Compilation of FPGA hangs in LV2014SP1

Hi all

I've recently updated to LV2014SP1 of LV2014. Since then, I can't compile my FPGA VI locally for a project (cRIO9067), which was done in LV2014. Whenever I try, the compiler will in the step of "logic optimization. Then, after severyl minutes, vivado.exe drops to 0% CPU usage and are still just there indefinitely. After a long period without increasing time CPU for vivado.exe, the worker of compilation obviously restarts the compilation and the same thing happens again. Yesterday I let sit for 4 hours, and when I think about it, vivado.exe had consumed some time CPU 36 minutes and that he was still sitting there with 0% CPU usage.

When you use a server compilation (still under LV2014), the VI compiles fine from the same project on the same PC! In addition, compilation of other screws FPGA for the same thing and other targets (cRIO9030) works locally.

The same problem occurred on a second PC that has also been upgraded to 2014SP1. Even up until 2014 with the toolkit and FPGA Xilinx 13.04 time has not helped - I can not always compile.

Any ideas or similar problems anyone?

Hey, Jörg,.

Can you download and install CompactRIO Module Support 14.6?

We have published a patch for 926 x modules that did not compile with the SP1 build tools exist.

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  • Choose ISE or Vivado Xilinx tools for a specific compilation of FPGA


    Is there a way to specify what version of Xilinx Compilation tools to use when compiling an FPGA VI? I want to try the version Vivado tools rather than the version of ISE to see if there is an improvement. I have listed some information on my setup below.

    It's my current setup:
    NI5772 / PXIe7966 digitizer and FPGA
    SMU-1082 chassis
    SMU-PCIe8388 / SMU-PCIe8389 controller
    LabVIEW 2014

    In the past, I used the LabVIEW 2014 FPGA Xilinx tools 14.7 Module to compile my code. But I also want to try the version of Vivado, "LabVIEW FPGA Module Xilinx tools Vivado 2013.4 2014', to see if it gives better results."

    Page-based "compatibility between tools Compilation of Xilinx and FPGA hardware OR" here:
    Looks like the PXIe7966 FPGA must be compatible with the tools of Vivado 2013.4.

    I tried to uninstall the version 14.7 ISE tools, and install the 2013.4 of tools Vivado (so Vivado 2013.4 tools are the only xilinx tools installed on the computer). But LabVIEW complains that the ISE 14.7 tools are not installed and does not compile the FPGA VI.

    Thank you!

    This FPGA is a Virtex-5 FPGA, so you're stuck with ISE.  You need a card FPGA that either uses the architecting chip (I think it was only in cRIOs) or 7 Kintex to use the compiler to Vivado.

  • Internal error OR-farm - impossible to compile the FPGA VI


    When I try to compile any FPGA VI with LabVIEW2013 or 2012 SP1, I get the following error:

    "Year error occurred trying to connect to this server compilation."


    Internal error OR the farm: Client Server received unexpected or bad data. »

    Intermediate files are not generated, the error message appears immediately after I have select build of build specification or I click the run arrow.

    I use the local server for compilation.

    The equipment I use: CompactRIO Evaluation Board - SbRIO9636, DELL laptop, Intel core2 Duo T5800, 2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, SP1.

    The intermediate files CAN be generated without any problems if I select in the menu. If I run the FPGA application compile worker, a ToolTip message specifying that "FPGA compile runs", but after a few seconds, another message appears: newspaper several attempts were unsuccessful - please see attached images.

    At first, I thought that my firewall (Comodo 6.3) is the reason for this, so I disabled it but nothing changed. Then I tried to fix LabVIEW FPGA and XILINX tools with the firewall disabled but din do not solve the problem. I tried with LabVIEW SP1 of 2012 and 2013.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thank you!

    We would like that you try to reset the NIAuth database by following these steps:

    1. go to Windows Services (Bring up Windows with Ctrl + Alt + Delete Task Manager, click the Services tab, click the Services button at the bottom right of the window.

    2 stop the NI Application Web Server and NI System Web Server services in this order (right click, stopping service and select).

    2 backup, and then delete all the files under %PROGRAMDATA%\National Instruments\NIAuth: registry.bin and commitmark.

    3. run NI System Web Server and NI Application Web Server services in this order.

