Compatibility of the 'wireless laser mouse 7000' with 'wireless laser mouse 6000 receiver.


One of my colleagues gave me his extra Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, but he gave me a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 receiver. will be the mouse 7000 and 6000 receiver work? are they compatible?

help someone?



Yes those should work - just install the software (Intellipoint) and configure the mouse than the 7000.

IntelliPoint - free

I hope this helps.
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  • Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 does not connect to the Wireless Desktop 3 receiver. 0a


    I'm having a problem, try to use a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 with a wireless desktop receiver 3. 0a. My previous mouse, wireless laser Mouse 5000 connects fine but the left click button is inadmissible about half the time so I bought the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 to replace. Laser mouse 6000 v2.0 works fine on my laptop with the usb receiver that comes with it, but I would like to use this mouse if you use my office receiving office 3. 0a that connects my microsoft comfort keyboard 1027 and all other previous microsoft mouse that I have owned. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers point software and smart and still it does not detect or connect the mouse 6000 v2.0.

    I tried to use the usb receiver supplied with this mouse on my desk but he won't my keyboard (comfort 1027), but the mouse works fine when using the usb receiver. Any suggestions to get this mouse works with my receiver older are greatly appreciated! Thank you

    Hi Mburton8899,

    It must have the same version of the receiver in order to work properly. Unless the mouse is bluetooth, it can only pair with the USB dongle, with which he came.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
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  • Mouse Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000: do not use the new Intellipoint

    I have the Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 B7T-00020-B. The keyboard works fine with the latest driver, but the Intellipoint software recommended for this mouse [model: 1052] by Widows Update causes instructions magnifying glass and the mouse to start randomly wih no way to stop it. You have to start in safe mode to remove the driver, BUT it leaves a condition behind this function of normal mouse affect. Menus not roll down and stay, they go too fast click. The button in the Explorer does not work. My challenge was to re - install Intellipoint, download Revo Uninstaller and start in safe mode and used to rub the driver anywhere.

    Hello Elvinbrent,

    I suggest you to check with the Microsoft Hardware support for more information.

  • Where is the battery compatment on MS wireless mouse?

    Where is the battery compatment on MS wireless mouse? I removed the top cover (Nothing) nd low seem to flush of mouse body, perhaps part of the mold?

    Thank you


    What model?

    They differ. On one of mine, a MS mouse, there is a slightly recessed button with Open impressed in it. Press it firmly, a small part of the back ejects. You enter that and outword traction and a sled emerges which contains a single AA battery. On the other, a creation of Logitech, there is a blade spring on the bottom Board, under which you want to slide forward. A piece of the upper shell falls revealing a compartment holding two AA batteries.

    Good hunting.

    Tom Ferguson

  • HP K2500 keyboard: compatibility of the keyboard and Wireless mouse

    A few months ago, I bought a HP x 3300 wireless mouse for my Lenovo PC. Today, I bought a wireless HP K2500 keyboard and was hoping to use the same nano dongle. I can't make it work and so I am currently using 2 nono donlges. one for each device. Is it possible to rotate the two pieces of the kit through the same dongle and if so, how can I do?

    Hello @AndrewL1,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to draw your attention to the HP Forums Guide first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you have a problem with the wireless keyboard and mouse, and tried to help you!

    Unfortunately, you cannot connect two devices to a USB receiver.  You will need the USB receiver for each device.  I hope this helps.

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    looks at it's not going to work. Wireless products are programmed to be used with a specific key, so they won't work on another dongle.

    B Eddie

  • Connect the keyboard and mouse wireless with new transmitter/receiver


    I have a keyboard and wireless Microsoft mouse 2000 but the transceiver does not seem to work.

    I also have another transmitter/receiver (same model) which belongs to Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 5000, so my question is:

    is there a way to use the wireless 2000 with this new transceiver box? How can I change the transceiver settings so that it finds the keyboard and mouse?

    Thanks in advance

    You can not.

    The receiver is synchronized with the keyboard and the mouse in the factory and cannot be re paired at the level of the Office

  • I started having problems with the wireless mouse and the carpet of my laptop - Lenovo ThinkPad T420 mouse.

