"Compile error. Unknown error. "or"Multiplexing gone bad"

Hello people,

When I try to export my video to 4 minutes (just a simple video in 1080 p: some only clips with a soundtrack, a few titles and, despite a sometimes stabilizer no effect), a "compilation error. Unknown error "or a"multiplexing has failed-error"occurs. For me, it seems that the program chooses just one of two errors, so there will be no export my file... I can't find a reason for these errors.

I don't know how to get rid of the error division multiplexing (only export the video or audio), but as soon as I get rid of this error, the compilation error occurs, and I don't know how to get rid of that one... I advised Adobe page on the compile error, but none of the advice they gave worked for me...

I decided to restart the editing of the video. This time that I exported every time after I was 30-second edition. It worked twice (so that total I 1 minute exported), but the third time the error reappears. I removed the third 30 seconds I edited (so I had left only 1 minute again), and I've tried if the first 30 sec still wanted to export. But this time, guess what, errors have come to the top and it wouldn't export... PE will not export the exact same files as it has exported before more!

I think, something is wrong in the program itself, but tproblem could my computer als. Sometimes while editing a "Premiere Elements has stopped working - popup" appears and then I have no choice but to close the program (what is a sign of a bad work computer?). And tproblem that it could even be forced by me, something wrong...

Anyone know anything about these errors and how to heal?

Looking forward to your reply!

By the way: English is not my mother tongue, so don't go and hate on my English please!


02010 m

Your English is very good. But we need more details. We understand the problem you have described.

1. what version of Premiere Elements and on what operating system works - it?

2. What are the properties including the extension of what you put on your project timeline?

What have you (manually) or project (automatically) defined as a project preset to match the properties of your media source on the Timeline?

3. What is your intended export - version 13/13.1 if, Publish + share/computer/and then what? And what you define as the pre-selection for export? You use the default settings of the selected preset, or customize the selected have been preset on his tab multiplexer tab button and advanced video, Audio tab? What are your settings tab multiplexer?

4. have you developed the timeline to help - + cursor above the timeline and looked for irregularities in all tracks (used or others that you feel is not used).

a. gaps in the timeline summary

b. debris (remains) scattered around the content of the tracks

placement of c. of video and/or audio transitions, titles

I guess there is no marker menu timeline or movie Menus involved in all this. I guess correctly?

Before we get to the point where we suggest program uninstall / free ccleaner Cross (parts regular and register), reinstall it with antivirus and firewall disabled, let us

a. make sure that the structure of the timeline has no flaws inside

b. determine if delete the parameter of the item first (Adobe Premiere elements Prefs) editor has an impact on one of the problems you described

If Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64-bit

Local disk C






First Elements

Version number

and in the version number the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file folder that you delete... If that does not work, delete the record of the number of full version in which Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file exists. Be sure to work with folder Option show hidden files, folders and drives on.

Please review and consider, and then we can try to put all the information together to find a solution consistent with the problems.

Thank you.


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  • 'Error compilation film unknown error' made or export in first or Media Encoder or

    Hi all

    I'll have made troubled and the export of which certainly is a sequence quite complex 2.5 hours of first CC 2015 and Media Encoder. I'll describe the problem, then provide my card, then describe my attempts so far solutions:

    1. The problem: try to make my outside sequence gives the error "error compiling Movie. Unkown Error"at irregular intervals, sometimes after 10 seconds and sometimes after 10 minutes of rendering. It occurs also when rendering of three subsequences that he content and when expporting media first or Media Encoder.
    2. My specs:

      Material - I am on Windows 10 x 64-bit on a desktop computer custom built with MSI AM3 + configuration motherboard with an AMD FX6350 3.9 GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 380 graphics card, all current drivers.

