Compatibility Mode settings do not stick

We have an application that will not work in the current context of Winxp SP3. For this reason, we need to change the settings of the application compatibility runs in a previous OS and lower color mode.

Unfortuantely, whenever we try to save the changes in the compat mode options, it seems that he has saved and no error doesn't pop up, but when we return to the file properties, options are gone and nothing was saved.

This only seems to be for the application itself and all other files in the folder, in that it is. It's not a permissions issue, which it has been confirmed, but I'm not sure what other measures can be taken, or what else I can check. This question has me confused and quite irritated user at the time that it takes to solve.

Anyone have any ideas what else can be verified?

Thank you


I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

Method 1:
Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that you reset the computer in start mode normal such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

Method 2:
Try the running System File Checker and see if it helps:

It will be useful.

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    I work in there and a lot of our PC Windows 7 Prof SP1 32-bit are suddenly unable to have their user account control settings changed (they block to "never notify") and therefore, are not prompted for an administrator password when installing new software.  When I try to change this setting, sign in using my personal account admin, I can't change, but when restarted, the changes have not stuck. If the user tries to change, when you click on the control settings of user account 'change' the screen flashes and does nothing.

    If I run a command line (my account has high as administrator rights)

    NET user administrator / Active: Yes


    NET user administrator *.


    Restart the computer as the local administrator of the user, it says "user account is currently disabled and cannot be used to connect."

    I ran the "fixit_kb978591.diagcab" and it has not detected any problem.

    Thank YOU for any advice, go ahead!

    Hi Cate,

    The question you posted seems to be complicated to answer to this community. I suggest you post in the TechNet community.

  • Changing the default browser and e-mail settings do not stick

    When I put a program as a default value, that it would not work as default. This occurs when I set my default browser and my default e-mail program. The element that is not set as default take overs.

    When I put a program as a default value, that it would not work as default. This occurs when I set my default browser and my default e-mail program. The element that is not set as default take overs.

    How do you set a default program? Specifically the browser and e-mail program?

    Start > default programs > Set Your Default programs > click the program that you want to be default...
    If it sayd "this program has all its flaws", you're done with this one.
    If not, click on the last option > check mark on each item in the list > save


  • Profile of Vista power settings do not stick

    I have a system with Vista Ultimate installed.  It has been working well since Vista came out, and in recent months, she has developed a strange problem.

    I have set up for the monitor in white after a period and then sleep after an hour.  I also configured NOT to require a password when returning from his sleep.  All this seems to work well.  After a few days, he starts to ask for the password again when it comes out of sleep.  When I check, the default values of food all were loaded again.

    I can set it up again and it seems to work, but in a few days, he's back to default values.

    I changed the power profile that I used to see something in the profile of power has been altered, but the same thing is happening now, after about a week with the new power profile.

    No matter that other view this and more importantly, have a fix?

    MVP - Windows desktop experience


    Assistance of any kind of program Tweak - or a tool for the protection of the register? Maybe a conflict in GPEdit
    (Group Policy). Suspect programs antivirus/antispyware and firewall software (Comodo
    "and ZoneAlarm cause some strange problems).

    You can use the trial version of RegRun to monitor registry changes to see what
    lead or when it happens. WinPatrol can also catch the changes.

    RegRun - gold or Platinum - 30 day free trial

    WinPatrol - Free Version

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • My screen brightness settings do not stick after that I reboot my computer


    When I put my screen brightness for the "connected" by setting the parameter changes on the same level as the 'on battery' setting after I reload. How can I fix it?

    Thank you


    Hi Christi,

    Windows can store the brightness level of DC correctly in the brightness of the AC setting. When this happens, you can see that the screen is set to the brightness level set for the battery after you start in Windows 7. To resolve this problem, you will need to adjust the brightness of AC in power options plan. To do this follow the steps below:

    1. click on Start, click on Control Panel

    2. open hardware and audio

    3. Select the Power Options

    4 Select Change Plan settings

    5. under AC section adjust the Plan brightness to the desired level.


