer that solved your problem like "Accept as Solution" so that others may not print can see how they can too.

    Best regards.

  • All in 3050 a connection a J611 series printer to a wireless computer

    I just bought a HP DJ 3050 all-in-One Series of J611 a which I want to connect to my laptop wirelessly. I have a HP DJ 460, which I connect with Bluetooth and it works perfectly. However, I can't connect to my my new 3050 has J611 printer using the connection Wireless in my laptop (Vista OS). However, the connection via USB is perfect. I'd rather finish with son, if I can.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Sorry, you can not connect to this printer wireless without router.

  • Hp1102w connection printer wireless network problems

    I can't get my connection between my Linksys WRT54G and my printer wireless hp1102w wireless. The configuration page shows the following: network not connected, I have a host name, hardware address. There is for IPv4, the IP subnet mask & gateway IP. Configured IP said manual.

    Under wireless 802.1b/g/n: status: activated, common mode: infrastructure, my name network & authentic WPA/WPA2
    Under Direct Print Config: Off, HP-Print-40-Laser Jet 1102, Channel 6 and there is an IP v4 address. What should I do?

    Also my iPad4 does not see the hp1102w printer, do I have to download the software? I don't have a USB connection? I am very new to the Apple OS, if you couldn't tell.

    Salvation, TarNation,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I understand that you are unable to set up the printer on the wireless network.

    I'll be happy to help you.

    Please provide the following information so that I can better help you.

    What operating system do you use?

    Mac OS X: how to find which Mac OS X Version is on my computer?

    You also have a PC?

    Once the printer is configured on the network, the Ipad connects on behalf of network from the router and the printer should allow you to print using Airpint. You don't need to download software for the Ipad.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Have a wonderful day!

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