Compaq 6910p ACPI driver missing on Device Manager

I have a compaq laptop 6910p with drivers missing ACPI on Device Manager. I tried to get a download link for Hp to solve the problem BUT nothing helped. I am using windows Xp Pro SP3

Any person having a relationship? I'd appreciate it.

Thank you



Here is the link for the driver you need. & cc = us & prodTypeId = 321957 & prodSeriesId = 3357377 & prodNameId = 3357378 & swEnvOID = 1093 & swLang = 13 & mode = 2 & taskId = 135 & swItem = ob-48325-1


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    I can't connect to the wi - fi network because the network controller is missing in Device Manager. Please help with link where I can download the right software to. My hardware ID as it is in Device Manager - Properties - Hardware ID is

    PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3060 & SUBSYS_3C041186 & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3060 & SUBSYS_3C041186
    PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3060 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3060 & CC_0280

    Please I need help fast.

    Thank you


    the drivers are here.

    You don't specify what operating system is installed.

    Is a HP 500 b, your desktop PC?

    Best regards


  • AFD missing from Device Manager - no network connectivity

    We have a customer with a virus.  Once removed, we noticed that the network connection is always "obtain an ip address.  Find DHCP cannot start because AFD does not.  We cannot start AFD due to no devices being present.  There is no AFD in under non plug-and-play drivers Device Manager.  In HKLM, there are appropriate under the currentcontrolset\services key entries.    The afd.sys file is there and has even been replaced by a good.  How you can AFD add back to the Device Manager.

    If the AFD is missing from Device Manager, view, show hidden devices you can add.

    Before making any changes to your registry, back up the registry with this free and popular tool:

    Open Notepad to create a new text file:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK to open a new Notepad file.

    Copy and paste the following lines in bold text in the new Notepad file.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "DisplayName" ="AFD".
    "Description"="AFD Networking Support Environment.
    'ImagePath"="\\SystemRoot\\System32\\drivers\\afd.sys '.
    "Start" = DWORD: 00000001
    "Type" = DWORD: 00000001
    "ErrorControl" = DWORD: 00000001


    "Security" = hex: 01, 00, 14, 80, 90, 00, 00, 00, 9 c, 00, 00, 00, 14, 00, 00, 00, 30, 00, 00, 00, 02,------.
    00, 1 c, 00, 01, 00, 00, 00, 02, 80, 14, 00, ff, 01, 0f, 00, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 01, 00, 00,------.
    00,00,02,00,60,00,04,00,00,00,00,00,14,00, fd, 01, 02, 00, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00,------.
    05,12,00,00,00,00,00,18,00, ff, 01, 0f, 00, 01, 02, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 05, 20, 00, 00, 00,------.
    20,02,00,00,00,00,14,00, 8 d, 01, 02, 00, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 05, 0, 00, 00, 00, 00,------.
    00,18,00, fd, 01, 02, 00, 01, 02, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 05, 20, 00, 00, 00, 23, 02, 00, 00, 01, 01,

    "0" = "Root\\LEGACY_AFD\\0000."
    "Count" = DWORD: 00000001
    "NextInstance" = DWORD: 00000001

    Save the new text file with extension .reg on your desktop or somewhere you can remember with a name you can remember, something like:


    After you save the file, close Notepad.

    Locate the file fixafd.reg on your desktop and double-click it.

    Alternatively, you can right-click on the fixafd.reg file, choose open with... and select the registry editor.

    Answer in the affirmative to the question... Are you sure you want to add the information in the registry?

    You should then see a message that information has been registered in the register.

    Reboot your system and test.

    You can delete the fixafd.reg file when you are finished.

    If the registry editor has also been disabled, we first fix (not a problem).

  • Missing J4680 Device Manager - cannot scan

    I had to reinstall my J4680.  But now, I don't see where I can choose the functionality of the PC analysis.   It only shows the printer.  Am I missing a Device Manager?   Where can I find?

