computer connection portable lcd tv

I plug a vga of the notebook on television and loading pc upward until the password it works on tv, after than nothing when I stopped him he turns on the TV, but it seems to stop me use when windows has loaded I tried control devices show on monitors and other projector but still do not work.  Any ideas tnx steve


Update your graphics card drive.

Visit the manufacturer's Web site to download and install the latest compatible driver graphics card.

Connect your computer to a TV

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  • Computer connection portable tv with HDMI connection.

    I have connected my new laptop to my new 22 '' HDTV with a new HDMI cable in order to be able to use the TV as a monitor for my laptop. I went in my entry on the TV and changed my HDMI input.  Got a great picture on my TV from my office computers but the image was too big for the TV screen which cut about half an inch of the image on all four sides.  I went in my display settings on my laptop and changed my screen resolution for each of the seven different sizes listed, but they were still too large or too small.  Also, I get no sound with this connection. I thought that all the cables HDMI carries audio and video.  What did I miss?  What have I done wrong? Would appreciate any help on this problem

    Thank you

    Hello geno728,
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  • computer connection portable edge flat screen tv

    Almost embarrassed to ask this question because the answer may be quite simple but im trying to connect my laptop to my tv so I can watch BBC I player on the big screen, use an HDMI cable and get a perfect image, however I can not all the sounds of television and while plugged also turns off the sound on your laptop. I downloaded the full manual but that you can't find the answer he would so appreciate some guidance on how to slove my problem. Thanks in advance malcolm

    Try the following steps.

    (1) close the BBC I player

    2) go to control panel > Sound > choose HDMI as the default output speakers on the reading tab

    (3) open the BBC I player and try to play again.

    I think that should solve your problem.  It is not so much a problem with the edge, this is a common problem people experience.

  • Computer display portable iPhotos as screensaver via Apple TV (2nd generation)

    Computer display portable iPhotos as screensaver via Apple TV (2nd generation)

    Hey the Hood Canal.

    I understand that you are wanting to use your iPhoto library as screensaver on your Apple TV (2nd generation). I know using your own photos as a screensaver on your Apple TV is impressive. I'll be more than happy to help!

    There is an excellent resource that shows how to set up: 12 iTunes for Mac: play your iTunes using Apple TV (2nd generation or later) library items

    Photos stream from your computer to Apple TV

    Once the home sharing is set up on your computer and on Apple TV, you can use iTunes for photos of stream to your home theater system.

    1. In iTunes, choose file > home sharing > select the Photos to share with the Apple TV.

    2. In the window that appears, select Sharing Photos From and choose a source from the context menu.

    3. Do one of the following:

      • Choose "All photos, albums, events and faces."

      • Choose 'Selected Albums, events and faces', and select the items that you want to stream.

    4. Click on apply.

    For more information, refer to the installation Guide for the Apple TV.

    This article says it's iTunes 12, but I have confirmed it also works with version 11 more. Once you have set up iTunes to share your iPhoto with your APPLETV library go to your Apple TV and go to settings > screen saver > Photos > then in the article titled "Computers" you should see your library here and can choose which albums to use as a screen saver. Once you choose the pictures, you should be all set.

    Thanks for posting on communities of Apple!

    See you soon!

  • How can I connect my Mac to a network server? As in windows yo go to my computer / connection to a network drive, and then you select a letter and write the name of the server that you want to be logged

    I'm trying to adapt Windows to my new MacBook Pro with OS El Capitan.

    I work remotely for a company and I want to connect my Mac to the server of the company.

    My question is how to connect a MAc to a network drive with the permanently available connection.  For example, in my old HP I went to my computer / connection to a network drive. I've selected a letter and note the name of the server that I wanted to be connected to. The connection was then shown with my other drive hard 'sections '; I want to say C:, D: (for recovery), e: (for tools) and then connecting to the external server has been shown with the selected letter.

    There is no "letter" under OS X. It's a hangover very old of BACK, devices of mapping and volumes labeled mailbox.

    If you are connected to your corporate network, you should see the available network volumes listed in the Finder, in ' my computer > network ", or with the command K to connect to a server.

    You can create an alias for the volume and put it in the Dock, or leave on the desktop or put it somewhere else, and the next time you want to connect to this subject, simply double-click on it. You can also add the server address to your "favourites" in the connect to Server dialog box.

  • Why my computer connects to the wifi via time capsule, but not my iphone, ipad or smart tv?

    Yesterday, there was an internet outage in my area. Eventually he returned to the top, but I could not always connect. I phoned by internet service provider and finally they got it working, except now my computer connects to the wifi, but my iphone, the ipad and the smartTV won't. I use a time capsule to connect. Help, please!

    This modem do you have? Brand and model please.

    It is configured as a router or bridge?

    There is a good chance that the TC I messed up in the trouble... It happens.

    Back to the factory and repeat installation... no file is lost it doing.

    Who is your ISP? What kind of services to wide band?

  • Satellite L300 - 17L connected to LCD TV - screen is always black


    I have a problem with my laptop.
    When I try to connect my laptop to the TV via the VGA doesn't work anymore. It worked great until a few days before, when I try to connect via VGA and my LCD TV screen remains black.
    So I thought that a problem with my video card driver, so I reinstalled Windows :)),: P, but the problem still persist.