  • scroll wheel settings do not stick

    I put my scroll mouse, parameters of the wheel to scroll 3 lines at once. I recorded it in the control panel. Now, when I restart windows, the setting back to 1 line at a time. How to make the setting stick resets?

    I use Win7 SP1.


    1 did you change on your computer before this problem?

    2. What is the brand and model of your mouse and your computer?

    3. this problem occurs only with a particular application?

    You can read the article and check.

    The problems with the mouse button or scroll the parameters

  • CSS Float Drop in IE8 but not Compatibility Mode

    I'm testing code to my homepage on different browsers and met the common problem of the fall of the IE float.  This does not work in Firefox, Chrome, Opera or IE8 in Compatibility Mode; but does not occur in IE8 standard mode.  This is a little confusing, since I usually encounter this problem in Compatibility Mode.

    I tried using clear: none; as I thought the content was clear the float: left property of a big picture flash on the left side of the window, but it does not solve the problem.  I have 3 Heights image buttons combined equal to that of the flash image (all 622px), and these are all in a div floating to the right column.  They are all RAS margin: 0 and padding: 0, border: No.  The flash image has its own class declaring margin: 0, padding: 0, border: nothing more.  These div tags is fixed pixel widths and heights.  I tried placing them in a larger container div with fixed width and height, which does not solve the problem.  Yet once again, this only happens in IE8 Compatibility Mode.

    This is the code below:

    div id = "container" >
    embed src = "index.swf" allowscriptaccess = "always" allowfullscreen = "true" height = "622" width = "509" align = "left" class = "flashhome" > / embed > "
    div id = "homecontright" >
    a href = "services.html? panel = 5" >
    img src = "button1.gif" align = "top" border = "0" alt = "b1" class = "imageright" / > /a > "
    a href = "smt.html" > "
    img src = "button2.gif" align = "top" border = "0" alt = "b2" class = "imageright" / > /a > "
    a href = "jobs.html" > "
    img src = "button3" align = "top" border = "0" alt = "b3" class = "imageright" / > /a >
    div >
    div class = "floatfix" > div >
    div id = "foot" align = "center" >
    contact info page footer
    div >
    div >

    This is the style of my separate style sheet information

    #homecontright {margin: 0; padding: 0; border: none; width: 493px; height: 622px; overflow: visible; float: right; display: block ;}}

    . ImageRight {margin left: auto; margin-right: 0px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; display: block; float: right}

    .flashhome {width: 509px; height: 622px; margin: 0; padding: 0; float: left; border: none ;}}

    div #container {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-bottom: 0; width: 1002px; background-color: #A8CBE9 ;}}

    div #foot {background-color: #003366;}      border-color: #a8cbe9;      border-width: thin;      border-style: solid;      do-size: 10px;      Width: 996px;      padding: 0.2em;      margin-left: auto;     margin-right: auto;      text-align: center;      do-family: Arial, Helvetica, without serif.      make-weight: bold;      color: #FFFFFF;      height: 10px; }

    .floatfix {clear: both ;}}

    I tried remove all tanks, same, especially those in the class/div elements nested; but this has not done a thing.  This leads me to wonder if it's really a problem of fall of float, or am I missing something?

    EDIT: I can't post code so I removed the front support of all tags.  In addition, added a diagram to show that it is supposed to look like and what is happening in IE 8 compatibility.  Margins do not exist, they are there, so you can see the individual items


    Use to incorporate it into your code will put IE8 in quirks mode for the doctype you use, so can you change code, (not as simple to change the name of tag, I'm afraid)?

    Reduce the size of the flash (in the code) apply a left margin to the image container and expand your main container. It's just to check if it works, I know it will probably break your layout for the moment, but if we can make it work, (sort of) in IE8 then we can work backward from there.


  • Cannot add properties of jad for the compatibility mode for the COD file metadata.

    Hi all.

    I need to disable the application that are installed compatibility mode using the ALX file. I read in an another messages it is possible to add custom file JAD directly properties in the COD file. I tried to create test projects using Blackberry JDE, Blackberry Eclipse plugin generation tools and use Eclipse with ant. Then I tried to add a JAD file for projects and by adding the following properties:

    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode: false
    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode-UserChangeable: true

    Also I tried specifying the properties of this:

    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode: 0
    RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode-UserChangeable: 1

    But it seems that it does not help to automatically avoid compatibility mode for applications that are built using JDE4.2.1 or earlier. I ran the test on Storm 9530 camera with 8 preinstalled JDE. I also wipe my phone several times to avoid the capabilities that the compatibility mode settings is saved.