      Software - creation and Media Encoder are defined to use the reading Mercury (GPU acceleration) engine and the composite linear color, and are both set to update to version updated for release 2015 CC.
      Sequence - I'm editing in square pixels of 1080 p AVCHD, 29.97 frames/second, 48000 Hz sampling frequency, using the only i-Frame MPEG video previews. My sequence has three subsequences, all of them contain a multicam pulling three video sources synchronized sequence (it is a composite event that was recorded live). I export in H.264 MP4 @ 10-12 Mbps with 'Match sequence settings' for the framerate, bitrate and size of the image.

    3. My attempted Solutions: , I started with the basics... Clear your cache of media, delete make files and files video preview, flatten your blocking sequences, export each subsequence individually, create a new project and import the old sequences, all this, trying to render and export between each of these steps. Frankly, I'm bad-shot in the gut. I desperately need to export this sequence successfully and there deliver my video to an audience online and from there, also create versions for DVD and Blu - Ray.

    I'm just wishing so bad for an error code, a clip defective to be identified somewhere, an Executive responsible for headaches, something. Something besides, 'film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Grateful for any help offered by the community of users of wonderful to Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Hi Nathan,

    Sorry for your troubles. Looks like you have a sequence that should be able to be exported, but can't. To add to your frustration, the warning dialog box has no clue as to what is the error. With what is happening at random intervals, it is really difficult to solve.

    For the latter, the next release of Premiere Pro's warnings more explicit. This update is coming soon. In the meantime, let's work on the export of this sequence.

    Firstly, log a case with support. Here are the details on how to contact them.

    The first thing to look at is your system, I would say. It looks up to the requirements of the standard, however, it is quite a long sequence. If you have lots of GPU based effects and/or Lumetri effects, your VRAM might be out of memory, cancelling export and crashing with error compilation Movie.

    If it was me, my prime suspect. How do you work around that? Avoiding the GPU? In fact, Yes. It will take time for export, most certainly. This could take days. Not much you can do, unfortunately, unless you muscle your hardware. Currently, my guess is that your GPU is probably not powerful enough for what you want to do. In the project settings > general switch to software only.

    Can you avoid this in the future? Yes, with a different workflow what smart favours rendered instead of make or export at the same time with GPU based effects.

    This means that you'd have to transcode the AVCHD video to a codec chip to make and restore the effects along the way in this same codec. At the time wherever you export, you are not typing the GPU because you use files preview instead.

    Info: FAQ: how to speed up making, export or encoding?

    Thank you

  • Fehler bei Videovorschau - Fehler beim create movies. (Error in the video Preview - 'film compilation error. Unknown error.)


    ICH habe seit Kurzem problem beim Exportieren aus Premiere Pro 2015.2.

    ES opens sich ein Fenster mit found message:

    "Fehler bei Videovorschau - Fehler beim create movies. Unbekannter Fehler . »

    As sharps Fehlers habe ich meinen Rechner neu aufgesetzt, aber er is experienced.

    Ich weiss, wie also provozieren kann ich jetzt Aber. Wenn ich beim export die Zielbitrate [Mbps:]

    Auf unter 10 stelle tritt der Fehler auf.



    I recently problems when exporting from Premiere Pro 2015.2.

    It opens a window with the following message:

    "Error in the video Preview - 'film compilation error." Unknown error. ».

    Because of this error, I restarted my computer, but he persists.

    I know now how I can cause the error. When I export the movie and put the target bit rate [Mbit / s:]

    less than 10, the error occurs.


    Windows Pro 10
    First Pro CC 2015.2
    Intel Core i7 - 4930 K CPU 3, 40GHz
    32 GB of RAM (checked with MemTest, no error)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (game ready Driver, Version 368.39)

    With the 2015.3 version, the problems seem to have disappeared.

  • Lumetri color is "film compilation error. Unknown error' all the time...

    I have problems to compile anything if I use the Lumetri color in first Pro CC 2016 9.2.0

    If I remove all Lumetri color on all plans, it compiles without any problem. If I use any kind of color Lumetri - presets or custom color Lumetri it's for me

    "Film compilation error. Unknown error. "if I try to render or export/compile.

    It matters little if I just export from in the body or the SOUL use.

