Computer crashes when exporting with Adobe Media Encoder

Hi, whenever I start to export via media Encoder, my computer kind of freezes... I am not able to change or even to use no matter what other applictions when exporting with Adobe media encoder. It didn't happen with the old version CC7. All advice please? Very frustrating.


Hi Henen,

Hi, whenever I start to export via media Encoder, my computer kind of freezes... I am not able to change or even to use no matter what other applictions when exporting with Adobe media encoder. It didn't happen with the old version CC7. All advice please? Very frustrating.

Press SHIFT when you start the program. If this does not work, please contact support at this link:

Thank you


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  • How can I make the export in Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 format MXF 25 Pal 720 x 576, in CS6 is possible!

    How can I do for export in Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 MXF 25 Pal 720 x 576 format?

    CS6 is possible!

    Hi Ser VOC,

    Here's how you can do:

    Under Format, select MXF OP1a and fewer Preset: DV PAL 25.

    Thank you


  • Could not complete the command of video rendering due to a problem with Adobe Media Encoder.

    Hello, I use a macbook pro retina and before I was able to make the video without problem, and now it is popping up.  I tried to remove and reinstall photoshop, but it was not useful. I would appreciate help or advice.  Thank you!

    Here is the error message I get:

    Could not complete the command of video rendering due to a problem with Adobe Media Encoder.

    Maybe try to download from this line:

    If this does not work, you might want to try reinstalling the Psalm

  • Audio damage when the file is exported in Adobe Media Encoder queue?

    Hey guys

    Hope you can help me with my problem...

    I'm fairly new work in After Effects, so I might have too have it explained in detail.

    I am currently working on several animations for the customer, where I did the visuals and got audio lying elsewhere...

    There have had no problems with the audio before the lengthening...

    When I play the audio (wav file) new in Quicktime format, there is no problem at all - it's the same for when I play the audio in AE, no problem either...

    BUT when I export the files through Adobe Media Encoder queue (h:264 - mp4) audio is corrupted and when played in Quicktime,.

    the last seconds is played at least twice, just to repeat... I tried with 2 of 5 files, and both were corrupted, with the same error in the end...

    I can't know if the files are corrupt (the guy who fixed them) in a way that he doesn't ' watch that "when files are exported through AMECQ...

    Or if I just do it wrong... I worked at AE for about 5 months, so I don't know yet of all the parameters, etc...

    Hope you can help because it is an urgent task and there is no one else in the office that I work, knows nothing about AE... Haaalp!

    Thank you


    This problem is fixed in update fixes after effects CC 2015.3 (13.8.1). This update, available now, can be installed by using the creative Office Cloud app, or by choosing Help > updates within any Adobe application.

  • Rendering of the texts of the composer issues each line with Adobe Media Encoder

    I find the paragraph of text defining "Each Adobe line Composer" a huge time saver when dealing with large amounts of text in the aftermath. I rarely have to do manual breaks follow-up or line to make look it good, rather than working with the standard single-line composer.

    The problem is that when I give thanks to Adobe Media Encoder (which I have to do because they removed H264-mp4 AE:s internal renderer support) the text is treated as a single line of typeset text. If the final result does not resemble my AE project.

    I found two solutions to this problem:

    1. make a video file without loss in the AE render engine and then compress him with Media Encoder. It takes more time and HARD drive space, and it did not allow me to continue working at AE while rendering.

    2. only use single line text composed and make all the settings manually, the old school way. It would not be a problem if I had not already used and fell in love with, the option of each line.

    Is there someone who can think of a third and better preference, solution?

    I use both CC 2014 of AE and AMC.

    Looks like you have found a bug that has never bitten me before and has nothing to do with h.264 compression. Here's the rendering of your text to a tiff file.

    I have filed a bug report and suggest you do the same.

  • Problem starting with adobe media encoder on mac

    Adobe Media still does not start on Mac by this error:

    Process: Adobe Media Encoder CS6 [553]

    Path: / Applications/Adobe Media Encoder CS6/Adobe Media Encoder Media encode CS6

    ID: com.adobe.ame.application

    Version: 6.0.2 (

    Code type: X 86-64 (Native)

    Parent process: launchd [142]

    Responsible for: Adobe Media Encoder CS6 [553]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 2014-02-18 11:04:24.447 + 0100

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.9.1 (B 13, 42)

    Report Version: 11

    Anonymous UUID: F6D50A8A-F4DF-3614-6A0B-CE4C30343769

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: - wire

    Exception type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)

    Exception codes: 0 x 0000000000000000, 0 x 0000000000000000

    Request for clarification:

    termination with eception exception of type dvacore::filesupport:dir_create_exception: $$$ / dvacore/filesupport/DirCreate = the directory ' @0 ' could not be created. " Please check the rights of protection or permission from parent directory.

