Compatibility of the Netgear33 with HP2000 portable wireless router

Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?


bighunk2167 wrote:

Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?


You should be able to connect to any router with Notepad. The router transmits a wireless signal to certain frequency 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, so you must have a wireless card that supports these frequencies. The CPU of the laptop is not important. The most important component for wireless is the wireless card. Almost all wireless cards supports at least 2.4 GHz so also that each router works. This means that the laptop is compatible with the router. However, before you buy a router to do some research and buy a good. I suggest buying this one:

I use this one:

I had mobile phones, tablets and laptops connected to the router and not at all with any device problems. The asus router has two separate wireless networks on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz so you have less devices on each network instead of all devices on the same network as on most routers. There is also a network of comments, which means that there may be three different networks on the router.

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    See you soon,.


    Prioritization of media is displayed/hidden, RickL? Try turning off and his Support WMM (to the same tab settings option). Alternatively, you can try to disable the cut by reference to the connectivity > Administration tab. Let us know if she will give all difference.

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    Does anyone know how to fix, or what is the problem?  I'm set up to ensure that the configuration of IP address automatically, so it has nothing to do with it.  Thank you.

    First check the settings on your Linksys router wireless... Follow this link (this must be done on a computer/laptop wired)...

    Once you know the SSID and the network/WEP/WPA key, then uninstall the adapter linksys and re - install...

    Uninstall the Linksys software menu programs... Re - install drivers insert the CD of Linksys install in your CD-ROM drive, when the welcome is displayed click on exit, connect your USB adapter now... When the Hardware Update Wizard window appears, click on install the software automatically (recommended) and then click Next.

    NOTE: The hardware installation screen may appear indicating that the adapter has failed the Windows Logo test. Ignore the window and click on continue to continue the installation because the adapter has been tested and it works with Windows XP. When Windows has finished installing the driver, click on Finish.Goto Control Panel and double-click on network connections... Right click on wireless network connection, and then select view available wireless networks "-If you see your network wireless in the list, the highlight by clicking 'single' on it now, click on the 'Connect' button below-if your wireless network is secured, it asks you to provide the network key - provide the wireless network key and confirm again in the confirmation box and click 'Connect'." It should work...

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    I finally got the phone company to go out and talk about their wireless router.  My phone is no longer live it upward.  I hope just as I don't accidentally mess up someone elses wireless router when I have my WI - FI value phone and receive in the proximity of their wireless router.  When he saw upward, all on the router looks OK, but it clears any access until you turn off the WIFI on the phone then reboot the router.

  • Need help with RangePlus WRT110 wireless router

    Whenever someone on my laptop when my computer is turned on, I get an interference of connection for about 1 minute, then everything returns to normal.  How can I fix?

    I think maybe it's because your two computers are the same IP address of your router, it's why you get disconnected when your other computer is turned on. So I think you can set a static IP address to your desktop in order to solve this problem. Follow the instructions how to give static IP for your XP computer.

    Click the Start button > settings > Panel > Network Connections - right click on the icon for the local area network connection and go to properties - in the "Général" tab select "TCP/IP Internet Protocol" and click on the properties button - select "use IP address following" - provide the IP - - subnet mask default gateway - - favorite DNS DNS - auxiliary > click the Ok button to save and click 'Close' on the main properties window.

    After that try to go online from your desktop computer, once you're around online on your other computer and check whether you are experiencing the same problem.

  • Compatibility of the SSD with MBP

    I was advised to upgrade my MacBook Pro to replace my hard drive with an SSD. (Samsung 850 PRO 512 GB)

    The results were great. But after a few weeks, the computer would suddenly stop and restart. Initially, it was casual; last week, it happened several times throughout the day.

    Best Buy or Samsung would give me the time of day. I had owned the player for about 6 weeks. Tired, I bought another identical yesterday disc [never forget the madness of this decision!]. Today the computer just closed and restarted.

    Is there a problem of compatibility here?  Could someone suggest probable cause?  The original never hard disk once done this.

    Thank you.

    MBP 15 "mid-2010

    Intel Core i5 to 2.53 GHz

    Remove the SSD, install it in an enclosure, plug it into the MBP via USB and see if it will start the MBP externally (key OPTION key at startup).

    If so, the internal SATA cable is the main suspect.  Replace it.  This is common with SSDS in Mbps.

    If no success, run an Apple Hardware Test:

    Note that an error free AHT is inconclusive.


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    Hello Foxesfan1.