    At first I thought it might be some errors with the media, but after trying to remove the clips one by one, he always made the mistake. Finally, I removed all the effects and it worked.

    If I put Lumetri color on a single clip, it does not.

    It's very frustrating.

    My system:

    Windows Pro 10

    I7 - 4930 K 3.4 Ghz

    64 GB OF RAM

    NVIDIA GTX 570

    4 x 4 TB HARD drive

    Clips of Panasonic GH3 GH4 - GH3 vlclips and 50 1080 P the GH4 is 4K 25 p. All places on the timeline with 1080 P. 25, have made many films with mixed without any problems before - looks like this error came after the latest organization update?


    UPDATE: I managed to get the sequence exported using the red giant seems only instead of Lumetri. I had jumped to almost looks like after having to get used to Lumetri, which I find easier to adjust when editing. Have the old edition, but consider the upgrade to bersion last, otherwise Lumetri works more. I wonder if this could have something to do with my Nvidia driver? Old eyes do not use the GPU but only the CPU... so maybe something related to the GPU for my GTX570 driver?

    / Morten

    Just look at the GTX 570... «With 480 CUDA cores...» " ... I think that this is your problem, really.

    Plus, the recommended minimum CUDA cores is to stay more than 1,000. Simply, this card doesn't have the power to handle the most recent Lumetri. The rest of your machine looks very good, I think you just need to move up to say a 970 at least. It would balance the rest of your machine better.

    Among the major warnings of building a computer for applications video Adobe is 'balance'... with the most amazing CPU and 256 GB of RAM, but only using a disk 5400 RPM, for example, is not a machine "balanced". 570 isn't near the capacity of your machine... and PrPro... can use.

    That's why he better just software.


  • 2015.1 Media Encoder / first - can not restore unknown, compilation error


    I do an edit very basic multicamera premiered with only a Lumerti color filter and a Multiband Compressor filter on the audio.  I can't get something to export into Media Encoder successfully.  I keep getting unknown compilation errors at different locations along the export.  I did the same type of work before the update and it worked perfectly.  I tried a lot of different codecs and formats - same problem.  I'm on a Mac Pro end of 2013 on 10.11.2 with AMD D500s.

    Is there any solution for this?  I'm not asking the program to do complicated things where should be unknown random compile errors.  I can't even help out it is because newspapers don't offer any information.

    Thank you!


    Neil et al..,.

    I went down a long conversation with Adobe and they made me know that my Mac specific Pro with D500s driver with the Open CL Mercury GPU Rendering problems.  Reported memory is not updated quickly enough, and absence of export.  Apple was supposed to fix 10.11.2 but didn't.  They will look into the problem more.  I just had this problem on Mutli-cam since this type of rendering is more intensive than a regular calendar GPU.  The solution uses the rendering software until Apple fixes the drivers.

    Thanks for the help Neil!

  • Movie compilation error. Unknown error.


    I want to make a movie that is 10 minutes and 30 seconds of time on my Macbook. The video is 1280 x 720.

    I used to most of the video from my iPhone 6 Plus (.) MOV) and a dynamic file linked to After Effects. When I try to make it gives me the error: film compilation error. Unknown error.

    When I delete videos iPhone and restore only the After Effects file (which is also an imported and edited video iPhone at AE) he normally makes.

    What should I do?

    Convert framerate iphone images constant framerate variable with Handbrake first before importing.

  • * Error compiling Movie - Unknown Error * when exporting/rendering.

    Whenever I try to export the media or to restore the timeline, he appears with this error. "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.31.38 PM.png

    As you can imagine it's very frustrating, I followed the same process accurate I always did and he have never had a problem previously. No media is missing, and I even tried to use the YouTube preset - wrong again.

    I use first Pro CC 2015 - I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling as update all the CC apps.

    If the first does not know what is the error, how am I supposed to know? Help, please!