    4. navigate to http://localhost:3580 / connection of an IE on the local computer and try to log in with username "admin" and password empty. Succeeds, the server will return one signed in as: message from the admin.

    After you follow these steps, try and connect to the FPGA compiler, and then let me know what are the results.

  • compilation of FPGA


    How can I compile a code to the FPGA without hardware. I just want to see something on my FPGA BRAMs. If I compile code to FPGA with actual hardware, it takes too much time.

    Best regards

    HITMANNN wrote:

    If I compile code to FPGA with actual hardware, it takes too much time.

    As long as you have defined your specific material in the LabVIEW project, you can compile your FPGA screw with or without connection, but in all cases, it will take the same time to compile. Compilation of FPGA can be a lengthy process.

  • Impossible to compile the FPGA in project


    I get the following error when I am trying to compile an FPGA VI on a Compact Rio 9022, I missing something on my stand in?

    Everyone has seen this before and know what is happening?

    An internal software error occurred. Please contact National Instruments technical support on with the following information:

    7 error error component the generator module VI: NULL

    Possible reasons:

    LabVIEW: File not found. The file may have been moved or deleted, or the path to the file would be incorrectly formatted for the operating system. For example, use- as Windows path separators: on Mac OS, and Linux. Check that the path is correct using the command prompt or file Explorer.
    NOR-488: The non-existent GPIB interface.


    This looks really familiar.  I know I've seen this error.  I think there is a problem if you upgrade to the latest NOR-RIO, but you don't put at level LV FPGA 8.6.0 to 8.6.1, or something like that.  Would it be, kmoyna?

  • Compilation of FPGA - real formal error on the cost of the port cannot be an expression

    ERROR: HDLCompiler:192 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\BPO5kq2_O6tyN2U\OC4_Sine_Cosine_LUT_Constant_Amplitude_dash_optimised_vi_c.vhd" line 1408: real formal on the cost of the port cannot be an expression
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:854 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\BPO5kq2_O6tyN2U\OC4_Sine_Cosine_LUT_Constant_Amplitude_dash_optimised_vi_c.vhd" line 69: Unit ignored due to previous errors.
    File VHDL C:\NIFPGA\jobs\BPO5kq2_O6tyN2U\OC4_Sine_Cosine_LUT_Constant_Amplitude_dash_optimised_vi_c.vhd ignored errors

    The compilation happens to step "using the unit felt" but then stops soon after with a compilation error.

    The line in question (1408) refers to the output of a "Reinterpretation FXP" node with the text

    Cost => (others-online '0'),

    in the part of port of the code card.  This is the output of the FXP reinterpret node is directly connected to an indicator in a VI sub whose output is then entered directly at a crossing high multiply node.  The code is part of a cosine sine LUT I programmed.  She used to compile without a problem, but I think I know where is the problem.  In one case, I have used only the sine of output of the algorithm and theory, Xilinx can optimize away from the part of cosine.  I have two instances of this VI in my code and looking at those generating any errors, the output is associated with a cosine indicator.

    Cost-online s_Cosine_2434,

    It seems that the track is essentially optimized away, but the compiler, Xilinx has a problem with the flag being present on the sub - VI but the idnicator is not used anywhere.  As a result, the cost gets set to an invalid value.  I guess close to reinterpret it FXP at the exit of the Subvi is an important aspect of this problem.

    I think I know enough now to fix this (remove the path manually by duplicating the sub - vi), but it may be useful for future bug fixes feedback in the FPGA module.  It is not the first time that this kind of removal of incorrect code me has given problems, but this is the first time I could clearly identify the problem.


    Hey Shane,

    Looks like someone filed a bug report on it a month or two ago. It's the CAR # 475397 if you want to check for it in the list bug fixed for 2014 SP1.

  • LabVIEW crashing whenever I try to execute / compile an FPGA VI

    I have a project of RT using a cRIO-9012 / 9112 and every time that I hit on the FPGA VI, the compilation process starts but immediately blocked LabVIEW.  The FPGA code is simple - just a development which is basically copied from the VI example OR for the module OR 9214 starting point.  I have LabVIEW Real-time, LabVIEW FPGA, OR-RIO installed (LabVIEW 2013 32 bit running on 64-bit Windows 7 computer), Xilinx tools 14.4 installed.  The crash error report dialog box is shown below:

    I don't know what it takes then try to diagnose and correct the problem.  Thoughts?