    Abort() called

    If you have Adobe Application Manager or older Adobe Creative Cloud app, please try to update to the latest Adobe Creative Cloud app.  To see the update prompt, you may need to quit and then relaunch the application Adobe Application Manager or Adobe Creative Cloud.  Upgrade to the latest creative cloud app can help solve this problem.

  • Adobre Premiere Pro CC (single application) comes with Adobe Media Encoder?


    I wonder if I just buy Adobe first Pro CC, as a single application, if I have access to Adobe Media Encoder? I'll have to buy the package with all applications?

    Best regarts


    If you need only Adobe first Pro & Adobe Media Encoder, you don't need the full package.

    Thank you

  • Export from Adobe Media Encoder Mac AVI

    I would like to export the files AVI of Adobe Media Encoder (CS5 or later version) on a Mac running 10.6.8 or later. I am able to purchase codecs for Mac to do?

    AVI is not a codec; It is a type of container (more precisely, it is the breadsticks for video and audio in the video for Windows system). You cannot export directly to AVI from Adobe Media Encoder on Mac OS.

    What if I need an output to AVI on Mac, is to create a QuickTime (.mov) movie lossless encoded from Adobe Media Encoder and then worked for QuickTime Pro to convert to .avi.

  • Export of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 H.264, very poor quality compared to VLC


    I do a few screencast with VLC Media Player (, free and open source), it picks up my office and exports the file to H.264 format at 25 fps. Can I change this in the body and also to export the video in the H.264 format.

    All right, but... The original video files of VLC has a good quality with a very low rate (200 Kbps), and when I try to export the edited with the same flow of SOUL video, the quality is just horrible! Artifacts, fuzzy, with a few blocks... Even if I export with a rate over 20 times higher than the original file (4400 Kbps), the quality is not as good as the original.

    Here is a comparison between the export of three:


    Can you explain to me why there is a big difference even if the flow is multiplied by 20? Here are the settings of export (with a rate of 400 Kbps):


    Thank you very much for your help and please excuse my bad English

    Any time you take a highly compressed encoded video and then re - encode at such a low rate, it will look bad. In this case, your examples are not surprising at all.

    I don't know how VLC it coded in the first place (color space limited?), but I know that for some that you'll never get a good video performance with such a low flow and a high resolution - especially since you're re-encoding video already highly compressed.

    As a suggestion, regardless of your final settings, 2-pass encoding will give you a slightly higher quality for your budget to flow. 1 pass encoding in my experience is generally better for situations where you are not worried about bitrate, or when you need to code something quickly.

    Good luck with your efforts!

  • Problem with Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5

    Anyone has an idea why the windows input/output stopped displaying images?

    The preview as its encoding works very well

    See you soon,.


    If you are on Mac, then this is the result of a change in OSX 10.7.3. See this thread:

  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes on Windows 10

    A week ago, I "upgraded" to Windows 7 Pro for Windows 10 Pro and now...

    In my Premiere Pro CS3 (I know, I know, why am I not spend a ton on an upgrade of the CC...).

    When I'm ready to export a sequence, and select Adobe Media Encoder, I get one almost

    immediate crash and the popup says: "sorry, a serious error has occurred which requires.

    Adobe Premiere Pro to stop.  We will try to save your current project".

    Everything on my Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Master Collection worked perfectly

    with Windows 7, but go back to Windows 10 is not an option.

    I am running a Dell XPS 8100 Intel i7, 8 GB of memory, 64-bit operating system.  Should be enough


    Thus, Adobe has a 'fix', and/or the community of users has a method/work around

    that I could use?  For now, my only option is to export an AVI 'Movie.... ', but I

    was happy with Adobe Media Encoder and I want much she's still running.

    Suggestions?  Miracles?

    Thank you!

    Hi Johnnie_D,

    I apologise for this inconvenience, but I'm not sure if the CS3 products are compatible for Windows 10 or not.

    Because Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 was launched in 2007, Adobe does not any further development on this version of Premiere Pro.

    In addition, Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and only creative cloud products have been tested with this operating system.

    My suggestion would be to re - install the Premiere Pro and SOUL on this machine.

    Otherwise, use it on Windows 7.