    I downloaded the Dominican Republic and all is well.   But when I click on the printer I don't have the option to Scan, he just tells me what is printing.

    I just find HP program.    Thank you

  • HP Pavilion G6: Wi - Fi mobile missing from Device Manager download driver does not help

    I have an old HP Pavilion G6-1d98dx I got like a hand running Win 7 Home Premium 64 - bit SP1 and cannot get the wireless working.  The orange/amber light on the F12 key is on and cannot be disabled.  The Wi - Fi equipment is Ralink 5390 rev3.  The device does not appear in the device as one 'hidden' or 'other' Device Manager, much less as a network device.  I downloaded several different drivers on the HP site for this unit, including a dated January 2016, without success.  Any suggestions?

    At any time.

    I am pleased to have been of assistance.

    You don't need to do a thing... the card will work, or it will not be passed the HP welcome screen until you get a card error wireless not supported.

    Here are the links to the wireless and bluetooth drivers you need for this card.

    This package contains drivers for the Broadcom Wireless LAN Server supported in models cards mobile supported and operating systems.

    File name: sp57965.exe

    This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for models supported that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver is required to enable the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

    File name: sp55079.exe

    Please post back and let us know how did the swap of the wireless card.

  • Satellite A30 - ACPI driver missing

    I have an old A30 that I just installed Win7 on. Everything is fine apart from a missing driver - unknown device ACPI

    In Device manager the hardware ID is ACPI\CMP0101

    Now this laptop fan lights not bad and she has a random problem to close without reason. I checked the fans and they are clear. In my view, that stops can be connected to this driver missing because it can control the temp/fans that stop it overheating, and then I could be wrong...

    I would appreciate any help and advice

    Thanks in advance



    Are you sure that you want to use Windows 7 on this computer laptop oldie? In my opinion, you should be happy with a preinstalled OS to Toshiba. There are all the drivers and tools pre-installed and you don t have the stress with the driver installation. You can have fun with your laptop :)

    As you can see in another thread, you must reinstall Windows to solve this problem:

  • ASUS ACPI Driver missing, where did it go and how do I get it back?

    Just installed Win8 on an ASUS eee pc T101MT.  Now I get a pop-up window, "missing ASUS ACPI Driver.  Please install Asus ACPI Driver".  My Google skills miss me, I can't find this driver anywhere.  Help :(

    I had the same issue on my EP 121 and the fixed, just follow these steps:

    Go to the System Manager

    Select Device Manager

    Click with the right button on ACPI utility

    Select Update driver and allow to download and install

    Restart the computer and go to your desktop, the problem should be solved

    I hope this helps everyone, it's a pretty simple solution really

    If this does not resolve your particular issue, I suggest that you follow the same steps and try and update all other ACPI drivers as well because there is a little.

  • Envy of HP Touch Smart 17: HP Mobile Data Protection sensor missing in Device Manager

    I had a HP 3D drive guard error after installing drivers of devices in Device Manager in the control panel.  I looked on Google for answers and they said to find the right driver on the HP website, sp71811, uninstall the old drivers and install a new one for this laptop.  I did this and got an error DLL missing after restarting the machine.  You told me to uninstall again and reinstall and do not forget to restart after uninstalling.  The installation said it was incomplete, that the files were not completely installed.  I got an error message about a missing .dll file (don't have the error code now).  Something about a file stack error.  I went to the Device Manager and uninstalled the driver for the HP mobile data protection thinking can I reinsall that Device Manager but he removed the accelerometer.  Now I can't download HP 3D DG due to missing accelerometer.  How can I retrieve the accelerometer and the original problem with HP DG 3D?


    Try the latest version of the 3D driveguard driver...

    This package provides the software HP 3D DriveGuard to the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.


