Compatibility SE TracFone and iPhone?

I noticed that Apple iPhone 6s can be used on Tracfone (good to know). But I want to know why the new iPhone IS not is not supported? I have more interest in buying an iPhone 4 "small SE but won't phone operators to get one. Anyone know if this will be supported in the near future?

You will need to address this question to Tracfone. They are the ones who decide what phones will be supported on their network. No one here would know what their plans are.

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    I have my MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and my iPhone is running iOS 10.0.1 and used to synchronize my notes! Is it because of the huge gap in operating systems? I SHOULD update my Mac to Mac OS 10.10 + for this problem? Thank you!

    In order to synchronize Notes between your Mac and iPhone, you must configure iCloud >

    But this requires macOS Sierra 10.12, the latest available version and the last iOS available for your iPhone.

  • synchronization between the macbook pro and iphone works not

    My macbook pro and iPhone are not sync reminders or contacts. How wrong what?

    Hi cmatt3,

    I understand the reminders, and contacts are no longer sync between your iPhone and your MacBook Pro.  Here is an article I would recommend starting with this problem.

    Get help using iCloud Contacts, calendars, or reminders

    Please let us know if you aren't always sync after going through this article and thank you for visiting the communities of support from Apple.

    See you soon.

  • How to sync contacts from iMac iPad and iPhone

    I did clean and fill my Contacts on iMac (version 10.11.6) and then I tried several times to synchronize these (81 cards) with Contacts on my iPad and iPhone (SE).
    Whenever I do it (via iTunes) I don't get all the 81 cards on other devices and becomes changed my correct Contacts on my iMac.

    I just installed iCloud, but the mess just gets bigger.

    If possible, I would prefer to use iTunes for this operation.

    I can't find 'step by step' clear guidance how to do this.

    Only a lot of conversation and advice that increase only my confusion.

    I wonder if it wouldn't be better to first delete all Contacts to iPad and iPhone and then 'move' (how?) my Contacts iMac iPad and iMac.

    But I can't even delete the Contacts of the iPad and the iPhone in 'single action' I prefer not to delete these addresses one by one.

    Please be so kind as to help and know that I am far from an expert in the software, so I prefer the simple tips "step by step".

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Muizen,

    The official way 'Apple' is now really use iCloud.

    I would export all your contacts to your iMac like this:

    Then delete all the contacts of all the devices you have

    Then turn on iCloud contacts on all of these devices

    Then reimport your contacts previously exported to your iMac and it must synchronize everywhere.

  • Why my new iPad and iPhone massively have wifi slowly when Bluetooth is turned on?

    I tried to watch reboot etc until I found a post saying that the Bluetooth is originally the devices have a much slower connection. I turned Bluetooth and got 65 instead of the download speed of 11 gig. However, my watch Apple pencil and pebble being disabled, is very important to me, so it's not a viable option for me. What can I do? A fix is even planned? ! Running the latest iOS with all the patches etc in place. Tried to close everything and restart both devices and the router etc, but disable Bluetooth is so far the only thing that makes the difference. My old mini iPad and iPhone 6 were very good, but I traded them in

    Hello. If you use a 2.4 GHz, instead of the most recent 5 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth uses the same frequency band and may interfere with it. Try to change to 5 GHz, ir your router supports.

  • iPad and iPhone 6 disconnection from the Wifi after IOS 10 improvement

    A problem with maintaining connectivity to my home wifi network, I noticed on my iPad and my iPhone 6.  I'll do an alert on the iPad (which is Wifi only, not LTE) that it cannot detect the Internet. He sees my router but says 'no Internet connection '.  Same thing is happening with the iPhone 6, which translates by he's going to LTE and eat in my data plan.  In both cases, I have to re - start devices and reconnect to my wifi network.  I'm having no problems with non - IOS devices (Samsung Nook, a Roku player and a Smart TV) with my wifi network at home - two Apple devices I am owner of running IOS 10.  Is there a problem with the maintenance of wifi connections?

    Hello rm2static,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that your iPad and iPhone 6 have been disconnect from your home network after updating to iOS 10. I can surely see how it would be about, so much more than other devices are connect well. I'm happy to help you to get this resolved with you.

    First of all, I recommend you to reset the network settings. Tap Settings > general > reset > reset network settings. This operation brings back all the network settings to the default settings, including the Wi - Fi networks and passwords, cell settings, VPN, and APN.

    If the problem persists, try with another Wi - Fi network. Additionally, make sure that your Wi - Fi router has been updated with the latest firmware.

    See you soon!

