Colors of the range

I am learning how to set colors in the range and am not having much luck. I googled 'how to fix colors in the range' and tried three different options, but none seem to work as described. If I go to select > color range and choose Gamut is selected too many image, not only the elimination of the colours of the range. I tried to use the new layers of adjustment without result. What I am doing wrong? It doesn't seem like it should be this difficult.


It is, in fact, the Holy Grail of digital image processing. Yes, it is difficult and worth in special cases, for particularly important pictures. Most of the time, you are better off just letting profile handle it, and if she clips, so be.

Remember you are probably looking to a lot of cutting, color range every day. If your monitor is a unit of the standard range (i.e. 99.9% of all monitors out there) - then all you see is sRGB (or something very close to it) anyway. Nothing outside of sRGB-ish is brutally cut off by the display profile, out-of-gamut of the display.

The risk is mainly by losing the details and texture. The only way to get this texture is by some kind of desaturation and the trick then is to do it on the affected areas.

It is useful to look at what threshold effect is really: what is so saturated that it wants to get out of 255 0 in any single channel, in this particular color space. So it clips to 0 or 255, and when you look at each of the channels, these areas are turning to the high black white solid or solid (true with true black and white). You can spot in the histogram too.

Here's a long thread on the forum of Luminous Landscape discussing this:

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  • How to keep the colors using the tool to redefine the colors in the range

    I try to paint some pictures of complex mesh. I'm running out of problems with the Recolor tool creating colors of the range and not having not control global group, I had before using the tool.

    I have all my assigned as global color swatches, and I assured that all colors are in the range. I then lock the layers, I don't want to change and choose the ones I do. I then select the Recolor tool, select the tab edit and click to link colors. Then I play with the STL to make color changes, I want to do for the selected layers. I have create a new color group, and then click OK.

    I now have a new design. Nice, but now some of the colors may be out of gamut, and because I have not now global colors I can't easily change their return to be in the range.

    So is there a way to keep the image recolorée to stay in the range? And to create global colors that I can then edit to change my mesh?

    Thanks for any help/clues.

    I have not hink it is possible to keep the colors in the range. The only thing yo could do is limit colors resulting libraries of nuances. You could choose a big library such as the PANTONE. But that would of course still limit yourself to a smaller range of colors that may be required.

  • I have a lot of trouble recently with colors of the range. My software is updated, my system is calibrated with Datacolor, as in many years with her, but now I norticed much more than before out-of-gamut color images when checking this. Do not print.

    I have a lot of trouble recently with the release of the color range in Photoshop CC. The software is updated. I used to the Datacolor years to calibrate the system, and it worked well always. But now I noticed that I have a lot more images with out-of-gamut colors, and it prints wrong. Is this a problem with Adobe? The rest of my equipment is the same. Any help? I'd appreciate comments. Thank you, Emilio.

    First, the range warning applies to the proof profile that you put in place, under test format. If this is not the profile that you want to print with, there is no relevance.

    Second, range warning is a very large and imprecise indication, and I would just turn off. It shows what is out of range, but not how much. There are better ways, like proofing (even once, test format, toggle with ctrl + Y).

    You can also convert a copy of the file to print your profile and look at the histogram. If you have severe cuts, you can adjust the file accordingly.

    Third, there are people who feel the effect of threshold is best handled by the profile. In other words, doing nothing, just convert and done. I'm not one of them, just thought I would mention it.


    Just to put us all on the same page, here are the basics:

    There are three different color profiles here. The document profile, the profile of the monitor and the printer/paper/ink profile. If all of these profiles are good, the results will be consistent and predictable.

    So to start with the document profile. These are important parameters in the PS color settings dialog box:

    It can't be Adobe RGB, but there must be a standard color space (sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhoto).

    Then the monitor profile. The Spyder software everything for you, and Photoshop uses this profile to display the file. You don't need to do anything once the software ran - it is all set up automatically.

    You can check in Windows color management has the right profile is configured by default:

    Thirdly, the profile of the printer. It's one that refers to the book as "Xxx of Epson Premium glossy", or all that apply. You choose this profile in the dialog box print in Photoshop, and then you go in the printer driver ("settings") and ensure that color management is turned off it. You don't want a double color management.

    If it withdraws, and it still does not seem good, get back with more details.

    Oh, by the way - have you got your NEC monitor with Spectraview calibration software included? If you did, it is greatly preferable to the Spyder software for reasons more than I have space to list here. You can still use the Spyder probe, at least if it's generation 3, 4 or 5. Earlier versions are notoriously few reliable and also not designed for wide gamut displays.