  • M7640n acpi driver missing Media Center

    Hi, I'm helping a friend with his media center m7640n.  I had to wipe his record clean b/c of the viral infection.  I did not have the chance to create the recovery CD I got all drivers installed ok except that now I have an unknown device in device saying Device Manager unknown on Microsoft ACPI bus.  Can someone enlighten me on this?  TX


    I ain't giving up that easy...

    Try this one. You will need to load from the device in the Device Manager as is the pilot of the cru.

    Unzip and save these 2 files in a folder where remember you where it is.

    Click the ACPI device in Device Manager. Click on update driver driver. Select the method of manual search and navigate to this folder. Select the AMDAway.inf file to load.


  • CD-ROM/DVD-ROM missing from Device Manager, FRUSTRATED!

    I jumped on my computer today, to copy a disc in iTunes and found that Windows is for some reason, do not recognize my DVD/CD drive.  Now, the drive is very good; This works.  I put in a disc and it runs.  But that's all.  I go to Device Manager to see what is the problem and I find that the knot of READERS of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM is missing altogether.  -What happened?  If anyone can help (not you, Rob;) I already tried everything in your list of suggestions), please.  I would appreciate.


    Hi Dtorres,

    • What exactly do you mean by it works when I insert the disk?

    If the device is missing in the Device Manager, it may be due to hardware failure or if the drive cables are not connected properly. This can also happen if there is a damage in the drive cable, windows will not be able to detect the drive.

    However, you can contact the computer manufacturer to verify if there is any firmware that you can install for the CD / DVD player and if you can run a diagnostic tool for the material.

    You can also start the BIOS of your laptop and check if the drive is detected in the BIOS and post back the result.

    I hope this helps. Let us know the result.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • External hard drive in the Device Manager but not in disk management

    So I have this external hard drive Western Digital 1 TB. I've had for over a year now and it was working fine. I would like to trade my XBox 360 and the computerregularly. Then one day I brought home, plugged into the computer and nothing. My friend and I couldn't understand anything. We have gone as far as removing the hard drive and put it directly into the computer. I have reviewed, that he has lost.

    Then yesterday, on a whim, I tried to connect it again to the USB port. It is presented in the Device Manager but says that its drivers have not been installed. Then, I changed the USB ports on the back of the computer and as if by magic, that this is once again. I had full access. Stupid (and you can see where this is going) did not immediately transfer anything off the hard drive. I'm looking for an image and listen to a song off of said hard drive when the drive went suddenly not recognized.

    I can see now the reader in the Manager of devices under disk drives, and USB devices. However it does not appear in the disk management window. And Yes, I checked as well the Productdocumentation upper and lower, that it is not listed. Go to the area where you assign drive letters not shown not be. Normally this is E:.

    I also tried to remove the UpperFilters registry in regedit. It was not to remove LowerFilters. Obviously, that didn't work or the other.

    I tried several cords and all my USB ports with no luck either.

    I went on the WD Web site, but they do not offer anything other than a partitioner that I would save rather than as a last resort as there are a number of things on the hard drive I want to save.

    So it's not like it's a new HD to be partitioned or an old man who comes out crapped. I know there's the data I just need to get home long enough to get what I need. Maybe I missed my window, but maybe I did not. Maybe someone can help. I'm at the end of my mind on this thing.

    Sounds like a problem of partition (maybe corrupted partition tables) if the device is recognized, but not the 'disk '.

    There are recovery/repair partition about tools.  Western Digital actually have some but I think that they are made for internal drives.

    If I were you, I start with WD and start looking for partition recovery/repair tools.  If this is the problem then it is the right kind of problem and you using the right type of solution can fix it easily.

    If this is not the case, some data recovery tools can help you recover some files even if you have to recreate a new partition, although I wish you much luck with this approach!

    Good luck whatever you try and make sure that you do not overwrite the what partition information, you have without making backups (many partition edititing software will offer backups)

  • CD ROM drive not in Device Manager

    Suddenly, my CD-ROM drive doesn't work after I plugged a flash drive. It does not recognize a disc (tells me to insert a disc after that I already have). The drive is not listed in Device Manager. I followed the instructions of regedit and led nothing to delete the location. I tried the following without success website: The Fix - It ran and gave me: material changes may not be detected - checked. Y at - it sort of screwup driver or is my cd rom bread?