  • iMessage showing on the laptop and iPhone

    imessages does not have both portable and iPhone.  messages to go to one or the other, but not both at the same time.  Now the messages seem to default to the laptop (Macbook Pro).  If I initiate iMessage to someone on the phone, I get on the phone.  If I'm on the laptop for the same message exchange, I get on the laptop that after that I start to send on the laptop.  I will never receive the first part of the message on the cell phone conversation.  I use OS 10.11.6 and iOS 9.3.5 used it for all the work as it should.  I suspect updates of the BONE is the culprit.  I have reset and restored the phone nothing is done.  Preferences appear to be as they should.

    On your iPhone:

    Settings > Messages > send / receive

    Make a note of the addresses/phone numbers shown.

    On your Mac:

    Messages > Menu bar > Preferences > accounts

    Look on your accounts and verify that the accounts are the same on iPhone and Mac.

    Also make sure that your ID Apple is connected to the Messages on both devices.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to erase data from the iphone if I lost and iphone is offline

    How to erase data from the iphone if I lost and iphone is offline

    < post branched out by host >


    What to do if your iOS device is turned off or offline?

    If your missing device is turned off or offline, you can still implement this Mode lost, lockor remote wipe. The next time your device is online, these measures will take effect. If you remove the device from your account while it is offline, pending actions for the device will be cancelled.

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is lost or stolen - Apple supports

  • View the file encrypted on my iMac and iPhone

    I have a file that contains sensitive data in what to be encrypted and password protected.

    I need to read this file on my iMac and iPhone and also share this file with others who need it.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you


    A PDF file can be encrypted and password protected. A Mac can view this file by using either a snippet or Acrobat Reader and devices such as iPhones can also view these protected PDF files.

  • Is it possible to use the Remote app with the Apple TV connected via ethernet and iPhone via WiFi?

    Is it possible to use the Remote app with the Apple TV connected via ethernet and iPhone via WiFi? When I try this Apple TV does not appear in the list of devices on my iPhone.

    Yes, I'm doing exactly this with the same put in place.

    If the problem persists the next relative to the following articles might help you.

    Troubleshooting home sharing

  • I can't share the pictures taken with a digital camera on my iPad and iPhone 5s so I find them on my Mac mini

    I don't have happen not to share photos taken with a digital camera Sony DSC - H 200 on all my Apple iPad and iPhone 5 s devices while they are on the photo software my Mac mini comment can I do pay back them on all of my devices?

    Google translate:

    I can't share photos taken with a digital camera on my iPad and iPhone 5 s when I find them on my Mac mini

    I don't seem to share photos taken with a digital camera Sony DSC - H 200 on my Apple iPhone all 5s and iPad devices while they are on the photo in my Mac mini powerful software be, I do it to get them on all of my devices?

    I can't understand what you mean. To get photos from your computer to your iPhone, you can synchronize them. For information on how to view:

    Keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices - Apple Support

  • How can I get Office 365 to sinc with my ipad and Iphone?

    How can I get Office 365 to sinc with my ipad and Iphone?

    Synchronize what, exactly?

  • How scam assignment affects iPad and iPhone

    How scam assignment affects iPad and iPhone

    UH... What? Could you elaborate?

  • Can I set up Foxbrowser on my iPad and iPhone?

    My MacBook using Firefox isn't with me atm... How can I set up Firefox on my iPad and iPhone while I'm away?

    There is no Mozilla browser for the iOS due to Apple restrictions on what browser and JavaScript engines that can be used., 2817,2416461,00.asp

    Mozilla did have a browser experiment for iOS called Jr. a few years ago, however, he has no motor pets JavaScript and Gecko used by Firefox due to Apple restrictions.

    With Mozilla's mobile Firefox is for Android 2.3 +.

  • Is there a way to tag audio files on an ipod nano 8th generation and iphone?


    I listen to audio long music mixes and podcasts radio, usually between 2 to 4 hours long. But many times, I want to set up. I would to halfway through listening to a mix of music for 2 hours, then to go to the podcast. But then I don't want to return to the mix of music later but at exactly at the same point in the mix where I left. Is it possible to bookmark this point in time in the mix?

    Whenever I go to another audio file, it's always a pain in the anus to then navigate to that point in time in the first file I listened. I went through all the menus and see no option for this. This type of bookmarking functionality is available?

    I use an iPod Nano 8 Gen and iPhone 5s and both are updated to the latest updates/IOS

    Thank you very much


    In iTunes, select some of your audio files for a long time, get information, and then on the Options on the tab playback position check store. Sync.


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