Comparing several instances across entities.


I have this problem below:

My data model is


the passenger 1

the 2 passenger

Note: The data model can be changed as it is mapped to Siebel. Also there is no relationship between the bodies of two children in Siebel.

Fields named "the name of the passenger 1", there "the name of the passenger 2" in entities "the 1" and "the passenger 2" respectively. ""

My requirement is to check if all the values an instance of "the name of the passenger 1" is present in the entity of the "passengers 2".

Here are my rules:

the passenger name of the 1st = InstanceValueIf (all instances of the passenger 1, passenger 1, passenger 1 name is known)

the passenger name of the 2nd = InstanceValueIf (all instances of the passenger 2, passenger 2, passenger 2 name is known)

the names if

ForAll (all instances of the passenger 1, the name of the 1st passenger = the name of the 2nd passenger)

This works great for a single instance of the passenger.

For multiple instances, it blends which instance to receive, because the value of the name of the passenger 1 St.

Any suggestion is welcome.

See you soon,.



Hi Arup,

In above scenario, you can use the membership relationship as an entry rule. You can have a relationship between 1 and 2 passenger ("passenger name" for example).

Data model is like:

Rules will not fall as:

Hope this will help.

See you soon,.


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    Hello, this is my first post in this forum.

    I tried to do some research to make sure that I'm not something that has already been answered, but that have not yet found.

    I would use vSphere Hypervisor (free product) on a single server and run several instances/images of Win7, so that I could use it in the classroom. My hope is that by doing this I need only to maintain an image and keep up-to-date.

    My plan is to create an image, and then allow clients to connect to the server via RDP and start a Win7 desktop computer using this image. I also need to have Office 2010 installed on this desktop is going to be where my teaching is centered.

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    2. How to create the image of Win7?
    3. How licensing issues are handled so that I can legitimately run up to 5 copies of this Win7 desktop computer?
    4. Any other suggestions or thoughts that I have to consider?

    Thanks in advance.

    Russ Kauk

    If you are willing to accept a slight modification, it can do.

    (1) creating an image or

    (2) you create clones of n of this image and start them

    (3) users connect via IP/hostname to each individual workstation.

    If you need to automatically configured virtual machines and management, then you have to accelerate the non-free hypervisor, vCenter and VMware View.

    Regarding the issuance of permits - you will need licenses for Windows "n", likely.

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    In doing so, is it necessary to also change the port numbers in each copy of the EnvironmentVariables config file so that they are in conflict with others, even if no service within the container of remoting is running on multiple instances of the container?

    My hypothesis is that if we put a particular service "isActive" false for a given instance of the remoting container, container instance won't lock the port for this service, there is no conflict with the remote instance of the container that is running this service and listening on this port.  This seems to be the case when it is tested, but I heard that you need to change the port numbers for each instance of the container, so a final clarification would be great.

    Thank you!

    Hi Brendon,

    Yes, you are right. If the RemotingContainer service is not running, the port is not used.

  • How to highlight several instance of a word or a sentence in Acrobat XI

    I would like to highlight several instance of a word or a phrase.  I worked with the editors, but I can't find a way to save the changes or change the highlight color using scripts.

    Thank you

    1. open the Document in Acrobat XI

    2. open the 'Comments' on your right.

    3. There are a variety of tools avaialbe to highlight, underline and add text.

  • ImportREDServer.exe runs several Instances

    When I run the CS5 first it starts 8 instances of ImportREDServer.exe (see attached). Is this normal? Also, when I open my project (1200 + R3D clips), it loads a few hundred then hangs (not responding) for 30 to 60 seconds, then charge a few hundred more and so on. I don't know if they are related. However, when I open the version CS4 project in CS4, it loads a lot faster and smoother. Any thoughts?

    Data sheet:

    First 5.0.2

    Windows 7 64 bit

    6 GB OF RAM

    clocked at 1.6 GHz I7

    FireWire 800 6 TB LaCie connected through ExpressCard adapter

    RED Server.JPG

    Yes, it is normal that several instances of ImporterREDServer to start - up to one by heart of processor.

    You have a fairly small amount of RAM for a computer equipped with eight processors. If there are multiple instances of the RED importer running to load hundreds of clips RED, it will take some time, especially if these authorities are fighting for a small amount of RAM. Whenever the software fight more RAM, you experience delays, especially if the contents of the RAM, eventually exchanging hard disk.

    I have 24GO of RAM in my computer at home with the same number of processor cores you have. It's a big positive difference.

  • How to compare attributes in different entities?


    I would compare/check that a number of attributes in an entity is identical to another set of attributes in another entity. The attribute type is text.
    How is the best way to do this?

    Thank you!

    / Robert

    Hi Robert,.

