Compaq Presario CQ56-106SL: failed to update Bios


my laptop had a version of bios F03, I downloaded the HP driver page associated with this model, the latest version of F18, the InsydeFlash utility began, showed me the latest version of the bios (F03) and the new version of the bios to be installed (F18).

After you PC rebooted automatically, at startup, a window showed the new bios was ready to be installed, I pressed enter, installation began, writes the blocks of 512, checked the blocks of 512 and at this stage, the laptop got stuck showing the 512/512 blocks have been checked and the progress bar 100%.

After abou 1 hour, I decided to stop the laptop, the only way to do so was unconnect the battery pack.

I turned on the laptop, but it shows once again the new bios is ready to install, I repeated the process a few times but the result is the same awvays.

By turning on the sistem, I can also skip the update of the bios by pressing ESC, doing so Windows7 starts normally, but every time I restart the laptop that I should ignore the upgrade, and I just can't access the bios Setup.

I tried to install any other bios versions downloaded from the HP driver page associated with this model, but none of them worked, even the original version F03 no longer works.

The result for all of the versions I've tried is almost the same, some time it install the bios, but the check fails, some time, that the installation fails also the 391 block or the block 33.

Can anyone suggest me what it takes to win the correct bios behavior?

Thank you very much



Thank you

I solved my problem, I'm not exactly sure how.

I immediately pressed the ESC key and mem test form CD, after that a new restart and entered in the configuration of the BIOS with the F10 key. I have change everything, but now the laptops starting mormally.

I have the BIOS original version F03.

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    Kind regards

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    I read that some Compaq portable computers use a utility on the hard drive to load the bios, boot etc menu, so if this is the case with mine, then it has been completely removed. If this is the case, is there a way I can get it on the drive?

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    I have faith in your ability to help me with this, thanks!

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    I seem to have solved the problem! As soon as I was able to restore the partition of 'System', which is the partition active, the bios loaded no problem. After the release of the bios, the Recovery Manager has finally started automatically and I was able to restore the laptop to its "out-of-box" State

    What I did buy a 2 1/2 inch, SATA HARD drive, USB adapter I used to connect the player to the laptop on my desk. I used my flash boot disk image first restore the MBR on the drive by using the backup that I did. That did not work. Then I restored the system partition, crossed my fingers and pulled to the top of the laptop again and finally the Recovery Manager came. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen in days.

    A little advice. If you want to clear Win7 out of your Compaq, say you want to sell or something, and you want to use a method of multiple passes, clean partition "Win7". Don't wipe the 'HP tools', the 'system', or the 'Recovery' partitions (is there such partitions). If none of this has meaning for you, find a friend or a tech store, he does not sense of. I consider myself lucky.

    Thanks Charles for your answers, I appreciate them!

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    In any case, I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ56 laptop. It has been implemented correctly when I bought it, everything worked perfectly. I managed to catch a virus that prevented me from even turn on my computer (which is strange, because I'm not a fool with computers, and I know what not to do/download sites to visit), so I had to restart my computer to stock, I used my Windows 7 disc, partitions formatted and installed windows again.

    Now, for some reason it doesn't connects wireless Internet. It connects when I have an ethernet cable connected, but it is not all networks, as shown in this screenshot:

    (And also here's a cute Bunny for your pleasure)

    So you see my problem it is very frustrating. I don't know what is the cause, but I guess it must be a driver problem? Which is why I write here, if this is indeed in the wrong section, please accept my apologies.

    Here is an another screenshots that can help, just in case:

    If someone could shed some light on the problem for me, or even to resolve, I'd be very grateful it is extremely annoying. As I said, it works fine when I have my laptop connected to the internet, when I'm in College, but when I come on a weekend, I can't put my laptop, because I only WiFi at home.

    Thanks for reading

    Hayley R

    You are the very welcome, Hayley.

    The problem is that the needs of the wireless (network controller) one adapter driver installed and here is the link for the driver you need.

    Once you install the driver above, the wireless should work just fine.

    Best regards


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    Thank you



    Unfortunately, your model will not support 2 x 4 GB of memory.

    This is because it is equipped with an Intel Celeron processor, your laptop is the chipset Mobile Intel GL-40.

    This chipset only supports a maximum of 2 x 2 GB memory.

    By the way... 2 x 4 GB memory DDR2 would cost a lot of money.  It was the cheapest I could find.

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    Thank you



    Enter 27165907

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Is it somone kan help me with this ar desperat.


    Enter: 75799308

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 CQ56-219WM laptop

    He just started to ask for a password "Administrator" or "Power On" password

    After 3 tries, I get this message.

    Disabled system [73965989]

    What should I do?  Please help and thanks in advance.


    Please enter:


    Kind regards.

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    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    "Viva life Bohem.


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