    If the drive is viable that these can help:

    Step 1: Please do all the same underneath if you did some before as is often total
    a process that solves the problem.

    Try this - Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double click on the device - driver tab.
    Click on update drivers (this will probably do nothing) - RIGHT click ON the drive - uninstall.
    RESTART this will refresh the default driver stack. Even if the reader does not appear to continue

    Then, work your way through these - don't forget the drive might be bad, could be a coward
    cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit

    Try this fix manually if the Fixit 314060 does not work

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs-
    a Mr Fixit

    The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to
    for Windows Vista

    When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit

    CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Vista, or you receive this error in Windows
    Vista installation after booting from the DVD (AHCI)
    Drive CD - R or CD - RW Drive is not recognized as a recordable device

    Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit

    Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then make sure that the cables in both
    ends. Remove and replace, do not just tight. For laptops, you can often clean power and
    contacts data with a pencil eraser.

    Some DVD players do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the manufacturer of system and
    manufacturer of device to see if there is a firmware or drivers for your drive if necessary.


    Step 2: You have disc problems as the CD/DVD is actually 4 discs in 1 case (CD & DVD
    Burn and CD and DVD read). So it is not unusual for 1 or 2 operational so that other parts
    do it right.

    Did you follow the Troubleshooting Guide for the reader who still does not work? There are
    the entries in registry that the troubleshooter does not solve and those who "might" be the cause.

    Check with your Maker system and a device for the two possible firmware updates and

    the correct registry entries for your car.

    Here are the keys that I of course are those in question - for the subkeys of the CD/DVD drive
    as there will be other subkeys in these keys. Do not forget to ask specific keys involved as well as
    the parameters.


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}


    You can probably find more info here and maybe even the exact registry for your CD/DVD settings
    drive from someone with the same model.

    Forums - a lot of expert real help

    CD/DVD units

    Use DevManView to locate the CD/DVD in the registry (be careful and do a prior Restore Point)
    nothing change) - find the DevManView device and then make a right click on it free in RegEdit.

    DevManView - free - an alternative to the standard Windows Device Manager, which displays all the
    devices and their properties in flat table, instead of the tree viewer

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • CD/dvd drive not in Device Manager!

    tried all the fix it solutions and the problem is still there, here are the results

    CD/DVD, reading and writing Publisher details
    Problems found
    CD/DVD drive is not detected

    The disk is missing or disconnected

    Not fixed

    Rescan devices
    Problems found Details of detection
    CD/DVD drive is not detected Not fixed
    The disk is missing or disconnected
    Rescan devices
    Look for changes in available devices
    Details of detection
    Collection information
    Computer name: HALOINDUSTRIES
    Version of Windows:
    x 86
    05/09/2010 23:08:36
    Publisher details
    CD/DVD, reading and writing
    This diagnosis identifies and solves common problems that can prevent you from reading and writing of CD/DVD
    Package version:
    Microsoft Corporation

    .. .i reinstalled the operating system and the drive of dvd/cd rom works for the installation of the operating system, but once it has fully installed the cd/dvd rom drive isn't even appear in Device Manager and it wont even open after the OS is completely booted!

    I also tried the regedit solution, but I have no upper or lower filters...

    I use a hp dv6815nr! Help, please!

    Very respectfully,.


    I thought I had posted the solution.  The upper and lower filters need to be refreshed.  Here is a solution I found on the Adobe forums.

    Refresh the CD and DVD drivers list in the Windows registry.

    Warning: The registry contains information on the system that are critical to your computer and applications. Before editing the registry, be sure to make a backup of it. Adobe does not provide support for problems that result from incorrectly modifying the registry. Adobe strongly recommends that you have experience editing system files before you modify the registry. For more information on the Windows Registry Editor, see the Windows documentation or contact Microsoft Technical Support.

