Comes from Inbox an e-mail "Retail" unrelated to send an email. Other e-mails Inbox listed are empty. Problem after firewall malware deleted messages.

Problem arises from the Internet Security, software removal program malicious messages.

The part «Of» the following message received was for a completely different sender and so unrelated to the email.

All messages listed under Inbox are empty, so a form of bribery occurred.

Non-critical problem that I could just remove all entries of the box receipt or uninstall/reinstall Thunderbird.

But is there any kind of fix that I could try first.


John Harris

[email protected]


The problem is with your profile, so re-setup to do nothing.

In general it is not a good idea to let your anti-virus scan your Thunderbird profiles folder s/w and the incoming and outgoing messages.

Regarding your problem, try to rebuild the index for the Inbox file.
Right click on the folder of Inbox Repair - properties-

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    You must leave a copy of messages on the server on both machines so that both can access the messages.  Generally, a machine will delete messages after they are downloaded.  You can prevent this, but we need to know what e-mail program, you use to be able to tell you were the parameters is.  In OE and WinMail in Vista, you define which under Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced, but it will be in a different place for different programs.


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    Hi Milkshake83,

    Thanks for posting. Proceed as follows for this error.

    Method 1: Restore the default settings of the BIOS WARNING: this procedure may involve changing the semiconductor (CMOS) settings of the computer's complementary metal oxide and by changing the BIOS of the computer. Incorrect changes to the BIOS of your computer can result in serious problems. Change the CMOS settings of the computer at your own risk.

    To resolve this issue, restore the BIOS of the computer to its default settings. For more information about the correct settings of the BIOS of the computer and how to check and change these settings, see the computer documentation or contact the manufacturer of the computer.

    In addition, to confirm that the computer's BIOS is current, contact the computer manufacturer to inquire about the last update of the BIOS available for the computer.

    Method 2: Remove the faulty RAM to resolve this issue, remove the memory modules installed in the computer.

    NOTE: you must leave enough RAM for the computer to start and run Windows.

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    304297 configuration ( System requirements for Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems

    If the error message described in the "Symptoms" section of this article appears again after removing the memory module, remove a different memory module. This procedure may ask you to restart your computer several times to identify the specific memory module that is not working properly.

    For more information about how to add and remove RAM to the computer, contact the manufacturer of your computer or see the documentation that came with your computer.

    I hope this helps!
    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to send an email to my entire contact list in windows mail?

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    How to transfer a message to everyone in my contacts list?

    Click the To button to the left of the field to reveal all your contacts. Click on one to highlight and Ctrl + A will highlight all. Add the to the field.

    You can also hold down the Ctrl key and click on selected addresses, or delete them.

    Note that your ISP probably has a recipient limit how much you can sent at the same time.

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    What is a POP account? Please confirm.

  • Why is it when I delete a message in windows mail it removes ALL message from Inbox in Xfinity connect

    Why is it when I delete a message in windows mail removes ALL messages from the Inbox in Xfinity connect

    Hi Carol,.

    1. don't you make changes to Windows Mail settings prior to this problem?

    I suggest you check this link on how to remove messages,

    Delete messages in Windows Mail:

    Method 1: Fix problems with Windows Mail

    For more information, visit this link, working with Windows Mail in Windows Vista:

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    This email is a scam. It came not from Microsoft. If you reply with personal information, you may become a victim of identity theft.

    'Learn to recognize the 5 types of e-mail scamscommon'.

    - Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently.
    - Of the Microsoft Lottery scam?
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  • I look at the TB dashboard seen comes from open TB. On the left, I see folders. The folder "sent", lets say, is higher than the "Outbox" folder I want to

    I look at the TB dashboard seen comes from open TB. On the left, I see folders. The folder "sent", lets say, is higher than the "Outbox" folder I want to put the "Outbox" folder above the folder "sent". How do I do this ever?

    I know that the addon will allow you to rearrange accounts, so you could put 'Local folders' over another e-mail account.
    It will also allow you to use files within an account.

    So if you have a Pop email account that uses the Global setting of the "Inbox", then it should allow you to move the position of the Outbox within this special account.

    But as the 'Outbox' is a 'Local folder' folder, I'm not sure that you can move it out of "Local folders" and reposition it on another account.

    The method for moving files is done via the menu bar.
    'Tools' > 'manually sort folders ".
    Select the folder and use "move up" or "Down" buttons.
    Then click on the button "refresh folderpane' to see the new sort order.

  • Large number of unwanted emails that all appear to come from the same source

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    Currently, I get a lot of junk emails that all appear to come from the same source. I was put in my blocked list but the sender then change the address source slightly and I get more. Does anyone know how I can stop this. My address change my only option

    You use Windows Mail? Assuming that the subject field also changes, you could do a message like that rule.

    Start with the only rule of AddressBook and you receive a message that you want people not in your address book (E-mail from companies, bills, your ISP, etc), you can add them to the rule.

    Tools | Message rules | Mail | New.

    Box 1 - Where the From line contains people {check it out}

    Box 2 - Check: delete it & stop processing more rules if you want that messages not in the address book to go to deleted items.

    Box 3 - Click on the blue words contains people

    Click on the first address to select it. Scroll to the end and hold down the SHIFT key while you click the last address. This will highlight all. Right-click on it and click on from the menu that appears.

    Now, click Options and choose: Message * contains no of * the people below in the top of the page Options area, then choose: Message corresponds to one of the people below in the background Options box.

    OK your way out of the new rule.

    Now, only the addresses that you entered will be uploaded to your Inbox.