    Error compiling movie... some debates and ideas

    -1, create a new project and import the project that has errors and see if that fixes the problem


    - and nested sequences http://forums.adobe.com/thread/955172

    - and WMV files of http://forums.adobe.com/message/4629210 frame rate

  • Media Encoder: Error compiling Movie - unknown error

    As the title, I have problems with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 and - "Adobe Media Encoder: error compiling Movie - unknown error" appears each time I try to export my video. Both are trial versions, but my Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 had ended and my Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 have left about 1 week of trial. Please help as soon as possible because I have to do a large project for my school, so cannot function without these great apps. Thank you.

    Hi Charles,

    Have you tried to export with Premiere Pro?

    Go to the file Menu in Premiere Pro > project settings > general and change 'Mercury playback engine' (if it allows) to 'Only software Mode' and then try to export from Premiere Pro.

    Mention also, what operating system are you using, hard RAM (Exxternal or internal), or several installed graphics cards and formats of files used in the project.

    Have you tried to make the scenario first before export?

    If possible send a screenshot of the full timeline.


  • Video compilation error - unknown error

    Just got a PC brand new Intel i7 4790 and GTX970 GPU - copied some of my projects from my old computer and tried to return with first Pro CC v7.0. While making pop "Video compilation error unknown error" and if I try to make a second time, it freezes and finally crashes.

    Tried two hardrives (HDD/SSD), and the clips are perfectly fine since they work fine on another computer. Any help would be welcome!

    Thank you


    Update Windows 7 (which was a clean install) to service pack 1 - for some reason that did the job.

  • Cannot restore: error compiling Movie: unknown error

    Hey there,

    Need help,

    I'm working on a short sequence (15 seconds).

    It has a few stacked video channels and I have applied overlays and fixed most of the color channels.

    The film is XMF files from a C300. Sequence of parameters defined in accordance with the proposed recommendation (IE when I dropped the clips).

    I get the "error compiling Movie: unknown error" message whenever I try to make or export.» I went through a lot of steps suggested by a blog post, I found here - I went through the sequence, removed the clip, has tried to return, then removed the effects.

    When I deleted the effects and buried the clips off side by side he made out for me.  That's great, but I have to be able to export the effects all in and empty them in layers. What can I do? Starting to pull my hair!


    CS6. O

    MacBook, 4 GB Ram,

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M 256 MB

    Thank you,



    Thanks for the tip - tried all of those, unfortunately with no joy.

    I have not deleted my cache - also no joy.

    BUT I installed a (now 6.0.5) update and it does.

    Thanks for the help,


  • Cannot EXPORT or RENDER in PREM CC! "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    I use MXF PMW200 files alongside the 5 d MKiii files - I finished the change and went to render/export and it won't let me do no more! I can't change it on the software and I have a deadline in an hour.

    I just bought the software today (using the trial version and I have just FCP 7 - I get this error:)

    "Film compilation error. Unknown error. »

    Hi Jim, I contacted the guys to help Adobe directly and they took my computer to try to understand. We've been through tons of troubleshooting (I already had) and it turns that the project has to be on the local drive and associated media may still be on external HDs, it can also export to external HDs providing that the proj file is on your local drive. But if the project file is located in the same folder that the multimedia files on the external hard drive it can not restore or export - so my suggested workflow is keep the project on the local disk folder. So that each new machine I want to take the project I have to import the project into a new clean project saved to local disk. I'm used to FCP 7 and CS3, but this seems absured for me. I am disappointed with CC so far.

  • Movie compilation error, how to fix a corrupted file?

    So, I work with Adobe first CC, and it has not been able to export, always saying "error compiling Movie, unknown error". After days of searching through these tips of countless people with the same problem and no solution, I landed on the question being there which is "damaged", there is a clip... So, I give everything and it stops, give me the same error message on which I guess is the damaged element. Well, I found it. But for me, it seems to be nothing wrong with it. I can't just walk out the film, how this file even become "damaged" and how to fix it?

