Computer HP laptop slim 500 GB HARD drive: used for HP laptop HARD drive upgraded to Win 10 Pro with key now stuck after HP Drive Encryption Login

I bought a portable hard drive used HP for the upgrade of my Lenovo G550 with ugraded CPU with Intel's CORE DUO T9300 2.50 ghz

(HP hard drive: computer laptop slim drive HARD 500 GB SERIAL ATA DISK DRIVE S/N W627S9NL P/N 756731-001 MFG Seagate Technologies DOM 8 / 2015)

I was happy to see that the hatd drive had already installed because Windows 7 I had bought already separate legitimate Windows 10 Pro license key for the upgrade. I was able to go online and download the upgrade of Windows 10 and used my purchased license key to activate my updated.

While doing the installation, there are some HP software that was still on the hard drive. I thought it would be good to have some additional security protocols, so I also installed the WinMagic Securedoc Bootloader v1.2.12 and saved the drive encryption HP with the security issues and password for secondary access.

10 Windows has been activated and everything was beautiful. But when I restarted the laptop, I put my password for windows and then it goes to this screen of disc HP encryption rises. I put the password and it is accepted - and then the screen turns white... not offshore... jblank TEU with a cursor flashing that doesbn can't react to inputs.

I tried leaving it for a day or so and still nothing.  There is nothing I can change in the configuration of the BIOS that works so far.

I also tried Reimage download on USB and re-creation of the sequence of boot, but not good. Even tried a boot drive, but nothing there either. I'll try again.

I don't know where to go or how to get beyond the screen of HP encryption.  I am pretty good at following directions, I don't know coding, but may do what you suggest to help me fix this problem.

Can you help me?

Sorry... I missed the part that you have a license Win10.  I thought you were trying to activate 10 using the OEM HP license and causing problems.

I do not use HP encryption applications - as having recently completed a career in the InfoSec, I personally focus together on the encryption of the PC to be laughable-, but my guess is that you are basically out of luck.

If it was my drive, I WIPE the drive of all its content and then again install Win10.  A good product to do i.e. DBan:

Once your disc is clean, then simply install Win10 on it.

That said, with a bit of luck, one of the HP EXPERTS will probably come along and tell you how to get around their encryption.

Good luck

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    No, you cannot transfer because they are OEM licenses.

    Windows 7/Vista OEM versions are identical to the versions commercial full license with the following exception:

    -OEM versions don't offer any free direct support from Microsoft technical support Microsoft

    -OEM Licenses are tied to the computer first you install and activate it on

    -OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

    -OEM versions does not move directly from an older Windows operating system

    What is OEM software? :

    Licensing FAQ:


    What about upgrading the software? The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade of your existing operating system software, upgrade replaces the original software that you upgrade. You keep any rights to the original software once you have upgraded and you can not continue to use or transfer in any way. This contract governs your right to use the software to upgrade and replace the agreement for the software that you upgraded.

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    Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, click on the option enter a key, enter the key of Windows 7 Professional on demand, click Next, wait while checking the key, accept the license agreement, click on upgrade, wait while the software upgrades, (it may take 10 minutes or more depending on the if updates are required) your computer restarts automatically, after the reboot, Windows 7 will notify you updating the computer, the computer will restart once more automatically and will be completed the upgrade, a window will appear notifying the upgrade was successful and your computer is ready to use, click Close, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional your files, programs and settings retained.

    Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade fails:

    If your getting the following: error: Windows Anytime Upgrade failed
    This problem may occur if Windows 7 SP1 was downloaded by Windows Update, but has not yet been installed.

    = Other reasons and possible corrections.

    Windows Anytime Upgrade fails with the error:
    "every time that the upgrade has failed. Go online to solve the problem.

    If Anytime Upgrade still does not work:

    Shut down and restart your computer.

    Make sure that the Windows updates have been installed.

    Download the hotfix that contains a tool called CheckSUR, this tool will look at the package and the maintenance of records and difficulty any data corrupted, the tool is listed under kb947821 he can be found at the following link

    If Anytime Upgrade still does not work, turn off the user account control:

    1. go in user accounts in Control Panel

    2 change user account control settings

    3. pull the slider to the level as low as possible

    4. restart the PC

    5. pass by the "Anytime Upgrade" as usual

    Try the following:

    1 disable any security software before attempting to upgrade

    2. make sure that your computer is updated (devices and applications)

    3. disconnect all external devices before installing.

    4. check your hard disk for errors:

    Click Start

    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD

    Click on "Run as Administrator"

    At the command prompt, type: chkdsk /f /r

    When you restart your system, your computer will be scanned for errors and will try to correct them.

    1. click on start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    User account control permission

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.

    2. in the general tab, click Selective startup.

    3. under Selective startup, clear the check box load startup items.

    4. click on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable all.

    5. click on OK.

    6. When you are prompted, click on restart.

    7. after the computer starts, check if the problem is resolved.

    Also run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:

    Who should I contact if I have problems installing and / or activation of my product key card?

    Please contact to the:

    If all above fails them, install Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and then try the Express Upgrade:

    Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    If your key is not valid and you will need to change the keys, you may need to Open regedit and remove first the ProductKey value in the following registry key:

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    I am at a total loss where to find this driver from a site of OEM, can you help me?

    Device ID:

    PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_1537 & SUBSYS_15371022 & REV_00
    PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_1537 & SUBSYS_15371022
    PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_1537 & CC_108000
    PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_1537 & CC_1080

    Thank you!!!


    You must run this driver and then install it manually.

    To manually install the driver in Device Manager and click on the controller of encryption/decryption IBOS who need the pilot.

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.

    Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to the folder of the driver that was created when you ran the file.

    This file will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp66974.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected, and the driver should install.

    Then restart.

  • HP 15 r100nl: computer hp laptop 15r100nl: ram upgrade not present information on the Web site

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and a new Hp customer, if possible, I need information on the maximum expandable ram on the laptop hp15r100nl because I can't find on the site, assistant hp hollow or. If possible, I'd also appreciate it if you specify me how many slots is free to use. Thank you in advance.

    Marco Lombardi

    Your listing:

    Your Service Manual:


    2 slots: DDR3L - 1600 MHz Dual Channel Support (Core processors)

    Supports up to 16 GB of RAM in the following configurations: 16384 MB total system memory ● (8192 × 2) or (4096 × 2) (No 32-bit OS or Windows 7 Home)

    If you have an open slot now and could theoretically remove the unique 4 GB in place module and install 2 x 8 GB 16 total or add a second 4 GB for 8 (my best advice). You have a "Core" (an i7) If you have 2 slots.

    Replacement memory is a MAJOR chore, requiring the removal of the motherboard. See p. 75 of the manual. If you need assistance.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

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    According to the description of the problem, you can't upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10. Then I suggest that you return the item mentioned below to upgrade your system to Windows 10 and see if this helps you to upgrade.

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    Kind regards

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    No.... ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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    Hey joshi;

    I understand what you're asking, and the answer is no. It's just not possible that the way things are right now. There are several ways to get your desktop on your TV, but unfortunately wifi isn't one of them.  Your best bet would be to just connect your laptop to your TV with vga or hdmi, and then use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

    I hope this helps.

  • Sales to RETAIL Windows 7 with key OEM activate after replacing the motherboard in a laptop?


    The motherboard of my HP laptop is dead and I replaced it.

    I want to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium on it, and I deleted the recovery partition (I know, I shouldn't, but it's done and there's no going back)

    Can I borrow a friend (RETAIL) Windows 7 Home Premium disc and activate Windows 7 with my OEM key that is printed on the COA label in the battery bay? I've never used the key again, Windows has already been activated when I bought the laptop, and it's the first time I reinstall. I downloaded all the drivers on the HP support site and saved on a USB key with a view of the reinstall.

    However, I don't see an option to download Windows 7 OEM.

    The motherboard has been replaced by official website HP tech support, I guess it is the same model that came with the laptop?

    Yes, you can use this DVD Windows 7 Home Premium retail because it was Home Premium you had before.  If you have 64-bit Windows 7 before, then you want the 64 bit DVD.  If you have 32 bit Windows 7 before, then you want the 32 bit DVD.  If you have 64-bit Windows 7 before, then you can use the 32-bit DVD if you have no choice and you may never notice the difference.

    When you get to step installation product key, it can be easier to choose the activate later option.

    When it's over, then activate via the Control Panel, [view by - small icons, as applicable], page system.  Falling down and it should then give you instructions to contact for activation of the phone.  If there is no problem with that, you can also get to the activation of the phone by typing slui 4 [not only slui but slui 4] in your Start menu search and then following that area through to get the phone number for your region.

    When you call, you will get an automatic response with the choice to make.  You can hang without make any choices at all and you will possibly connected to a human operator.

    When you talk to them, don't forget to explain that the motherboard has failed and has been replaced by the same type of motherboard as something akin to a motherboard upgrade would be ineligible for activation.

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    I upgraded to winxp 32 to win 7 Home premium 32 and no longer have an audio device or ethernet device. The HP site does not support the XP operating system.

    Can someone with links to the proper drivers asist?

    The nature of proprietary specifications, the ONLY source for the hardware drivers is the manufacturer of the computer.

    If HP doesn't supply drivers beyond XP no, that's all... End of the game...

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    How to move to windows 8 pro on a computer that is running win 8 base who doesn't have a dvd player. I bought the upgrade dvd before the machine has no dvd player. I would prefer not to have to buy an external dvd. Thanks, stu

    Press the Windows key + X

    Click System

    On Windows, click the link:

    Get more features with a new edition of Windows

    Click on the "I already have a product key link.

    Enter your product key and you will be promoted to the Pro.

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    I have an acer aspire 8735 laptop g-6502 which has recently undergone a WD 500 GB drive HARD failure. I replaced that with a 7200 RPM Hitachi 1 TB drive and given that I don't have a Win 7 original used a disk Win 7 Pro with an extra friend.

    Windows 7 Pro and HARD disk installation went smooth. But now when I plug an HDMI cable to watch through my Marantz receiver, comes from the video, but I have to do manually the Marantz the default audio device for sound. When I unplug the HDMI, I must return to the parameters of sound and unenable Marantz and re - activate the Realtek audio.

    Before the drive died HARD, happen all perfectly when you plug the HDMI cable in and the fact to disconnect without any fiddling around with settings.

    I also have a few other questions:
    1. the touch volume control next to the numeric keypad does not control the volume more
    2. the keyboard key used to have a setting to display it. You can use two fingers on a tablet to drag the image to the screen bigger and smaller.

    I looked the site of Acer and also used my drive Application and drivers to reinstall everything that looked related to these issues. When first, I installed Win 7 Pro I let Windows find the appropriate drivers. It worked for some things but not others.

    Any ideas? I have a few scratches on my face and my forehead in frustration pain making me beat me here. Funny, but true, so all ideas are appreciated!

    Here's my screen design Mgr impression - there's an 'unknown' device IDK how to understand what it is.


    You have installed the application to launch mnager. Alternatively you can install from this link and check the function of touch volume control and display adjustment launch application manager

Maybe you are looking for