    First step would be to ensure that the controller is actually seen correctly by Windows.  I'll assume that you have already synced the controller and the wireless receiver by pressing the button on the receiver and the little one on top of the controller.

    To make sure that the controller is configured correctly in Windows start tying the game controllers in the box start the search on Windows 7, the option is called installation USB game controllers.  It could be called game controllers or something similar on Windows Vista, I have here in front of me to check.

    Anyway it should open a window called game controllers, the controller must be in there, in this case click Properties and check that all buttons work properly.

    If it is then its probably does not work because Call of Duty either is not setup in support of controllers (a ride in his options to enable the controllers support), or simply does not support at all, not all areas of PC games. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

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    G ' Day,.

    "I loaded a program of fuel injection on my new Win 7 laptop.the program works accept one of the folders are in the compatibility files," "ECU updates". Problem is that I can not use this folder. (IE I can'tupload to it) Can it be transferred to C:\ Program files (x 86) with the rest of the program so that it will run?

    If they say that their software works well on win7 which would usually be any version of win7, it would be unusual for a program to be win7 version

    I was not quite sure what you mean by "exists in the compatibility files" did you mean that you have installed this progam using the win7 built in compatibility options?

    What's this progam decision-makers site? and the name of the program?

  • Compatibility of the player with the virtual machine Workstation

    Hi people,

    Sorry if this is something obvious, I have not found all the details on the form of compatibility with the player...

    I have a virtual workstation 5.x image and I try to run it with a player of 3.1, but keeps the guest OS reboot. one thing that came to my mind, they are not compatible with each other no more.

    is there a way to figure this out?

    Thank you


    Hi Ssooll,

    Welcome to the forum.

    You should find the information in this KB .



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    The printer is connected wireless (No ethernet cable) to a network by using a cable modem and a Netgear router.

    I can print wireless from my DT or lieutenant Tests of wireless to the printer showed that it is connected to my network.

    What I want to do, it is scanning to my computer, everytime I try I get a message telling me that it cannot find the 8600.

    I can scan to a flashdrive no problem.

    What should I do to scan to my computer wireless or seeks only to scan to an internet location?

    Thank you


    It took me 2 whole days, but I've been tracking the solution for my all-in-one HP6500A. He suddenly lost the ability to scan to the computer after working fine for a year. Windows Image Acquisition, necessary to analyze, did not work, and I couldn't restart it. It is difficult, for me anyway.

    Press on Start menu and type services, and then click SERVICES when the screen opens.





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    What I read, I was ready to provide alternative (webm and ogg) formats, but I tested it with Firefox, Chrome and IE10, and they seem to all work. I do not have to provide three versions of the video, because it is a precursor to a 8 added more videos to our Web site. The browser world all got on board with mp4 now, or do I always have to provide alternatives?

    Thank you' type = "video/mp4" >

    If you don't see this, you are using a

    outdated browser that does not support

    the video tag.

    All modern browsers now support MP4.  Not so a few years ago. So we used relief WEBM and OGG.

  • on the compatibility of the hardware with windows server?

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    I would like to know if I can install windows server 2012 or higher on a pc laptop, an Intel i5 processor, and the laptop can then be run as a server?
    Thank you.

    Ask in the forum Windows Server:

  • Compatibility of the program with the camera Application

    I can't. to get my camera picture comes on and stay on

    If you mean that the camera is not working or malfunction - contact the manufacturer of the device.

    If you mean that you are experiencing problems connecting to your computer:

    Download drivers for your camera

    Visit the manufacturer's Web site and select your model (this is usually done in the Support section). You should be able to download drivers for your model. Download the driver (s) and follow the instructions to install - each device is different so I can't give you exact directions.

    Troubleshoot camera connection:

    How can I get pictures from my camera to my computer:

    Change settings for importing pictures and videos:

  • How the ports opened with a WRTG45 wireless router

    I need ports 44405 and 55901 is open for UDP and TCP traffic coming in and out.  How can I do this and Im sure Ive opened on my computers firewall so I just need to do it on my router, can someone help me please

    Open an Internet Explorer browser page. In the address bar type -
    Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...

    Click on the tab "Games and Applications" and then click the sub-tab "Port Range Forwarding"...

    (1) on the first line in the box, type Application in ABC, in the start box, type in 44405 and type of box in 44405, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    (2) on the second line in the box of the Application in the PQR, in the start box, type type in 55901 and type of box in 55901, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    Assign the IP on your computer where you need to run Applications...

Maybe you are looking for