    Original title: right click on the mouse itself activating

    I borrowed a USB to a person at work and I started having problems with the wireless mouse and the carpet of my laptop - Lenovo ThinkPad T420 mouse. The left click of two devices works normally, however, sometimes she does not respond to clicks and it takes a few seconds to work. The left button was constantly starts to turn on, as if he was stuck. After that I hit Alt + Tab and modify windows it stops for a few moments and starts at a later date. I havo not found a specific condition or a combination of keys that may trigger the fault.

    I read a few posts on discussion forums, but all say that it could be a hardware problem, which I think is not, because both devices have the same problem and I'm sure it all started with the insertion of the borrowed memory stick. I scanned the readers to help Symantec's EndPoint Protection and installed Microsoft Security Essentials and performed a full scan, but found nothing. I even restored the system, but the problem remains.

    Should I get a different antivirus? How can I find the cause so I can find a better targeted solution?

    Try to install the drivers from this link and check.

  • Compatibility of the Netgear33 with HP2000 portable wireless router

    Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?

    bighunk2167 wrote:

    Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?


    You should be able to connect to any router with Notepad. The router transmits a wireless signal to certain frequency 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, so you must have a wireless card that supports these frequencies. The CPU of the laptop is not important. The most important component for wireless is the wireless card. Almost all wireless cards supports at least 2.4 GHz so also that each router works. This means that the laptop is compatible with the router. However, before you buy a router to do some research and buy a good. I suggest buying this one:

    I use this one:

    I had mobile phones, tablets and laptops connected to the router and not at all with any device problems. The asus router has two separate wireless networks on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz so you have less devices on each network instead of all devices on the same network as on most routers. There is also a network of comments, which means that there may be three different networks on the router.

  • Connection of the wireless mouse problem

    Hope this is the right forum section.

    in any case, I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 with a v3.0 transmitter/receiver for Bluetooth (usb of course).  Since I have a new laptop a few months ago, I had some problems with the use of this mouse.  It does sometimes not work when I turn on the computer, and sometimes at random, it freezes or disconnects, be it it works all of a sudden without reason.  All I have to do to remedy is cut to the mouse, unplug the receiver, then turn it on and plug it in again.  Sounds easy, but it's extremely irritating.  When I got to the laptop, I tried to install the mouse driver.  I always had a message saying "failed to install software" or something like that.  Once accidentally, I managed to get the combine usb configured as a general bluetooth receiver, who did my computer recognize it rather than the built-in bluetooth.  The mouse "works" with or without the installed driver software and with or without bed in the lit bluetooth receiver. With the random disconnects always, of course.  This mouse works perfectly with my old laptop and windows xp.

    News of the computer: Dell Studio, with Windows Vista home premium.  Built in bluetooth adapter (which apparently is a bad thing?).

    Anyway, how I have difficulty or prevent this happening?  Is there a way to get the driver to install properly and who's going to fix it? Better yet, is it possible to make my work bluilt bluetooth for this mouse receiver, so I don't have to use the usb receiver?

    Any help much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Hi Android5,

    Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forums.

    The following link is the site that shows you what all the hardware and software is compatible with Windows Vista:

    Please do not hesitate to visit this site to see if your mouse is compatible with Windows Vista or not.

    Be you please perform a clean boot on your system to see if that helps to solve the problem? Please see the following link for steps on performing a clean boot on your computer:

    After you run the clean boot, please try to uninstall the mouse completely and then reinstall all the drivers to see if you still get the same error message or not.

    Thanks for posting to let us know if this information was useful or if you still need help to find a solution to your problem.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. When I test of arrow to scroll/bounce backwards and forwards

    I have a MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. For a while it was fantastic, but now, everytime I try the / arrow scrolling through columns of docs, images or e-mail items moved with the cursor (on the side or on the bottom) begins to bounce back and forward and points of view moving vertically (or left and right uncontrollable.) To increase the frustration, sometimes things work normally for a short period before the fun begins. When I change to a basic mouse (USB) there are no more problems! : O Tony

    Most often when a device does not work, it's because the driver has been corrupted.

