Compiler for HP - UX


I try to set up and install Big Brother 9i on HP - UX operating system. I'm dealing with questions trying to compile using gcc. Also tried my luck with AnsiC, but it did not work. Can you please let me know what compiler works best for HP - UX.

I've been sitting on this problem for a whole week, and any help or entries on getting this problem resolved would be a great help.

Thank you.


You need that you go to the HP porting page: to download what you need. I was made to compile on HPUX after installing software suite. It took me days to find all the:

Mesa 7.4.4 Mesa

2.2.0 ATK atk

bash bash 4.2.020

1.0.6 bzip2 bzip2

Cairo Cairo 1.10.2

depothelper-2.00 depothelper

Expat Expat 2.0.1

fontconfig 2.8.0 fontconfig

fping fping 3.0

FreeType freetype 2.4.8

2.24.1 gdk_pixbuf gdk_pixbuf

gettext gettext

2.30.2 glib2 glib2

GTK + 2 2.24.8 gtk + 2

Jasper Jasper 1.900.1


1.19 LCMS lcms

libXft libXft 2.2.0

libXrender libXrender 0.9.6

libffi 3.0.10 libffi

libiconv 1.14 libiconv

libpng libpng 1.5.8

2.7.8 libxml2 libxml2

do make 3.82

5.9-ncurses ncurses

OpenSSL openssl 1.0.0g

1.29.4 Pango pango

PCRE pcre 8.30

Pixman 0.24.4 pixman

renderproto renderproto 0.11.1

1.4.5 rrdtool rrdtool

termcap 1.3.1 termcap


XZ XZ 5.0.3

See you soon

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  • Adobe AIR 22 beta (April 6, 2016), 'Download AIR SDK & compile for Windows' file does not? After I download and visualize the 'air - SDK - description.xml', the version is 21?

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    If you have access to MyOracleSupport, refer to Note 299938.1

  • Error of JAVA virtual machine when compiling for ios

    I ve created a large project on the implementation of a book.

    Applications consist of a main container (book), that loads external swf (pages).

    Each page can contain some choice of e.g.multiple activities and drag and drop exercises.

    The problem is that everything was fine with the swf external loading until the number of swf is come to a point where this error pops up.

    When I RANDOMLY remove some swf then the project compiles very well even with the AppStore deployment type.

    I tried to change the jvm.ini with higher values for the java heap memory (ex: Xmx4096m) but nothing happened.

    I even used several orders of jvm to disable garbage collection (p. ex. - XX: + DisableExplicitGC) but still the error message.

    The main swf file is 500 KB, and the current number of swf external is 130, and their total area is 50 MB is almost 400 KB each.

    I tested on different machines with 4 GB of ram and a processor i3 and the other with 6 GB of ram and a processor i7.

    I reinstalled flash and used the latest updates as well as the air 4 sdk.

    Could someone help me with this?

    Is there another way to publish the ipa file?

    Thank you.


    Sinious thanks for your reply.

    I tried to compile ADT and it worked using this script from the command line.

    @set java_cmd = "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CC\jre\bin\java.exe"

    @set =-Xmx8192m-jar java_param


    @set adt_cmd = "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CC\AIR4.0\lib\adt.jar"

    @set target = ipa-test


    @set cert = samples.p12

    @set cert_pass = 12345

    @set = samples.mobileprovision provisioning


    @set build_file = Testing.ipa

    @set desc_files = test - app.xml

    @set files = Testing.swf assets externalSWF


    java_cmd %%d java_param % % adt_cmd %-package-target % target %-stores pkcs12-keystore % cert %-storepass % cert_pass %-supply - profile %%%d build_file %%d desc_files %%d Files% provisioning



    However, there is now a different problem.

    When you try to compile more than a certain number of external SWFs (eg. 350) while the process never ends. The java.exe process consumes all of my memory, and it's just stuck there for hours (I waited so he can compile for nearly 10 hours before I killed the process java.exe). When I remove randomly some SWFs then everything is fine, and the process ends after nearly half an hour or so.

    The pc I use has a processor i7 with 16 GB of ram and the java process consumes everything, even if I set myself a limit using the - Xmx8192m command.

    Is there a problem with the xmx command?

    Do I need still more ram to compile as many sovereign wealth funds.

    Is there a way to monitor the java process in order to intercept errors that occur or may use any other java params to control ram usage limits?

    Thank you for your help.

  • How to compile for Flash Player 11.3 in Flash CS6


    How I can compile for Flash Player 11.3 using Flash Professional CS6, the menu has only up to 11.2

    What of 11.3 and the forthcoming 11.4?

    I already downloaded and added AIR sdk 3.3 for the skds AIR paths


    The provision of compiling FP11.3 and FP11.4 would be available in the next version of updater for CS6.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Meenakshi Tiwari

    Team Engg.

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    When I download the .ipa file into the application loader, it gives me the following error:

    "iPhone/iPod Touch: contains executables of the application not supported architectures: arm.

    Anyone have any idea what this means and how I can fix this?  Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    He solved.  Just add the following text in the tag for iPhone in my app descriptor XML file:





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    On the other hand, if I made the mistake in the .mxml file, Flash Builder it correctly mark as error.

    Please see the screenshot below:


    I want to have the type of compilation to check what work on .as files too. Is there a way I can activate that?

    Thank you.

    Your results are correct. The compiler is limited to the display of compiler errors in the context of a compilation unit (application, module, etc.).

    Jason San Jose

    Software engineer, Flash Builder

  • JSP have compiled for each visit

    We use Macromedia JRun 4.0 with updater 6 and JDK1.4.2_04 to our application server.
    JSP pages are getting compiled for each visit of this JSP...
    I could see the JIKESW.exe get called in the Manager of tasks whenever I open the JSP page

    Moreover the problem only happens a few servers.

    Can you please explain to me why this is happening and how to overcome...

    Thank you

    I don't see what is happening. One thing you might try is to check once more that compilation and recharge are set to false in the jrun - Web.Xml file. Then stop the JRun server and delete all the files and folders under jrun {root} / server [server name] / SERVER-INF/temp. Restart the server and try again.

    Ted Zimmerman

  • Python compiler for 32 bit Vista Home Premium

    (1) where can I get free downloadable compiler Python for Vista 32 bit windows OS?

    (2) how can I extract the files to an archive .tar , for use with the above mentioned operating system?

    Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful / sorry your proposed solution has not solved my problem. Kind regards. -Rajaram77

  • How actionscript / flash apps get compiled for the PlayBook?


    When you create a bar file, what exactly? Is my actionscript into native arm assembly using a LLVM as described by Adobe for their implementation of iOS?

    I ask because when I tell people I'm an application using actionscript, they say "Flash?" Why would you use Flash? Adobe gave up on this subject.  I would be like power better understand how actionscript/flex/flash is implemented for applications on the PlayBook, so that better explain to others.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Your AS3 code compiles into a SWF file that is running on the virtual machine in the AIR runtime.


    "Adobe continues to invest actively in allowing developers to create and deploy Flash based content such as mobile (or office) applications through Adobe AIR."

  • error when compile for ios

    When I compile my app for IOS, the following error message is displayed "Oh geez.» Your generation has failed. Sorry, but there is a problem on the build server'.» For android compile fine

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