    The easiest way is to use the ExistsScope function.
    So, for example, imagine two sets of features, "employee" and "personnel file" (there may be several cases of employees and in many cases staff records). Suppose that two of these entities are global (i.e. they have no direct relationship between them).

    I'm not sure why you want to compare the two, so here are a few examples of things to do, and you can apply depending on what is most relevant for you.

    First of all, you can write a Boolean value which essentially confirms if an employee has a folder:

    the employee has a personal best if:
    .. ExistsScope (personnel records)
    .. .the employee name = the name of the recording of personnel
    ... Home office employee of .the = the registration of personnel office

    It's just a simple Boolean which will confirm that there is at least one instance of personal record that matches his name & Office at home. If that's what you have to do is by far the easiest way to achieve this in the OPA. Here's a useful article that goes into details:

    Often, however, it is useful to "corresponds to an instance of entity to another" and then run rules on the instance of "corresponding"...
    For example, once the personal file of the employee has been identified, it can be useful to run than some of the more detailed rules. You can create a relationship suspected between the employee and the recording of personnel and call it "personal employee record.

    For example:

    personal best is a member of the personnel file of the employee if:
    .. employee name = the name of the recording of personnel
    .. The employee's Home Office = the registration of personnel office

    Then once you have this relationship, you can then later use this rules:

    the employee must be encouraged if
    .. ForScope (personal record of the employee)
    ... of personal .the record rating > 80

    This is particularly useful if you have a large number of instances. The comparison will be only once to create the relationship deducted and not whenever you want to reason about "staff of the employee record.

    More info on alleged here relationships:

    I hope this helps, after back if you have further questions.
    See you soon,.

  • Showing the façade unqiue for several instances of appeal Subvi


    I have a Subvi, which resembles a table 2D data and graphs of the plots.  I call the Subvi and he opens the subVIs Panel to display plots.  Now I would like to put the Subvi in one for a loop and call several times with various 2D charts.  I'm trying to figure out how to make multiple instances of the Subvi front panel appear. Essentially a front for each table 2D.  All I can get it to do is to open and close the user interface for each Subvi call and for the last table display the user interface for the data.

    I tried to make the VI reentrant and selected the option pre allocate the memory for each clone.  Maybe it works, but I need the front of each Subvi call to stay open.

    Thank you


    Thank you both for the help.  I used the open VI of reference and call by reference and created a strictly typed reference VI to call the Subvi dynamically.  Is attached a screenshot of the block diagram.  The link below has guided me to created the strictly typed VI reference required by the "reference" entry of the reference function call.

  • Compare the instances of the entity


    I want to compare two entity instance and to deduce whether or not they are same...

    Considered a person and he has two instance of person. Now, how can I get just the terms of this comparison of the name, age and sex.

    Thank you


    See the help topic

    Examples of functions of rule of the entity and relationship

    Specifically the examples:

    the product is if duplicate

    ExistsScope (products, other product)

    product code = code for other products and

    InstanceEquals (product, other product)

    the employee has a conflicting identification if

    ExistsScope (employees, other employees)

    the employee identification code = code identification of the other employee and

    InstanceNotEquals (employee, the other employee)

    Hope that helps,


  • VMplayer using for several instances of XP Mode.

    OK, so I used the built in Windows XP mode for about a year now, and while I'm generally pretty happy with it, I would switch to someont that is not so prone to crash.

    I have downloaded VMplayer, converted my VM, added the xpmode.enabled = true line in the .vmx files (otherwise they constantly asked me to activate) but now I get a message when I try to run two simultaneous to the virtual computer that says I am only able to run a single instance of windows XP Mode.

    Using XP mode I was not limited to a single copy, and because of what I do with them (VPN in several places at once) I need to access several simultaneous sessions.  Someone at - he found a way around this with VMplayer or am I stuck with XP Mode?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, Microsoft requires us to enforce their EULA in this regard.

  • Compare several areas that fall under paragraph

    How can I use several fields in the paragraph. under query is in error. We must compare project and tranche_nbr at the same time.

    Select project, tranche_nbr, unds_amt, guarunds_amt, PUND_AMT, SYNUNDS_USD_AMT
    of prd.tranche_table
    where summary_date = June 30, 2012.
    and (project, tranche_nbr) in (596,30,699,0,755,2,755,42...)

    Thanks in advance


    Like this:

    SELECT 'x' FROM dual
    WHERE (1,2) IN ((2,3),(4,5),(1,2))
  • Generate a rule to show several instances of entity attributes


    Phil (the still waiting for beginner training here). I have a little trouble getting the aliasing to work when I want to perform a check on the same entity non-singleton.