    Thank you

    Ilyes Singh

  • Adobe Media Encoder Export Settings window size problem

    Any help on this would be appreciated: I use a MacBook pro, osx 10.6, CS4 Web Premium. I used to have a connected external monitor, which had a much higher resolution, so when you use Adobe Media Encoder I have to click the button settings on a video to get the export settings window, then stretched from the window of export settings for the size of my external screen. Now, I use my laptop computer, and export settings window does not resize top buttons left to adjust it to the size of my laptop and the low third export settings window get cut so I do not see the ok/Cancel buttons etc.

    I tried re-installing media encoder (via reinstalled flash using CDs) to try to 'reset' the window sizes, does not solve the problem.

    If anyone knows of any other preferences or something that I could remove to solve this problem, I can be grateful.

    Yes, I received the same answer. This means that adobe don't use OS native windows (shame on them!). I just tried something with CS4 that worked, however. Try this:

    Stop Media encode

    Go to UserHomeDirectory > library > Preferences > Adobe > Adobe Media Encoder 4.0 > and delete the file called "AMEPrefs.xml" and "AppPrefs.xml".

    Then restart Media Encoder. For me, this reset the window size and placement. I tried to move the window of export settings down to half of it was above the bottom of the screen. Once I deleted those files and rebooted, the window was smaller and repositioned.

    If this does not work, try to download the demo of this product:

    It is said that Adobe programs are programs of "disorder", they won't probably resize, but they should at least move. If nothing else, maybe you can move the window value is negative (upwards) so that the resize handle is visible, then move it down so that the header bar is visible again...

  • Adobe Media Encoder shows do not export first

    When put on hold the videos of the first to open in Adobe Media Encoder (SOUL), SOUL opens automatically, but nothing appears inside the SOUL.

    I use

    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015.2 build

    OS X Yosemite


    Mac 27 inches, end of 2013

    3.5 GHz Intel Core i7

    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX M 780, 4096 MB

    I tried opening SOUL all holding the shift to restart the preferences, but this did not help.

    If you need further information then ask.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Try this:

    Go to the following locations:

    1 location: In the Finder, click go > go to folder > ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe

    Situation 2: Go > go to folder > ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe

    Location 3: Documents > Adobe

    Everywhere, rename the folders 'Adobe' to 'OldAdobe '.

    Launch the first, accept the license agreement and see if it works.

    Note: You will lose your customized workspaces and keyboard shortcuts.

    Import your project into a new project from Premiere Pro and he queued for export to Adobe Media Encoder.

    Check to see if that makes a difference.

    Thank you

    Ilyes Singh

  • No layer of setting Audio and missing on Adobe Media Encoder export?

    I have a problem with Adobe Media Encoder.

    I tried rendering on a 03:14 video .mp4 (Youtube 1080 p) and Facbeook 720 p presets and is not make properly. The audio is always completely silent, and among the adjustment layers is rendered.

    When I made a (absolutely freakin ' huge) .mov using Render tail to After Effect, it works fine.

    Anyone know what is happening?

    Update: Solution found. Apparently, I need to clean the media cache, so it can rebuild.

  • problem: import the image sequence into adobe media encoder


    have a problem with adobe media encoder CS6, change the display Format to 25 time frame in the preferences of media coder, I import a series of TGA (170 images) to media encoder in an image file TGA sequence, the series generated from 3D applications Max and ToonBoom, specification of TGA series 1080 50i "1920 X 1080 - high filed - 25 frames per second. When I import the sequence, encode media recognize the sequence as 1920 X 1080 - progressive - 29.97 FPS, to interpret the window images options I change the settings of the upper sequence deposited - 25 fps, and I export to quicktime mov 1920 X 1080 - class top - 25 fps uncompressed

    the problem:

    mov file is 06:20 and it is right for the 170 25 fps calendar but mov file does not contain the tga series image, image freeze in time code 05:16 (number 142 of the framework) and duplicate the 142 image to the rest of the video file

    If I do not change the pace to interpret the window options images for the tga sequence what media encoder recognizes as 29.97 FPS mov file contain all TGA images, but with a duration of 05:16 which not 25 fps

    in adobe media encoder CS5.5 I don't get this problem at all

    1. How do I solve this problem?

    2. how to force CS6 adobe media encoder to recognize the image sequence imported as rate of 25 fps?

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection CS6

    Thank you

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    "Film" is finally fixed in November 2013 video updates of creative cloud. If your version of Premiere Pro and SOUL is or more 7.1.0 everything should work as expected. But don't forget to actually perform "Film" on your source in first Pro CC or CC SOUL that, otherwise your sequence of images will continue to be interpreted as 29.97 FPS by default.

Maybe you are looking for

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