    If it turns out that I had explicitly wired constant I/O device to the i/o method node FPGA and FPGA to IO property under my VI, who, for some reason, was originally the compiler crashes labview.  Remove these constants and in defining the elements of e/s instead in the context menus in right-click for both types of nodes seem to have eliminated the fracas.

  • Compilation of FPGA 61330 error on a cRIO

    Hi all

    Currently, I have to rebuild a fpga bitfile to reflect a new hardware configuration on a cRIO. I have installed on my computer, tools that have been able to compile the bitfile several times; but now I get an error when I compile. I have attached two images of the error to this message. I'm currently under this software configuration:

    It turns out it was a firewall issue. I had turned off my firewall, but there was a tertiary process still running. I added a few my firewall exceptions, which should allow the program to work, but it didn't. Once I deleted these exceptions, the compiler run with no errors. I think it's time to get a new firewall program. Thanks for all your help.

  • Error compiling 2010 FPGA - TclTasklC:project_028: unknown property value

    Hi, I use a cRIO 9075 and a NI 9211 to measure the temperature to a project very busy with. Whenever I have try the code for compilation of t I have a compilation error which read as follows:

    Compilation failed due to an error of Xilinx.


    ERROR: TclTasksC: project_028:Unknown 'spartan6' property value specified for "PROP_DevFamily."

    Can someone help me on how to solve this error, I'm using LabVIEW 2010 FPGA and Xilinx 11.5


    You are welcome! I am happy to know that everything works correctly!

    Happy Friday!


  • Why do I receive errors of internal software: Terminal Index out of Bounds. Code error-61350, when compiling my FPGA VI for a cRIO-9118 using NI 9223?

    I get the error (in a popup window) when my VI FPGA code in chassis 9118 OR NI 9223 module compiled help.  This error occurs when compiling the process (generating intermediate files, scene 7 of 7). How to solve this error?

    Thank you

    additional information:

    Original error message:


    Software (s) internal error: Terminal Index out of Bounds.

    :-61350 error code


    A terminal with this index does not exist on this block diagram node.

    «"" "String of full appeal:»»"»
    niFpgaNodeInformation.lvclass:Get Const

    Hi tesa,.

    This is a bug that has been fixed in LabVIEW 2012 SP1. The number of CAR created for this bug is 332811 and as you can see in this link, it is already in the list of bug fixes.

    Carmen C.

  • Problem compiling LV FPGA (urgent)


    I'm trying to make a code FPGA LV in my crio 9074, but it takes a lot of time unsusually (40 minutes or more).

    I'm trying to implement this example to generate a waveform:

    Up to now, it's show "generation of carrots" message and in the newspaper, I'm repeatedly getting this message:

    aved CGP file for project 'coregen.
    Fix generics to 'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Generic external application to 'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Delivery of files related to "ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName"...
    Setting netlist generation implemented to
    'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Synthesis running for "ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName."
    13.4 - Xilinx CORE Generator O.87xd (nt) of output
    Copyright (c) 1995-2011 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Save all the run-time messages
    In the CGP project «coregen» file
    Fix generics to 'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Generic external application to 'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Delivery of files related to "ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName"...
    Setting netlist generation implemented to
    'ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName '...
    Synthesis running for "ReallyLongUniqueName_ReallyLongUniqueName."

    It seems that it is in some kind of loop without end Peae guide me how to solve the problem.

    Thank you...

    These are 'normal' of the process of compilation output messages (although they are a little curious). It is normal to have a certain number of these modules in the FPGA design, if you use analysis library functions; each of them can take several minutes to synthesize. The compilation has finished?

    Fortunately, if you're doing only minor subsequent changes compile compile times are expected to decline because the compiled results of each of these components is cached.

  • Remote compilation of FPGA on a Linux machine


    I try to use the worker of compilation on an architecture based on Linux (RHEL) with a development of Windows 7 PC (Labview 2014). This works if the two machines are on a private network, but not on a managed network of field with several strict firewall rules.

    What are for use on Windows Firewall settings to allow the connection between the worker of compilation and compilation Server?

    (Incidentally: the compile Server seem not to exist for Linux.) "Is it true?)

    Thanks for your help.

