command line to create the debugging token has problem with the bbidtoken


I tried to use the BB ID token to create the debugging token.  Following the instructions of the command line, I got an error.

BlackBerry-debugtokenrequest - bbidtoken bbidtoken.csk - storepass mypassword deviceid - 12345678

Error: Only RDK or COMINCO Signatures are allowed when using BBIDToken

The token id BB must be correct, because I can use it to sign an application.  I can also generate the debugging token from Momentics.  I believe momentics also call blackberry-debugtokenrequest internally, but do not know what are his secret settings.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Try without the parameter of bbidtoken.csk - bbidtoken.

Also, make sure you use blackberry-debugtokenrequest of the 10.2 Gold SDK.  Previous versions do not BlackBerry ID support chips.

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    Hi guys,.

    I have problems of tokenization of debugging and I was hoping someone could help me! I am creating the token of the command line. When I used the following line to register for the SJC it reports "barsigner error: already registered with RDK.

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    I have not registered before, but I thought that I would try to create the debugging token using the following line, but it brings only ' debugtokenrequest error: not yet registered to request debugging tokens.

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        -deviceId 0x -deviceId 0x 

    So I'm stuck! I can't do. Can anyone help?

    See you soon,.


    Using the LSB of the second email file? If you have registered for the original file of the CSJ to sign with RIM, you should have received a secondary e-mail blackberry under the heading "Blackberry Tablet OS Debug Token" with a new LSB file. The prefix of this file is 'customer-COMINCO.
    in summer, do not use the original LSB file used to sign your application with the rim.

    I have a full guide on setting this up here:



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    / opt/oracle/10 g

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    ~ also define as in other users without db connection problems

    [user@server]$ pico * .bash_profile]
    ~ the value as in other users without db connection problems

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    ORA_HOME: "/ opt/oracle / 10g.

    DBI connect('','db_username',...) failed: ERROR OCIEnvNlsCreate (check ORACLE_HOME and NLS parameters etc.) to the line /www/ 21
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    ! / usr/bin/perl

    Use DBI;

    $this_var [0] = "";
    $this_var [1] = 'db_username ';
    $this_var [2] = 'db_password ';

    print 'Test Run of connection...\n\n';
    print ' ORA_HOME: '$ENV {ORACLE_HOME}' \n ";
    print ' NLS_LANG: '$ENV {NLS_LANG}' \n ";
    Print "ORA_NLS: '$ENV {ORA_NLS}' \n ';"
    Print "\n\n";

    #connect DB
    $dbh = DBI-> connect ($this_var [0], $this_var [1] $this_var [2]);
    {if ($DBH)}
    Print "OK \n";
    $dbh-> disconnect;
    else {}
    Print "failed: $DBI: errstr\n";

    Thanks for your help!

    [user@server]$ ls - lt /opt/oracle/10g/sqlplus/mesg/sp*.msb
    -rw - r - 1 oracle oinstall 31744 Sep 2005 1 /opt/oracle/10g/sqlplus/mesg/sp2us.msb
    -rw - r - 1 oracle oinstall 11776 Sep 2005 1 /opt/oracle/10g/sqlplus/mesg/sp1us.msb

    It seems that if you have a permissions problem. If your username is not a member of the oinstall group, he or she has no access to the necessary sql * more files. I recommend you read MOS 420083.1 Note for a more in-depth discussion to set the file permissions on the Oracle home.

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