    To refresh the CD and DVD drivers list in the Windows registry:

    Important: After you refresh the list of drivers in the Windows registry, you may need to reinstall any other CD or DVD on your computer to write applications. If you restart Windows after this procedure and other burning CD or DVD applications do not recognize the CD or DVD drive, and then reinstall those applications.

    1. Uninstall your Adobe application.
    2. Open the Registry Editor:
      • On Windows 2000 and XP: click Start > run. Type regedit in the box text open, and then click OK.
      • On Windows Vista: Click Start. Type regedit in the search text box, and then press ENTER.
    3. In the left pane of the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class and select the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} key, which appears as a folder.
    4. Select file > export (Windows XP and Vista) or registry > export a file from the registry (Windows 2000).
    5. In the export registry file dialog box, select the branch selected under export range, name the file (for example, CDDVDkey.reg) and click Save to save the file to the desktop.
    6. In the Panel to the right of the registry editor, select the LowerFilters line, and then choose the editing command > delete. Click Yes in the dialog box confirm deleting key.
    7. Select the UpperFilters line, and then choose the editing command > delete. Click Yes in the dialog box confirm deleting key.
    8. Close the registry editor.
    9. Open the Device Manager:
      • On Windows 2000 and XP: click Start > Control Panel. Double-click the system icon, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.
      • On Windows Vista: Click Start > Control Panel, double-click System, and then click Device Manager in the task pane.
    10. Click on the symbol more then to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives.
    11. For each listed DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive, select the icon then choose Action > uninstall.
    12. Restart Windows.
    13. Windows will automatically detect and reinstall your CD-ROM or DVD - ROM drives. You can check that the drives are installed in the device (see step 9) Manager. If the drives are not present, open Device Manager and choose Actions > Scan for hardware changes.
    14. Reinstall your Adobe application.
    15. Restart Windows.

    Important: If this solution doesn't solve the problem with the application you reinstalled, then you must restore the CD and DVD drivers list in the Windows registry.

    To restore the exported CD and DVD drivers list:

    1. Double-click the registry key that you exported.
    2. Close the registry editor.
    3. Restart Windows.

  • CD/DVD drive appears in Device Manager.

    Original title: my cd/dvd driver is missing from my device manager.  How can I get that back. I have a pavilion dv9700 and windows vista.

    my dvd/cd driver is not found in my device manager.  How can I get that back. I have a pavilion dv9700 and windows vista. I don't know what happened, but my laptop is useless now.  I have also run out of space in the drive d and f.  It's a little more overwhelming since I don't have much in my laptop.


    You can run the fix it try the manual steps in the link below to fix the problem.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

  • No CD/DVD drive detected in Device Manager

    I have a hp pavilion dv9925nr portable laptop, running windows vista Home premium, service Pack2.  cd/dvd driver is missing, its not even appears in the Device Manager to all, I tried to scan for it and no luck.   I know it works, I tried the fix it install and I've been in the registry and remove filters superiors, he showed no low filters.  I even put the computer back to factory settings and the dvd player worked fine.  the only thing that worked for a while was to uninstall the game fast and install the latest version and it was working fine but now after a few updates his party once again and now reinstall quick play does not work either.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Do you remember the updates that caused the problem?
    You can check for them in the update history.
    a. open Windows Update by clicking on the button start. In the search box, type Update, and then in the list of results, click Windows Update.
    (b) in the left pane, click view update history.
    c. to display more information about an update, double-click it.
    Check if it is detected in the BIOS.
    Warning of the BIOS:

    BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.
    In the meantime, I suggest that you follow the steps below and check if the problem is resolved.
    Step 1:
    Do the System Restore point that your CD/DVD drive was working normally.
    Step 2:
    Now, when installing updates, install one by one to determine which update is causing the problem to occur.
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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