    You are right.! There is no compilation of Linux server... So I also use a Windows Server

    For more information, I was able to connect the PC by opening TCP port /3580 (instead of 3582).

    See you soon.

  • FPGA compilation error sbRIO 9632

    Hi guys,.

    I'm trying to write a simple piece of code to send a PWM signal to a PIN on my sbRIO-9632 (starter kit 2.0) to order a servo. I used the example of 'control a servo using PWM' and my code is pretty much the same. When I try to generate/compile the FPGA VI, it stops after only 4 to 6 minutes, saying an error has occurred. The compilation appears to hang during the process of the "card".

    The example is for a sbRIO-9631 so I created a new project for my robot Robotics and changed the PIN e/s that I use (Port5/DIO9). I search through forums but cannot find a solution to this :/

    I have attached my code and the XilinxLog file with it.

    Thanks for any help!



    Sorry for the late reply! Have you made progress?

    Unfortunately, your zip file seems to be disabled on my PC. How it has been compressed?

    So what I meant by remove the digital to generate, is to see if it affected the compilation. Please see if you can compile the FPGA code with the following approach:

    Create the new project > add your target sbRIO > add the VI attached to this post to your FPGA target > compile

    I think it would be beneficial to you to see if the problem is the compilation itself or the code you are trying to compile.

    In addition, you have any another available PC? Might be a good idea to see if your code compiles on another PC.

    Please make sure you have LabVIEW Real-time and LabVIEW FPGA installed (it should come with the Robotics module, but I recommend that you check that they have indeed been included).

    If the build process fails to map no matter what you do, I propose the following: make sure that the target passes a self-test of MAX. reinstall the Xilinx tools (only if it seems that the issue is not with the code, but with the compilation process itself).

    Good luck

    Best regards


  • LabVIEW FPGA, 2015 compilation error

    I've recently switched to LabVIEW 2015 and I'm working on OR myRIO. So also installed myRIO 2015 bundled software. The problem I have is that the compilation of fpga fails within 10 seconds.

    and the target Xilinx journal report is empty

    The first time when I tried to compile on 2015 version, it failed and the message box that failed came alongwith the avast antivirus warning for malicious activity. I reported it as wrong and now I tried several times with avast shield disabled control, but the results are the same. While the version of labVIEW 2014 works very well.

    Now, I'm sure that there is something wrong with the installation of Vivado because this dll is part of it. The dll must be default in the2014_4\lib\win32.o directory C:\NIFPGA\programs\Vivado if you are using an operating system for 32-bit AND also in C:\NIFPGA\programs\Vivado2014_4\lib\win64.o If you use a 64-bit operating system. If the dll is not here, it is probably that the anti virus (I've never seen what happens to Xilinx but I have for other stuff).

    I'm emphasizing the 2014_4 because LabVIEW 2015 uses Vivado 2014_4 while 2014 LabVIEW uses Vivado 2013_4. Since you have also installed LabVIEW 2014, you must have 2013_4 as well and if it works, you will find the dll I just wanted you make sure you check the correct directory for the Vivado 2014_4.

    Download and install (reinstall or repair if already installed) 2015 LabVIEW FPGA Module Xilinx tools Vivado 2014.4. You can also use the DVD Setup if you have. It would be a good idea to do the installation with the disabled and even anti-virus try the first compilation the same. Try and let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards

  • FPGA connect for compiling the server

    Hi all

    I'm just trying to write my code for my Spartan 3 FPGA. I was moved to another computer so I tried to install the right tools... LabView 2010, the module, LabView FPGA 2010 so that the pilot of the Commission of the Spartan Xlinix I use. Windows XP (32 bit)

    Everything seems functional until the moment when I try to compile the code on my device. Apparently it "impossible to connect to the build server" or "compilation tools are not installed on this computer." I thought that all that is necessary to compile is included in the download of the module.

    Is there some piece of obivous I'm missing? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Oli,

    I had the same problem recently. It is very important that all the good software and drivers are installed in the order so that everything works as expected. Looks like you have installed the driver appropriate for the Xilinx Board, you may not have Compilation of Xilinx tools for your FPGA. For the Spartan 3 FPGA, I recommend that you download Xilinx tools 12.4. This will allow your computer to compile the FPGA bitfiles for your specific FPGA module.

    Kind regards

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