    In addition, before installing the application I also checked this jar file compatibility mode properties which was built contained in this manifesto.

    Please, anobody can advise which go bad. Or it seems that there is no possibility to implement the solution that are built with the JDE at first then 4.7 and are installed using the ALX file.

    I never could get this job.

    Sorry, don't know what the deal is.

  • Help! Adjustments do not stick

    I'm having the same problem described in some previous discussions:

    Namely, when you use settings > curves, the changes appear in preview mode, but do not stick when I press OK.

    I use Photoshop CS3 Extended 10.0 on Windows 7.0.  I got some black and whites of two artists drawings.  They are TIFF, converted to CMYK/8, with a single background layer.  My aim is to blacken the black lines in the sections selected using the function of curves.

    I used successfully with images of the artist, but not an artist B curves, so I don't think it's a problem with my installation of Photoshop or my technique.  It must be something specific to artist files B.

    I tried a few suggestions in previous discussions:

    (1) delete the preferences file and let Photoshop create a new.  No change.

    (2) in view of the image at 100% rather than, say, 33.3%.  In fact, it's worse.  The changes are visible in the preview to 33.3% mode, but NOT 100%.

    (3) created a layer duplicated with CTRL-J and I tried curves on it.  No change.

    (4) double-clique on the background layer to create a layer of the 0 curves and I tried on it.  No change.

    A few curious points:

    * Curves preview mode shows the changes when I lighten the sections, but there is no noticeable change when I darken the sections.  Yet once again, the changes do not stick when I press OK.

    * I tried the brightness/contrast function to see what would happen.  Nothing.  The images do not change even in preview mode.

    But when I click on the use Legacy in brightness/contrast box, the function worked and the change stuck.  What does that mean?  That the files are saved in an older format version 10.0 cannot change?  I found a TIFF TIFF file.

    To solve this last point, I saved the file under a different name and tried curves on this file.  I tried both the above four suggestions.  Once again, the changes in the preview mode were visible at lower magnification, but not 100%.  The only difference is that, unlike before, darkening of the image produced significant changes.  But the changes have not yet stick when I pressed OK.

    These indices suggest that that is the problem and how to fix it?  I'm basically a novice in Photoshop, so I may have missed something obvious.  Thanks for any help you can provide.


    My aim is to blacken the black lines in the sections selected using the function of curves.

    If you meant"expand"when you wrote"darken" and the lines are pretty much pure black filter > other > Minimum might be an option. "

    Back to the question of the preview, maybe these screenshots may illustrate the problem.

    Real pixels, one can recognize that the image has only black and white pixels that won't suffer from these curves settings.

    In the small preview interpolation causes gray pixels that are affected.

  • Storm App is running in compatibility mode

    I'm new new Blackberry.  I feel very uncomfortable with RIM JDE 4.5, so I moved the RIM JDE 4.7.

    For my first program, I just copied the SVG Pick demo code in my program.  When I build and run, it runs in compatibility mode.

    I've searched the knowledge base that says:

    1. If the application is compiled with BlackBerry® development environment (BlackBerry JDE) 4.7 Java or later version, it will not automatically run in compatibility mode. If the application is compiled with an earlier version of BlackBerry JDE, it will run in compatibility mode.

    I even checked the jar of my workspace, and it looks like 4.7.  I am at a loss.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    I saw that too. In my case it was caused by the first running version 4.5 on the device. The storm decides this app is app "compatibility mode" and will not erase the attribute once it is recompiled under 4.7.

    Go to Options / Advanced / Applications and disable the compatibility mode for your application.

  • MD9721 compatibility of camera is not compatible with Windows 7 - checked with the previous program compatible XP, update 3

    MD9721 camera not recognized, worked on XP with updated to v3 - verified compatibility mode, but still not recognized

    It seems that the support for the camera is stopped and Windows XP.