    Update for anyone who runs into this problem. What I ended up doing is to find each clip "damaged" (I surrender all and it stops, give me the same error message on which I guess is the damaged clip). I had damaged about 10 clips in a 90-minute film. I typed in the name of the file and everyone in my backup hard drive, copied to the disc I store the files I use Adobe and rename each file (personally I just use the same name and add "2" at the end). Then I did slide the clip renamed on the timeline. I didn't waste time to find out exactly how I cut each clip so I pulled the clip up to V2, drawn to its original length, matched that with the file renamed, removed the damaged file, resized a new space damaged the damaged one busy and I was able to add a stabilizer of string to it and it has made and exported without problem.

  • Button compile errors

    In ActionScript 2, I created a button with convert to symbol. Next, I add a keyframe to a frame later. Then I click on frame 1 and add the action:

    on (release) {}

    gotoAndStop (10);


    But when I run the film he gives me a compilation error:

    Mouse events are permitted only for instances of button

    Any ideas?

    I tried to redo the symbols from differnet images everywhere. I'm at the end of my witt.

    This code is not attached to a button or a movieclip.

    and it's a bad habit to attach code to buttons/movieclips.  Click your object in frame 1 (to select it), and in the properties panel assign an instance name.  for example btn1.

    fixed to the frame 1 (not the object), use:

    {btn1.onRelease = Function ()}

    _root.gotoAndStop (10);


    PS delete your last keyframe in the layer which contains btn1 and then insert a new keyframe.

  • DB trigger compile errors


    I need AFTER THAT INSERT ON WH_I_ITEMS not null values between 2 inserted in WH_TRANSACTIONS

      :NEWS.STORE_ID                        := :OLDS.STORE_ID  ,
      :NEWS.TYPE_ID                          := 9 ,
      :NEWS.TRANSACT_NUMBER          = 1,
      :NEWS.TRANSACT_DATE              :=   SYSDATE );
    WARNING: Trigger created with compilation errors.
    -------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
    2/6      PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
    3/33     PL/SQL: ORA-01745: invalid host/bind variable name
    4/3      PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEWS.TRANSACTION_SERIAL'
    4/36     PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'OLDS.TRANSACTION_SERIAL'
    5/3      PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEWS.TYPE_ID'
    6/3      PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEWS.TRANSACT_NUMBER'
    7/1      PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEWS.TRANSACT_DATE'
    Kind regards


    Your syntax in the manual is incorrect, it should be something like

  • Xilinx Compilation error: Formal HDLCompiler:432 < eiosignal > has no real or default value


    I've compiled several programs for sbRIOs previously but did not run in before compile errors. I can't find any support to see what is actually wrong. Any help with this would be appreciated!

    The summary of the situation of the Compilation is:

    LabVIEW FPGA: Compilation failed due to an error of xilinx.

    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 87: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: TclTasksC:1850 - enforcement process: synthesize - XST is made.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000032_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 106: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000033_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 125: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000034_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd", Line 144: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000035_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 163: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000036_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 182: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000037_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd", line 201: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000038_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:432 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" at line 220: Formal has no real or default value.
    INFO: HDLCompiler:1408 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000039_CustomNode.vhd", line 18. eiosignal is declared here
    ERROR: HDLCompiler:854 - "C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd" line 50: Unit ignored due to previous errors.
    File VHDL C:\NIFPGA\jobs\R6n310u_Z1R8lYC\NiFpgaAG_00000031_SequenceFrame.vhd ignored errors


    Total memory use is 189944 kilobytes

    Number of errors: 9 (0 filtered)
    Number of warnings: 4 (filtered 0)
    Number of news: 0 (0 filtered)

    "Synthesize - XST" process failed

    I had similar errors (not real or by default) then compile using the code LV would not remove, but the compiler Xilinx would be due to determine it was unused.  It is usually inaccessible code with a register read in the main loop, but write it to enroll in a deal structure that would not be executed.  Differences in the ability of the LV compiler or compiler of Xilinx to decide what is safe to delete this could lead.

    Other times we had errors when a clock has been specified in the file of constraints, but the clock was not used.

    Maybe one of these two seemingly unrelated points might help.


Maybe you are looking for

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