  • Color picker out of gamut diferent alert warning of the range image? (CS5)

    I'm confused...

    I'm editing an sRGB image.  My custom proof condition is set to sRGB IEC, preserve numbers not controlled, BY intention or RC, PCBS. The range warning is enabled.

    I add some text and color using the text color picker tool. I have activate WARNING range in that and choose a color of the range e.g. #ff0000 off. I go back to the image and the text is * no * reported as being out-of-gamut.

    In fact * no. * color marked as OOG in the selector seems to be considered OOG, once I go back to the image with sRGB IEC selected, if they are when I select other devices to simulate.

    Why the disparity between the OOG WARNING image as well as the selector tool?  The tool uses another simulation device that I have chosen?  Who should I believe?


    I guess the warning of the range Color Picker is against your workspace CMYK in the color settings.

  • Is SRGB and true colors are the same?

    Is SRGB and true colors are the same?

    True colors is a 24 bit RGB or 8 bit per channel color pattern.

    True color, like other RGB color models, cannot express colors outside the range of its RGB color space (usually sRGB).

    So, no. They are not the same.

  • Colors out of range

    I'm working on something that will only be visible on a computer screen, and I want to use out of the color gamut, but I can't find a color profile that will allow it.
    Y at - it a setting I can use that will allow me to use colors out of gamut?

    Thank you!!

    If by out-of-gamut, you hear the colors that show an exclamation sign in the color Panel and the color picker when you work in RGB documents, here are the colors in the color space of the document that are not in the CMYK color space selected as a workspace in your color settings. Or in other words, it is how these colors will become when you change the document RGB to CMYK.

    For example if you have a RGB document using the sRGB color space and the working CMYK color space is U.S. Web Coated SWOP v2 you a color scheme of the range, but if you change your working CMYK color space within the parameters of color for us newsprint that is much smaller range so much more RGB color will show the out of range road sign.

    Even if you keep your colorspace CMYK to work the same word, U.S. Web Coated SWOP v2 but assign another RGB color space to your document, let's say Adobe RGB or ProphotoRGB which have ranges much wider than the sRGB color space, then also a lot that displays more colors out of gamut.

    If by out-of-gamut you mean generally the colors in a any color space no matter what his color mode RGB or CMYK which do not appear in a different color space, you must specify what two color spaces you are talking about. Examples of color spaces are ones you can see in the RGB menu under workspaces of the color temperature. The color spaces that can be described in a color profiles can be RGB or CMYK.


    tamarasussman wrote:

    I'm working on something that will only be visible on a computer screen, and I want to use out of gamut colors

    Each monitor, not only the brand, but each unit of the same brand, has a certain color space single that can be measured with a measuring device color and a color profile describing the color space that can be created for it. If your document is assigned the color space of your monitor instead of some standard RGB color space as sRGB, AdobeRGB, and etc., then you will have a unique set of colors in the range showing the warning sign. So in your question, you must also specify which RGB color space you talk: standard or device-specific?

  • Disable the warning of the range?

    For those of us who have no intention to print our graphics, isn't it frustrating that Photoshop will not allow you to use certain colors, because the range warning says that he will not be available printing? It's really annoying that the computer allows me to use the colors I want.

    So is it possible to turn off or disable the boring range warning?

    I don't want to print my file. I want to use it in my website.

    Well, then why work you in CMYK, or use a color other than sRGB profile? That's all there is to it - you try to use a color that cannot support the current color space and certainly based on your improper use of the patterns of colors and profiles. I really think you dance around a very obvious question (and solution) here.


  • How to make a transparent picture of the range of colors?

    I need assistance because the transparent photo using another technique, but it still shows the edges of the image. I remember I use to make transparent pictures of the color range, but I forgot

    Select the range of colors. I use the rust-coloured cover to drop out the background.

    If you use a background layer, click the lock icon to change the bg in a normal layer layer. Selection shows the cover.

    Click on the mask icon in the layers panel to create a layer mask.

    Select the layer mask by clicking on it, then press ctrl/cmd-i to invert the mask so the selected color is abandoned.

  • Change of automatic color fields for the range of different values?

    Hi, I am a new user of Acrobat Pro and I am trying to understand if it is possible to have the color of the field changed when the calculated value is within a specific range.  I have a box of calculated field, and I want it turns to yellow when it reaches a specific numeric range and red when it gets to the other.  A change in font color would work too...

    The correct code might be:

    (function() {}

    var v = + event.value;

    If (v< 16)=""> =;



    If (v< 27)=""> = color.yellow;



    Value is greater than 27 =;


    In particular this line of code is invalid:

    If (27 16) {}

    Something like this would be:

    If (v > = 16 & v)< 27)="">

    that translated to English is: If the value of the variable v is greater than or equal to 16 and less than 27...