    You could try their website.

  • Get the error, Drivermax does not work in Compatibility Mode

    I installed an updated driver called drivermax, but whenever I try to download the updates, it says does not work in compatibility mode, change back the settings to devices.exe. I don't know what they mean or how to do that, someone has an idea?

    Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of DriverMax, this problem should be solved. Anyway, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

  • NB - 200 can not handle the compatibility mode for HDD Contoller...

    Hello everyone!
    I would like to make it work on my nb 200 ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition netbook. The installation is done, grub works very well (I kept windows xp and have dualboot grub-controlled). Of course, I asked first in the ubuntu forum to solve my problems. I thought it was done, but in fact it wasn't. See the ubuntu forum for more information:
    Switch mode Compatible HARD disk (in bios) controller works great for ubuntu, but Windows XP have problems. XP is launched (I see the Welcome screen), but then the computer restarts. I updated the Bios to version 1.9 (02/2010), but this does not solve my problem.
    In the threat of ubuntu, a help very kin (darkod) says:
    + You can try, but if changing the controller type makes a difference, I'm not sure this will help. This seems not related to ubuntu. +
    + I'm surprised change compatible controller made XP no boot. If a hard drive is sata, you, instead, compatibility mode is required to even install XP because it does not include inside SATA drivers. +
    + I guess it depends how the manufacturer put the netbook. +

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I tested the functionality of Windows XP Home edition on my Satellite with AHCI mode and if the WXP was preinstalled with the SATA mode enabled it will not work when the mode is replaced by the compatibility option. I get the blue screen every time if I want to start Windows XP Home edition.

    I think that you do need to make the decision. If you want to use both operating systems, I think you should change the AHCI mode to compatibility and reinstall Linux and Windows XP Home edition.
    Then it works well, but you will not have full disk under Windows XP Home edition as performance when you use the SATA mode.

  • "Display settings could not be saved" what selection spilled landscape or flipped portrait mode

    I get an error "Display settings could not be saved" (version German win7).

    When I try to choose between modes of inverted in display - screen screen resolution

    Also, ctr-alt-left performs a rotation 90 and not running yet.

    I need the screen to rotate 270, how could I do?

    Thanks in advance,


    Dv6, radeon hd 6770M, Sandy Bridge graphics hd

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read your thread on your Windows 7 and display rotated 270 degrees. Here is a solution from a third party site. Turn on your computer and wait for the Windows platform to load.
    Right-click on the desktop with icons part less. On the shortcut menu that appears, click on "Properties". Another pop-up window containing various tabs will appear on your screen. Select the 'Settings' tab, and then locate the button marked "Advanced." Go to "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver" and then proceed to "graphics properties." Select 'rotation' and choose 'enable rotation '. Click on 'apply' first and then click on 'OK '.
    This will bring you to the desktop. Hold down the ALT key (usually positioned to the right or to the left of the space bar and Ctrl key (found under the shift keys) and press the right arrow key.) This will flip your screen to the right by 90 degrees.
    Hold the Alt key, the CTRL key, then press the down arrow key to turn the display upside down from 180 degrees.
    Hold down ALT, CTRL key, and then press the left arrow key to move the screen to the left of 270 degrees.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Try to install Indiana Jones and the infernal Machine, Windows (8 / ME) compatibility mode does not

    I try to install Indian Jones and the Doomsday Machine on my computer.
    I tried using the compatibility mode for windows 98 / ME, but it does not work. When I run the program splash arrives, but when I click on install it closes then nothing happens. There are no errors.
    I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
    Also I install the original CD, and it has worked before in older computers (running Win 98 of course).
    Any help would be appreciated.

    The game should run fine under Win7 64 bit. The problem is that the installer is only 16 bit and is no longer supported in Windows. Just use a different Setup program. Try I'm running the Doomsday Machine, Alliance Xwing, Xwing v's Tiefighter, and Grim fandango all on 64 bit Win7 all using custom Setup programs.

    I also used the original X-wing, Tie-fighter and fate of Atlantis via Dosbox.

Maybe you are looking for

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