    So I downloaded the latest driver for the video card, nothing new. I checked the cable, I tried with another VGA cable and same problem. When I connect the LCD TV to another laptop it works, if the VGA cable and TV work.
    And I have observed that when my laptop is connected to the TV, sometimes at an interval of 15 minutes it get signal, but this for less than a second, and then the screen turn black. (Each time when I connect the TV I give FN + F5 to set the main screen)

    Any suggestion, I have no more ideas.
    Excuse my English. : P

    I also think that the VGA connector can be responsible for this.
    This must be tested properly, so I recommend you contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.

  • Why used my computer connect to the Internet?

    Have a Compaq Presario CQ57. It does not connect to my home network. Rpet 'server not found '. My other computer connects fine. What is my problem?

    It might be a configuration problem or a tangle:

    Try / consider:

    • Turn off the router, leave it for a minute, turn it back on.
    • Try an IP address for the computer that is experiencing the problem.
    • You can even try another cable, if the connection is wired.
    • If the connection is wireless, try a wired connection.
    • You may need to update your drivers... Start

      Support and drivers

    See the documents below.  Even if you are convinced that the configuration is perfect, it is possible to have missed something.  It does not much to fault by the works.  It can help to have a guide to look at everything trying to locate the location of the problem.

    All things Internet:

    Networking & Internet Support - Windows 7

    The problems of Internet connection to broadband (Windows 7)

    • See this document and run the configuration test proposed:

    How to solve connection problems "Server not found / DNS Error."

  • computer connection laptop HP Photosmart 7760 printer

    I just bought a new computer - hp pavilion and I cannot connect to my printer - hp photosmart7760. My printer is too old?

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    Original title: laptop computer connection with printer

    Hi Benny,.

    -What operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can read these articles and check if that helps.

    Installation of HP printer:

    If you have installed Windows 7, then you can view this tutorial because it is designed to help you identify and fix common printer problems in Windows, including print errors, print spooler errors, and other issues that could prevent you from printing.

    Solve printer problems:

    Thank you.

  • hdmi TV/computer connection

    How you connect your computer to a TV to view the photo. I have the hdmi connector

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    Original title: tv/computer connection


    To help you better, please answer these questions.

    1 Windows operating system work?

    2. What is the brand and model of the TV?

    I suggest you follow the provided articles speaking to connect the computer to the TV using a HDMI cable.

    Connect your computer to a TV

    HDTV: Frequently asked questions

    Digital cable tuners: frequently asked questions

    If you need help with the Windows operating system, just tell me and we will be happy to help you.

  • My computer connects to the wireless internet, but I am still unable to connect to internet even though it is always connected to the wireless connection.

    connection Wi - Fi

    My computer connects to the wireless internet, but I am still unable to connect to internet even though it is always connected to the wireless connection. How can I solve this problem and what could be the problem?


    1 did you change your computer, after which the issue started?
    2. during how long have you had the problem?
    3. what web browser do you use?

    I recommend to update your network card drivers and check if that helps.

    Let us know the status of the issue and also please answer these questions.

  • computer connect laptop tv turns off the color scheme

    original title: computer connect laptop tv

    When I connect my laptop to a plasma tv via the vga cord input, the color on the TV set is switched off. I have used other vga cables and it hooked up to TVs and it is always. the color is fine on pc and tv until the hook u both together, what should I do to correct this?

    VGA is not the best way to connect them.  If you have an available HDMI connection use.

  • I have my printer connected to my router via a usb cable... I also have my (Vista) computer connected to the router by ethernet cable. How can I set the computer to print on my prints through the router?

    I have my printer connected to my router via a usb cable. I also have my (Vista) computer connected to the router by ethernet cable. How can I set the computer to print to my printer via the router?

    Usually, you need to install the printing software / drivers on your PC, configured / installed specially for a printer "remote" (its an option in the installation of the printer software)

  • Computer connects to the Internet on all networks, except one

    A few days ago my computer stopped at random to connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable in my apartment.  It works very well, continuously for more than a year.  I first thought the network was down, but to verify ports three separate wall in our apartment (including the one in question) computer of my roommate and his computer connected perfectly.

    My computer can still connect to other networks (different buildings) both via radio and connected via Ethernet, if this isn't a hardware problem.  Currently, we have a wireless router configuration in our apartment that my computer can connect to.  For some reason when I am connected to the network via an Ethernet cable, the computer cannot access the internet.
    When connected, the State jumps back between "Internet access" and "no Internet access.  I tried to ping and several other IPs known without success.  Works fine when I go wireless.
    I tried the following, without success:
    Reinstalled drivers for network cards
    Reset the network settings
    Reset Windows sockets
    Enabled IPv4 and IPv6
    Add favorite DNS servers (google and a few others)
    System restore
    If anyone has any ideas, I can provide more information, if it helps...
    Thank you

    The problem was somewhat resolved.  When the connection to the Local network has been filled with the wireless network connection, the Internet took over.  I unplugged the router wireless and internet still works, so I'll consider it a success so far.

  • Sony VAIO all-in-One PC 20 tap computer touch screen LCD SVJ20214CYB Windows 8.

    I want to buy the Sony VAIO Tap 20 all-in-One PC computer touch screen LCD SVJ20214CYB Windows 8. I'll be able to use a Wacom digitizer pen in Windows Journal and Office OneNote?

    Hi Treoc,

    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community!

    Want to know if the Wacom digitizer pen works in the Windows Journal and Office OneNote, I suggest to contact Wacom Digitizer support.

    I checked in the Center of Windows 8 compatibility for more information about this device, unfortunately it is not listed there. You can also check using this link.

    Also see this link for Windows 8 features:

    Hope it will be useful. If you still have questions, please reply and we will be happy to help you.

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