    I have a scenario set up when an entity of non-singleton attribute 5 (let's call it 'the child') will generate a maximum of 10 times (source of data-> muiltiple Oracle dbs).

    I need to generate a rule (or rules) to report a failure when the no. recovered children is > 10 AND to display each attribute of the up of 10 entities "the child."

    so far I have generated the following:

    the BusRule (limiting the number of children) works correctly if
    the number of X_children < 11

    the number of X_children = InstanceCount (text value of relationship "the child")

    SO at this point I have a check for the number of instances of 'the child' entity and one indicator if there is > 10 entity instances (so I'm halfway there!)
    I played with the following to try to display each of the attributes of each of the children (up to 10) that are returned (below is the first example, I tried with the child.firstname attribute)

    Display of up to 10 X_children attributes works if
    ForAllScope (text value for the "child" link, children)
    first name of the MCH is known * the number of X_children

    HOWEVER - I get the HTTP 500 error (stack trace indicates the modules failed to load cos ' Subpremise to quantify local must be Boolean "). I kindof get the bulk of the error response, but do not understand why he thinks that it is Boolean.

    All I need essentially to know is 1. How to view each of the attributes for each instance of the entity and 2. What I'm doing wrong.

    As in my previous post, I feel that I should apologize because I'm not sure if I provide enough information or even good info for anyone to understand what I'm talking about because I have yet to attend training (I only used the tool for the last 2 days) and so I'm limited to trawl through the help files , so I appreciate any help/advice anyone can provide!

    NB: I'm using OPM v10.1

    See you soon,.


    I have not read all the details here, but for purposes of validation, error or warning events are another option to consider.

    ForAll requires you to put your condition in the same line (the condition is generally defined as a rule by the way).

    ForAllScope allows you to continue your rule to put conditions on the following (indented) lines of the rules. If you want to disambiguate on a reference to the same entity in the bottom of your rule conditions, ForAllScope allows you also to alias of this entity in the lower part of the rules to another name. For example, this allows you to talk about "brothers and sisters" as part of one of the kids 'parents.


  • OPA with several Instances of Siebel integration

    (1) I have a Siebel CRM Instance development
    (2) decisions for the Dev Instance Server
    (3) OPA installed and configured.
    Smoke test successfully tested.

    Now we have an Instance of CRM Siebel Stadium
    and want to configure the same OPA/determinations server used for the Dev Instance with the scene.

    (1) is it possible?

    (2) it is possible, the siebel data - adapt .properties to a connection string for the Instance of Dev. Can this cause multiple entries to connect with the many Siebel Installation?

    You can have several points of Siebel environments for the same instances of Oracle Server of determination. This is controlled by the definition of Web Service from starting.
    However for the determinations of Web he uses a Siebel incoming web service call, the server is specified in the siebel-data - adapt .properties, while a single instance of determinations of Web can be integrated in a Siebel environment.
    It is possible to deploy multiple instances of determination of the Web on the same application server, just rename the WAR prior to deployment, for example Siebel-Web-determinations - Dev.WAR and Siebel-Web-determinations - Test.WAR. You can then each point of data-siebel - adapt .properties in respective environments. Note You must also change the symbolic in Siebel URL if you launch OWD of Siebel.

  • Several instances of a single photo in photo Apple - is this place?

    Hello world

    After that I added a photo to Photos, it puts a copy of this photo in the folder 'last import. When I click on the "Pictures" folder I can see the same photo here. If I attribute the photo to a particular album in my library, it will appear here as well. I have a scenario where I see the 1 same photo appears 3 times in different places:

    (1) last import

    (2) all Photos

    (3) a specific photo album

    This means in fact that I got 3 copies of the stored photo and takes so 3 x the space on my Mac? I have to remove the picture of 'Last import' and 'All the Photos' after I got this album put it? What happens if I remove the photo of the last import - it removes the picture from the album as well?

    Thank you

    Not at all

    Pictures "not put a copy" any where

    Photos is a database and when you import pictures they are (by default and very highly recommended) copied exactly in photo library where they are kept without changes for all future uses

    Displaying photos in pictures, you can choose a lot to organize and view your photos, including several system like last import and all the Photos albums, albums of the user, the smart albums, duplicate photos for editing of the different and others - none of them make copies of the photo - they are all just different ways to see the photo library inyour

    and since each photos is only in the library, if you delete a picture of the last import all photos or moments then it is removed from the library, so he left all views - deleting a user record does not affect the other views


Maybe you are looking for

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  • Elements PSE 7 and Windows 7

    I'm having a problem getting my editor from PSE to work under Windows 7. It keeps closing on me. Y at - it a patch for it. It is a relatively new purchase. I don't want to upgrade to PSE 8 or I don't think it's fair that Adobe makes me to upgrade.

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