    So another functionally equivalent script could be:

    var v = + event.value;

    If (v< 16)=""> =;

    } else if (v > = 16 & v)< 27)=""> = color.yellow;

    } else {/ / value is greater than or equal to 27} =;


    I don't know if it's exactly what you want, but you should be able to revise it accordingly.

  • Selecting with the range of colors does not work correctly

    Well, at least for me it does not correctly.  If I have items on separate levels, and I use the color range option to select the area, it works at all levels, not just the level I selected.  This isn't what I want!  I want only to choose the range of color at a level.  The work-around needs to manually turn the other levels, but on a file with a lot of levels, which can be tedious.  Can this be avoided?  Either way, magic wand works only on the selected level, but not color range (or the range of colors, if you're American).

    The work-around needs to manually turn the other levels, but on a file with a lot of levels, which can be tedious.

    Hide all other layers can be done by alt-click on the visibility icon in the layers panel.

  • Cs5.5 have a range of color for the color of the border?

    My cs 5.5 doesn't have a color for the borders selector Panel in design mode, I have to write the code in code view. Is there some sort or find the border color Panel

    I have not installed more CS5.5, but there should be a selector of color to the color of the border in the section of the border in the CSS rule Definition dialog box.

  • What is the range of colors "BOLD" around a text box?

    Hi all

    Sorry for the question simple but what it means when you get a thick line around an area of text like that?

    Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 16.08.05.png

    Thank you



    The line "BOLD" of color around the text box appears as a "shot". Take a look at the screenshots below:

    I hope this helps.


  • The color in printed images is not match the colors on the screen

    I've recently updated to an iMac, retina 5K and the colors in the printed images do not match the colors of the image on the screen. I use CS6 and the screenshot below shows that, in the window of the print settings CS6 image does not match the image of origin either, the original image on the left.  I've updated all print drivers, and the images are also too green/faded when I print them, or download them on Animoto or Mpixpro.  We tried a Spyder calibration system, and that did not help.  For now, I have to make a folder separate with "twisted" images that have increased the saturation and Communists to give them a normal appearance.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    Unless you have a current color profile for the display you are using and you have calibrated the printer for the specific of ink and paper that you are using, its not surprising there are differences. Without a color managed workflow screen and software have no information on what the printer can produce.

    The range Spyder products are not up to the task.

    The normal options for managing your color workflow are:

    1. using the X-Rite i1 photo system,

    2. purchase of a custom profile for your type of printer, paper and ink, done by a specialist in color management

    3 - Send your files to a professional lab that is capable of producing quality work.

  • Hue Saturation in Photoshop - how to choose the color of the library or the color selector please?


    I'm new to photoshop and I'm trying to change the background color.

    I clicked on the menu, "select", then "color range", "overview of the selection" gray scale selected, then clicked OK, this has highlighted the sections I wanted to change the color of black.

    I then went to the "Layer" menu then "new adjustment layer" then "hue/saturation" where I could use the slider to change the color, but I would like to change the color of a color in my library (my colors brand) or at least use a color picker to choose these colors or enter a hexadecimal value.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated, I can't find anything online to help.

    Thank you


    If you start a new file, the easiest way is to choose the background color immediately:

    I chose the background color, and you can type in the hexadecimal code. You can even save this preset.

    For a file existing, presupposed the background layer has a different solid color: change the background layer to a regular layer (must be unlocked, changing the shade of foreground (you can use the color picker), use select all to select the entire layer and use the paint bucket to fill with the foreground color.)

  • Help needed Illustrator - apparently is no longer able to change the line color of the open/closed contours.

    Hi, I'm new (very) to Illustrator so please go easy. I'm in a bit of a pickle and would very much help to get out!

    I created an illustration using the pen tool, making a series of paths open and closed (below), all stroked them in the color purple. I then used the Shapebuilder Ranger a few areas of intersection.

    Later, I started using live paint to color block the form contained in the paths, however, when I try to change the outline of these 'forms' that won't happen.

    I tried releasing the images of live paint and changing the line color of the sketch (i.e. opening and closing original tracks), but this does not work either.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

    Will be

    screen grab.png

    Inside a live paint group you must activate the coloring of the traits.

    To do this, double-click the live paint tool.

    When you expand a live paint group, fills and strokes is separated. You get a group that has all the traits and another which has fillings.

    You will need to inspect it in the layers panel, and then select the Group of traits in order to change.

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