    Try reinstalling your. ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • install Microsoft wireless laser mouse 6000

    Hi, I bought used ms laser 6000 wireless mouse, this one: and now I can't find it on the bluetooth on my laptop, I have Bluetooth v2. The mouse requires installing with usb receiver or is it regular bluetooth mouse like those of ebay, you can buy?
    I don't have a usb mouse with receiver and I thought it's ok because it should work on the bluetooth connection, but I can not connect, bluetooth it will not identify not even with the 'Connect' button on the mouse. the mouse works because the laser light is on.

    It is not a Bluetooth mouse.  This is a RF mouse and requires the receiver supplied with the mouse.

  • Wireless laser mouse 6000 v2.0 freezes / causes other problems.

    I had the wireless laser mouse 6000 v2.0 and the keyboard since April, but the problem just started occurring. I'll start my computer (I have Windows XP) and everything will be fine. As a first step, I can click on the start menu, but if I open a window, it seems that whenever I go to click on the window it will click out of it so I can't select it. From there on, I can't click on anything, no icons or anything. I have to press ctrl alt del to be able to click on the window or another program. I also discovered while I was in Internet Explorer I would surf the web, and he would start pages like I'm pressing the back button to return.

    I already tried things:
    -Uninstall Intellitype, uninstalling the drivers.
    -Change the USB ports.
    -Elimination of some programs / firefox & internet explore [I thought that maybe a bug as possible.]
    -Completely nuking my computer and put a new new version of Windows XP.
    None of them worked.

    The only thing that worked was to move the mouse and the keyboard with my old mouse and keyboard that are not wireless. This is driving me crazy. I just received it and had no problems until recently perhaps an update of some sort, but now he does it on a fresh new copy of XP. What other options do I have?

    I had problems by two different laser mouse 6000 V2, on one, the right click does not work except sporatically, now my other mouse is having problems with the left click function.  I am about to replace the micro-switch SPST (I think that's true) to see if that fixes it.


    I contacted microsoft on this subject (on the defective mouse) about 1 year... less than 2 weeks I received a COMPLETELY NEW mouse AND keyboard NEW in box to NO FEES, no RMA, NO return and was NEVER billed for replacement.  I ended up giving the other combo to my brother and he still works fine (other than the hard drive to use right click on the service), the same thing is happening to this mouse, it is difficult to make a left click, sometimes it works, sometimes, it is not click at all, sometimes it double click on...

    Give it a try, send an email to microsoft.

    I think they have problems with their defined wireless desktop V2 and replace without charge, without admitting a problem.

    Hope this helps somehow.

    PSS, if you have NO function of the mouse AND keyboard, or just the mouse work not at all (NO movement etc.) I had a neighbor install a just CB radio next... frequency RF interfered with the signal RF mouse and the mouse (and sometimes the keyboard) refused to work as long as he handed (IE holding the key to the transmission on the CB).  Sorry if this seems rudimentary, but some people have trouble understanding certain issues so I try to make them as simple as possible.

    The rule that follows:

    Interference RF (CB, other wireless devices on the same frequency (of HAM Radio etc.),

    Exclude the above listed issues.

    Otherwise, it would appear that you have either A: a bad receiver (The Oval device plugged into the PC), or B: a bad mouse RF transmit/receiver.  Anyway that I will try to return the product I used the Wireless Desktop 6000 V2 over 3 years with NO problems other than to wear down me the switches in mice.  (I use my PC very strongly).  Try emailing Microsoft for a replacement, it can't hurt and maybe you'll get a new like I did!

  • MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 cleaning

    Is it safe to open the mouse laser to clean the wheels. It sticks so badly, I can hardly use it.  (Less than one year)


    Not really sure that Microsoft would say a situation where there need cleaning. Personally
    I would like to clean however remember I am not an employee or a representative of Microsoft.

    Wireless Laser Mouse 6000-3 years warranty

    Microsoft Hardware warranties

    The mouse comes with a support tech 90 day of the 1st incident that was about to begin when
    contact Microsoft at the number below.

    Hardware support of MS and warranty claims
    Tech Support 1-800-936-5700 for MS Hardware.


    Take apart can void your warranty.

    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 cleaning

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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