    Remember, if you add a person to your address book, you must add to the rule. It will not automatically be added.

    Be sure to see these links for more options.

    A few tips:

    Message rules does not? :

  • How is it all my email that comes from facebook comes with the same name

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    What I've done and how to fix

    Because somewhere along the way you have saved an email from Facebook to your address book, and it has a name associated with it. Will find this contact in the address book and delete the name.

  • Delete messages from Gmail, but keep in Apple Mail?

    Hi all.

    I use Apple Mail to download my Gmail via IMAP (Apple Mail 9.3, OSX 10.11.5).

    The problem is that my Gmail account is complete. To free up space in Gmail, I want to delete messages from Gmail, but keep them locally in Apple Mail. How can I do? I guess it's the server settings, but I don't know if I need to tinker with the Apple Mail, Gmail server settings, or both.

    I tried to delete the messages in Gmail, but Apple Mail sync with Gmail and delete them locally, too.

    Thank you!

    Activate the sidebar of accounts, so you can see the hierarchy of depot.

    You should see a section here which says on my Mac. Click to show it, then right click to add box to the letters it. Call it something like old Gmail 2008-2014. Now you can select your old Gmails mainly Gmail Inbox and sent boxes and drag them to this mailbox on my Mac (folder). If you move hundreds or thousands of emails, here could be a delay before they appear in the new location, so don't panic.

    Note: Many users choose simply to archive old emails, but do in Gmail, still continues to them on the server, if you're not reduce used storage space.

  • How can I move multiple messages from Inbox to a specific folder?

    I left a lot of emails in my Inbox that must have been moved in specific folders. How can I move them in bulk in their specific folders other than moving each of them individually. I pointed out the messages involved in the search, and then click all. I then click on move to...
    Nothing seems to happen... I don't know there is probably a step I'm missing here. What would it be?
    A similar problem occurs when I want to do a mass removal of e-mails from a specific sender...

    To select a large number of messages:

    Select the first message. Hold down the "Shift" key, then select the last message. This "selects" all messages between the first and the last of them.

    In case it is not obvious, it is not specific to Thunderbird.

  • iPhone 6s is deleting messages from the Inbox of gmail


    I hope someone can help me - this happened to me 3 times where my gmail my Inbox on my iphone-related inexplicably now - has all messages in gmail 'important' removed from anywhere in gmail and always first noticed in my phone inbox. I am inclined to think that this has something to do with my phone that I never had this problem until the last 6 months, after the software upgrades. Can someone explain please how to fix this? I think it has something to do with POPP settings but I don't know enough tech to understand what it means and also understand that could be a problem with gmail configuration. ANY HELP would be, oh so so so appreciated. I use my Inbox as my to do list now, once again, there are emails there I won't be able to respond to the.


    All the research I've done show that Gmail emails are stored indefinitely until removed air.

    I would like to remove the e-mail account of the phone

    Force restart the phone

    Re add the email account to

    Also check the items deleted on the site folder Web gmail to see if the items in the deleted items

  • Mail vip list does not display messages from all mailboxes

    When I first put in place, I remember having the option to display the messages in all mailboxes - a really useful facility VIP. Recently, I noticed that most of my personalities was empty, but the messages were still there in their individual files. I followed the advice of aid to click Sort by Date, and then choose 'all the mailboxes' but this option does not appear. Moving messages of certain dignitaries other files back to Inbox makes it immediately visible in the Vips. So now, if I want my VIP lists for any use I leave everything in my Inbox, which is just chaotic and defeated the object to have folders for businesses, etc. It's only happened recently - it is connected to an upgrade or something similar, I wonder?

    Hi Boxmakermichael,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! I'm sorry to hear that you're having these problems with mail. If you encounter problems with the function of VIP mailbox in Mail, you can find the information in the following articles useful:

    Address postal (El Capitan): search for messages from senders of VIP

    Mail (El Capitan): Mailboxes clever use to organize messages

    By default, the built-in VIP mailbox only checks emails from VIP which are currently in the Inbox, not in other boxes to letters or records either locally on the server. If you have e-mail set up a rule to move emails from specific VIPs in their own folders (or are moving them manually), it is probably why you don't see them in the VIP mailbox and why they reappear when you your choice in the Inbox.

    See the 'All the mailboxes' option "Sort by Date", you must select the individual mailbox the VIP under "VIP".  If your VIP example is 'Joe', select the 'Joe' mailbox then you will see the option "all the mailboxes.

    If you don't want not organized these emails in separate folders and view them all in a folder of VIP, however, there is a fairly simple solution. As mentioned in the article above, the integrated VIP mailbox is simply a mailbox smart who is set to pick up the mail of VIPs in your Inbox. While you can't change the settings of this particular mailbox, you can create a new box smart letters (called, for example, 'VIP'), where the only criteria is "Sender's VIP", without any limitation on the message tracking. This should then display all of your emails from senders of VIP, regardless of what box mailbox or a folder they are in. I hope it's useful and please let us know how it works.

    See you soon

  • families sharing purchases come from organizers credit balance before the credit card?

    I have an IMPORTANT credit balance on my account and the family Organizer for our sharing family. Is it possible to have the family sharing purchases come from balance to the credit of the Organizer (my credit balance) front of the credit card?  If not, is it possible to use my credit balance to send a gift card e-mail to members of the family so that my credit balance is not lost?

    Similar question and it started after I created an account for our daughter. My wife and I have two credit balances on our iTunes accounts, but when she made a purchase, the other day, it charge my credit card, instead of using the balance of credit on his account. Very frustrated.

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