Combine the 8 bits separated for one digital 1 byte


Is it possible to concationate binary bits to have a full binary number 1 byte.


1. I have thease 8 bits--> 0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1--> then binary either 00001111

1. I have 4 groups of 2 bits--> 00,00,11,11--> then binary either 00001111

Is this possible?

Help, please...


There are Boolean function Array to Number in Boolean palette.

Tags: NI Software

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    Even when there is no need to convert the document to the item in 16-bit mode is not.  If you need all the layers to adjust the image of the element to be light or mix better, it's better you have two choices. Do not open the file of the item in Place as a smart object layer and then open the embedded object and change the copy of your document.  Or open the target document element all the layers and then drag the document you are working on.

    The second way would produce a larger file of the document then the smart object layer way. For all layers will be 16-bit color. When the layer of integrated dynamic object is a copy of an 8-bit image file only the composite made of pixels of the object is to convert 16-bit mode.  A smart object layers pixel is like a whose pixel raster layer cannot be changed only acted on.  To change the pixels, you need to open the embedded object and modify the object.

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    Hi tosipaw,

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    What are the reasons for that?

    Normally everything can be downloaded here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Your model belongs to the series of PSAR9E and so only drivers 64-bit available.

    If you are looking for all models A500 (without PSAR9E), you will find a large number of drivers Vista 32 bit. Maybe they work and it s worth a try! :)

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    Vignesh Hi, I just went through our Installer and there are Consolidation defined for each payroll that we use. I think it is better the purpose of having a consolidation set. Could you tell me how to consolidate several salary mass as a whole or alternatively can add several wage masses on the fly (as parameters) for each race NACHA?

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  • APPLY the stream abandoned just for one mistake?


    When there is an error, the posting appears ABORT in the EM console, and I have to restart after you have cleaned the errors.

    So, it means posting more run...

    My idea was that errors would fill a queue of the error, while other events to success would continue...

    If it fails in production just for one mistake, it is not acceptable...

    You must use something like:

    dbms_apply_adm.set_parameter ('APPLY_NAME', 'disable_on_error', 'n');

    The default value is 'Y', that is why it stops.


    Kind regards

  • Using the result of the Action as input for one other Action - is not possible?


    I have something I call the presentation. According to our phases of deployment, it will return the fields it is possible to select.

    Domain-> GetAction("com.companyxyz.presentation","getDomainsForDeploymentStage").call (#deploymentStage)

    Then I want to take a vlan backup according to the field

    VLAN-> GetAction("com.__companyxyz__.presentation","getBackupVlan").call (#deploymentStage, #Domain)

    However, the '#Domain' value is always zero in action script.

    If I use GetAction("com.__companyxyz__.presentation","getBackupVlan").call (#deploymentStage, "server.local"), it returns the expected value.

    Is there a limitation that I can't use the results as input for another action action?

    I use vRO 7.0


    It's certainly doable.

    I guess deploymentStage, domain and vlan are the input parameters for the workflow, right? There are two things to check carefully:

    • First of all, make sure your actions getDomainsForDeploymentStage and getBackupVlan handle code values no entry script gracefully.
    • Then, it depends on what property of presentation you linked calls from these actions. It is by default? If so, please change it to data binding, default values are calculated only once, at the beginning of the presentation run, and it is possible that, currently, the deploymentStage value is always set to null. On the other hand, the data bindings are calculated on every time the fields that they depend on, so your actions can be called with null deploymentStage first, but then, when deploymentStage gets its real value, the data bindings will be calculated with the non null deploymentStage.
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    It's a long time since I've worked with CVI, but today I opened an old project of CVI 2013 SP2. Load project, I learned two errors of loading library: "Cannot find the file program 32 bits"Menu Utility"library" and "Cannot find the file program 32-bit library 'Excel Report'."
    I see both libraries in the "Customize the Library Menu" dialog box. They are responsible to "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National" and "C:\Program Files (x 86) \National.

    On the disc, I find these files, but I can't find the files corresponding *.obj, I see others custom libraries.

    I think I need these *.obj files, I don't? Where can I find these files? Or how to create these files?


    Sorry, I did not on the problem in excellent value. This instrument is only distributed at the code level, then you have to load it into the menu of the Instrument. It is the same for the menuutil instrument.

    Alternatively, you can create a lib off code instrument: see this help page for reference.

  • The 32-bit driver for the Photosmart 7760 isn't in Windows Update. Please post somewhere.

    I'm trying to install the driver for my Photosmart 7760 (7700 series) on a 32-bit version of Win7 and Windows update is stating, that it does not exist. I consult the list of drivers after their update by using the windows update button in the Add Printer Wizard and there is the 7400 series and the 7800 series. Series No. 7700. I go to your support site to download and it tells me to use Windows update.

    I'm now stuck in a time loop in and out. It never ends. Use windows update, there is no. Go to your site, tell you to use windows update.

    Please stop by displaying a link to the driver for me.


    Due to the age of the printer, you can find the last date of support was around April 2007, which is almost 7 years now. My suggestion: using the following link

    b download driver Vista then install on your machine.

    (b) patch Windows 7 use to solve the problem

    Hope this work, otherwise it's time to buy a new printer.

    Kind regards.

  • Where can I find the 64-bit drivers for Garmin 3600 ique?

    Someone has an answer to this question?

    Garmin does not a pilot. They refer you to Palm. Palm a driver for their palmdevices for 64 bit but does not work for Garmin 3600 IQUE.

    So your device is considered legacy by the manufacturer of said device and should be replaced if you want to upgrade to an operating system, they do not support and/or find a way you can bypass.

    Virtual machine with a BONE they support.

    Old computer just sitting just for this device.

    Compatibility modes.

  • is it possible for the owners of two for one table in oracle?

    SQL > select table_name, master
    dba_tables 2
    3 where table_name = "DEPT";

    ------------------------------ ------------------------------

    SQL >
    SQL >
    SQL > show user;
    The USER is "MANO".

    This isn't two owners for 2 tables but twotables and two owners.
    Log in as a Mano
    make one

    insert into dept values (blahh..blahh..);

    Now the connection as scott

    select * from dept;

    You will see the difference.
    What you should understand, is there are physically two tables belonged to two different users with the same name.
    Hope he get out of your confusion.

    See you soon!

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